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David Alexander discussion thread


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f9ce8baa4c72ac48_davidalexander.jpgDavid Alexander

Age: 29
Hometown: Atlanta
Current city: Atlanta
Occupation: Photographer

Three adjectives that describe you: Positive, charismatic, and high energy.

Favorite activities: CrossFit training, professional photography, and traveling to new locations.

What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house? 
A complete shift in my routine and having to be around people with no escape, but it is also an adventure that I would love to explore.

Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
Absolutely! I plan to watch two seasons to get a feel for the show and then further look into strategies that have worked and the type of individuals that typically win. My gift of gab and memory could be an advantage if I play my cards right.

My life's motto is...
JUST LIVE as much as you can before you can't anymore.

What would you take into the house and why?
- My camera because I love photographing in a documentary style. To capture pure moments of joy, happiness, and sadness.
- A device with a music playlist. I heard music calms the savage beast, so this would help those tough moments in the house.
- I would love to bring a habit-building book to jumpstart better discipline before returning to regular civilian life.

Fun facts about yourself:
- I can control my tear ducts (cry on command).
- I went to school with the mega rap group Migos.
- My birthday started a decade (the '90s), and it is always a celebration (Jan. 1, 1990).
- I have perfectly aligned teeth even after my wisdom teeth came in. This is very rare, and I am one of 8-10 percent of the population to have perfect teeth with wisdom and no braces.
- I've never owned an automatic vehicle. I have been keeping it old school with manual transmissions.


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So it appears David may have been booted from the house VERY prematurely.  The cast picture has him photoshopped in (he's too big, and the hole in his arm is boring "through" Tommy's legs, which appear to be missing).  So David was obviously added later to the cast picture, reinforcing the rumor he was ejected last week.  Supposedly he was ejected for getting too aggressive with one or more girls in the house.

cast picture.jpg

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David hates Jack more than anyone in the house.  Jack keeps making hurtful comments about David in front of everyone in the house.  Jack is so bold that he does not care if David hears the comments.   They may use him to get rid of Jack and then vote him out of the game.

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