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The Bachelor 9: Rome


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Prince Lorenzo Borghese Is The New Bachelor

(Originally posted: May 17, 2006}


The Bachelor romance that was over by the time the show finished airing didn't kill The Bachelor franchise after all. ABC announced good news for reality fans in confirming that The Bachelor will return for a ninth season. ABC also revealed that the new Bachelor is Prince Lorenzo Borghese, who is descriped as "a handsome 33-year-old cosmetics entrepreneur."

The ninth edition of The Bachelor is scheduled to air on the ABC network this fall on Mondays at 9P.M. ET. The eighth edition of The Bachelor was set in Paris, and the ninth edition will also be set outside the United States. The Bachelor 9 will take place in one of the most glamorous, romantic capitals of the world - Rome.

Hosted by Chris Harrison, "The Bachelor" is produced by Next Entertainment in Association with Warner Horizon Television. Mike Fleiss and Lisa Levenson are the executive producers. David Bohnert is the co-executive producer.


ABC Reveals Details On New Bachelor Prince Lorenzo Borghese

Prince Lorenzo Borghese, a handsome 33-year-old cosmetics entrepreneur, has been selected to star in the ninth edition of "The Bachelor," when ABC's popular romance reality series returns to the network this fall. Once more the series will be set outside the United States in one of the most glamorous, romantic capitals of the world - Rome!

Prince Borghese, whose grandmother, Princess Marcella Borghese, started the famed self-named cosmetics line, is an American citizen who has resided in Manhattan since 1997. However he was born in Milan, lived in Rome and outside Paris, and moved to Connecticut when he was five years old. Proud of his genealogy, his storied paternal ancestors include Pope Paul V (Camillo Borghese) and Cardinal Scipione Borghese, both of whom had an enormous influence on Italian art and beautifying Rome in the 1600s, and who helped finish St. Peter's Basilica. The Borghese family name and crest can be found on the fagade of the famous basilica.

"It was a challenge to top the last bachelor -- Dr. Travis Stork," said Mike Fleiss, executive producer of the series, "but an American bachelor who happens to be an Italian prince and shooting the series in Rome - it can't get any better than that."

Lorenzo graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, and has an MBA from Fordham University in New York. Although most would think his family name and title would have led him to the right woman, he is tired of being a bachelor, and -- not a fan of serial dating -- is excited to have the opportunity to meet 25 special bachelorettes in the hope of finding the one right woman for him and his own fairy tale ending.

His parents, Prince Francesco and Princess Amanda Borghese, who met at a wedding in Madrid, will celebrate their 40th anniversary in July, and Lorenzo is hoping to find that type of long-lasting, happily-ever-after relationship. He is looking for a woman whose vibrant personality meshes with his own, a best friend with whom he shares that special chemistry which can evolve into a marriage and family. Lorenzo has two siblings himself, an older brother, Scipione, and an older sister, Ilaria, both of whom are married.

Lorenzo is busy juggling a variety of challenging positions in the cosmetics industry. He not only is the founder and president of Royal Treatment Pet Spa, a high-end bath, body and skin care line for pets, using the finest natural cosmetics from Italy, but he is also a managing partner with his father, Prince Francesco, in GT Partners, a private label Italian cosmetics company that sells numerous brands to major department stores. They currently have nine different lines, making them one of the world's largest manufacturers and importers of cosmetics, skin care treatment and bath and body products from Italy. In addition Lorenzo is executive vice president of Multimedia Exposure, Inc., a family owned business which acts as an agency for various products for television shopping channels in the U.S. and Europe.

Lorenzo's challenge to find the woman of his dreams will be set against a backdrop that is both spectacular and familiar to him, including impressive Roman sites such as the historic Forum, Colosseum and Pantheon, the romantic Trevi Fountain and the lush Villa Borghese, the largest park in Rome, which bears his family's name.

Hosted by Chris Harrison, "The Bachelor: Rome" is produced by Next Entertainment in Association with Warner Horizon Television. Mike Fleiss and Lisa Levenson are the executive producers. David Bohnert is the co-executive producer.

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Courtesy of: ZAP2IT

Meet the New 'Bachelor' Women

Contestants will vie for the love of a prince

September 25, 2006

Lorenzo Borghese of 'The Bachelor: Rome'The 25 North American women on the ninth edition of "The Bachelor" will be facing some international competition, and they'll have to do so on the road.

ABC on Monday revealed the identities of the 25 women who will compete for the affections of Lorenzo Borghese, a genuine Italian nobleman/cosmetics entrepreneur who has turned to television to help him find a love like that of his parents, Prince Francesco and Princess Amanda Borghese, who have been married for 40 years.

Prince Lorenzo, whose ancestors include 17th-century Pope Paul V and whose family name graces a large public park in Rome, is 34 and an American citizen who's lived in New York for the past nine years. His "Bachelor" adventure will take place in Rome, where the 25 women (ages 22 to 34, though only four are 30 or older) will try to win his heart and not look too bad on camera.

In the Oct. 2 premiere, however, the "jealous and already competitive American ladies" -- including, we assume, the one woman who lives in Canada -- will have their party crashed by "two stunning Italian women" who "quickly plot to steal Lorenzo's heart and attention." The network assures us that as the first rose ceremony approaches, "the stakes have never been higher."

Here are the 25 non-Italian women taking part in "The Bachelor: Rome," 15 of whom may be sent packing by the end of episode one:

April, a 23-year-old model from Chicago.

Andrea, 28, who's a hotel concierge in Cincinnati.

Brit, a 28-year-old beer chemist from Columbus, Ohio.

25-year-old lawyer Cassia, from Morristown, N.J.

Claudia, a restaurateur from Boca Raton, Fla. She's 22.

Desiree, a 22-year-old realtor from Salt Lake City.

Ellen, 30, also a realtor, hailing from New Haven, Conn.

New York physician Elyse, who's 27.

Erica, 23, who says she's a "socialite" and lives in Houston.

Gina, 28, an ultrasound technician from Chicago.

Heather, a 34-year-old registered nurse from Aliquippa, Pa.

Jami, an event planner from Galveston, Texas. She's 27.

23-year-old teacher Jeanette from Bloomingdale, Ill.

Jennifer, 24, also a teacher, from Pembroke Pines, Fla.

Jessica, 25, an assistant buyer from Charlotte, N.C.

Long Beach, Calif., resident and interior designer Kim, 27.

Laura, a 29-year-old dolphin trainer from San Diego.

Lisa, 25, a marketing manager who lives in Portland, Ore.

Meri, a lawyer from Biloxi, Miss., who's 27.

Renee, a 30-year-old broadcast marketer from Baltimore.

Rita, 29, who's from Richmond, Va., and works as a policy advisor.

Rosella, 27, a make-up artist from Chicago.

Sadie, a 23-year-old publicist from Carlsbad, Calif.

Sarah, 30, the group's lone Canadian (Nelson, B.C.) and a journalist.

Tara, a 24-year-old realtor from St. Augustine, Fla.

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"The Bachelor" Invades Rome

By Natalie Finn

So many women, so few roses. A new season of The Bachelor is upon us, and this time the ABC show is whisking 25 wannabe princesses to Rome to vie for the charms of this year's main event, Prince Lorenzo Borghese.

The Italian nobleman and canine beauty product entrepreneur (whatever, he's the heir to a human cosmetics fortune, as well) will have his pick of 27 women--the Americans plus two ladies from his native country who have yet to be identified and are mostly there to make bonding with the prince harder for the others. (And, hopefully for the network, to make things more interesting for viewers, of which there haven't been as many lately.)

Among the Yanks (and one Canuck) heading over to romp in the Trevi Fountain and take romantic Vespa rides around the Colosseum are Kim, 27, an interior designer from Long Beach, California, who said at the getting-to-know-you all-night cocktail party that "now is kind of my time to put on my glass slipper"; Houston socialite Erica, 23, who figures that "Lorenzo's family definitely owns the city and probably the country, and I can't wait to meet him"; and Lisa, 25, from Portland, Oregon, who's prepared to "lick a slug?hug a tree, whatever," to show Borghese how down to earth she is.

SPOILER ALERT - Highlight to read.

Apparently the 34-year-old prince is a bit of a tree-hugger himself, because Lisa makes it through night number one with the first rose of the season and a new pair of diamond earrings, not joining the 15 who don't make it past the initial sunrise Rose Ceremony.

Once again, so many have their dreams dashed on the very first day and are unable to become like Travis and Sarah? oh, wait. Like Jesse and ? nope, them neither. Oh, wait, like Charlie and ?

Bursting yet another fairytale bubble, E! Online TV reporter Korbi Ghosh spied season seven's Charlie O'Connell and his ultimate rose recipient, Sarah Brice, in what appeared to be the throes of splitting up at a Los Angeles cafe.

That rose is still blooming for some, though. Season six Bachelor Byron Velnick and his pick du jour, Mary Delgado, are still expected to tie the knot sometime this year.

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The Bachelor: Rome

by Maya Schechter

October 2, 2006: When Prince Lorenzo Met 27 Women

Yes, it

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I can't believe I watched last night's show. The one I was rooting for (Rosella) got sent home. These women aren't strippers and porn wannabes like the ones on Flavor of Love, but they are just as desperate and catty. At least no one pooped on the floor.

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Ah, Lorenzo's not so bad. It remains to be seen if he's the type to take the lead in a relationship, but I admire his awarding the earrings to the one girl who didn't call him prince, talk about how great the building was, or flaunt some self-imposed social standing.

If I were he, I'd be telling the girls that all this prince crap has to stop once and for all.

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Rosella was my favortie too... I was surprised she didn't stay til the next round.

5 of the 6 girls I picked of the 27 made it through to next week.

Here they are:

Lisa, OR

Kim, CA

Gina, IL

Jennifer, FL

Sadie, CA

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I don't have a favorite girl yet although Sarah with the great dimples struck me as having the most beautiful face, but she didn't do anything to stand out -- set herself apart from the others -- make herself known to the home viewers. Usually that means she'll be cut next week.

I'm not thrilled with this bachelor. I think his princely title is his best feature. But he can't be any worse than Travis from last season. That guy was like a rock with legs. Zero personality.

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Guest StarBaby

I don't really have a favorite yet either, although I can tell you with certainty who I DON'T like. I can't stand Desiree (baby this, baby that -- get a grip girl, you just MET), and I cannot stand Erica (the socialite). Get real, wench, and learn to make your own damn bed. And leave the tiara at home, honey, you aren't a princess yet, although I am sure your daddy always told you that you were.

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Bachelor Host Reveals Some Royal Secrets

by Megan Cherkezian

Monday, October 2, 2006


Host Chris Harrison, The Bachelor: Rome

When The Bachelor first premiered, America watched to see if true love could be found under such extraordinary circumstances. With a mix of successful and failed pairings in previous seasons, the show opens its ninth premiere (tonight at 9 pm/ET) with the ultimate fairy tale: An Italian prince searching for his soul mate while surrounded by Rome's romantic lights and an actual castle. No, we're not reading a storybook. TVGuide.com went to longtime Bachelor host Chris Harrison for the scoop on the show's latest changes and surprises.

TVGuide.com: What was it like working on an edition where the bachelor, Lorenzo Borghese, is a prince?

Chris Harrison: It was actually very cool, because not only was he a prince but we did the whole show in a castle that his family [has] owned for several hundred years. It was impressive to me, so I can only imagine how impressive that is to a girl looking for a husband.

TVGuide.com: You're lucky that you get to spend time in these romantic cities!

Harrison: Oh, it was awesome. I took my family, too, so my wife and I got to hang out in Rome and travel around.

TVGuide.com: Along with the special rose that is given to one lucky girl the first night, she also receives a special gift as well?

Harrison: [For] the First Impression Rose, we kind of raised the stakes a little bit. It's a double-edged sword, but we gave her a pair of two-karat diamond earrings. Usually the girl who gets the First Impression Rose is not the most popular girl in the house, because obviously she captured his attention, so now she not only gets the first rose and is safe, but she also gets diamond earrings.

TVGuide.com: And for the first time ever the rose ceremony will take place in the morning?

Harrison: That was one of the crueler things they did to the host of the show. [Laughs] We told the prince, "You have all night, until the sun comes up, to make your decision," to give it that touch of Cinderella. It was literally five, six in the morning when we were doing the rose ceremony, so it felt like one big hangover.

TVGuide.com: And what was the reasoning behind that?

Harrison: Just to be fair to him, because we threw him a curveball in the middle of the first cocktail party. He had 25 women and then, unbeknownst to him, two other women arrived

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Haven't read a word within the above press release. Imagine how it would be to go through 12+ weeks in your own stress and torture framework, and then read what the press and the 'boards' have to say about that same time frame.

I wouldn't choose it for myself. How 'bout you?

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No more proof is needed . . . the Bachelor is definitely fixed. What other explanation could there be for the fact he kept the spoiled, psychotic socialite Erica. He had a very uncomfortable conversation with her on the date, almost confrontational. He looked disgusted and embarassed when he had to say her name for the final rose. The producers definitely forced that one. They couldn't have made it more obvious.

Kim's drunken rambling and thinking Lorenzo was the waiter was hysterical. One of my favorite TV moments of the year! Sorry to see Sarah go. Thought she was the most beautiful. She just made no effort to get to know Lorenzo or get herself noticed. Too bad.

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OMG I wish I watched this show!! I was just watching Regis & Kelly and Kelly (who called the show trashtastic, great new word) did her imitation of Erica last night. I couldn't stop laughing, she went on for 5 minutes. I guess Erica's comments about people with tattoos and no college education really ticked her off.

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I sure agree with you, jersey. Erica has to be the producer's choice for staying!

I also thought Desiree was on her way out the door. Certainly she should be.

Unless she's the logical choice for a roll in the hay before she gets sent packing.

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The Bachelor: Rome

by Maya Schechter

October 9, 2006: Three Down, Nine to Go

Please, please tell me Lorenzo gave Erica a rose because the producers made him. It

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Well, they're all still there!

(White dress for the night. Virginal confessional. Then there's "Baby, baby, baby.")

And from the looks of that lip-lock on Agnese, the white dress might indeed be the winner of the chemistry award. At least so far.

Finally sent packing, Erica will return to assign the one-on-one date next week. I'll bet she picks virgin Sadie.

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I don't know or care who will win the prince's heart. I do know that Lisa will have the greatest fall when she is eliminated. Can't wait, it's gonna be great! Even better if she makes it to the final 2. She thinks she's already got this gig. My money is on Jennifer.

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The Bachelor: Rome

by Maya Schechter

October 16, 2006: And Then There Were Six


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I couldn't stand Erica, thank God she's gone (at least until she returns). It figures they'd pick her to be the one to hurt the other girls. She claims to have so much going for her (looks, smarts, background), yet of all the girls, she seems the most unhappy. I can't think of anything she'd enjoy more than to bring others down to the misery she herself is in. What a bitch!

I think physically he's most hot for Agenese. I could feel the sparks from their kiss all the way here in Canada. Then in the preview for next week, with their kiss again... wowsers!

I like her, Jen, and Sadi. Sadi's just the cutest little thing...very sweet and innocent. She may be too good for him actually with his, "I've never dated a virgin before" comment and the way he said it.

This is my first full season of ever watching the Bachelor, it's interesting. I used to be so against it, all these girls throwing themselves at this lone guy, all for attention's sake. How degrading. Girls are far more deserving of that. Not to mention the whole concept of make believe made for t.v. romances, throw in that someone is bound to get hurt given they've submerged themselves in this fairytale. But I've come to enjoy the show, it's like picking the "horse" that you think is going to beat out the competition. Then, when you see total snobs like Erica go home before a girl who doesn't speak any english, it's just great!

Was it like this every year? What all have I missed? I saw the ending of last year's show, that guy was hot. Is he still with the girl he picked or what? Are any of them with the person who won? And whatever happened to The Averge Joe?

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Guest StarBaby

It's pretty much like this every year, Elle. Side note -- I don't find this years bachelor to be all that attractive, IMO. He has got quite the honker on him, and the Donald Trump style hair just doesn't do it for me.

But yes, one of the best parts of the show each season, is picking the girl(s) you can't stand the most and cheering when they go home. Usually by the middle of the season, I have found one to root for as well. As far as staying together, not too many do. One of the bachelorettes, Trista (who was originally the runner up, I think, in the first bachelor) married Ryan, the guy she picked, and they are still together. Also one of the bachelors from a few seasons ago (can't remember his name, but he was kind of a rugged outdoorsy type of guy, and he picked a girl named Mary who had also been a contestant on the previous years Bachelor) - anyway, I heard they are still together and planning to get married. Most of the others went splitsville shortly after the show was over.

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