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a great leech. wont get my vote

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Not voting for her. On the outside I think she would be a great friend and a she is probably a good person but she is not a BB player.

Not voting for her!

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if she gets in they better take her out first. it seems like leeches like her usually end up winning these kinds of shows

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Lisa's Plea

NDR Lisa.." I was the pretty girl in the bathing suit all the time. I think I am best known for the peanut butter bikini!"

BB3 Lisa.."I'm gonna melt..we're gonna melt."

NDR Lisa,." I formed a relationship with Eric the fireman."

BB3 Lisa.."I can orgasm just from my navel being touched the right way"Eric.."Are you serious?".

NDR Lisa" But I have to admit, that part of my gut feeling knew that he would be seen as the stronger player..so, thee week that we were put up to be evicted, I kinda knew just in my gut that he'ld be going home. It was definitely a hard separation."

BB3 Lisa.." I keep my mouth shut and my eyes open."

NDR Lisa.." I think that was easy for me to make it to the end of that game."

BB3 Danielle." He came out the freaking bathroom and he did not wash his nasty hands!"

NDR..Lisa." I just sat back and I just watched every single person hate on each other."

BB3 Girl? "And how exactly?"

BB3 Marcellas." You ran out there and ran out there screaming at her treating her like sh!t!"

NDR Lisa." As long as I stayed out of the way, I wasn't getting into any trouble."

Julie..."Congratulations Lisa you are the winner of Big Brother 3.

NDR Lisa." There are a lot of people who look at me and sayokay she just rode coattails. ..and I did! I can't lie about it, it was a fun ride. I'm very grateful for their coattails but this time, it's time to play the game."

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