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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 2

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Previously, on Big Brother, sixteen strangers began the battle for a half million dollars, but two of them weren’t meeting for the first time. Julie welcome to the new HG to Camp BB with a big twist and Cliff, David, Jessica, and Jackson quickly threw their hat in the ring. Jessica thought she had the numbers to win, but Jackson was intent on swaying the election.


After the votes were cast, the losers were put on blast. When it came down to Jessica and Jackson, it was sloppy second place for the salsa dancer. With the southern stud as the new camp director, Julie revealed his devastating first duty. Tonight, Jackson will banish four HG out of the house and only three will return. Whose game will come to an end and who will rise to power as the first HOH of the summer? All this and more right now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and she says last night Camp BB kicked into full gear and the stakes have never been higher. Tonight, Jackson must banish four HG, removing them from the game and forcing them to compete for a chance to get back in the house. Three will return, but for one, their game will be over. But first, everyone’s BB lives are in Jackson’s hands. Let the begging, and pleading, begin.


Jessica tells us she thought she was going to be camp director and she could easily be one of the four banished. Nicole is talking to Jackson and she says she’s a straight shooter. Jackson says it’s way too early in the game to be making this big of a decision, so he needs to hear everyone out. Cliff offers to be a spy and Jessica reiterates she would have said she wouldn’t put him up. Jackson tells Ovi they are there to play a game and not live moral standards.


Kemi feels like a lot of people are going up to Jackson and she doesn’t feel a need to do that. She’s not going to scratch his back because her back hasn’t be scratched. Jack tells Jackson he needs to have the back of the people who voted or him and he needs to solidify the alliance and Bella is there and she says this alliance fell in her lap. Jackson is listing people he knew who went against him, Cliff, Jessica, and David. Jackson says if he banishes them, then he needs to make sure his alliance has his back. Jack says David will definitely come back.


Jackson says until the day being a nice guy wins him half a million dollars, he doesn’t care. His goal is to walk outside with confetti on his shoulders. David talks to Jackson and they are talking a bit and Jackson says he needs to talk to him. Jackson says he needs to spin this into a respectful sorry. Jackson asks David how he feels about being a pawn because he needs someone he knows will come back in the house. David would rather not be a pawn because they usually go home. Jackson tells us David doesn’t seem thrilled and this is a huge decision for his game.


Julie calls everyone to the LR. The time has come for Jackson to choose the four he wishes to banish from the house. Just to be clear, the HG will be immediately be removed with the help of their camp mascot. She asks Jackson to head upstairs to make his selections. There’s a board with all the HG faces on it and he makes his first selection.


A squirrel comes into the house from the BY and everyone is laughing. Cliff says they have big squirrels in Texas but not like this. The squirrel is walking around. Tommy says he’s scared to death. He feels like he’s in a horror movie. The squirrel puts a bag over Cliff’s head and takes him out. Holly says Cliff is her favorite person in the house because he reminds her of her dad is taken out and he might be out for good. We hear Cliff say this is nuts!


Jackson is making his second selection. The squirrel comes back in and he’s walking down the hall towards the WC. Sam says as a truck driver he’s had a couple run ins with his friends and family and maybe he’s out for revenge. Bella says the squirrel takes Kemi and whacks her head against the trash can as she’s removed from the house. Jackson chose to banish Kemi because she didn’t make much of an effort to talk to him.


His third selection is up and we see the squirrel for the third time. He’s wondering around and he sneaks up on Jess and she says she loves him and he walks away. Jess says she’s so happy he didn’t put a sack over her head, but then the squirrel puts the sack over her head and she is out.


Jackson is making his fourth selection and he says he’s not sure it’s worth the risk to banish David, but he’s already banished 2 of 3 who volunteered. The squirrel is back and he eyes Kat, then Bella and Kat says she scared him off. The squirrel watches Holly intently and then walks through the kitchen and then places the sack over David.


Just moments ago Jackson, as camp director, was forced to banish four of his peers. Now they must compete against each other to get back into the game. They are all outside in camping uniforms. In order to return to the game, they must find their way back to Camp BB. This will be far from easy because they’ll be in total darkness. But throughout the wilderness there will be signs to lead them back. But be careful! There will be signs that will lead them to other camps. The first three to find their way back will re-enter the game. The competition begins now!


Kemi says she has to get back to Camp BB. There are decoy camps everywhere that will slow her down, but she just wants to get back to Camp BB and get back in the game. Jessica says if Jackson thinks she’ll just lay down and let him banish her, he has another thing coming. David is following Jessica around and he falls and Jessica is stuck. They are in the honey room at Camp Bee Bee. David needs to find a way out of the room just to get back to the forest. As he leaves, he is covered in feathers.


Cliff says he’s navigated his way around a Black Forest Ham, but a black forest is another story. He enters Camp B-Ball and he gets with some beach balls. Cliff heads back to the wilderness to find the signs. He feels a sign with an arrow and h crawls through and he realizes there is a second part to the forest. But he hopes he’s getting closer to getting back into camp BB. Cliff crawls through another tree and the door opens to the BB house. He says he’s not Glenn, he’s not Joey, and he sure as heck isn’t Steve. He is back!


David is still looking around and he says the only reason he’s in the forest is because Jackson is making dumb moves this early in the game. He heads into Camp B-Ball and he says this is just going to slow him down again. Kemi has found another tree trunk and it feels like she’s in another part of the forest. She then enters Camp Boo! There are scary clowns and a jack-in-the box and she immediately tries to go back out the door she came in, but she can’t go out. She searched and finds another exit and she searches through the forest and she is back in the house!


It’s down to David and Jessica and Jackson is hoping Jessica will be the one back in because if it’s David, he knows that David will be gunning for him. Who will find their way back to Camp BB? And who will find their game is over? Stay with us!


Jessica is looking around the forest and David says all of the sudden it has gotten quiet in the forest. It is suddenly critical for him to find the exit because he cannot go home week one. He is so lost and he ends up back in the honey room. How do you get out of here? He’s tripping right now. Jessica makes her way into Camp B&B. She says she has to get out of her pronto or her BB dreams are over. She feels like she’s in a new part of the woods.


David says it’s do or die now, he has to find the exit. Jessica squeals and we see the inside of the house and the HG waiting. The door opens and Jessica crawls through and everyone celebrates! Jessica says he’s so sorry and he hugs her and apologizes. Jessica says take that Jackson! Mama Jess is back in the house and there’s going to be some hell to pay.


David is still searching and Julie comes on and says the other three have found their way back to the house and he is out of the house…for now…David is frustrated and he has tears in his eyes in the DR. He says he doesn’t want to go home. The reason he wanted to win was because he wanted to be the first black person to win Big Brother. He says there’s still some hope, Julie says he’s out of the BB house for now.


Christie and Tommy are talking and she says they really haven’t gotten any alone time. She wants to make sure nothing from the past or their baggage will affect their game. Tommy says they need to stay away from each other and Christie agrees. Tommy says he’s hoping this will be a cursing and not a curse and he knows they can work together. He just hopes his family understands this is what he has to do in this game.


Jack says Big Brother is all about making connections. Nick, and Jackson and they are calling him Michie (Mickey) because it’s his last name. Jackson says he has the most blood on his hands and he needs to start trying to clean it off. He is talking to Nick and Jack and they are talking about Jessica coming in hot. They are discussing which females they want to bring in and they want gamers. Nick goes to talk to Christie and he tells her the guys and then says Bella and Holly. Christie says it feels like this gift from the universe was given to her. As long as one of them wins HOH they are golden.


Nick is feeling really good about this group, it’s a great start. Jackson goes to talk to Holly and she loves the idea. Jack talks to Bella. Bella says she’s now in a six person alliance, she doesn’t really know their names, but thanks Jack. Christie comes in and Jack says they are golden and they celebrate. Up next is the first HOH of the summer and an epic battle of endurance begins!


It is now time for the first HOH of the summer and Jackson has one more duty to perform that could impact the outcome of this competition! Julie greets the HG and welcomes them to the first HOH competition. Jackson, as camp director, he is already safe and won’t be competing. This HOH will be played in pairs of two. On Julie’s go, each pair will climb onto their HOH log and hold on tight. The last HG holding on to the log will become the first HOH of the summer. This is an individual competition. Jackson will choose who will be paired up.


Jackson says he has to pick teams. He’s already gotten enough blood on his hands. He puts Kat and Jack, Sam and Nicole, Bella and Nick, Tommy and Jessica, Christie and Kemi, Ovi and Holly, and Cliff and Analyse. They all climb on the log and it raises as the competition begins. Jessica is super pumped. She’s just survived banishments and she wants to show all the girls that look like her that they can do anything and she falls. She says she was devastated, but maybe the banishment did a number on her.


Sam says Julie said something about a color war and he doesn’t know what that is. The HG are then covered in colorful water. Sam says he’s legit covered from head to toe everywhere. Tommy says he has paint in his eyes, his ears, dripping down his face, in his pants. No more arts and crafts for Tommy. Jessica is encouraging them from the sidelines. Kat says the log is already hard to hold onto and now her and Jack are trying to help each other. Jack and Kat fall and they are the first down, with Nick right behind.


Bella says she sees them both fall down and she thought they were supposed to be good at these comps! Now it’s up to the girls to bring this home. They are sprayed with colorful powder next and then more paint. Sam says this is so messed up! Holly says the logs are spinning faster as paint is falling on your head. She’s doing everything she can to focus and hold on.


Ovi says he’s always dreamed about a hanging endurance competition…and throwing it. No need to be on anyone’s radar right now and Ovi is down with Sam right behind. Kemi is adjusting and then she falls. Cliff slips right off. They get sprayed with powder again and we don’t even see Bella fall off. Nicole then jumps off her log and it’s Christie, Holly, Tommy, and Analyse. Holly says they have to dig in deep and hold on as long as they can.


Tommy says his arms are burning and he doesn’t know how much longer he can hold on. But he wants to prove he is a force to be reckoned with to the HG and he is not going to fall for anything!


Christie is freezing and there is slime over her. She wants to start the game strong and win this for herself and her alliance. She needs to stay on. Analyse says she’s cold and shaking. They get sprayed with more paint. Holly says it’s down to the final four and she’s pretty sure if Christie wins, she’s good, but they have to make sure one of them outlasts Tommy and Analyse.


Analyse’s log is spinning fast and she falls and she’s down. Holly says she is struggling. Her legs can barely stay still and her legs are on fire and it’s taking every ounce of her strength to stay on. Holly then falls. Tommy says he’s going nuts. It’s down to him and Christie. Does he drop and show he trusts her or does he hold on? His head is spinning and the log isn’t helping. Christie says she hopes Tommy knows he’s good with her, she’s got them. Tommy falls. Christie is the first HOH of the summer!


Christie says she’s half excited and half terrified and not sure she wanted this. But here it is! Jack says Christie wins HOH, so that means the alliance wins HOH and Jackson won camp director, it couldn’t have gone better. Cliff says he survived banishment, but now he has to survive Christie’s HOH. Sam says this game is moving fast! It’s time for him to buckle up, put it in high gear, turn on the high beams, and get ready for the long haul!


Julie says Christie is in power and Camp BB is in full swing! Tune in Sunday to see which two HG are nominated. And it’s an all new twist! The Whacktivity Comp, and it will give a secret power. Then the veto comp will be Tuesday. And something that has never happened on Big Brother will live on Wednesday!

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