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America's Got Talent Season 14-Auditions 4

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The first act of the night is Melissa and she loves rats. She grew up on Long Island and she’s had big dreams of performing. Simon tells the audience it’s Howie’s tenth year and Melissa comes out with a rat. We see an obstacle course for the rat and a sign that says Cirque du Sewer. She does a headstand at one point and the splits and the rat runs across her legs to another section of the obstacle course. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Howie says he hasn’t seen this. It’s incredibly unique and entertaining and he loves it. Gabrielle says she’s never seen anything like it. Julianne says she loved it and it was awesome and so much fun. Simon says he loved that. He thought it was bonkers. He thinks rats have just gotten bad PR. Simon says yes. Julianne says it’s a yes from her. Gabrielle gives a yes, followed by Howie and Melissa moves on.


We see a series of acts who are excited to perform for Simon and get feedback from him and they discuss how straight forward he is. Then we see Ansley Burns and she’s from South Carolina. She’s going to sing Think by Aretha Franklin. She begins, but the music track is too loud and Simon stops it and says it’s not a good track. He asks her to sing a capella and she looks nervous. Simon asks if she needs water and she says yes and he gives her his drink. She takes a drink and then performs a capella.


Ansley gets emotional as she finishes and she has an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Simon says she’s a little fighter. Howie says she’s an amazing person and it’s tough for an adult and then to take criticism and perform again, that’s amazing. Gabrielle says she thinks her level of professionalism at 12…she is really something special. Julianne says the minute she actually sang a capella, she felt like she owned that song completely. She crushed it and she’s so excited. Simon says personality is as important as technical ability. He says they are going to remember her. All four judges give a yes and Ansley moves on!


Our next act is Sos and he’s going to kind of perform magic. His parents were on season 11 and they were a quick change act and they made the live shows. He hopes to make it further than his parents. His performance starts and he has the backing track of Bleed it Out by Linkin Park. He performs with blank cards at first and then he pulls out a deck of cards and he shows faces and he’s made them into mini cards. He does quick tricks with the cards.


Gabrielle says it was like nothing they seen this season…phenomenal job. Howie says with the music Sos had, and the cards kept coming, it was amazing. Julianne says it was a full blown spectacle show. Simon says he loved the track, and the presentation, and that was magic, not kind of magic. Sos gets a yes from all four judges!  


The next act is a guitarist, but he’s experimental. He’s a bit nervous, but this is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. Marcine is on the stage and he’s 18 and he’s from Poland, but he’ll be relocating to the U.S. to go to college. He performs classical music on the guitar. He has an ovation from all four judges and the audience.


Gabrielle says Marcine did a great job. Out of this world performance. Simon says it was amazing. Julianne says there’s a different artistic passion he has. It was absolutely stunning. Howie says he didn’t play the guitar, he murdered the guitar. He thinks he’s going to end up in college teaching them something. He gets a yes from all four judges and will be moving on!


Next out is Andy and he’s going to do karaoke. Terry warns him Simon isn’t the biggest fan of karaoke. Andy says he was inspired by all sorts of music and he’s a singer because it makes him feel alive. He uses a karaoke machine when he performs and he says it’s just as professional as a regular singer, except there are lyrics on the screen. Andy takes the stage we hear the music from Tequila. We hear the music playing and the judges are just laughing smiling. We finally get to where he sings Tequila and he says it but lacking in enthusiasm. Simon is enjoying it. Simon is cracking up and Howie gives an ovation with the audience.


Simon says that was so stupid he loved it. Julianne gives him props and she thinks it’s actually hard to do what he did and get the reaction he did. Well done. Gabrielle says it’s so wrong, it’s right. She wants to see what the next song is. Howie says song choice is so important. And not just song choice, but his exuberance and excitement. Andy gets a yes from all four judges!


We have a Mortal Kombat themed act up next. Howie greets them but none of them respond. They begin their act. They are a dance/contortionist act. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges. They introduce themselves as the Adem Show.


Julianne says what Adem Show has created on stage was amazing. The movements were so impactful and tight, she loved it. Simon says it was amazing to see their reaction to the audience’s reaction. Simon says he owes them a huge thank you for coming on the show. Howie kept says wow and ow because some of those movements didn’t look human. That is talent. Gabrielle says they are machines and they came to slay and they are deceased! They get a yes from all four judges!


Next we have a quartet and they are all in or were in the army and they are singers. The bond of music got them through their experience and helps them cope with what they live with. They are Singers and Soldiers, and their names are Caleb, Jason, Crystal, and Ron. They want to spread a message of love and hope. They perform Rise by Katy Perry. They get an ovation from the audience and all the judges.


Howie thanks them for their service and he thanks them for their performance. Gabrielle can’t thank them enough for everything. Julianne says the arts is a universal language and what they are doing is phenomenal. Simon says their story is amazing, and the vocal arrangement was stunning and he hadn’t heard that version before. He says this is what we need right now. They get a yes from all four judges and they move on!


#AGT14 We see Terry talking about being a flautist. We then see a clip of a young lady playing the flute and playing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, but the judges didn’t enjoy it. Simon doesn’t know why that instrument was invented. Terry then comes out with a flute and walks up to the judges table and begin to play and Simon hits his buzzer.


Next up is Brandon and he is a flautist. He’s a teacher, but he misses performing. He takes the stage and is greeted by Gabrielle. He takes the stage and he plays a moment before it turns into a strip tease and he dances to Pony by Ginuwine. Simon hits his buzzer. He then picks the flute back up and plays along with Pony. Simon hits Julianne’s buzzer. Brandon gets on his knees and grinds and Howie hits his buzzer. Simon then goes to hit Gabrielle’s buzzer and he is booed by the audience.


Simon says since the audience liked it so much, he can do it again for everyone else and he gets up to leave. Terry comes out with his shirt off and his flute and Simon stops and stares. Terry and Brandon play and dance and Simon says no and leaves. Terry notices Brandon’s flute is longer and runs off.


The next act is a married couple and they are the Dominguez Poodle review and they are from Texas. They have nine dogs with them and Howie turns the stage over to them. They perform various tricks with the dogs that involved all the family members. They get an ovation from the audience and three of the judges.


Gabrielle says they were wowed and they delivered. Julianne says she was losing her mind. She wants to see the puppy that did the handstand. Howie says this is exactly what America loves. Simon says a couple of them are like lions. Simon says dogs are very loyal and he can see them having fun and it was quite incredible. They also get a yes from all the judges!


We see a group of ladies dressed as chicks and they are quickly buzzed. Then we see a large a capella group forming Havana by Camila Cabello, and it was not well received by the judges. We then see a quartet take the stage and they are vocal performers called Beryam. They beat box and perform. The audience and judges seem to be enjoying it and dance along.


Gabrielle says she had so much fun. Great job! Howie says it was exciting and unexpected and he could see them winning. It was very exciting and amazing. Julianne says they were so versatile and she wants to watch them over and over and over again. Simon says there’s going to be a lot of DJ producers concerned because they didn’t need a track. He says this isn’t just keeping up with the times, this is ahead of the times. They get a yes from all four judges and move on!


Next we have a choir from Detroit and they are called the Detroit Youth Choir. Simon greets them and we meet the choir director Anthony White. He’s been the director for a little over 21 years. Simon asks the kids if he’s strict and they say yes. Simon wishes them luck. They perform Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore. They have several soloists step out and they dance as the music picks up. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Howie says this was their moment and he loved the Detroit Youth Choir. Julianne says it starts with the people and they came together and created something traditional and yet so fresh and fun. She loved it. Gabrielle asks one of the little girls how she feels and she says good. Gabrielle thanks them because what they all witnessed was nothing short of absolute brilliance. Simon says this was not expected and if they can keep doing this where the performance is not expected, they could do this.


Simon says let’s vote for the Detroit Youth Choir and start with Howie. Terry interrupts and he gets emotional and he says they all represent him and where he came from. He remembers sitting at his window dreaming of wanting to make it and they are here and they did so well that he has to do this…He walks down the steps and goes to the judges table and says it all it takes is one person to believe in a young man or woman for them to reach their dreams and Mr. White is that man and he hits the golden buzzer.   

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