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America's Got Talent Season 14-Auditions 3

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Our first act of the night is Marina Mazepa and she’s a dancer. She is greeted by Simon and he asks her what the dream is and she says she wants to perform and become an artist. She begins with ballet, but then she does a more freestyle dance that includes contortionism. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Gabrielle says Marina was amazing! It was so strong, precise, and good. Howie says the contortions were great and graceful. Julianne says she loved it, she stood out. It was strong and powerful, yet graceful and elegant. Simon asks if she’s ever seen the exorcist. Simon says it was fantastic. Marina gets four yesses and moves on!


A magician is up next and his name is Dom Chambers and he’s a little nervous. He says this could be what changes everything, and he really hopes it is. He’s greeted by Howie and Howie asks if he’s had trouble with gigs and he says he’s been booked at a funeral. He begins his act and he makes a beer appear and Simon looks bored. He has some humor to his act and as he continues Simon seems to be enjoying it more.


Julianne says she was completely blown away by Dom and he crushed it. Gabrielle says great job! Simon says he has an amazing personality and he thought that was an amazing audition. Howie has an issue with drinking out of his shoe and he came with the full package. He loved it. Simon says he will remember him. Dom gets four yesses and will be advancing.


Carmen Carter takes the stage and she is greeted by Howie. Carmen is a full time singer. Simon asks why she hasn’t had a break so far and she gets an emotional. She says someone wrote music for her and an executive in the industry said she was wonderful, but she was too fat, so she just faded into the background. She performs Never Tear Us Apart by INXS. She gets a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience.


Gabrielle says Carmen’s voice is a gift and a blessing and she is a star. Julianne says nobody will be forgetting her name. Howie says he can’t believe it’s taken her this long to come 20 feet! He tells her not to change anything about herself. Simon says no one has ever bought a record they loved based on the artist’s looks or age. Howie says they should all vote together and they all say yes!


We see a montage of some kids and then we see a couple of older gentlemen making their way into the theater. We go back to the kids and the gentleman have reached the top of the steps to the theater. We go back to the kids and then we see the gentlemen again and one is snoring. Simon is saying speed it up please guys. Simon greets them and they have a translator. Simon wants to know their names and they are Edson and Leon and they are both in their 80s. They are from Brazil and the translator says they gentlemen met 14 years ago and they had a dream to perform together.


Simon turns the stage over to Edson and Leon. We hear Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars start to play and they take their suit jackets off. They are a strength act. Edson squats and Leon does a handstand and the Edson leans back. Edson then picks Leon up over his head and holds him with one arm. Leon does a little dance around the stage and Edson lays down and Leon appears lost but then turns around and Edson picks him up and holds him with one arm while laying on the floor and then he starts to sit up and gets on his knees while still holding him with one arm and then he’s fully on his feet. The audience is on their feet, as well as all four judges.


Howie says it’s so unexpected. It takes so much strength and Howie asks if Leon is really 84 years old. Gabrielle says they inspired her to pick up some new tricks. Julianne says age is just a number and they were rooting for them. Simon says this was a surprise and it’s exactly why they created the show to find people like them. Simon says this was genuinely one of his favorite acts. Time to vote and they all say yes!


Next up is Seth and he is a performer. He auditioned last year and we see the caterpillar from last season. He says he has something powerful to deliver, he just did it wrong last time. He says this is his chance for redemption. We see a “giraffe” come out on stage and Seth is in the costume. Simon remembers him. Simon turns the stage over to him. Seth begins talking about giraffe’s giving birth. Simon buzzes him, then Julianne, Gabrielle, and Howie. Terry has to come out and Simon asks him to drag him off. As Terry is dragging him away, Seth is out of the giraffe costume and he’s exposed.


We see a montage of acts being buzzed. Then we see a walrus come out and it’s Seth again and Simon says it’s been a long day and he turns the stage over to him. Seth goes to play with a beach ball on the stage and he’s going to balance on it and he falls on his head. Gabrielle and Julianne buzz him and he says he can’t step it up a notch and he’s going to jump from higher to balance on the ball. Simon is laughing. Seth jumps and falls on his back and he gets up and says one more time. Terry says not to try this at home. He jumps from higher and falls off the ball and then falls off the stage. Simon goes to ask if he’s ok and Simon gives him a hug. Terry helps to pull him back on stage.


Howie says at first he didn’t get Seth’s act, but he loves him and he thinks America will love him. He knows this is nuts but yes! Simon says he agrees with Howie and he says yes. Gabrielle says no immediately and it’s all up to Julianne and the crowd is chanting put him through! Julianne says ok, ok, ok. She says 3, 2, 1….no! She said no.


Charlotte Summers is next and she’s a singer. She’s really nervous because she lives Simon. She is greeted by Simon and she tells him he is her idol. Charlotte is 13 and he asks what she would do with the money and she says she’d buy a guniea pig and she’d name him Simon. And her sister would get one and name him Howie. Charlotte sings I Put a Spell On You by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.


Howie says he’s going to tell Charlotte, she is beautiful and sassy and she blew the roof off the house. Gabrielle asks if she’s sure she’s 13. She’s got a depth and a soul and she’s here for all of it. Julianne thinks her voice is strong and powerful, but not overdone. She loves her. Simon says when she lets go she is at her best. Time to vote. All four judges give a yes and she will be advancing.


We see several acts who are nervous. Our next act is out and his name is Kevin Schwartz and he’s 49 from Wisconsin and he’s a unemployed but he’s trying to be a comedian. Howie asked him why comedy? Kevin says there was a comedy club down the street and he was looking for an excuse to get out of his house. He tells us fear has ruled his life and his parents said he has severe anxiety. Howie turns the stage over to him. He has a very dry sense of humor and a dry delivery and at first the audience seems confused but then they begin to laugh. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience.  


Howie asks Kevin what that feels like? Julianne says she didn’t get it at first, but then he got her. She says the one-liner jokes were perfect and really funny. Gabrielle says he came out and killed it. He’s a star. Simon says the first half he thought it wasn’t going great and the second half was really funny. Simon likes him. Howie agrees and he was so wonderful and he loves him. All four judges give him a yes and Kevin will be moving on!


We see brief clips of singers who were denied. Then Mackenzie takes the stage and he’s going to sing Nothing Compares 2 U by Prince. He just celebrated a year of marriage with his wife Denise and that’s why he chose the song. The judges turn the stage over to him. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Howie wants to know what Mackenzie is thinking and he says he’s just happy to be here. Howie says he took the song and made it his own. Howie says Denise said he was a star and she was right. Gabrielle wants to meet Denise and she comes up to the stage. Gabrielle says Denise, you gave him wings. Julianne says he has a presence and a style and the singing was effortless. Simon says the reality is they’ve heard a lot of a singers and their words can’t change the next steps. He tells him moving forward it’s about making smart decisions. All four judges give him a yes and he advance.


Next we have Yuriyan Retriever and she’s a performer and dancer and she’s from Japan. Simon asks if this is her stage name and she wants to know how she came up with the name. She says she has a cat named Retriever. She says she respects three people in the world, her mom, dad, and Julianne. Simon hits his X. Simon turns the stage over to her. She pulls her pants down and then takes her jacket off and she’s in an American flag swimsuit. The music The Final Countdown by Europe and she’s running back and forth and using her hands to dance. Simon and Julianne give her an X and Howie gives her a standing ovation.


Howie says move Juliane just watched was inspired by her and she gave her an X. Julianne would have liked to see have a little bit more, but a little bit yes. Simon says they could all have done that and he begins mimicking her. Yuriyan says Simon is so cute and he says it’s too late to suck up. Gabrielle wants to know what her double sided tape is. Time to vote. Howie loves her! Yes! Gabrielle gives a no. Julianne says yes, and she’s starts to talk and answer but Howie interrupts her and says Julianne said yes. Simon says no and she goes down to the judges table and wants to know why they said no? She tried to hit the golden buzzer, but it doesn’t work.


Our next act works with birds of his prey and his name is Michael Paul from Pennsylvania. Gabrielle greets him and he says he’s an exotic bird trainer and he has brought a bird he’s been training for a few years. He brings out a puppet and Simon really thought it was going to be a bird. Michael introduces Willie. He tells Willie to say hi and he says hello. Michael says he’s very docile in captivity, but he’s a bird of prey. Willie sings and says he’s Jewish. Michael says a problem can be obedience so he is going to hypnotize Willie.


Julianne says she loved it so much. Howie says he thinks Michael just changed his life tonight. Gabrielle says so far, this kind of act hasn’t been her jam, but he made her jelly, her apple butter, it was so good. All four judges give a yes and Michael moves on!


Tyler Butler-Figueroa is out and he plays the violin and he’s been playing the violin since he was 7. He was bullied in school and he had cancer. He says when he went through chemo he lost his hair and kids would whisper that cancer was contagious. His mother says when he started violin classes he was full of energy again. He plays the violin to Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. Gabrielle and Julianne are on their feet clapping along. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges and Tyler gets emotional.


Julianne says wow and she wants to commend him for taking something so difficult and turning it around and finding something that brings Tyler joy. Simon says wow, wow, wow. He asks Tyler how he’s feeling and he says he’s really proud of himself. Simon asks how his health is and he says he’s been in remission for almost four years. Simon says he’s an extraordinary young man and he says most people are bullied because they are better than the people who bully them. Simon says he’d like to say something on his behalf to the bullies and Simon hits his golden buzzer! His mother comes out to hug him and Simon joins them on stage to give a hug.

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