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Mortys & BB 7 Coverage

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thought I should move this post, found this thread and it fit perfectly. :D

BB is in 3 days and as I'm sure most of you have noticed or were expecting that we are in the process of cleaning up the BB forum. That means merging threads that are on the same topic, archiving old threads and cleaning up off-topic posts.

Please keep in mind that we are going through these steps to help insure that all of us have a board to come to and talk about our favorite reality show, Big Brother. If you have a NEW subject or topic to discuss then please open a new thread but, if not you're attributing to the "bogging down" of the site, which isn't any fun cause it always seems to happen during a "breaking" event, then the site fails.

Another way to help keep Morty's up and running all summer is to take casual conversation to chat, limit the number of duplicate "pictures" and no quoting.

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