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The Amazing Race 31-Leg #7

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Leg #7 begins in Kampala, Uganda and Tyler and Korey are the first to depart and they are flying to Zurich, Switzerland. Teams are off and picking up reservations for their flight and Rachel discusses that she’s tied for the most legs run on the race. Becca and Floyd think there is a U-Turn and they are discussing their options with Leo and Jamal on who they might potentially U-Turn. There is discussion of U-Turning Colin and Christie and Victor and Nicole are tossed out also. Rachel and Elissa do not want to U-Turn Victor and Nicole because they are supposed to be in an alliance with them.


The teams are landing in Switzerland and they are headed out to a train. Rachel and Elissa decided to tell Nicole and Victor that Becca and Floyd want to U-Turn them. Nicole says she’s trying not to be paranoid but it’s crazy that Becca and Floyd would throw their name out. They don’t want Victor and Nicole to tell the other teams what they told them. Victor wants to verify the information and Rachel thinks they are trying to throw them under the bus.


Leo and Jamal thought they could trust Rachel and Elissa, but they realize they stabbed them in the back and they say Rachel and Elissa are playing both sides. The teams are off looking for their next route marker. Tyler and Korey are the first to arrive at the destination and it’s a roadblock.


Who wants to take the Scenic Route? The teams will have to swing into a gorge and then when they land they will have to find their clue in the gorge. Korey will be first to go for their team. Becca will go for their team in second, Leo in third, Christie in fourth, and Nicole in fifth. Elissa will go for their team in sixth and Chris will be doing it for their team.  


Korey is up first and he says he doesn’t love falling. He steps off and swings down and Tyler says he’s glad Korey did that. Korey says that was terrifying. Korey gets the clue and they have to fly by helicopter to Grimsel Pass. Becca is up next and Floyd says this is going to be insane. Becca yells she loves this life while swinging. Christie says she’s so jealous. Floyd says that was scary. Nicole is scared, she’s really nervous.


Tyler and Korey are in the helicopter and they are off and they are appreciating the view and they say it’s a stunning view. Leo is next to swing. Jamal says he thought Leo was going to die. Nicole is afraid of heights and she’s still freaking out. Christie is the next to jump and Colin says it brings tears to his eyes because she’s facing her fears. Nicole is next and she’s freaking out. She says she can’t do it, she needs out. The safety instructor tells her if she can’t jump she has to go to the end of the line.


The instructor asks if Nicole is ready to do it and she finally says she’s ready. Nicole yells I’m alive! She says that was the scariest thing she’s ever done and Victor says he was so proud. Tyler and Korey have reached the detour.


Detour: In Water Power-teams will ride the world’s funicular and they will have to watch for basin’s names and how much water they hold. When they reach the end, they will be given a map and the names and they’ll have to put the names where they belong using only their memory. They may have to ride the funicular a few times to complete the task. Water Down-teams will descend 150 ft and teams will grab a clue from the end of the rope before continuing downstream.


Tyler and Korey are going to do Water Down. Elissa has made her jump and Chris is right behind. Becca and Floyd have decided to do water down. Leo and Jamal are going to do water power. Colin and Christie are doing water down. Victor and Nicole and Rachel and Elissa are in the helicopters on their way to Grimsel Pass with Chris and Bret in last.


Tyler is down and Korey is on his way now. Korey hits the bottom and then they have to jump into some shallow water. Becca and Floyd are making their way down. Becca is a rock climbing instructor so she has no problem getting down. Nicole and Victor are going to do water power. Leo and Jamal are on the funicular and they decide to split the names of the basins. Colin and Christie are now making their way down the rock wall.


Leo and Jamal have finished on the funicular and they are ready to place the names on the map. They think they have it and they are correct and they are out in first place. Two-thirds of the population of Switzerland are Christians. They are on their way to the pitstop at a church, St. Michaelskirche.


Tyler and Korey realize the detour they picked did take a little bit of time. Leo and Jamal are waiting for the funicular and there is only one so it’s a 15 minute ride. Tyler and Korey have finally reached the end of the course and they are headed to the pit stop. Colin and Christie are right on Becca and Floyd’s heels. They both finish and they are off to the pitstop. Nicole and Victor are on the funicular and she says this is the scariest day of her life. They see their first basin name and they start memorizing. As Victor and Nicole reach the top, Leo and Jamal are ready to head down.


Rachel and Elissa are doing water down and Chris and Bret are doing water down as well. Rachel and Elissa are down and Chris and Bret are getting ready to start but Bret is afraid of heights. Bret is still making his way down and he starts to panic a little.


Bret finally calms down and he has reached the bottom and Chris congratulates him. Tyler and Korey are on their way to the pitstop and Tyler says all that paranoia on the train and it was all for nothing. Victor and Nicole have reached the engineer and they have the map. They ask for a check and they are correct and they are off. Tyler and Korey have found the church and they run to Phil at the mat. Tyler and Korey are first place and they have won a spa day.


Nicole wants to stop and ask for directions but Victor says there’s no point because they can get to the town and maybe see cars parked. Rachel and Elissa are finishing their course and Chris and Bret are right behind. Rachel and Elissa and Chris and Bret read their clues and they head off towards the pitstop. Chris and Bret are on the road first and Rachel and Elissa are following, but neither team knows if they are going the right way.


Chris and Bret see a parking area and they get out to ask for directions and Elissa and Rachel do too. They were going the wrong way and they have to turn around. Elissa and Rachel are now in the lead because they blocked Chris and Bret when turning around. Nicole and Victor flag someone down to ask for directions and they have to turn around too.


Colin and Christie and Becca and Floyd race for the mat. Colin and Christie finished in second and Becca and Floyd are in third. Leo and Jamal run up while they’re still there and they are in fourth. Victor and Nicole are still driving and they think they drove by the church. Chris and Brett and Rachel and Elissa are out and running. Elissa and Rachel hit the mat in fifth and Chris and Bret hit the mat in sixth.


Victor and Nicole run up while Rachel and Elissa are on the mat and they say they got lost. Victor says they were under the impression they were getting U-Turned and Rachel and Elissa argue with Victor and Nicole. Nicole is crying and Victor says at the end of the day it’s over. It’s fine. Phil says he is sorry to tell them they are the last team to arrive. However, this is a non-elimination leg. They will have a speed bump on the next leg. Nicole says they got so lucky that it was a non-elimination. Rachel doesn’t want anything to do with Victor or Nicole.

Next time, on The Amazing Race, an amazing race first puts teams in a panic to avoid elimination. They will be having a vote on who to U-Turn.

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