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The Amazing Race 31-Leg #6

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We are heading out from Dubai Marina in the United Arab Emirates and the eight teams are flying to Kampala, Uganda. After touching down, teams must hail a taxi and make their way into the city of Kampala. Becca and Floyd are out first and they say they can’t make a mistake now with everyone being so close.


Chris and Bret talk about how they’ve been doing well and they head out. Tyler and Korey are off and they say the challenge is to appreciate a culture that doesn’t appreciate them. All the teams are starting to come into the airport and Tyler is reflecting on the privileges he has being LGBTQ in America and how others don’t have those same privileges.


Janelle and Britney and Rachel and Elissa arrive at the airport at the same time and they are excited to see each other because they’ve bonded as moms. All teams are on the same flight and they are off. Christie says Nicole and Victor are solid and Chris and Bret are doing well. She says if you make it to leg 6 in the amazing race you are an amazing race team.


Teams have all touched down in Uganda and it’s a race out of the airport. Teams are pushing and racing for taxis. Leo and Jamal want to see some lions and tigers and elephants since they are Afghanimals. Tyler and Korey’s goal is to get a first place win. Teams have arrived at the mosque and they have to change. Nicole and Victor get the clue first and they have to count the number of steps in the minaret. Once they’ve counted 272, they’ll see the highest vantage point in Kampala.


Tyler and Korey have done research on the mosque and they read there was 304 steps so they didn’t even count. Bret and Chris miss the clue but have climbed the steps and have to go back down. Colin and Christie are there also in third. Janelle and Britney are stuck in traffic. Tyler and Korey reach the top and write 304 and they are wrong and have to go back down. Tyler says they have to count the steps in the minaret, not the steps in the entire mosque.


Nicole and Victor arrive at the top and they have the correct number and they head out. Chris and Bret get their clue and go to count. Christie and Colin arrive at the top and they are correct. Nicole and Victor have to head to Owino Market and search for their next clue. Janelle and Britney are concerned because they seem to be going the wrong way through traffic. Tyler and Korey get the count right and they head out. Chris and Bret are correct and they are right behind.


Leo and Jamal are in sixth place and they ask Tyler and Korey how many steps and they respond lots. Rachel and Elissa have arrived and they ran to the top so fast and they are wrong with the count. Rachel and Elissa start at the bottom and begin counting. Leo and Jamal hit the top and they are correct with the count. Rachel and Elissa count again and they are off by one and have to try again. Becca and Floyd have arrived in seventh. Janelle and Britney are still stuck in traffic.


Britney says they are literally in the middle of oncoming traffic. Rachel and Elissa are counting again and one counted 271 and one counted 272 and Rachel decides to go with 270 but then changes her mind and writes down 272 and they are correct. Becca and Floyd arrive at the top and they have it right and they head back down. Janelle and Britney have just arrived and they are in last.


Victor and Nicole are at Owino Market and they are talking about how crazy it is. Tyler and Korey have arrived as well. They are looking for Soweto Restaurant. Colin and Christie are looking as well. Victor sees it and they are at the roadblock. Who Wants a Rolex? Teams must shop for their ingredients and make one Rolex for their next clue. Victor, Korey, and Colin are going to do the roadblock for their teams.


Leo and Jamal have arrived at the roadblock. Janelle and Britney have counted the steps and they are correct. Victor says it looks like a food dish, he thought it was a watch. He’s watching a demonstration on how to make the dish. Victor says ohhhh, rolled eggs, rolex. Becca and Floyd have arrived and Floyd is going to do the roadblock. Korey, Colin, and Victor are all working on making the dish. Jamal is doing the roadblock for his team.


Rachel and Elissa have arrived at the market and Janelle and Britney are right behind. Jamal is struggling. Korey is struggling a bit too. Victor thinks he’s in first and he’s trying not to look at anyone else. Victor is done and he takes his rolex up and he is done and they head out to the Gaba Landing Sight and get their clue from a boat builder.


Colin is done also. Janelle is going to do the roadblock for their team. Rachel and Elissa have found their speed bump. They must now complete a task at Wash ‘N Go. They have to hand wash clothes and find a spot to hang them to dry. Phil says finding a spot to hang them? Good luck! Rachel and Elissa think washing clothes will be no problem. Janelle is getting a little frustrated and is looking for a watch.


Jamal is done and he takes his for a check and it’s no good. Bret has done the task for his team and he is done and he heads out. Elissa and Rachel have finished their speed bump and they are off to the roadblock. Jamal and Floyd are still working on their dish. Jamal has finished and he heads out. Floyd dropped his on the ground and he says five second rule. Janelle still can’t find the roadblock task and Britney wishes she could help her. Janelle says she hasn’t seen any other teams and she’s lost.


Janelle is still looking for the vendor and she says she’s been running for an hour. Victor and Nicole have arrived at the next route marker. Elissa is doing the roadblock for their team and Floyd is finishing. Elissa says it’s them against Janelle and Britney. Victor and Nicole can’t find the clue box and Tyler and Korey and Colin and Christie are also looking.


They have reached the detour. In Salty Roll-teams will have to gut fish and roll them in salt. In Move the Pole, teams will have to load some logs on a bicycle and deliver it and stack it. Victor and Nicole, Colin and Christie, and Tyler and Korey all decide to Move the Pole and they head out. Elissa has finished her dish and they are off.


The teams are struggling with the bikes because it’s very muddy since it had been raining all day. Colin and Christie see a finished example and they have to build it up. Tyler and Korey say it’s like Jenga. Chris and Bret and Leo and Jamal have arrived and are also going to do Move the Pole. Tyler and Korey were pleased that the people of Uganda treated them so warmly. Colin and Christie drop their bike and they are struggling. Colin says Season 5 Colin would have been deep in it, but he’s much more loving and patient.


Becca and Floyd have arrived and they are going to do Move the Pole. Janelle comes back and sees Britney and says she can’t find it and Britney is frustrated because she can’t help her. Janelle finally finds the stand and she is crying and she says she’s so stupid it was that easy. Tyler and Korey think they are done and ask for a check and they are done.


Drums are among the world’s oldest instruments. They will now play a key role in this season’s first head-to-head. Moving one drum at a time, they must arrange the drums in four color specific stacks. The winners will check in with him at Jahazi Pier and the losing team will have to take on the next team. Tyler and Korey are nervous about the head-to-heads. Colin and Christie ask for a check and they are done with Victor and Nicole right behind.


Rachel and Elissa have arrived at the detour and they do Salty Roll. Rachel says when they were little their father taught them how to gut and clean a fish. Tyler and Korey would like to get the head-to-head on their first try. They are reading the directions for the head-to-head. Janelle has finished her dish and they are off in last place.


Colin and Christie have arrived and they will go head-to-head with Tyler and Korey. Nicole and Victor arrive and they are number three. Chris and Bret are number four. Tyler and Korey say they’ve ran a flawless leg and knowing they have this last task is daunting. Tyler and Korey and Colin and Christie are set to begin.


The first head-to-head is between Tyler and Colin. They can only have four drums on a stack and they must end up color coated. Tyler has his yellow stack done. Tyler has his red stack done. Colin now has yellow done. Tyler has the green one done and he finishes the blue one and Tyler has won the first head-to-head. They run to check-in at the pitstop. Tyler and Korey are team number one and they have won a trip to Singapore.  


Phil asks them about the emotion about coming to Uganda and they say that just because the government has a certain policy, it doesn’t mean all the people agree and everyone has been so warm to them. The next head-to-head is Colin vs Victor and the drums start in a new order. Victor and Colin both finish the red stack. Victor has completed the green stack. Colin has his yellow stack. Victor has his yellow stack and he’s two moves away from winning. Colin has his blue stack and he’s rushing to get his green stack. Colin has won and he and Christie finish in second place.


Becca and Floyd, Leo and Jamal, and Rachel and Elissa arrive and get their drum order. Victor and Chris is up next. Victor has his yellow and green stack. Chris has his blue stack. Victor has his red stack and then finish his blue stack. Victor has won and he and Nicole finish in third place.


Janelle and Britney arrive at the detour and they do Salty Roll. Bret faces off against Floyd. They are both tied at two Bret has his third stack. Bret gets the fourth stack and Chris yells at him to grab the Ox tail. Chris and Bret run and they finish in fourth place. Chris says he’s super proud of Bret because he stepped up for them.


Floyd vs Leo is up and Floyd has blue and green. Leo has yellow. Floyd has red and Leo has green. Floyd gets his last stack and grabs the Ox tail and they head to the pit stop and finish in fifth place. Britney and Janelle are finishing their detour and they are done and they head out. They are relieved there is a shot because of the head-to-head.


Jamal and Rachel are up next for the head-to-head. Jamal has green and red. Rachel has red and green as well. Jamal finish his last two stacks and they run to the mat and finish in sixth place. Rachel and Elissa realize they have to go against Janelle and Britney. It’s a Big Brother battle for the finish.


Rachel and Britney are competing. Elissa is yelling instruction to Rachel. Rachel has her blue stack finished. Rachel has finished her yellow stack. Britney finishes her yellow stack. Britney now has her blue stack and Rachel is finishing the green stack. Rachel is two moves away from winning. Rachel has finished and grabs the Ox tail and they are all emotional and they hug each other. Rachel and Elissa finish in seventh place.


Janelle and Britney are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race. Britney says getting eliminated isn’t the end of the world, her child is a cancer survivor. They came to win, but it isn’t her worst day. Janelle wanted to prove to her daughters that women could work together. Janelle says Britney is her bestie and they will be forever.


Next time on The Amazing Race, in the Swiss Alps, teams go on an epic adventure, while Victor and Nicole and Rachel and Elissa have an epic showdown.

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