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America's Got Talent Season 14-Auditions 1

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Terry Crews welcomes us to the 14th season of America’s Got Talent and he introduces our judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandell, and new judges Julianne Hough, and Gabrielle Union.


Our first act to audition is Greg Morton and he’s a comedian who does impressions. He comes out and introduces himself to the judges and they turn the stage over to him. Greg’s act is comedic impressions of Star Wars characters and the judges and audience really seem to enjoy the act. Julianne says she didn’t know what to expect, but it wasn’t what he did. She’d buy a ticket to see his show. Simon and Howie thought it was great and that he was funny. Simon says the youngest audience members to the oldest got the act. He gets four yesses.


Our next act is Eric Chien and he’s a magician. He enjoyed watching magic shows on TV when he was growing up and it what he’s always wanted to do. After college, he was called back to Taiwan for military service and he felt like he lost his identity. He lost who he was and he had to find himself again. He knows who last year’s winner was and he says I puts the pressure on him.


Eric introduces himself to the judges and say he’s a magician. Simon wishes him luck and takes his place behind a table where there’s a small box. He opens the box and pulls out a white ribbon and places it to the side. He then pulls out a couple of small paper frames and one disappears and then both disappear and reappear at the front of the table. He sets two cards with two different colors on the back in each frame and then starts placing cards on the tables under each stack. The colors on the backs of the cards were red and the ones under the blue pile turned blue. His vest then also turns red and blue.


Eric takes the cards from the blue side and put them on the red side and they turn red. He then takes a card and flips it a few times and it has a red back. He puts the card down on the blue side and it turns blue. He slides it back and forth and it changes colors each time. He then takes a card and slides it under the ribbon and the card is half red and half blue. He then begins setting the cards down and they disappear as he lays them down. He puts a blue card by the ribbon and moves the ribbon over and the card begins to disappear until a very small part of the card is remaining. He shows it to the audience and then he scoots the ribbon back and makes it reappear.


Eric then takes the rest of the blue cards and places them on the red side and the cards turn into coins. The old blue side is now coins, and the red side is now blue cards. He places the coins in the box he started with and the ribbon disappears. When he reopens the box, the coins have disappeared and his vest has turned to black again. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Howie says most magicians are suave, but Eric looked as confused as them and he loved that. Gabrielle says he is magic and it’s time for him to step up and claim his place amongst the best. Julianne says he doesn’t have to compare himself to anyone and she’s glad he showed up as him. Simon says this was on a different level, and it was unbelievably good. Simon says Eric is so humble that he might not even know how good he really is. Time to vote and he gets 4 yesses.


The next act is Sophie Pecora and she’s 15 years old. She has a guitar on stage with her and Simon asks her when she woke up this morning what went through her head and she is speechless and says OMG. Sophie is going to perform an original song. Gabrielle says she wowed them. She’s so young and she has a special gift. Howie says she’s really unique and she dances to her own drummer and that drummer is really relatable. Julianne says what she just performed for them was truth and she thought it was brilliant. Simon says he could feel how much this means to her and her delivery is really cool. He likes her a lot. Sophie gets four yesses and is moving on.


Next we meet monkey who’s eating bananas and he has lots of hair, a monkey costume on his head and he’s wearing a yellow tutu. His name is Monkey and he’s glad Julianne is now a judge because he’s a dancer too. He takes the stage and Simon looks annoyed immediately. He begins dancing and Simon immediately hits his button. Howie and Gabrielle then hit their buttons and Julianne’s X lights up. Simon says that was terrible. Julianne encourages him to keep going. They all say no.


We then see Andy Pigkins and he gets three X’s and Julianne lets it keep going because she’s new. Andy continues and he’s booed and Julianne eventually hits her button and says she’s so sorry. She says she doesn’t think she’s as captivated as she’s been in the past and there’s room to grow. He gets no’s as well. Julianne says she wants to press it but she’s nervous because she’s new.


We then have a juggling clown and Julianne hesitates, but then hits her button. Gabrielle says as someone who doesn’t like clowns, he didn’t help. Julianne says there’s something for everyone. He also gets nos. Julianne says she finally feels like she gets the X button.


We then meet Purgatory who is based in Los Angeles. They are dressed as mimes and they are dancing and singing and Julianne immediately hits her button and everyone is shocked. Gabrielle and Howie then hit their buttons and Julianne fights with Simon to hit his. Julianne says she didn’t get the act and their dance moves were off. Simon says he liked it and Julianne says hard pass.


Next is a classic pianist named Patrizio Ratto and he’s from Italy. He loves Beethoven and he’s ready for his chance to show America and the judges his music. Julianne wants to know if he’s going to play an original song and he says no, classical music. He begins playing and Simon looks a bit bored. As he performs he begins doing some odd dance moves and then kicks his piano stool over and then starts dancing like a robot. His moves are in sync to the classical music. As he finishes dancing he goes back to the piano to finish the piece. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Julianne says that was very unexpected. She says Patrizio was incredible and he executed the dancing so well. Howie says they’ve never seen anything like that and it was a great mixture of two art forms and he is amazing. Gabrielle says that was unbelievable. He was Bruce Banner and then jibba, jibba, jibba he became the Incredible Hulk. Gabrielle asks if he’s single and he says yes. Simon says without people like him they don’t have a show and his dogs don’t get fed. He says he was incredible and he’ll always remember this moment. He gets four yesses!


We meet the next act, V. Unbeatable. They are from Mumbai, India and the spokesman for the group gets emotional talking about where they are from. They are from ages 12 to 27. Many of their members are from the slums and when they dance it relieves their tensions and they feel free. Gabrielle wishes them luck and they all get set. They are dancing and doing some acrobatics and throwing not just one person in the air, but multiple people. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience.


Gabrielle says V. Unbeatable blew them away. They brought something to the stage they’ve literally never seen before. Julianne says that was absolute brilliance and she says they were a team and there was so much trust and she thinks they watched history in the making. Howie says he thinks they just made their future. Simon says this is certainly one of the best dance acts they’ve ever had on one of these shows. Simon says this is going to change their lives and he really believes that. They all vote yes on the count of three.


Next is Jackie Fabulous and she’s a comedian. Her family is from Jamaica and they are very conservative. She did what her parents wanted her to do, but she felt panic and knew she needed things to change. She says her mother doesn’t tell people she’s a comedian, she continues to tell them she’s a lawyer. Jackie takes the stage and greets the judges. Gabrielle asks if her parents are supportive and she says no, they don’t get it. They turn the stage over to Jackie.


Gabrielle says Jackie had them laughing before her set even started. Simon says thank God for Jackie! Just when you think the world has lost its sense of humor on she comes. She’s hilarious and he wants to hang out with her. Julianne thought it was amazing and relatable and she likes it. Howie says she has the perfect name because he believes she is Jackie Fabulous. Howie says she’s a superstar and she changed her families mind tonight. Simon says he needs to kiss her and he motions her over and he goes up and kisses her and hugs and says that was awesome. Simon says that was a very slow yes. Julianne says hell yes and Howie says yes! He loves her. Gabrielle gives the fourth yes and Jackie moves on.


The next act is Gingzilla from Sydney, Australia and they are a 7 foot bearded glam monster from down under. Gingzilla is the love child of Chuck Norris and Jessica Rabbit. Gabrielle asks what the dream is and Gingzilla says to perform in front of this many people every night and take over the world. Gingzilla is going to sing a little song. Gingzilla sings She’s a Lady by Tom Jones. The audience looks surprised and the judges are surprised too. Gingizilla leaves the stage but then runs back on and continues. They leave again and then runs back on and sings some more. Terry says THAT is a show! Gingzilla gets an ovation from the audience and the judges are on their feet before the performance ends.


Howie says Gingzilla is funny, different, and confusing. He says they are amazing and he loved it. Julianne says she could absolutely see them in Vegas owning a show and she’d come every weekend. Simon says he thought what the bloody hell was that, but it was fantastic. This is why they created the show and it was a great audition. Gabrielle says Ging, she is there for the whole thing. Gingzilla gets four yesses and moves on.


The next act is The Human Fuse and he is a danger act and they’ve built a huge crossbow and his wife will set him on fire and they will shoot him off. He reveals he was in the hospital the day before. The judges head outside to watch the act. We see him hug and kiss his wife and puts a mask over his head with goggles and protective gear and he climbs onto the crossbow. His wife begins the countdown and the audience joins in and he is lit on fire and he is shot straight up and we go to commercial.


We’re back at the countdown for The Human Fuse and we see him lit on fire and shot off to a landing pad across the way and the judges wait to see if he’s ok. He’s still on fire and he’s climbing out of the landing pad. He is extinguished and the judges are wondering if he’s hurt. He pulls the mask off and his face is red but he raises his hands and he gets applause. Terry asks him how he feels and he says he’s excited and hurt a little bit. Time to head inside and see what the judges think.


Simon says The Human Fuse is alive! Howie says his reason for winning this is so he can quit. He says they were entertained and he thanks him. Gabrielle says he just wowed the audience. She loves that he doesn’t let age define what his capabilities are and she loves it. Julianne is proud of him for doing something so crazy and he’s inspiring. Simon asks where he goes next and he responds Toledo. Simon says if we put you through, how do you top that? He doesn’t know. Simon asks if he’s prepared to jump over something that could eat him and he says yes. Simon has some ideas. The Human Fuse gets four yesses and he moves on.


It’s time for our final act of the night. We meet Kodie Lee and he is blind and is escorted out by his mother, Tina. He is 22 and he is going to sing and play the piano. Tina says Kodie is blind and autistic and they found he loved music early on. Tina realized he was an entertainer. Kodie says he’s ready! He takes his place behind the piano and his mother talks to him quietly before he begins and she leaves the stage. Kodie performs A Song For You by Donny Hathaway. Julianne and Gabrielle are getting emotional and listening intently. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Kodie’s mother returns to help him to the front of the stage and Howie says all four judges and everyone in the room were on their feet and Kodie laughs. Howie says no only did they feel the authenticity of what he did, he’s a great talent. It was amazing. Julianne says everyone needs a voice and an expression and she really feels his heart and passion. His voice blew them all away and it was beautiful. Simon says what just happened there was extraordinary. He doesn’t know what it’s like to live in Kodie’s world, but it’s amazing to see their relationship. Simon says he will remember this moment for the rest of his life. Gabrielle says she’s a new judge this season and she’s also a new mom this year. She says you want to give your kids the moon and stars and rainbows and tonight, she’s going to give them something special. Gabrielle hits her golden buzzer.

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