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Songland-The Jonas Brothers

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The Jonas Brothers are in and they are currently in the studio and this is an amazing chance to hear a great song. They want a song they can take around the world and perform for their fans.


Up first is Able Heart and he injured his back when he was 15 and he had to give up skateboarding. His song is called Green Light. He steps into the studio and he tells them this is first time performing at all. Shane looks impressed. Ester says it’s a rock/rap song with an alternative twist. Shane thinks they can double the verse and build into the chorus. Nick thinks if they hang on one note and maybe throw the melody away a little bit. Ester tells him never to ghost anything anymore and let someone take credit for his work.


The second artist is Remmi from Louisiana. Her song is called Flickering and the song is about someone she used to love. She heads into the studio and greets them and steps up to perform. Ryan says he connects with some of the lyrics and he thinks everyone can. Ester plays a few beats and she says she can hear them singing this song to all the girls.


The third artist in is Ori and he’s 18. His song is called No Pressure. He performs for the mentors and the Jonas Brothers. Ester says it sounded good. Nick says they grew up in Jersey and this at times reminded him of Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. Shane doesn’t understand the lyrics and it doesn’t make the character very likable. Ryan changes some of the lyrics and sings it and he grabs his guitar. Nick says maybe if it had a Jay-Z background.


The final artist is Rynn and the title of her song is called Crowded Places. She heads into the studio and performs her song. Shane loved the hook. Ryan says it’s interesting. Nick says a series of great decisions would make the song great. Ester reworks a few parts and sings it. Nick says if it was restructured to be a ballad it would work for them. Joe and Nick sing parts and talk about leaving it open. Joe says the song is really well done.


Nick says they are always looking for songs they are completely connected to emotionally. Remmi is called in first and they have chosen her song to work on. Their second choice was Able’s song. They called in Ori and they say the song isn’t right for them, but he is still young. Rynn is brought back in and she is their third pick to work on the song.


Rynn is working with Shane on her song Crowded Places. He wants to work on her lyrics. He’s explaining some of the lyric changes to tie it to the Jonas Brothers. Ryan is working with Remmi on her song Flickering. He plays piano and sings along and highlights some lyrics that they need to work on. Ester is working with Able Heart on his song Green Light. Ester wants to tailor the song to a three part harmony. She wants to make sure they are surprised.


Rynn says they are keeping the song where they are missing someone, but they are developing the story line a little bit more. Shane says they are going to work until they get this song right for the Jonas Brothers. Ryan is discussing what Ester and Shane might do with their songs and they differentiate themselves. Ryan wants to change the song title. He has executive produced for them and he knows the temperature what they might be looking for. Ryan wants to add a choir. Ester says when she heard Able ghost wrote it broke her heart because he is incredible. 


Rynn is in first to re-pitch her song and she plays the piano as she sing Crowded Places. The Jonas Brothers are listening intently. Kevin says unbelievable. Nick says this feels like the kind of lyric that resonates with them now and could in the future as well.


Able is back in to re-pitch his song. Ester sings along while he performs. Ryan says they improved the melodies and Shane loves the falsetto. Nick says Able is an artist and it feels like a hit. He says if he had written the song in the studio he’d have dropped the mic.


Remmi says the song has changed a lot. She is in to re-pitch her song and it’s called Do You Think of Me. She has some backup singers with her as she performs. Kevin says from an emotional standpoint the lyric connects. Joe thanks her for showing up and delivering.


All three artists are brought back in. Joe says this was a difficult choice because they were all fantastic. Nick says Joe has his other band and he has his solo stuff so they know they have three awesome song writers they can go to in the future. But the song they want to share with the world right now is Green Light, the song Able Heart wrote and collaborated with Ester. Joe says Ester helped bring the song to life.

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