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Tonight, will.i.am will be featured tonight looking for a song. He says it’s hard to break through as an artist, but it’s even harder as a songwriter. He says every artist that comes on the show has their eyes, fingers, and toes crossed hoping to hit the lottery. He’s looking for a song that connects people.


Josh Logan is the first song writer and the song he wrote is called Boxes. He thinks the song would work well for will.i.am. He is greeted and performs his song. Shane reworks a few lyrics and says it might sound better. Ryan asks will.i.am what he would do and he adds a beat to the song. Ester seems to enjoy the beat under the song and will.i.am says he thinks there is some awesomeness there.


Charisma is next and her song is called Invincible. She thinks the song will work well because his music is very anthemy. She performs her song. Will.i.am liked the chorus but the lyrics were things they’ve heard before. Shane tells her to dig into her personal experiences. Will.i.am says when he heard Titanium by Sia and Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus he was like what?!? But her verses are like ok.


The next song writer is Adam Friedman and his song is called Be Nice. This is first time ever performing this song. He greets the mentors and performs his song. Shane is clapping along to the song and Ryan is dancing and he says he likes it. Ryan gives a standing ovation. Will.i.am says that’s a bumper sticker or a T-shirt. Ester says not a lot of artists pursue positive songs. Will.i.am is playing on his keyboard and he says he’d keep it about the bass. Ryan and Shane grab their guitars to play along and will.i.am free styles.


Ray Goren is the next song writer and his song is called Oh Lord. He greets the mentors and he performs his song. Will.i.am is listening intently. Shane is listening with his eyes closed. Will.i.am says it’s a moment, it’s powerful. Ryan says what will hit him in the gut is it not being preachy.


will.i.am is excited to pick a song to be on the Black Eyed Peas album. He’s going to pick three songs to be reworked with the producers. He selects Josh and his song Boxes. He second choice is Adam and his song Be Nice. He does not take Ray’s song but he wants to go into the studio with him and feature on Ray’s song. Charimsa and her song Invincible is the final selection.  


Charisma is working on her song Invincible with Ryan and he tells her that will.i.am is going to write his own verse. She trusts what Ryan has in store for this song and the new version is more like a Black Eyed Peas song. Ryan says he’s there to elevate what her song is and he’s trying re-engineer it and make the lines simple.  Shane is working with Josh on his song Boxes. Shane has put in some lyric ideas and they are singing together. Adam is working with Ester on his song Be Nice and they are Facetiming with will.i.am and he plays what he has come with in the studio.


Adam and Ester are going to write some verses to the song. Shane Facetimes will.i.am and says they were talking about the verses and he says this is the type of song the crowd sings along too. Ester and Adam are re-working the lyrics and make it super simple. Charisma and Ryan are in the studio for rehearsal and will.i.am is there and he wrote a rap into it. Ester can’t wait for everyone to hear their song. Ryan has learned the rap and performs part of it.


Ryan is going to perform Will’s rap with Charisma. He plays guitar while he does the rap. Shane and Ester are dancing in their seats, and then they are on their feet dancing. Shane says it was awesome. Will.i.am says that beat sounds right now and it was really, really awesome.


Josh is in next to perform his re-worked song. They have put a children’s choir over the chorus. Ester is singing along. Ryan says the process that Josh seen will carry that over into future sessions. Will.i.am says this was great. Shane says that was so, so good.


Andrew is in next and he says his song has changed substantially and he performs the new version for will.i.am. Will.i.am says the verses were good but the choruses sucked the energy out of the room. Will.i.am goes up to perform with Andrew. Shane says that was awesome.


Charisma, Josh, and Andrew are back to find out the decision. Will.i.am says he’s grateful for the show. He has to choose the winning song. He says Be Nice will be their single. But! Will.i.am says before he came on the show the album was complete. He was in the studio working on the record when he thought he had to come out of a hole and he came on the show and he’s so freaking happy he did. He’s taking three songs off the album so these three songs can be on the album.

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