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America's Got Talent Season 14-Auditions 2

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Terry comes onto the stage with a suitcase with a red fuzzy ball on it. The individual inside unzips it and climbs out and it’s very quiet in the room. Howie asks what his name is, and his name is Jonathan Burns. Howie wishes him luck and he pulls a red headband out of his pocket and puts it on and turns around. The music Everybody’s working for the Weekend comes on and he dances and takes off his jacket that had said number one and now has a jacket on that says 2. He then puts a toilet seat around his body and does some contortion tricks.


Jonathan then takes his jacket off and he has a shirt with an A on it and he grabs a tennis racket and does some contortion with it as well. He then takes the A shirt off and has one that says G. He undoes his belt and takes his pants off and he has shorts that say NBC on the bottom. He takes off his shirt and has a tank top on with the letter T. He then takes his underwear off without removing his shorts and throws that into the crowd.


Gabrielle says she doesn’t think any of them knows what just happened, but she thinks they all want to see more. Julianne says that was like Napoleon Dynamite, but bendy. She wants to know how he discovered that talent and he says he was a weird kid. Howie says he was memorable, and he loved it. Simon says when his son asks him what he did at work yesterday he’ll say well…I watched a man put his head through a loo. Jonathan gets four yesses and will be moving on.


Next, we have a singer, Benicio Bryant and he’s 14, and no one in his family has a singing background. We see him talking to a co-contestant and then we see the girl’s audition and see the judge’s reaction. Benicio takes the stage and performs The Joke by Brandi Carlile. The judges seem surprised and seem to enjoy the performance.


Julianne says she wasn’t expecting that, but it was so great. Gabrielle says he connected with all of them. Howie says from the moment the song started, it built and built and built and it was great. Simon says he could tell he was nervous, but he put it together. Simon says Benicio reminds him of Harry Styles. Benicio gets four yesses.


Next up is the Emerald Belles Dance Team and they are a high kick team. Simon greets them and wishes them luck. They have the music Blue Monday by Orgy. Some of the dancers come from the aisles and startle the judges. The audience seems to love the performance. They get an ovation from Simon.


Gabrielle says this is kind of reminiscent of a movie she was in and they brought it! Julianne commends them that were in sync and cohesive. Howie says in his mind it’s what the Rockettes do and in his opinion, it wasn’t close to the level of what he watched there. Simon says someone new needs to take the Rockettes place and they could do. Howie gives them a no and the audience boos him. Simon doesn’t think they are booing loud enough. Gabrielle says yes. Julianne says yes. Simon says it’s 3 yesses.


We see a montage of various siblings and families performing together. Then we meet the Messoudi Brothers from Australia. They used to perform with their father and it’s been a family act, but their father retired. They take the stage and are greeted by Gabrielle and she wishes them luck. They are an acrobatic act. They begin with one brother lying on the floor and a second brother doing a handstand on his feet and the third doing a handstand on his hands. The audience seems to love the act. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Gabrielle says they delivered the wow. So talented! Simon is so excited they came on the show, they ticked every box. Julianne says there’s something really special when you can do what you love with the people you love and it was special and they nailed it. Howie says amazing strength and he’s excited when they see something they haven’t seen before. They get four yesses!


The next act is a trio from India and one of the trio is 7 foot 6. Simon greets them and turns the stage over to them. The tall man lays down in the middle of a circle of coconuts and they put the coconuts directly around his body. Then another member of the trio grabs a silver mallet and the third member pours salt in his eyes and then covers his head with a red bag. The third member spins the second member around and he walks towards the tall guy with the mallet and smashes the coconuts that are all around his body.


He then randomly has a few smashes where he hits nothing. There are a few watermelons around the tall guys head and he hits one of those. He then is moving to the other side of the body and randomly hitting nothing before hitting some more coconuts and the last of the watermelons. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Howie says that was the craziest most dangerous thing he’s ever seen. Julianne thought there was going to be death. Gabrielle says that was like the scariest horror movie she’s ever seen. Julianne says she never seen anything like this before. Simon says that was the most exciting thing he’s ever seen. They get four yesses and move on.  


Next we meet GFORCE and they are Zen G, OG, Boss G, Speedy G, and Hype G and they are a group of girls. Simon says here comes trouble! He asks for their name and where they are from and they are from Toronto. We meet Sienna, Ava, Sarah, Holly, and Mikaela. Simon asks who’s the diva and they say no one and he says yeah right. They are going to sing an original song and Simon tells them to just kill it.


Julianne says they are all female empowerment divas and she loves it. She says the message is you’re never too young to dream big. Gabrielle says she has an 11-year old in her house and she has a suspicion they’ll be listening to that song in the carpool lane. She says they are rockstars. Howie says they are emotional and they entertained them and they made him feel like a little girl again. Simon says they are very cute, very ambitious, and they are fun. They get four yesses and move on.


We meet Adaline Bates and she’s a singer. She joined a group when she was 17 and they were trying to make it big, but life happened and they broke up. She says AGT could most definitely change her life forever. She heads out to greet the judges and Howie asks her name. She has to go and get ready and she leaves the stage and comes back dressed as half man and half woman. She sings Unforgettable by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole.


Simon says it was funny but good. Julianne agrees and says it was funny and entertaining. Gabrielle says she loved it, it was not 1 but 2 performances. Howie says it was so unexpected and a surprise and she has great range and is so unique. Simon gives them both a yes. Julianne says she’s unforgettable it’s a yes. Gabrielle gives a yes. Howie says he hopes they stay together for years and years and it’s her fourth yes.


Next we have Ryan Niemiller and he was born with a medical condition with his arms. He’s a comedian and learned early to make jokes about himself before anyone else could. He says he’s going to see if he’s Indiana funny or funny funny. Simon greets him and wishes him good luck. Ryan does his set and he gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Simon thinks he is amazing. He’s curious why he hasn’t had the break he’s looking for and Ryan says it’s hard to break through without people thinking he’s a novelty act. Howie says he is brilliant, real, authentic, funny, and a star. He believes Ryan should be in the finals. Gabrielle says she wants more and she’s going to be his roadie. He’s brilliant. Julianne says everything about him screams I am awesome, I am funny, he’s the real deal. Howie says yes. Gabrielle gives the second yes. Julianne gives the third. Simon says he knows how many people are in the theater and he has 4, 041 yesses.


Up next is Light Balance Kids and they are a dance group from Ukraine. One of the guys from Light Balance created the group. They are greeted by Howie and Howie says Light Balance was one of his favorite acts of all time. They use the music of Queen performing to Another One Bites the Dust. They get a standing ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Gabrielle says she has no words other than oh my gosh, what in the world. She says they were perfect. Great job! Julianne says the technicality you have to have, their skill is at the level of an adult. They are amazing! Simon says he was amazed when he saw them all at the end because he thought there were a few adults. Gabrielle gives them their first yes. Julianne says yes! Simon says he will remember them. Yes. Howie gives the fourth yes!


Nicholas Wallace will be attempting to contact the other side. When he was a kid he would feel a connection to things and the story behind them. He brought an item that is very special to him and he’s going to bring the judges into close contact with the other side. He has a rocking chair and a porcelain doll on stage. Howie greets him and turns the stage over to him. He talks about a hotel that people thought were haunted, but he says it was a chair that was haunted. The hotel burned to the ground and the chair was salvaged from the fire and now it belongs to him. He wants to know who wants to have a seat and he requests Gabrielle to join him on stage.


Nicholas has her take a seat in the rocking chair and has her sit back and he asks her to hold her arms out and put them down and he says the strange happenings were happening in the dark so he blindfolds her. He then gets the doll and says the doll and the chair seem to have some sort of connection. He raises the dolls right arm and Gabrielle raises her right arm. He puts the dolls arm down and she puts her arm down. He rubs her arm and tells her to raise her arm if she feels it and she does. He then rubs the dolls arm and she raises her hand again. He wants her to raise her arm the instant she feels someone touch her and he won’t speak until it happens. He touches the doll and her arm raises.


Nicholas has Gabrielle stand up and she heads back to the judges table. He gets a standing ovation from the audience and the judges. Julianne literally doesn’t know how that happened. She says that was magic or death and she doesn’t know what it was. Simon says if he was to say he was creepy that’s the best compliment he can give him. Gabrielle says she got touched. She doesn’t know. Howie loved the presentation and they should vote because he wants him to get out of here and take the chair with him. Nick moves on with three yesses.


Joseph Allen is our last act of the night and he’s a singer/songwriter. He grew up in a blended family. He wrote a song and recorded a video and posted it on Facebook and it went viral. He wants to be able to make his parents proud. He tells Terry if he gets the golden buzzer he wants him to come out and pick him up. Joseph takes the stage and is greeted by Gabrielle. He’s 21 from Arizona and he’s going to perform an original song.


Gabrielle says dreams come true on this stage, and she thinks they are seeing Joseph’s dream come true. Julianne says there is a new generation of millennials putting out what is good in this world, and she thinks he is so good. Simon says he got the best reaction for doing nothing before he even started, he got an ovation before he performed. Simon says the whole world should go to his school right now. He has amazing energy and he likes his voice and he has a great tone. Simon says first impressions mean a lot and that was an astonishing audition. Howie says his smile was electric and he walked out with such exuberance. He says people at home are talking about his moment, people in this room are talking about this moment and he stands on the judges table and says he’s leaving a footprint and he hits the golden buzzer with his foot! Terry runs out and picks him up.

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