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I wouldn't mind seeing Marcellas in the house but who knows what will happen.

Let the chips fall where they may, I'll be watching all summer no matter who gets in.

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I don't hate Marcellas, I just don't like him very much and won't vote for him. But considering he is iwth the show for housecalls, I am thinking, If American doesn't choose him, BB will. But I really dont' think he'll make the top 3 male votes from us.

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wont get my vote

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Yes I love him. I am so curious if he gets in, will people align with him because he has studied everyone since he was on the House Calls.......OR will everyone want him out 1st since he knows so much about how people really are. Who will do the show with Gretchen if he gets in?

If he is smart, he will sit back and let all the drama people get voted out 1st and then take over.

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I just googled Marcellas and found all this stuff..you may know all of this already about him but it is news to me, so for all you fans of Marcellas here is some facts on him.I know some of these facts but not all...enjoy reading..Go Marcellas!

Appeared in the 2006 Sexiest Men of Reality Calendar

Before he applied for Big Brother he worked as a male model. He has been photographed by Bruce Weber, Patrick McMullan and Norman Jean Roy.

He played himself on a short lived show called Reality Unleashed

He was on How Do I Look?

He played himself on Reality Dish.

He played a small part in Yes,Dear

He was a special guest on Twenty Gay Stereotypes Confirmed.

He is the host of the tv series Remixed!.

His is a proud member of Project Angel Food, which raises money to buy food for poor people

He was at the Dayimte Emmys 2006

He plays a recurring role on The Bold and The Beautiful whose name is Micah Okwu.

Is a fan of the Sovereign 6

In the finale, he voted for Lisa to win over Danielle,his reasons were Danielle backstabbed everyone and he doesn't respect that

He was the 1st gay African American on Big Brother

During week 9, Jason nominated him for his 3rd time and Amy. The vote was 1-1 and Jason was the tiebreaker vote and evicted Marcellas

During week 8, he won his 2nd HoH and nominated Amy and Roddy

During week 3, Roddy(HoH) nominated him for the 1st time and Amy for her 2nd time. Amy was evicted by a vote of 7-0

During week 2,he won his 1st HoH and nominated Josh and Tonya

During week 1, Lisa(HoH) nominated him and Tonya, Gerry won veto and removed Marcellas from the block

His alliance was him,Danielle,Lisa, and Jason

His motto is First one on the cover of Time wins

His Hero is himsel

His favorite hobbies are Reading, watching movies, spending massive amounts of time on the telephone

His Favorite bands are Radiohead and Coldplay

His Favorite actresses are Julia Roberts and Audrey Hepburn

His Favorite actors are Tom Hanks and Jude Law.

His Favorite TV show: All the Law & Order franchise, except Criminal Intent

His Favorite film: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Three adjectives that best describe him: Stylish, sexy, beautiful

Won 2 HoHs and 1 veto

He got 5th place in Big Brother 3

Hosts a talk show on cbs.com called House Calls Big Brothers Talk Show.

Marcellas Reynolds was evicted from the Big Brother house after 69 days. His populatity rating at the time of his evition was 66%, making him the 3rd most popular houseguest on the series! His popularity was surpassed only by Jason (the "christian virgin"), with a popularity rating of 86% and Lisa (the winner of the show), with a popularity rating of 68%. Controversial and out-spoken Marcellas Reynolds was truly one of a kind. During the run of the show he won "head-of household" a record 2x and was spared from eviction by Gerry who used the "power of veto" upon him. Twice nominated, Marcellas won the coveted "golden veto", which would have give him immunity and kept him in the house an additional week. Nominated against his best friend, Amy, Marcellas decided not to use the veto and was evicted by Danielle and Jason, heretofore members of his own alliance. During his exit interview, with typical Marcellas elan, he was quoted as saying to host Julie Chan, "I'm fantastic!"

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Just finished watching some of the videos over at CBS - I kind of have mixed feelings when it comes to Marcellas, but have to admit he had the best pitch BY FAR of the candidates.

The voting options are almost overwhelming - 20 of our favorites and we only get to pick 6. Got to give it to Marcellas - in a tight race, anything you do to separate yourself from the pack really makes a difference. Last night Jase made a real impact on me but his video was kind of lame and unfocused, so Marcellas is looking really good now. He's no Kaysar - lol - but I'm more into him now after watching his video then I was prior to last night . . .

It'll be interesting to see how much campaigning the candidates do on the boards, eh? Before I wasn't sure any of it would make a difference, but now I think it will - recent personal effort can trump a lot . . .

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The trouble is, in that list of 20, there were a lot of good guys that people would vote for, and not that many really popular women-----they're only gonna take the voter' top 3 choices in each. Dr. Evil, Howie, James, Marcellus, Kaysar, and Chicken George were all really popular figures. Marcellus will have to scramble to get the third spot because I think Kaysar and Will, will have the first two locked up. If we don't vote him in, he'll have to depend on Arnold and Allison, and they'll be more apt to choose the controversial figures like Mike Boogie and Jase.

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if he just hadnt spent the last few seasons hosting "housecall" and telling everyone how they screwed up and he would have never dont that.....pffffffff i dont plan on voting marcelles back in. he is needed for HouseCall!

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I don't think Marcellas should get to go back in after hosting House Calls these past couple of seasons. I don't know...it just doesn't seem fair. Plus there are so many better choices for the guys, IMO. Even though he was popular and entertaining, I don't think he'll get America's vote. I would not be surprised though if he gets put in by CBS.

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