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The Amazing Race 31-Leg #5

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We start in Ho Chi Minh City and they are flying to Dubai, the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates. Christie says they are trying to maintain alignment in the midst of chaos. Nicole and Victor are the second to depart and Victor says they have a trio of second place finishes. Nicole says people think they are lucky, but she thinks they are underestimated. Chris and Bret head out and they say they are showing their Survivor spirit.


Becca and Floyd leave in fourth and they are looking to continue keeping lines of communication open. Tyler and Korey talk about the last time they were in Dubai and they raced camels and did Bedouin kisses. Leo and Jamal head out in sixth and they are excited about getting as close as possible to the mother land. They are hoping to get first place in Dubai.


Janelle and Britney leave 7th and they talk about how they did poorly the last leg and they are trying to examine what they did wrong and improve on it. Rachel and Elissa are the last team to leave and Rachel says Elissa is very strong and she listens to her on the mental things.


The teams are all heading out from the airport. Tyler and Korey’s cab driver is taking selfies. The teams are noting how pretty it is. They arrive at a camp fire and there are several luxury cars out there and they welcomed by 5 men and they drink tea. Their clues are in the cars and teams must continue to the Dubai Frame and make their way to the top for their next clue.


Rachel and Elissa are the first ones out and Leo and Jamal are right behind and they are hoping Rachel and Elissa get lost. Victor and Nicole are confused when they are told the clues are in the car, but they finally get it. Becca and Floyd get their clue and they head out. Colin and Christie are on their way to the Frame as well.


Rachel and Elissa’s driver think they have taken the wrong exit. The driver doesn’t know how to get there. Leo and Jamal and Colin and Christie have arrived and they take an elevator up to the top. They talk about how the frame shows old Dubai out one side and new Dubai out the other side. Leo and Jamal are in first.


Leo and Jamal have hit the detour. In Fall, they have to find a sky diving jump master and then make their way to the top in the world’s fastest elevator and keep their eyes open as they jump for their next clue. In Find, teams will have to search Dubai World Globe, a dinosaur park, and find five different colored eggs and return them to their nest for the next clue.


Leo and Jamal and Colin and Christie are going to Fall. Chris and Bret and Tyler and Korey and Janelle and Britney have all arrived and are deciding which detour to do. Rachel and Elissa are still lost.


Rachel and Elissa’s driver stops to ask for directions and they head back out. Becca and Floyd are arriving at the Frame and Rachel and Elissa arrive right behind. Janelle and Britney are doing Find and their driver doesn’t know where it is. Rachel wants to go find the eggs because only 2 teams can jump at a time.


Leo and Jamal have arrived at the tallest building in the world and they chose their jump master. Tyler and Korey have arrived at Fall as well. Leo and Jamal are talking about how nervous they are. Chris and Bret have arrived with Nicole and Victor right behind to find eggs and they are dressing in costumes. Rachel and Elissa and Janelle and Britney are also getting dressed in their costumes. Rachel and Elissa and Janelle and Britney discuss switching to Fall because all of the teams are there. Rachel and Elissa decide to switch detours.


Becca and Floyd, Chris and Bret, Nicole and Victor, and Janelle and Britney are all in dinosaur costumes looking for eggs. Janelle and Britney have their red egg. Chris and Bret find their white egg. Rachel and Elissa think the jump will be super quick and they can move on. Leo and Jamal are at the top and they discover it’s not a real jump, it’s a virtual reality jump and they realize they were “tricked”. They have a “mission” they have to do for their Fall.


Colin and Christie are also in their VR game for their jump. Leo and Jamal did their task and then they were given some questions they had to answer about their mission. They had to answer all five correct and they only get 4 correct. Colin and Christie finish and they get their questionnaire and they have to try again as well. Tyler and Korey are in for their first attempt.


Janelle and Britney got their white egg. Nicole and Victor find their green egg and their white one. Becca and Floyd has their white one. Nicole and Victor have their red one. Chris and Bret have purple, blue, and green. Becca and Floyd have their green one. Janelle and Britney have their purple egg and they decide to go drop theirs off and go back for their last one. Chris and Bret are arguing.


Rachel and Elissa have arrived at the jump site and head up. Tyler and Korey are completing their first attempt and they got a question wrong and will have to try again. Leo and Jamal are on their second attempt. Tyler and Korey are discussing their answers to the questions. Rachel and Elissa think they are bungee jumping. Leo and Jamal mess up again and they have to go to the back of the line.


Becca and Floyd have their blue egg now. Janelle and Britney and Becca and Floyd all need one more egg. Britney can’t see because her costume keeps getting in her face. Chris and Bret find their eggs and they are to head off to Soho garden. Colin and Christie have passed on their second attempt and they are in second place. Tyler and Korey finish theirs and they leave in third. Rachel and Elissa are on their first attempt.


Leo and Jamal enter for their third attempt. Elissa and Rachel get their test and Elissa says it was harder than a BMV test. Becca and Floyd find their last egg and have to return their eggs to the nest. Janelle and Britney have all their eggs. Becca and Floyd head out in fourth place. Nicole and Victor leave in fifth place. Janelle and Britney are standing next to their eggs asking for a check and as the Nicole and Victor leave, Nicole tells Britney and Janelle where the nest is.


Chris and Bret arrive at the roadblock. Who can feel the beat? It’s silent rave night. Everyone is listening to headphones and listening to different mixes. But a few are dancing to the DJ’s beat. The teams must use their powers of observation to determine who is dancing to the music of the DJ. Chris is doing the roadblock.


Leo and Jamal are on their fourth attempt and Rachel and Elissa are on their second attempt. Leo and Jamal fail their test again. They are frustrated and say mistakes like this can cost them. They say it’s taking too long.


Leo and Jamal are going again and Rachel and Elissa have failed as well. Christie is going to do it for their team, Bret is still trying. Floyd is going to do it for his team and Nicole is going to do it as well. Tyler and Korey arrive and so do Janelle and Britney. Janelle is going to do it for their team and Tyler is doing it for theirs.


Leo and Jamal finally complete their task and they can move on and Rachel and Elissa have also passed. Colin is dancing and the partygoers seem entertained. Floyd was in a band and he was a drummer and he thinks he has it. Floyd grabs the party goer and they are correct and in first. They have to head to the pitstop at Dubai Marina and they will zipline to the pitstop.


Nicole is grabbing someone else and Victor is nervous. Nicole is correct and they leave in second. Tyler is still looking for his and he gets it correct and they are out in third. Bret grabs a guy by a shirt and he is correct and they leave in fourth. Christie is grabbing someone and she is correct and they are in fifth.


Janelle grabs someone but she has it wrong. Leo and Jamal and Rachel and Elissa are both on their way to the rave. Janelle grabs another guy and takes him back to the DJ and she is correct this time and they are in sixth. Becca and Floyd are reading the clue again and the order they hit the top of the building is the order they’ll check in after ziplining.


Floyd says TAR teams have finished first every leg and Victor says they’ve been there in second each time. Becca says they might be on their way to first. Chris and Bret and Tyler and Korey are all right behind as well and they are all very close to one another.


Chris and Bret see Becca and Floyd being dropped off and they are out and looking for the marked elevator. Becca and Floyd and Chris and Bret are in the same elevator. Becca and Floyd get their first with Chris and Bret right behind. Leo and Jamal have arrived at the roadblock and Leo is doing it for their team. Leo gets it on the first try and they head right back out when Rachel and Elissa arrive and Rachel is going to do it for their team.


Elissa says Rachel does everything good and they want to catch up. Rachel grabs her first partier and she is correct and they are out in last place. Rachel is getting emotional in the cab and she says she loves the amazing race and she’s had so much fun doing it. Elissa says they are doing a good job. Becca and Floyd are about to do the world’s longest zipline and they are about to head out and they are released and Floyd is screaming the entire way.


Becca and Floyd hit the mat in first place. They each win $5000. Becca and Floyd want Phil to freestyle with them for his own Phil funometer the Philometer. Chris and Bret hit the mat in second place. Leo and Jamal are on their way to the pitstop and they think it’s between them and Rachel and Elissa. Rachel is still crying and Elissa asks her to please stop.


Colin and Christie hit the mat in third place. Phil says people will be interested to see how they’ve evolved. Tyler and Korey finish in fourth place. Victor and Nicole hit the mat in fifth with Victor’s hair down. Leo and Jamal are still on the way to the pitstop and Rachel is still crying and Elissa says Rach, seriously.


Janelle and Britney are team number six. Leo and Jamal arrive and they are in seventh place. Rachel is still crying before they head out for their zipline. Rachel says it’s so disappointing because she thought she’d kick butt. But it’s been great to travel with her sister and make memories she can never do again. Phil says it wasn’t their day. Rachel says in the race you have to take risks and she wants to teach her daughter to be brave and take risks. Elissa says they gave it their all. Phil tells them it’s a non-elimination leg. They are still in the race. Rachel says sometimes you get knocked down and you have to pick yourself back up.

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