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The Amazing Race 31-Leg #9

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Leg #9 begins from Switzerland and Tyler and Korey are the first to depart and they are flying southeast to Split, Croatia. They will make their way to their next route marker and meet up with their companion for this leg of the race, a Travelocity roaming gnome. Chris and Bret are hoping to catch up with Tyler and Korey and their confidence is up. Chris and Bret end up on the first train to the airport.


Christie and Colin say they had already decided they weren’t going to take it personally about the U-Turn. All teams are off to the airport. Nicole and Victor say they are one of two non-TAR teams left. Tyler and Korey are buying tickets for a flight through Berlin landing at 11:20 AM. Becca and Floyd think everyone will be on the same flight. Leo and Jamal are trying to buy tickets and there are no seats available. There’s another flight that arrives at 12:25 through Hamburg.


Colin and Christie book the tickets through Hamburg. Victor and Nicole were behind Leo and Jamal and Becca and Floyd come up after, but they get to the booking agent first and the other one closes. Nicole and Victor are concerned they won’t make the flight and they have to go look for another ticket agent. Becca and Floyd celebrate with Leo and Jamal and Nicole is upset that Becca and Floyd “cut them in line”.


Nicole and Victor go on stand-by and it would set them to arrive at 11:30 AM through Dusseldorf. Chris and Brett and Tyler and Korey are on the first place and are the first to arrive. Victor and Nicole get on the flight that gets them ten minutes after the first two teams. The other teams load on their place and they don’t know where Victor and Nicole are.


Tyler and Korey and Chris and Brett are at the beach and they have to serve six filled to the brim drinks to 6 patrons. Once they’ve served the drinks and return their trays, they’ll get their next clue. The patrons hand Chris and Bret the gnome. They will head to the Marjan Cave Church and they will use their gnome to deliver bread to a monk to receive their next clue. Chris and Bret are out first. Tyler and Korey are in second.


Victor and Nicole have arrived in third and they are headed to the beach. Colin and Christie, Becca and Floyd, and Leo and Jamal are at the Hamburg airport and they are delayed one hour. Chris and Bret have reached the church and they have their gnome and they place a loaf of bread in a satchel on the gnome and raise via a rope to a monk and get their clue.


Detour-Poetry in Motion or Washed in from the Ocean. In Poetry in Motion, they have to memorize a tongue twisting poem, but they have to do it while on a bumpy ride. In Washed in from the Ocean, teams will have to use a metal detector and a snorkel, they have to dive in and find 5 coins and a chalice and bring them to the treasure hunter. Chris and Bret are going to do Washed in from the Ocean. Tyler and Korey are delivering their bread. Victor and Nicole have reached the beach and delivered their drinks. They make their delivery to the monk and they are doing Poetry in Motion.


Chris and Bret chose to do snorkeling because they’ve done it before on Survivor. We then see them struggling. Tyler and Korey are also snorkeling and we see them looking. Neither of the teams seem to be having any luck. Victor and Nicole are doing Poetry in Motion and they have decided to split the poem in half. Nicole says it was hard, because they are getting jerked all over the place. Victor says you had to hold on really tight while getting tossed around. Victor and Nicole go to make their first attempt and they fail and have to go for a ride again.


Chris and Bret have decided snorkeling is not easy. Bret finds one. Chris has found the chalice. Chris shows Tyler and Korey what the coin looks like. Tyler and Korey decide it’s too hard so they are going to switch. Tyler and Korey see Victor and Nicole and then they are taken on their ride. Victor and Nicole are making their second attempt. They failed and they have to go for another ride. Tyler and Korey are making their way off the raft and they don’t know the people and they immediately go for another ride.


Chris and Bret think they’ve found a coin, but they throw it back. They then find the coin, and then another. Chris and Brett have 3 coins and the chalice, they only need 2 more coins. The second plane has landed an hour and a half late. Victor and Nicole make their fourth attempt and they fail. Tyler and Korey fail their next attempt. Victor and Nicole fail again, then Tyler and Korey. They both have to go for another ride.


Chris and Bret are still looking for coins. Bret is getting frustrated. Leo and Jamal are delivering their drinks. Becca and Floyd and Colin and Christie make their deliveries. Victor and Nicole are on their 7th attempt and they have successfully completed it. They are to head to Diocleation’s Palace. Tyler and Korey are on their 6th attempt and they also successfully complete the challenge. Chris and Bret discuss switching detours and they decide to do it. They say they’ve been there too long.


Chris and Bret are making their first trip across and make their first attempt and they are wrong. Chris and Bret discuss going back to the find the coins. Colin and Christie say they are about 3 hours behind the other teams. Bret and Chris go back to the coins. Leo and Jamal, Becca and Floyd, and Colin and Christie have made their deliveries to the monk and are headed to the detour.


Chris and Bret have headed back to snorkel and they begin systematically looking for the coins. Tyler and Korey have arrived at Diocleation’s Palace and it’s the road block. Who’s ready to get their marching orders? Teams must keep track of five soldiers who have red ribbons around their helmets, but then they will cover themselves with their shields so it will be difficult.


Korey and Nicole are going to do the road block for their teams. Korey says it’s kind of like a shell game and there are 18 soldiers and he has to figure out where they are standing. He places where he thinks the soldiers are and he is correct. Nicole is up as well and Korey tells her it’s intense. Becca and Floyd and Leo and Jamal make attempts at the poem and fail. Colin and Christie are snorkeling as well.


Korey and Nicole are making an attempt. Korey thinks he knows it and he’s going over his answers with Nicole and they discuss. Korey had it right but Nicole had one wrong so they have to do it again. We see them on their fourth, fifth, and sixth attempts and they are wrong. Colin and Christie have decided to switch. Chris and Bret still need just two more coins.


Chris and Bret are still talking and they decide to switch again and they know they are in trouble. Becca and Floyd are on their fourth attempt and they have successfully completed the detour. Leo and Jamal are on their fourth attempt and they missed two words and have to go again. Korey and Nicole are on their 7th attempt. They have decided to split the board in half and memorize nine spots. Korey does the left half and Nicole does the right half. They are both correct and they get their clues.


They are off to the pitstop at Matejuska at Split Harbor. They will have to get there in a dinghy. Chris and Bret say they started out so strong, but then they fell apart. Leo and Jamal are on their 8th attempt and they missed another word. Tyler and Korey and Victor and Nicole are asking for directions and they finally see the dinghy’s. Victor is going to row for their team and Tyler and Korey work together.


Phil is at the pitstop with dalmations. Tyler and Korey hit the mat in first and Victor and Nicole are in second. Tyler and Korey have won a trip for two to Mexico. Victor says he thought there was no chance they’d even catch up when the flights happened, but anything can happen. Floyd is at the roadblock for his team. He is correct and he thanks everyone and he runs out to Becca. Colin and Christie complete the detour and they are off. Leo and Jamal have failed on their tenth attempt.


Becca and Floyd hit the mat in third. Leo and Jamal are on their eleventh attempt and they have completed the detour. Chris and Bret are in last and still working on their detour. Colin and Christie have arrived at the roadblock, but they forgot their gnome and they have to go back to get it. Chris and Bret are making their sixth attempt on the poem and Colin and Christie are racing back to get the gnome.


Chris and Bret are on their ninth attempt and they made a mistake. Leo and Jamal have reached the roadblock and Leo is going to do it. Leo make his first attempt and he is not correct. He says it’s like the lottery and he didn’t win. Colin and Christie have gotten their gnome and they realize Chris and Bret are still there. Chris and Bret make their tenth attempt and they have successfully completed it. Leo wants the gnome to whisper the answer to him. Christie is going to do it for their team and Leo wants to know if Christie wants to work with him and they split the board in half.


Leo and Christie are correct and they move on. As they head to the pitstop, Leo and Jamal yell at Colin and Christie to not forget their gnome. Colin and Christie hit the mat in fourth place and Leo and Jamal are in fifth place. Chris is doing the roadblock for their team. Chris and Bret have completed the roadblock and hit the mat in last place. Phil says it wasn’t a good day for them. Phil says they are in good spirits and he wants to know what they’ll tell people about the race? Chris says he’s gotten so much out of it and it’s incredible. Chris says their friendship will last forever.


Next week there will be a double U-Turn and teams will be forced to put the pedal to the metal to stay in the race!

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