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LOST Video Clips


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This is one that I found on YouTube...


Clip length is 5:41

Make it full screen to see everything better!


Pause on the clip at 2:55 just as the smokes starts to go around Eko. Hit pause/play quickly making it go frame by frame while it is in the pause position. Look at the smoke in each frame.

At 3:20...you can see a child or maybe a woman standing there in the smoke.

At 3:22 you can see 2 peoples faces. Both are men. You can see that it isn't Eko's face because you can see his body to the right of the faces. There is possibly a third face in the upper right hand corner too. I couldn't make it out.

At 3:26 you can see an image of Christ hanging on the cross just to the left of Eko.

At 3:30 you can begin to see another face. When you first see it...it looks human...but as you click the pause/play button very quickly...it starts to look more like a wild boar.

At 3:33 you can see a snout taking shape.

At 4:01 as the smoke is right in front of Eko...you can see a profile shot of someone looking eye to eye with Eko.

At 4:12 as the smoke is receding...there is another face (possibly the same face) but it looks like its morphing into an animal of some kind.(Is this JOOP)??

OK...I know this sounds crazy but before you all think I have totally LOST it...Take a look.

I know you will see what I have seen. :blink::blink:

I have thought all along that the smoke had hidden images in it. When the plane crashed...you could see something in the smoke push that man into the engines turbine!

Hope its alright to start this Video thread Mods... :unsure::)

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