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The Amazing Race 31-Leg #11

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Leg #11 begins and Colin and Christie are the first to depart. They will leave and head to London and they’ll find their next clue at Gatwick Aviation Museum. Colin and Christie say the goal was to make the final leg. Tyler and Korey head out with Colin and Christie. Tyler and Korey say this season has been so much more challenging. Both teams are hoping for an all Amazing Race final three.


Leo and Jamal discuss how important this leg is. They were eliminated in this leg twice in both of their previous season. They say they can head to London and get a W. Nicole and Victor think they can win this thing and it would be cool to be the only BB team to be in the final three. Victor doesn’t even want to look in the Afghanimals direction because of the U-Turn. All four teams are on the same flight to London.


The racers are out at the airport and they are trying to find taxis. They have to order a taxi. Leo and Jamal are told it’s illegal to just get in a taxi. Victor and Nicole are trying to get a taxi. Leo and Jamal tell Tyler and Korey where to go to get a taxi. Leo and Jamal are the first team out and the first at the museum. They find their clue inside.


Teams will take a scenic helicopter ride over the English countryside over the white cliffs over Dover before landing at Dover Castle. The other teams are on their way to the museum. Leo and Jamal are the first on the helicopter and they are out. They talk about how beautiful it is and they are excited. Nicole and Victor have arrived at the museum second and they are getting on the helicopter with Colin and Christie right behind and Tyler and Korey as the last ones out.


Christie says it’s a beautiful day for flying and Colin says the cliffs are something. Leo and Jamal see Dover Castle and they are heading in to land. Roadblock: Who can’t keep a secret? Teams will have to crack a code and type it up on a vintage typewriter they’ll have their next clue. Leo is going to do it for their team. He heads in and he sees the code form. He says it was really intense. He had to listen to a communication system and you had to get specific words from his speech in order to decipher the code. He was able to take his time. The words were Faith, Prevail, and Evil.


Colin and Christie land next and Christie is going to do it and Nicole and Victor are behind and Victor is going to do it. Tyler and Korey are the last to land and Korey is going to do the code. Leo sees the word Dunkirk and the code and he has finished and he is out. The Dunkirk evacuation has begun. We will never surrender. Christie and Korey are working together, but they are trying to do it without Victor realizing it. Victor says it seemed like they were working together and it makes him feel like he’s out of the group.


Victor asks a question and Korey says he doesn’t know. Leo and Jamal and are going to fly by helicopter to London and find their clue along the river Thames. Christie is still helping Korey. Korey says it doesn’t make sense, but he’s figured out the numbers are off. Victor has typed something up and has headed out. Korey thinks he has it and he stops to help Christie and he leaves. Victor hands the typed paper over and he is correct. Korey says Christie was freaking out because she seen Victor leave, but it’s tough because there are only four teams.


Victor tells Nicole that Korey and Christie were working together and Nicole says she told him they were on their own. Christie says her knowledge of British history is lacking and she tried to guesstimate and she is told it’s utter gibberish and she must try again.


Christie says after everyone left and she got in her head and she couldn’t figure it out. Korey gave her the code, but not the message. Colin says he was sending love and hoping she could stay calm. Leo and Jamal are saying they like this trip better so far. They see the London Eye and they are told the pier they are supposed to go to. Leo and Jamal see the clue and it’s route info. They have to travel by speed boat to Piccadilly Circus and find the golden queen to get their next clue.


Leo and Jamal are talking about being in first place and it’s amazing! Victor and Nicole have landed and they have found the clue box and Tyler and Korey are flying in. Tyler and Korey see the clue box. Victor and Nicole say they just can’t make any mistakes. Leo and Jamal have found the golden queen and it’s the detour. Know forces teams to learn a taxi route one stop at a time. Rowing-Teams will learn from Olympic medal winners how to row a two person skiff and they have to complete the course in under a minute.


Christie says the message still wasn’t making sense and she knew she had to stay focused and start all over. When she finally did that she realized she had switched two numbers and suddenly everything came together and made sense. She hands in the typed message and she has completed it and she can continue. Christie apologizes to Colin and he says he’s proud of her.


Leo and Jamal are going to row and they pick an instructor. They are nervous they’ll tip over and they say the skiff was unstable and they are not fond of water so they decide to switch. Nicole and Victor have found the golden queen and they decide to row. Tyler and Korey are going to row as well. Leo and Jamal are off to memorize their route with seven points of interest. They had to memorize 15 streets and the seven points of interest.


Jamal looks like he’s getting a headache and maybe falling asleep. The taxi driver keeps talking and talking and talking and Leo and Jamal say oh my God. The taxi driver drops them off and they have to recite it back to the instructor and they have 1 of 22 so far. They fail and they have to ride again. Colin and Christie are hoping to catch up. Victor and Nicole choose an instructor and Victor says he wasn’t ready for a boat he had to stabilize with his core. Tyler and Korey have a female instructor and she is teaching them technique.


Both teams are struggling to stay balanced and Nicole and Victor have tipped over. Tyler and Korey are making their first attempt and their instructor is yelling at them in a bullhorn. They keep tipping to the side and eventually they overturn. Colin and Christie have found the golden queen and they are going to row.


Colin says both of these detours could cause some problems. Leo and Jamal are making their second attempt and they have 5 of 22 and they fail. They are arguing with each other. They have to ride again. Nicole and Victor are making their first attempt. Victor thought he could muscle it out, but they don’t move very far in their minute.


Colin and Christie are in the water and they have their instructor. Tyler and Korey are making their second attempt. They thought it would be a brute strength challenge, but they were wrong. Victor and Nicole are doing better but they fail again. Tyler and Korey are on their third attempt and they start good, but then they tip over. They talk about switching and they figured Colin and Christie and Nicole and Victor would stay and they didn’t want to fight for last place.


Tyler and Korey decide to switch and they knew they had to leave to have an opportunity to make it to the final three. Colin and Christie are on their first attempt and they are moving slowly and struggling to stay balanced. They do not complete it on their first attempt. Victor and Nicole say Colin and Christie are struggling, but so are they and they decide to switch detours. Colin and Christie are on their second attempt and they flip over right after they start.


Victor and Nicole are hoping other teams are still at the other detour and Nicole says it’s going to be hard too.  Korey feels better about the taxi detour. Leo and Jamal are reciting their route again. They get 7 of 22 and they fail and have to try again. Tyler and Korey are on their first attempt and they get 4 of 22. They go for a ride again.


Nicole and Victor have chosen their taxi and they are already flustered. Nicole says she hopes this is multiple choice. Leo and Jamal are on their fifth attempt and they hit all 22 and they are done. They will now race to their next pitstop at Camden Market and search for Phil.


Leo and Jamal head out looking for redemption. Colin and Christie are on their next attempt and Colin says he knew he had to stay in flow if they had any chance of getting it. They did not complete, but they almost had it. Tyler and Korey are on their third attempt for the taxi route and they get all 22 and they have successfully completed the task.


Nicole and Victor are on their second attempt and they got 9 of 22. Victor says sorry boo and they have to take another ride. Korey is getting emotional on their ride to Camden Market. Leo and Jamal hit the mat but before they can check in they have a few items to pick up around the market. Phil hands them a clue and they are stunned.


Leo and Jamal must find a Trunk, Lamp, Drum, Corset, Rug, Camera, Shoes, Teapot. Tyler and Korey hit the mat and they have to find their items. Leo and Jamal are getting directions to get their rug. Tyler and Korey pass Leo and Jamal looking for their items. Colin and Christie are on their sixth attempt and they have successfully completed the challenge in 59 seconds.


Colin and Christie head out to Camden Market. Victor and Nicole are their next attempt and they get all 22 of 22 and they are now off to the pitstop. Leo and Jamal are looking everywhere for a carpet and they find a lamp. They find a drum and grab it. Leo and Jamal are in a mall type area looking for purple shoes. Colin and Christie hit the mat and they get their clue. Leo and Jamal stop to dance after they find their shoes and they head out. Colin and Christie think the items will be out and about and easy to spot.


Tyler and Korey pass the trunks and realize someone else has been there. Nicole and Victor hit the mat and they get their clue and realize they are still in it. Leo and Jamal have found the rug shop. Nicole and Victor are looking for a camera. Tyler and Korey run past Colin and Christie and tell them good job. Nicole and Victor are getting help finding a lamp.


Colin and Christie are looking for a carpet. Leo and Jamal put their items together on a mannequin and they are team number one! They say the curse of leg eleven is officially gone. Tyler and Korey tell Colin and Christie where a couple of items are. Tyler and Korey find the mall like area and they remark on how crazy it is and they find the purple shoes. Colin and Christie have found the carpet. Tyler and Korey are going to tell Colin and Christie where the shoes are. Tyler and Korey hug Colin and Christie and Tyler and Korey are done and they hit the mat, they are team number two.


Nicole and Victor talk about big the market place is. Colin and Christie get their drum and they are looking for the mall to find the shoes. Victor and Colin have a couple of items. Colin is dancing in the mall to the music and they are looking for the purple boots. Colin and Christie don’t see the boots and they head back out. They then head back and finally see the purple boots they need. Nicole and Victor are taking their items back and start putting stuff together and they see Colin and Christie are almost done.


Colin and Christie have their stuff together and they are team number three. Nicole and Victor are informed the other teams have checked in and they are eliminated from the race. Phil says they should be extremely proud. Victor says they did way better than they expected. Nicole says they are stronger now and Victor says she’s his soul mate. Nicole says she cried more on this show than on Big Brother.

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