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HUGE SPOILERS: Finale (based on Promo's)

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Okay, as you are all aware now, I love LOST and google and browse away ... on one site there is someone I can only call a LOST GENIUS, with a remarkably detailed mind! I came across all of the following from this person, and I have tried to organize it for us here ...


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Guest ranster627

1. Previously

First lets look at how the previous episode(s) ended.

In the previous episode "Exodus 1" Danielle, Locke, Jack, Kate, Hurley and Arzt go to find dynamite in order to blow up the hatch. They want to be back "before sundown". During the trip Danielle takes of her sweater. Locke sees the scars on her arm. But Danielle claims they are from a brush. Clearly Locke doesn't buy it (as in: "mean brush...") since the scars look very similar to scratches from findernails (there are actually four of them).


According to the dairy there are (at least) two scenes that were not aired. They have probably been deleted but the information in them is quite crucial. First Charlie and Claire talk about Rouseau and her own kipnapping.


Charlie and Claire watch Rousseau from a distance and worry. Charlie does his best to comfort the girl he cares so much for, but it's an uphill battle. Claire tells Charlie that, when she escaped from Ethan -- however she got away -- she knew they would come back for her. Charlie realizes something. "Is that why you haven't named the baby?" Claire's eyes fill with tears, but remain firmly fixed on Rousseau. She nods her answer.

A little later Claire and Rousseau talk to each other. Claire somehow knows Rousseau.


Back at the beach, Claire asks Rousseau how she knows her. She can't place it, but she knows they have met before. But that's impossible, and Rousseau says as much. Claire tells her about Ethan kidnapping her, that she escaped, but she can't remember how. Rousseau ignores her and busies herself with the new hiking boots she has obviously liberated from the camp. Something seems to click inside Claire. "You saved me, didn't you? That's why I remember you, you saved me from him." Rousseau gives a quick look to Claire and then to the baby. "We have never met." And with that she walks away.

Claire thus thinks Rousseau saved her from Ethan. This could explain the scars on her arm. Its also possible she somehow helped Ethan kidnap Claire and Claire escaped from both Rousseau and Ethan (which seems very unlikely). Who knows.

Anyway. When they reach the dark territory Arzt changes his mind and heads back. A little later Arzt comes running back and shouts "Run! Run! Run!". After some scary sounds the "monster" goes the other direction and Arzt joins the group again. Nobody is hurt. But note Arzt's face is clean before and dirty afterwards.


At the end of the episode Danielle leads Locke, Jack, Kate, Hurley and Arzt to the "Black Rock". An old (probably 19th century) ship.


According to Danielle there is dynamite on board. Note Kate is wearing her hair quite loose here and is wearing a long sleeved blouse.

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Guest ranster627

2. The "Black Rock"

Lets go on with the "Black Rock". We can see Locke, Jack, Kate, Hurley and Arzt examining/looking at the ship. In the first picture it looks like all five of them are looking at Danielle. Like she is saying something. (also note Kate is doing something with her hair)


Its possible Danielle decides to leave the other five here. There are no pictures or scenes with her in it after this which might indicate she left the others. She might even have gone to the beach...

The next picture shows Locke, Kate and Jack going into the ship. Its possible Arzt and Hurley are already in it or they are not going into the ship.


As you can see Kate's hair dress has changed. She still wears the long sleeved blouse but her hair is tight now.

3. Dynamite

Inside the ship they find a skeleton of a slave or prisoner. They also find the dynamite. It looks dark inside the ship but that doesn't mean its evening. Its actually quite light outside the ship. Jack is using a flashlight to find the explosives (not a torch ).


The following picture was very difficult to pinpoint. However since Kate is wearing her hair tight and wearing a long leeved shirt and its dark this is most likely a picture of Kate inside the ship. (Could even be a spider's web on the right side of the picture.)


Took me a very long time to figure that out. In other pictures and scenes she doesn't wear this blouse anymore indicating she took it off either in the ship or when they left the ship.

Kate, Hurley and Arzt seem to take a little break as seen in the following pictures. Possibly to wait while Jack and Locke take the dynamite out of the ship. Why is Kate looking sad? Is she thinking about Sawyer?


Note that Kate doesn't wear her long sleeved shirt anymore (and she has her hair tight) which probably indicates this happens after they (Locke and Jack and possibly Kate too initially) entered the ship. (Also note Arzt has his face dirty so this cannot be a deleted scene from "Exodus 1" where Hurley told Arzt about the hatch-secret. Which is what I first thought)

4. Comfort

Sayid seems to (try to) comfort Shannon. In the second picture you can see darkness in the back which could indicate they are at the caves. They are at the beach in the right picture (you can see the seawater). So these could actually be shots of two scenes.


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Guest ranster627

5. The Baby

In the mean time Danielle has left the five and went to the beach. Danielle meets Claire and Charlie at the beach and asks/demands for Sayid. Charlie must get him right away.


When Charlie leaves Danielle asks Claire the baby's name and to hold the baby. Then Claire sees the scars on Danielle's arm and has a flashback of her own kidnapping or rescue.

First the scars Claire sees on Danielle's arm:


Then her flashback from the moment she was captured/escaped:


According to Claire its very obvious Danielle had a hand in the kidnapping. It seems she doesn't trust her at all anymore (when Danielle asks her to hold the baby). And she immediatly knows (after she recovers from her headwounding unconsiousness) Danielle took her baby.

We see Sun with Clair lying on the ground. Then Sayid (without backpack) and Shannon and Charlie running over the beach.


It seems Danielle took her baby as Charlie sees the empty bed. He is shocked.


The question remains: is Claire's memory correct? If so Dannielle could be more devious that we thought she was... or at least knows more she told anyone... Did she rescue Claire or kidnap her? Is she trying to protect the baby by taking it to a safe place? Is she protecting everybody else from the baby? Or does she need it for something else?

Anyway. You can see Claire screaming which sounds like "She took my baby!". She is referring to Danielle. It seems she has been hit on her head and in that way forced to give up her baby. Note when looking at the ground you can see the sand of the beach.


In the above right picture we can see Sayid's shoulder. It can't be Charlie because in that case you wouldn't see his shoulder but his shirt.

Then you can see Sayid standing up and Charlie hitting him. Is he mad at him because he didn't protect her? Or does he want a gun and doesn't get it from Sayid? Is Sayid siding with Danielle? Who knows...


Note that Sayid doesn't have his backpack here.

Charlie then talks to Claire. Claire desperately says "Charlie!". Charlie responds determined "I will get him back."


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Guest ranster627

6. Fate

Sun and Shannon are having an interesting conversation. This probably occurs after the kidnapping of the baby (see next section). Because its (sort of) about Shannon's grief I've put it here.


It goes like this:


Sun: "Do you think we're being punished?". (There is a lot of emphasis on the word "punished" almost like Shannon just implied she thinks she is being punished)

Shannon: "Punished for what?"

Sun: "Things we did before. The secrets we kept. The lies we told."

Shannon: "Who do you think is punishing us?"

Sun: "Fate."

7. The Hunt

We see Sayid and Charlie running through the jungle (now with backpack). Its possible they are hunting for Danielle. Or they running after each other. It looks a little darker so this is probably after the kidnapping of the baby. Also since Sayid has his packback on during the night we may assume he has probably put on his backpack after the kidnapping scene and never took it off afterwards.


Its not really dark yet. So later scenes of Sayid and Charlie (in the dark) are not directly related to the above pictures.

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Guest ranster627

8. The Rudder

We can see some great raft action! We first see the rafters steadely sailing. It looks like everybody is relaxed. Sawyer is busy with some ropes while Michael walks over the raft.


We can also see the other side of the raft. A piece of the fuselage (Michael mentioned it in an earlier episode) can now also be seen.


Then suddenly out of nowhere the Raft shakes like it hits something underwater. Michael and Walt almost fall because of the jolt. In fact the rudder has hit something underwater. It breaks off the raft and falls into the water.


Jin sees the rudder and shouts "Rudder!" (seems he has learned some English ). Sawyer quickly takes off his shirt and shoes.


While Sawyer takes off his clothes Michael tells Jin they have to stop the boat. Jin quickly understands by saying "Boat. Stop.". Michael aslo says something like "We have to turn it around". Jin moves to the sail (to lower it). But then suddenly Sawyer dives into the water. (ladies don't watch... )


Maybe Michael didn't expect him to do that because he shouts "Sawyer! Sawyer!". Sawyer doesn't hear or listen to him but swims fast towards the rudder. Jin (smart as he is) has already taken a rope while Michael was shouting and throws it to Michael.

Jin quickly lowers the sail to prevent the distance between the raft and the ridder to become bigger.


When Sawyer reaches the rudder he grabs it and start swimming back but there seems to be a considerable distance between Sawyer and the raft by now.


Michael then throws the rope towards Sawyer.


Will Sawyer be able to get back to the raft? Or will he have to leave the rudder in the water to save himself?

Exiting stuff!!

(Note this all happens during daylight. Its not dark yet. So the radar bleep has probably not yet occured)

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Guest ranster627

9. The Trap

In the mean time Kate, Jack, Locke and Hurley (and Arzt?) have left the ship where they took the dynamite. When they walk through the jungle it seems Locke steps into some kind of trap and is pulled over the ground. It looks like Kate and Jack look stunned at what happens to Locke.


We also see Jack running and then jumping. Probably to catch Locke. While Locke is being dragged over the ground Jack tries to hold him. But to no effect it seems.


The following picture seems related (but is of extremely low quality so I can't be sure).


It looks like Kate and Hurley have lost Jack and Locke because of all this. She screams "Jack!".


While Jack is trying to stop him Locke is being pulled into some kind of (concealed) hole in the ground. Jack can't stop him from going in but manages to hold him at the end.


Then we see Locke saying to Jack: "Just let me go! I'll be alright."


Its possible Jack actually lets him go and Locke will be alright. Later we see scenes of Locke alone in the jungle which might confirm this. I think all of this happens after they have left the ship and before the evening starts (which was their objective).

10. Chased

Maybe Locke freed himself from the trap and Jack went on with Kate and Hurley. Maybe Jack saved him. In any case we see Locke being chased by somesting. He is looking back as if something is behind him. We also hear a noise of some kind of beast/animal.


What looks like a little later we see Locke lying on the ground and looking up. He is looking a bit like he did when he first saw the "monster". Will we see part of it here?


Who knows. Somehow Locke seems to survive all this and joins with Jack again in the evening/night.

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Guest ranster627

11. Destiny

In the evening we see Jack and Locke talking to each other with torches in their hands.


This is how their fascinating conversation goes:


Locke: Do you really think all this ... is an accident? That we a group of strangers survived? Do you think we crashed on this place by coincidence? Especially this place? We were brought here for a purpose. For a reason. All of us. Each one of us was brought here for a reason.

Jack: Brought here... and who brought us here John?

Locke: The Island. The Island brought us here. This is no ordinary place. You've seen that. I know you have. The Island shows you too Jack. Its destiny.

Jack: I don't believe in destiny.

Locke: Yes you do. You just don't know it yet.

12. The Numbers

Jack, Locke, Kate and Hurley are all joined again when they arrive at the hatch-site. Note there is no sign of Arzt! (where did he go?)


By this time they must have got the dynamite and will probably plant it as soon as possible. Note they all have torches in their hands.

It looks like Hurley gives the Hatch a closer look with a flashlight and discovers the Numbers. I'm really looking forward in seeing his reaction! Its possible Hurley is using a flashlight instead of the torch because the dynamite is already planted on top of the hatch.


Then we see Hurley running and screaming "Stop!". We also see Locke lighting the fuse of the dynamite.


Is it possible Hurley is trying to stop Locke from blowing up the hatch because he sees the numbers? Could be...

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Guest ranster627

13. Beep!

During this same evening/night Sawyer and Michael detect someting on the radar. You can hear the beep...


While Sawyer seems to scan the horizon with his eyes Jin is also looking when Michael says: "Something is out there..."


What will they see? What is out there? Ooh man. I can't wait to see!

14. The Fire

During the same night we see Charlie walking in the jungle and looking around. What is he doing? Still chasing Danielle?


Then we see a shot of a small fire on top of a structure. This is possibly meant as a mini "lighthouse" for the raft. Maybe to see what direction they are coming from or to go back to in case of an emergency.


As you can see Charlie and Sayid are both there. But what are they doing?

15. BOOOOM!!

Well. And then BOOOOM!!


The hatch is blown. We can see Locke and Kate together. And we can see Jack on top of Hurley trying to take cover. They all survive the blast since we see the last shot where its very hazy/dusty and only Kate having a torch.


It looks like Locke first walks forward towards the hatch then backwards to get Kate's torch. And then forwards again towards the Hatch.

Will they see what is in the hatch?

And what is the beep on the radar?

Will they see something at sea?

Will we see?

Have fun anticipating

Note from Ranster: Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did!!!

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DANG!!! :D:D:D

(sorry, that's what first came to my mind after reading all that... lol)

Thank you ranster for pulling all that together for us.

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thanks ranster! i breezed through this, and will read more in depth tomorrow!!!

ps - i wouldn't say that the person who pulled all this together is any smarter than us, just maybe more time on his/her hands to go through the clips and previews frame by frame!

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Guest ranster627
thanks ranster!  i breezed through this, and will read more in depth tomorrow!!! 

ps - i wouldn't say that the person who pulled all this together is any smarter than us, just maybe more time on his/her hands to go through the clips and previews frame by frame!

:oops: I hope I didn't leave the impression that we aren't smart ... quite the opposite actually, we seem to hit on the same things they say everywhere else ... I agree about the time thing, and I am blushing because that likely fits with me too! :wink:

I can't wait for tomorrow and most of all, what they will leave us to talk about all summer! :lol:

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thanks ranster!  i breezed through this, and will read more in depth tomorrow!!! 

ps - i wouldn't say that the person who pulled all this together is any smarter than us, just maybe more time on his/her hands to go through the clips and previews frame by frame!

:oops: I hope I didn't leave the impression that we aren't smart ... quite the opposite actually, we seem to hit on the same things they say everywhere else ... I agree about the time thing, and I am blushing because that likely fits with me too! :wink:

I can't wait for tomorrow and most of all, what they will leave us to talk about all summer! :lol:

Not at all - you didn't give the impression that we aren't smart!! And as for the time thing, I'm a damn good multi tasker (work a "real" office job 83-4) but I'm not that good at it LOL!!

What will they leave us to talk about? Did you see the Ellen show, Matthew Fox was on there.... he said some things.....Head over to the episode spoilers thread...

10 hours to go!

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Thank you Ranster for an UNBELIEVABLE post! :D

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