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You know .. if ur gonna bash a house guest, make it about how they played the game, not how they look.

I'm a girl, but I do think she's kinda cute.. and it's not nice to pick on someone just cause of how they look.

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She is doing a campaign plea there. I have posted in the Madonna fan club forums for details about how she does and what she says. Will keep everyone posted on what I hear back.

We saw the concert in Chicago a couple weeks ago and if nothing else, Dana is in for a good show :)


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Dana's Plea!

BB4.Dana "C'mere ya little B!tch! Let me spank you>"

BB4 Dana "It pisses me off."

BB4 Dana."I'm so pissed off right now!"

NDR Dana."I'm a spicy personality ya know, it's real easy to set me off."

BB4 Dana..Ya'll see that it was a move that no other f'ing guy or girl in this house had the balls to make."

NDR Dana." When I went into the Big Brother house we went in only eight of us, we figured good strategy the eight of us stick together."

BB4 Dana."I think we're good."

BB4 Alison."Ya can't break this."

BB4 Dana."Absolutely we're eight strong right now."

NDR Dana." But when the exes came in and none of them were my ex I was like this is kinda cool.Justin was Alison's ex-boyfriend."

BB4 Dana to Alison." It's not I want your man"

NDR Dana."He was so cute, it was like I was blinded by his hotness."

BB4 Dana." You have nice lipsbut I told you that already though". Justin.."Thank You."

BB4 Dana."They're voluptuous."

NDR Dana ." That's when I lost sight of the strategy. I blew it! I was the first person to turn my back on the original alliance, the elite eight."

BB4 Dana."I nominate Jack and Alison for eviction this week."

BB4 Nathan."I think you betrayed everyone."

NDR Dana." It all came back to bite me in the ass the very next week when Alison won HOH."

BB5 Alison."As HOH I nominate you Dana , an eye for an eye."

Julie," Dana you are evicted from the big brother house."

NDR Dana." Hiindsight being what it is I should have you know thought about things a bit more before I switched sides. I made that mistake once! I wanna play the game this time 100% game! I'm not scared or intimidated by other people so to me, bring in all the best players and let's really have a game."

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