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Hey all, I hope this isn't already listed somewhere else on the board, because I looked and didn't find anything. Anyway, does anyone else watch this show besides my mother and me (we have watched it since the begining..and I'm 21 now so its kind of our thing togther)? I think this is a wonderful show and shouldn't be took of the air. I dont understand why you would tke the highet grossing show off the air just because you ar combinging some networks-it looks like the new network would want something that they know will be good. Anyway for all those who do watcht the show, wasn't you happy Rose and Simon didn't get married? I was very happy, espically when Sandy came in and said we need to talk. My mother and me have hoped since the begining that Sandy baby was really Simon's and not Martins. Although we hoped Martin and Ruthie would get togther. Anyway we also figured that Lucy/Kevin was going to have twins, I couldnt believe everyone else was too. I hope that they decide to bring this show back or do a spinoff with the best characters, but have guest apperances by the ones not on there. Well let me know your opinon on the show.

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I have watched the show since the beginning, but honestly the last few seasons are been getting crappy. I think the show deserved a much better finale. The last show sucked! Oh please, 3 kids having twins, 2 of which kept it a secret. Give me a break. I am glad they ended wiht Mary back with her husband and finishing school. I hated all the time they wasted imagining the how they would like to see the wedding stop. They could have spent more time wiht Simon and Sandy talking. Ending it saying we nned to talk, it's about the baby. Sure, leave it to our imagination. I would have liked to seen his reaction, the two of them together, him telling the family it's his. Not enough juicey stuff and too much garbage. I could have written a better ending for the show!

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Courtesy of: ZAP2IT

'Heaven' Goes Out on High Note

WB series finale bags strong ratings

May 9 2006


Beverley Mitchell of '7th Heaven'

The WB's "7th Heaven" played well over its head in its series finale, a possibly encouraging sign for the handful of other shows that are sailing off the air in the coming weeks.

The series finale of "7th Heaven" -- and indications are that was it for the long-running show, despite rumors it will move to The CW come fall -- drew close to 7.2 million viewers Monday night. That's 2 million more people than watched the show during an average week this season, or, put another way, an improvement of better than 30 percent.

That's actually a smaller ratings bump than two of last year's swan songs got: "NYPD Blue's" finale on ABC drew 16 million viewers, a 60-percent increase over its season average, and the end of "Everybody Loves Raymond" drew close to 33 million people, close to 90 percent more than the 17.4 million it averaged in its final season.

Still, the "7th Heaven" finale was the most-watched program on The WB in quite some time. The premiere of "Gilmore Girls" this year, which brought in 6.2 million people, is the next-most-watched broadcast on the network this season.

The finale also did pretty well among adults 18-49, earning a 2.8 rating in the demographic advertisers covet. That tied for third in the hour with ABC's special "David Blaine: Drowned Alive" and beat the CBS duo of "The King of Queens" and "How I Met Your Mother."

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You're right Art. This is from E!

New Life for "7th Heaven"?

By Natalie Finn

Do you believe in Heaven? Mediaweek reported Friday that 7th Heaven, which aired its 10th season finale (and what was thought to be its series ender) Monday, is coming back for an 11th season of kid-friendly fun in the fall. CW network insiders told the publication that it wants at least 13 new episodes of the Camden family saga, but execs refused to comment when asked about the purported deal.

After finding out that Simon and Rose ( David Gallagher and Sarah Thompson) didn't tie the knot and that the three eldest Camden sibs--Matt ( Barry Watson), Mary ( Jessica Biel) and Lucy ( Beverley Mitchell)--are all expecting twins with their significant others, we're so there!

The WB started playing a dirge for its top-rated (and most expensive) show in November, but rumors that 7th Heaven might be revived on the CW when it launched in September persisted.

As recently as last week, series creator Brenda Hampton had been saying that the deal was off the table because the budget to produce 7th Heaven and pay its sizable cast was more than the new network wanted to spend. At the same time, Hampton also told reporters that she would love to take the series further if possible.

Dare we say that she must be in seventh heaven right now? Major players Mitchell, Gallagher, Stephen Collins (dad), Catharine Hicks (mom), Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie), and George Stultz (Kevin Kinkirk) are all expected to return.

If this announcement is the real deal, 7th Heaven joins UPN's America's Next Top Model, Everybody Hates Chris and WWE Friday Night Smackdown!, as well as the WB's Gilmore Girls and Smallville, as official additions to the CW fall schedule.

Series still up in the air include Veronica Mars, Supernatural, Everwood, One Tree Hill and Reba. The WB and UPN networks announced in January that they were closing up shop and merging to form the CW (C for CBS, which owns UPN, and B for, well, the Time Warner-owned WB).

The CW is expected to officially announce its full 2006-07 lineup, including what the stars hold for 7th Heaven, May 18 at the network upfronts.

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