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All TAR Winners


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Looking at this list of winners from the previous seasons, I wonder how many were the fan favorites?

Season 1 Rob & Brennan

Season 2 Chris & Alex

Season 3 Flo & Zach

Season 4 Chip & Richen

Season 5 Chip & Kim

Season 6 Freddie & Kendra

Season 7 Uchenna & Joyce

Season 8 The Linz Family

Season 9

I saw my favorite teams win during seasons 1, 5 and 7. Seasons 2 & 6 I would have to go back and see who the other teams were to even remember how much I liked the winners. It seems like season 2 might have been the one with the first unlikeable husband racing to the end with Chris & Alex, I can see them but can't remember their names. Flo & Zach were the worst winners ever IMHO. Freddie & Kendra I barely remember. (Didn't watch season 8)

Anyway.......these are just my own thoughts put to type, I was wondering who would win this one and how they stacked up to previous winners. Opinions, comments ?? *Um, I meant opinions, comments about past winners, not my mind numbing ramblings*

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Guest StarBaby

In season one my favorites overall were the frat brothers, Drew and Kevin, who did not win. I didn't dislike ROb and Brennan, I seem to recall out of the final three or four they were my favs.

Season four was Chip and Reichen -- who I didn't much like.

Season Five I was happy to see chip and Kim win -- I was SOOOO glad they beat Colin and Christie. In that season, I really liked Charla (didn't much care for Myrna, but since they were a package deal....).

Season Six - I don't think I liked ANYBODY from that season.

Season Seven --ROMBER!!!! But if they couldn't win, my next choice was Uchenna and Joyce. ROMBER!!!

Season 8 -- LInz was my fav, I guess. That whole season was kind of a bust, IMO.

The current season, I would be happy with the Hippies or with RayYo.

The seasons I didn't mention, I either didn't have a clear fav, or I didn't like any of them -- LOL.

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-Season 1: I didnt watch season one so i cant really say.

-Season 2: Alex and Chris won but i wanted Blake and Paige to win

-Season 3: Flo and Zak won but i wanted Jon Vito and Jill to win

-Season 4: Reichen and Chip won and i really didnt like anyone in this season so i wasnt totally mad

-Season 5: Chip and Kim won but i wanted Linda and Karen to win

-Season 6: Freddy and Kendra won and this was a season of favorites for me i wanted Lori and Bolo, Lena and Kristy, and most of all Kris and John to win

-Season 7- Uchenna and Joyce won but i didnt like them at all and i wanted Romber to win

-Season 8- Linz family won but i didnt like them at all either and i wanted either the Bransons or the Weavers to win

-Season 9- The hippies won but i wanted Dani and Danielle to win

-Season 10- eventhough this season hasnt started i want to pick my favorites and who i think is goign to win now-----I WANT Dustin and Kandice to win but i think Tyler and James will win

And as you can see, not once has my favorites won!

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Uchenna and Joyce will always be my favorite from the show

Mine too.

Awww, the Weavers. I liked the son. He always looked like he would be the type to aggravate his sisters to no end, but punch someone else in the face for doing the same thing.

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The hippy boys are my all time favorites! They didn't argue with each other...was nice to other teams and they truely acted like they were having FUN!

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Uchenna and Joyce were definitely my favorites too! When she shaved her head, she totally won me over. I thought they'd played a pretty classy and tough game. I liked Chip and Kim and the Hippies too.

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