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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 1

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Many call Big Brother the world’s craziest summer camp. So this year, we’re taking that idea to the extreme! Welcome to Camp BB! It’s time to get this summer started. Welcome to Big Brother!


In just moments, a new group of HG will move into camp BB and start getting to know each other. They will immediately be faced with a game changing decision that will give one HG a power that will put everyone’s game in jeopardy. The HG this season will face twists and turns that no one has ever seen before.


Time to meet the first eight HG! Jackson and he’s from Nashville, TN. He’s 100% from the south, a momma’s boy, but not a redneck. One of the biggest reason’s hes wanted to do big brother is because he and his mom have watched the show since he was single digits year old.


Nicole is a special needs pre-school teacher. She’s a big kid at heart and she’s single and she’s an awkward person. Tommy welcomes us to Broadway. Newsies was his Broadway debut. His dad’s dream was to play baseball with him, but when he realized Tommy loved dance he learned to dance. Tommy doesn’t want people to know he’s a BB superfan.


Kathryn is our next HG and she’s called Kat and she’s from Texas. She hired a photographer to follow her around. Ovi and he’s a recent college graduate from the University of Tennessee and he wants to be an inspiration. Kemi is from Brooklyn and she’s a reformed mean girl. She vowed to be more empathetic and that didn’t last two weeks.


Holly was born in Wyoming and she’s been on horseback more than on foot. She doesn’t think the other HG will have that country mind or strength. Jack is a videographer and he’s often mistaken for Aquaman. He has a dog named Layla and she sleeps in his bed. We see the HG saying good-bye to their families.


Julie has the first eight HG on stage and greets them. For the next 99 days, they will live and breathe the Big Brother game. Some have called Big Brother the craziest summer camp ever. Julie sends in Tommy, Jack, Kathryn, and Nicole. Tommy is the first in the door and they immediately scream in excitement and they hug. Nicole says this is insane! Tommy tells them to look for their rooms. He says this is real and he’s freaking out!


Tommy says the house is gorgeous. Jack kind of likes it. Tommy says the most gorgeous thing in the house is Jack. Julie leaves Jackson, Holly, Kemi, and Ovi to head into the house. They hug the first four and start basic introductions. Kat says she’s 29 and in heat and Jackson looks like a Ken doll. Ovi and Jackson talk for a moment and Jackson says he knows he’s going to be seen as a target and he thinks Ovi going to the same school as him could be a good bond.


Jack is ready to explore and from upstairs and he can see all of Aquaman’s domain. Plus the fishies will have his back. He will rule this house. Julie says just like at summer camp, some of these HG may already know each other. And before the night is over, one HG will get a power that will have them all scrambling.


Julie welcomes us back and says the first eight HG have moved in. But before the game can truly begin, we need to meet the rest of them! Isabella gets her key and her mom seems confused on what Big Brother is. Christie is from Staten Island and she owns a clothing boutique. She’s recently out of a long term relationship with a significantly older woman, but now she’s focusing on her.


Sam and he’s from Pennsylvania and he’s a truck driver. He’s a father with wo boys and he’s not in there just to play and have fun. He’s there to win it. Isabella is an intern at UCLA studying Public Health. Her parents were very strict. Her mom calls her Isa, but she also has a Bella side and she has 13 tattoos.


Nick is from New Jersey and he’s outgoing, but he’s a child mental health therapist. When he’s in the house, he will screw with people’s minds. Jessica is a plus-sized model from Chicago. She runs half-marathons, spins, and salsa dances. She’s married and has a daughter.


Cliff says he’s from Texas. He’s had crazy stuff all over the world and everything he does is for his family. Analyse and she’s recent college graduate. She’s a BB superfan and she loved Jordan and Danielle Donato. She’s a soccer player and the other HG won’t want to mess with her. David and he’s a photographer. He shoots mostly fitness and gyms. He was 230 pounds and he decided he wanted to change his life.


Julie has the remaining eight HG on the stage and greets them. The first four from the second group are Cliff, Isabella, David, and Analyse. Introductions begin and Cliff says he’s been watching the show since season 8 and he wants to stay alive for the first few weeks. He’s going to play possum.


Jackson and Jack have made a bromance. Jackson knew Jack was a good looking dude and Jack is feeling it right off the back. Sam, Nick, Jessica, and Christie are the final four into the house and they scream in excitement and hugs and introductions start again. Tommy sees Christie and he says she dated someone in his family and he is shocked. He has no words. He wants to play it off and act like they don’t’ know each other. He says this is wild.


Christie says the last person she expected to see was someone from her ex’s family. She doesn’t want people to know they know each other because that blow up in their faces. The HG get champagne and they sit down in the LR to get to know each other. Analyse introduces herself and she says everyone calls her Sis. Jackson thinks Analyse is attractive.


Analyse knows Jack isn’t Jason Momoa, but he can be her Jason Momoa for the summer. Nicole says they can drown her in the pool if he’s going to save her. Kat thinks Jason Mimosa is attractive. Bella says everyone is trying to get to know each other, but she’s thinking game on!


The HG are mingling and Julie calls them to the Living Room. She welcomes them to Camp BB. Julie says the motto is expect the unexpected and that begins now. For the first time ever, they will be electing a camp director based on the first impressions. The camp director will be safe for the first week, but they will not only impact the first HOH competition, but could single handedly put their game in jeopardy. They’ll enter the backyard one at a time and vote for who they want to be camp director, and they can’t vote for themselves.


Bella says her mom is probably at home say she needs the power, but she doesn’t want it. Jack wants to know if anyone wants to offer to do it and no one seems interested. Holly asks if anyone wants to campaign for it and no one volunteers. Ovi says he was student body president, but he doesn’t want this. Cliff wants to do it because he’s the oldest in the house. David wants it because he wants to be safe and he is willing to take on the pressure.


Jessica says hi guys! Vote for me. Jessica would rather risk having a target on her back than not having that power. Jackson says going off what they said, he knows no one wants the target on their back, but he’ll do it. Jackson says all he knows is someone’s game is going to be in jeopardy and he doesn’t want his game in jeopardy and he wants to be the camp director.


The girls minus Kat and Tommy are in the BR and they would like Jess to be the first camp director. Jackson is talking to Jack and he wants to ensure his safety this week. He wants to align with strong people and Jack stands out and it would only make sense he’d want to align with him. Jackson says he and Jack are strong enough to win HOH’s back to back to back. Jackson is talking to Nicole and Nick and he’s campaigning and he doesn’t want to be sent out because of his appearance.


Nicole says her gut was initially Jess, but Jackson is this big hulking guy and he might be mad if she didn’t vote in his direction. We then see Jackson talking to Nick, Tommy, and Bella. Bella says she thought Jess had the votes, but apparently not. The camp director could really make or break her game and she needs to be in the majority. Christie says she was really gung ho for Jess, but now she’s not so sure. Jackson thinks he might be able to pull this off. If he can do this once, then it looks good for the future down the road.


Julie welcomes us back and it’s now time for the HG to elect a camp director. Analyse is up first to cast her vote. She feels good about Jessica. Kemi also votes for Jess. We see Cliff and Jack vote for Jackson. We see Nicole, Kat, David, and Christie vote. The rest make their way out and Julie is ready to reveal the results.


Julie tells everyone to put their goggles on because this might get a little messy. Julie will reveal who got the least amount of votes. With 0 votes, Tommy is covered in pink goo. Holly in yell, Christie in blue, Kemi in green and Sam in purple. Bella gets green and Cliff in red and Bella is knocked down. Cliff can’t believe he didn’t get a single vote. Nicole gets covered in yell and Ovi in orange, Kat in blue and David in yellow and Jack says he’s about to get doused.


With one vote each, Jack gets hit with yellow, Nick with purple. It’s down to Jessica and Jackson. One of them will be camp director. Jackson knows he can be viewed as a target and he needs to make sure his safety is guaranteed. With 4 votes is covered with green and Jackson is the camp director with 10 votes. Julie will be back to tell him about his new powers. Jessica is upset. She says someone lied to her! A lot of people lied to her and she’s so mad. She needs to rethink what she’s going to do.


Julie welcomes us back and Jackson has been elected the first camp director ever. Now it’s time to reveal his power. As camp director, he’ll be safe at the first live eviction. As the director of Camp BB, he must choose to banish four HG and they will be out of the BB game. They will go head to head for their BB lives. Three will win their way back into the house and the fourth will see their game come to an end before the first eviction even takes place.


The only way to stay safe is to make sure Jackson doesn’t banish them. Good night HG. Cliff says banishment? No! Please don’t let it be him. Sam says oh my gosh! Four people are going to be banished. How did he not see this coming! Of course he seen this coming, expect the unexpected. Jackson says he knows good and well if he was one of those four and they come back in the house, he’d be mad. He has a lot of thinking to do. He will be sending the four HG into the BB Wilderness. Who will make it back? And the first HOH will be an epic battle of endurance.

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