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The Amazing Race 31-Leg #8

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We begin leg #8 in Meiringen, Switzerland and Tyler and Korey are the first team to depart and they are to drive to the village of Ballenberg and find their next clue. Colin and Christie are working with Becca and Floyd to find directions. Rachel now holds the record for the most legs run on The Amazing Race. Victor and Nicole are the last team to depart an hour and nine minutes after Tyler and Korey.


Tyler and Korey have found the parking lot and the place doesn’t open until 7:00 AM. There is a cat running around and all the teams talk to and chase the cat. Rachel and Elissa are hoping to repair their relationship with the Afghanimals. They want to clear the air. Elissa says she wasn’t involved, it was Rachel and they say it’s because they had a Big Brother pact. They say the alliance is over. The Afghanimals say they don’t trust Rachel because she’s playing both sides. Rachel wants to call a truce.


It’s 7:00 AM and the teams run in and they are looking for the clue and Phil is there waiting for them and he invites them all in. Nicole says seeing him there means something crazy is coming that will shake up the race. Phil says Switzerland is a country where everyone gets to vote and so they are going to adopt that to the race and everyone will vote on who to U-turn and they will do so out loud.


Every team will get a vote and they will vote until they determine the TWO teams that will have to complete both sides of the detour. Chris and Bret say in Survivor this would be a live tribal council. There will no more elimination legs so they have to think strategically.


Rachel and Elissa will get to vote first by random draw and they vote strictly game Colin and Christie. Nicole and Victor vote strictly strategy and say Leo and Jamal. Nicole is upset and Victor says they have to. Colin and Christie vote Rachel and Elissa. Leo and Jamal vote for Colin and Christie. Becca and Floyd vote for Colin and Christie. Tyler and Korey say they love this team and they vote for Nicole and Victor. Chris and Bret will decide with their vote who will be the second team to do the U-Turn and they vote who they aren’t close to and they vote for Rachel and Elissa.


Rachel and Elissa are upset and they tell Chris and Bret they weren’t smart. Rachel says that wasn’t a game move, that was a personal move. Rachel says Chris and Bret are a weak team too and that was a vote for a million dollars. The two teams that have been U-turned are Colin and Christie and Rachel and Elissa. Phil sends them back off to get their clues.


The detour is up. In Make Hay, one team member will have to cut a lane of grass with a scythe and the other will have to rake it up. In Cow Festival, and teams will have to dress up cows and lead them to a party to be judged. Nicole and Victor have hit their speedbump. They have to take down 26 flags and fold them up before they can continue. Nicole says she can’t believe he did that, that was bold. Nicole and Victor argue a bit and Victor says he isn’t going to respond to her if they are going to argue.


Rachel and Elissa head to the Cow Festival first. Rachel says she doesn’t plan on getting eliminated. Colin and Christie are also doing the cow festival u-turn and they talk about how they like each other. Christie says she understands people are doing what they have to do, but they are also going to do what they have to do because they are in it to win it.


Tyler and Korey, Leo and Jamal, Chris and Bret, and Becca and Floyd go to Make Hay. Chris says this detour is for them. Nicole is still griping at Victor and says Rachel and Elissa already hated them and it didn’t make sense to make another team mad. Victor says they are a real couple and they will get stressed, but they are in love and they will do what they have to do.


Rachel and Elissa say they are more concerned with beating Colin and Christie than they are Nicole and Victor. Rachel and Elissa have completed their headpiece for the cow and are heading out. Becca is doing well at cutting grass and everyone is watching her and they notice she’s killing it. Tyler says he is sweating and disgusting and he wouldn’t be surprised if Becca has done this before. Nicole and Victor have folded all their flags and they are now off and they decide to do Cow Festival.


Rachel and Elissa are having difficulty getting their cow to cooperate on their walk to the judges. Nicole and Victor have arrived and begin grabbing supplies. Colin and Christie think they are done and Christie goes to select the cow and she wants to make sure they get a “good” cow because they’ve had trouble in the past and we see a clip of Colin struggling with the plowing task from their first season.


Leo and Jamal ask for a check and they are uneven. Becca and Floyd get a check and they are done and they head out. Chris and Bret head out, with Tyler and Korey, and Leo and Jamal are out too. Becca and Floyd are going to follow Tyler and Korey. Victor and Nicole are done and they head out with their cow. Rachel and Elissa are still struggling to get their cow to move and Rachel grabs the cow’s tail and they start moving again. Colin is trying to coax the cow and Christie reminds him to stay calm. Colin is pulling and he says this is bull crap.


Colin is starting to get a little frustrated but Christie keeps him calm. Rachel and Elissa have arrived and theirs is good and now they have to go do Make Hay. They left their clue back at the crafting station and they decide they don’t need the clue. Colin and Christie have finished and they are off to the other detour. Nicole and Victor are good and they finish and head out. Rachel and Elissa ask Colin and Christie if they can read their clue and Christie says absolutely not. Christie says they can’t help the team they are against and Rachel rolls her eyes and says she lost her clue.


Roadblock is called Tell’s Test. They will have to shoot a crossbow at a scarecrow and shoot the apple off of it’s head. Becca and Tyler are doing the roadblock. Chris and Bret arrive and Bret is going to do it for their team. Becca says it’s obvious from their fishing challenge that she’s better with a bow. Tyler and Becca and Bret all hit the face and miss the apple.


Colin is working and he thinks they are almost done and Christie is picking up the grass. They ask for a check and they are good and they are off. Rachel and Elissa are now in last and they are about halfway done. Leo and Jamal are lost and they are still on their way to the roadblock. After they shoot at the roadblock, they have to reassemble the scarecrow. Becca misses on her second shot and Tyler misses as well. Bret hits the apple and they are off in first.


They will race to the pitstop at the Grand Hotel Giessbach. Becca misses again and Tyler is taking his second shot and he connects and they are off. Becca asks Tyler if he could see the apple in his viewfinder and Tyler says just above it. Rachel and Elissa are encouraging each other and they ask for a check and they are done and head out.


Nicole and Victor arrive at the roadblock and Floyd tells them good job, they are in fourth. Victor is going to do the detour. Leo and Jamal are backtracking because they went the wrong way. They say they wasted about 30 or 40 minutes and they know they messed up.


Leo and Jamal are hoping they can still beat the teams that got U-turned. Colin and Christie have arrived at the roadblock. Becca and Victor both miss the apple and they have to try again. Colin is going to do it for his team. Colin says this is his first time shooting a crossbow, but he’s done archery before. He misses and has to try again.


Colin and Becca miss again and Victor is taking his shot and he misses and he looks where he hit so he can adjust. Rachel and Elissa have arrived and Rachel is going to do it for their team. Elissa tells her they aren’t the last team and she says really? Leo and Jamal have just arrived and they are the last ones. Leo is doing the roadblock and he misses. Victor says everyone is there right now and it’s a little stressful.


Becca says she started to get frustrated and Floyd is encouraging her. Becca hits the apple and they are off. Colin connects next and they are off. Chris and Bret are off in a boat and they are freaked out. They see Tyler and Korey and they realize it’s a race. Tyler and Korey says Chris and Bret will be mad if they beat them. They are looking for a funicular. Chris and Bret go one way and Tyler and Korey run the other way. The funicular doesn’t come for an hour so they decide to run up.


Tyler and Korey hit the mat first and they have won a 7-night river cruise in Vietnam and Cambodia. Chris and Bret are still climbing and they hit the mat in second place. Phil says they were so close and Bret says they are so happy to be number two. Victor connects with the apple and Leo and Rachel are the last two teams. Rachel says seeing teams get it one by one it’s frustrating. Elissa tells her to breathe and focus.


Leo and Jamal say they took 30 minutes to get there and that was a stupid mistake. But it comes down to them and Rachel and Elissa and they can battle it out and let the best team win.


*Correction, Jamal did the roadblock for their team. Jamal and Rachel take their shots and they both miss again. Rachel says she’s so close to that apple. Jamal hits it and they are off. Elissa tells Rachel they are the last team and she says thanks, I didn’t notice. Elissa tells her to have fun, someone could get lost. She hits it and they are off.


Becca and Floyd are stopped by a train and Colin and Christie see the arrow to park and they see Becca and Floyd. Colin and Christie head off on the boat. Colin and Christie hit the mat in third and he says wow. Christie says to get a double U-turn and then finish in top 3, she feels like she won. Becca and Floyd run up and they are team number four. Becca says she felt bad for voting for Colin and Christie, but it’s part of the game and Colin says no hard feelings and hugs Becca. He says he gives them one and that was their one.


Victor and Nicole are at the boats and Nicole is worried it will be a foot finish. Leo and Jamal and Rachel and Elissa are at the boats. They are all crossing the lake. Victor and Nicole hit the mat in fourth place and Leo and Jamal run up right behind them in fifth. Leo and Jamal give them a hug and they say they were shocked.


Rachel and Elissa hit the mat and Rachel says we know, we know. They are in last place and they have been eliminated from the race. Rachel says she must have been delusional to think they could win. Elissa says they have their babies and they got to race together and Rachel says Elissa is her best friend. Rachel says she’s done so many things on 32 legs of The Amazing Race and they are so blessed.


Next time, on The Amazing Race, a scramble for flights pits Nicole and Victor against team fun, and in picturesque Croatia, Colin and Christie make waves.

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