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Songland-Meghan Trainor

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Meghan Trainor is tonight’s featured artist on Songland. She’s working on her third album and she’s looking for songs, maybe a power ballad or anthem with a meaning.


Brandin J is the first song writer and his song is called No Money Alright. He heads into the studio and meets the producers and the performs his song. Shane is bouncing in his seat. Ester says you can’t write that good and not have no money. Brandin says he’s just waited to be in the right time at the right time. Meghan says he was born to do this and she thinks it’s so fun.


Meghan thinks Ryan could make it fun and dirty and improve the chorus. Shane says if they doubled chorus and changed one line it would be great. Ryan says to make it make sense for Meghan, since she has money they can change the line to we don’t need no money to dance all night. Shane says the song is so anthemic they need a dance.


Next is Kole and she likes to write quirky things that are slightly left of center. Her son is called Hurt Me and it was inspired by a break-up she went through. Kole steps into the room and meets the producers. Ester suggests a pre-hook and Meghan sings along with it. Ryan doesn’t like the arpeggio because it’s interfering with notes she’s singing. Shane says they’ll be fighting to work on that song.


Zachary Kale is the next writer and the concept behind his song is there’s no better feeling than falling in love. His song is called All Over Again. He goes in to greet the producers. Meghan likes some of the lyrics and they talk about that she just got married. She says the only thing missing is the punch right before the chorus. Shane gets his guitar and he likes a part in the verse and he plays along. Ester doesn’t understand part of the rhyme and Ryan says the song is too cute. Meghan says maybe it needs to be a ballad. Shane says there are so many incredible pieces there.


The final writer in is Josh Wood and his song is called Alone, but it’s not a sad song. Meghan says that song was the bomb and the melody is perfect for what he’s saying. Shane says he knows what he’s trying to get across, but he doesn’t know what some of they lyrics don’t mean. Ester says she feels like it’s missing some story-telling. Ester says he has a great melody but space to tell a story.


It’s time for Meghan to make her decision on the three songs she wants the producers to work on. Brandin is called in first and she has chosen his song. Zachary is called in and she can’t cut that song because she already has too many love songs. She needs something upbeat and sassier. Josh is called in and his song is Meghan’s second choice. Kole is called in and she is informed her song is moving on to the studio.


Shane is working with Josh and he wants to work on the lyrics. Kole is working with Ryan and they want to make the song as edgy as possible. Ryan says he needs to get some urban elements into the song and make a bigger version of what she did. Ester is working with Brandin and they are going to change up some lyric and the sound. Ester wants to change the narrative.


Ryan says they went over every line and updated the lyrics and the chorus stayed intact. Shane and Josh are working on the music while Josh plays the piano. Josh loves that Shane brought playful lyrics. Ester facetimes with Meghan and she says she’s been struggling with it a little bit because she thinks it’s a little dated. Brandin says he wants to make it perfect her.   


Josh says the production of his song hits so much harder and he hopes Meghan loves it. Ryan likes the lyrics and Ester likes the melody. Meghan says it sounds ready.


Kole is in next to re-pitch her song and she says the feel is the same, they just punched it up. Meghan says it was amazing and it’s so dancy. Ryan says Meghan keeps pretending like she can’t sing. Meghan says Kole reminds her of herself. Ryan says he started a band because he was terrified to be a soloist and Ester says she became a song writer. Shane says he wanted to be artist, but they kept kicking him out.


Brandin is in to re-pitch his song, which they renamed We Got Us. Meghan says she got chills everywhere! She says it’s so different. Meghan says she’s always wanted to work with Ester. Meghan says it’s really impressive he was willing to change so much of the song. Ryan says Brandin emanates so much joy and he would like to write with him.


All three writers are back in front of Meghan and she’s ready to choose her song. She says they are all amazing song writers and she had all these songs stuck in her head. She was really confused and she thought she knew what she wanted to sing. The song she has decided to record is…Hurt Me by Kole.


Meghan says it’s an empowering song. Meghan and Ryan worked on the production and they have perfected the song for Meghan. Next Tuesday, Aloe Blacc will be choosing a song to hit the big screen!  

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