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Rock Star: Supernova


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'Rock Star' Gets CBS Encore

by Josef Adalian


'Rock Star: INXS' discovered J.D. Fortune as the new lead singer

"Rock Star" will rock on. CBS has greenlit production on a second season of the Mark Burnett-produced talent hunt, which got off to a slow start last summer but ended up a sleeper success for the network. The reality series will return this summer, with Dave Navarro and Brooke Burke back as hosts.

Burnett and executive producer David Goffin are keeping a tight lid on details about the new season, saying some key deals have yet to be hammered out. The original series was designed to find a new lead singer for Aussie rockers INXS.

It's unclear whether the new season will be devoted to finding a lead singer for another headless band or go in a completely different direction, such as creating a new band. Details on the creative direction could be finalized as soon as this week.


Casting has begun to fill the rocker den cushions of 'Rock Star'

Casting has already started, with applications being accepted via CBS.com and Rockstar.msn.com. Whatever changes are made, "At the end of the day, the show will always be about finding a rock star," Goffin said.

Burnett said that even he was surprised by the cult following "Rock Star" built last summer. "'Survivor's' huge, but wherever I go now, people tell me 'Rock Star' is their favorite show. I'm glad it's back," he told Daily Variety. "We know we're going to get the same audience back next summer. Now it's about growing that audience."

Burnett credited CBS President/CEO Leslie Moonves for sticking by "Rock Star." Burnett said, "Leslie helped in figuring out the content. He really got involved." The producer noted it was Moonves' idea to have early results in the voting announced on the serie's Tuesday edition. Burnett said it's likely "Rock Star" will stick with its twice-weekly format on CBS.


'Rock Star's' final three rockers were runner-up Marty

Casey, winner J.D. Fortune and third place MiG Ayesa

Goffin said proof of the show's season-one success is in the sales data for the new INXS album and upcoming tour, which he said is sold out in North America. A few weeks ago, he said, he was INXS, and there was "Rock Star" winner J.D. Fortune, "who a year ago was sleeping in his car. Now he's in a bed filming a music video with Estella Warren."

In addition to Fortune, runner-up Marty Casey has an album coming out on Burnett's Sony-based imprint, while contestant MiG Ayesa has just signed with Universal Music, Burnett said. "Rock Star" averaged a 3.1/8 in adults 18-49 for its Tuesday performance show, with ratings increasing throughout the summer and reaching a season high with its finale.

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Rock Star 2 The Series Now Casting

After last season

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'Rock Star' Gives Birth To New Band

by Josef Adalian


Tommy Lee

CBS' "Rock Star" is adding some heavy mettle to its lineup this summer. The music reality show returns with a twist, this time searching for a singer to lead a new band of veteran rockers. Season One had the surviving members of INXS on the hunt for someone to replace the late Michael Hutchence.

In Season Two, drummer Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), along with guitarists Jason Newsted (Metallica) and Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses), are forming a new band called Supernova and will use the Mark Burnett-produced "Rock Star" to search for their lead singer.

In addition, "Rock Star" has signed songwriter-performer Butch Walker to produce Supernova's first album, to be released just before the new band hits the road in 2007. Walker, named Rolling Stone's 2005 "hot" producer, has written or produced tracks for Avril Lavigne, Pink, Bowling for Soup and Tommy Lee.


Hosts Brooke Burke and Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro and Brooke Burke will return as hosts. Each weekly segment will also now feature guest appearances by celebs or rockers. "Friends of mine, like Slash, Macy Gray, Moby and Rob Zombie, will join us and throw in their two cents about who should stay and who should go," Navarro said.

Lee released his third solo album two years ago and starred in NBC's "Tommy Lee Goes to College" last year. Newsted left Metallica in 2003, forming the band Echobrain and performing for technothrash band Voivod. Clarke has worked with various artists since GNR split, including Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravitz.

Mark Burnett, David Goffin, Lisa Hennessy, Dave Navarro, Tommy Lee and Carl Stubner will executive produce the second season of "Rock Star." Conrad Riggs and Eden Gaha are co-executive producers.

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Why is Tommy Lee still considered famous? God, he grinds on my last nerve! :angry: I wonder if this show is going to be as staged as his "Tommy Lee Goes to College"? Just sign up for your two weeks on Surreal Life and call it a day.

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'Rock Star' Gets Supersized


Motley Crue Drummer Tommy Lee

Forget about Van Halen or Alice in Chains. The latest act auditioning singers on CBS' "Rock Star" technically doesn't even exist yet. And that's the way producers like it.

For the talent contest's second season, the network is offering the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for wannabe J.D. Fortunes to join Supernova, a new band composed of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke.

In case you missed it, Fortune was the Canadian crooner who was tapped to be the new face of INXS on Rock Star's inaugural run last year and has since collaborated with the Aussie rockers on their new album, Switch, fronted a sold-out tour and helped them to a career revival.


Guns N' Roses Guitarist Gilby Clarke

Hoping for an encore, CBS and uberproducer Mark Burnett agreed to do a second series. But producers soon found themselves in a quandary after several singer-less, big-name bands, including the aforementioned Van Halen and Alice in Chains, reportedly passed. Alice in Chains drummer Sean Kinney told MTV News recently that the group turned down the offer and will audition singers on its on.

So, instead of finding a band in need of a singer, the "Rock Star" brain trust decided to build one from scratch. They recruited some of the best known metal mavens to form the would-be supergroup Supernova. That's not to be confused with a mid-'90s SoCal punk-pop band of the same name that scored minor success with a tune called "Chewbacca" from Kevin Smith's "Clerks."

"I've toured with both Gilby and Jason," Lee said in a statement. "They're incredible musicians and I've always wanted to play with them. Starting a new band with old friends on worldwide television is going to be a blast, and we're going to pull out all the stops to find the most charismatic and musically talented lead singer to front Supernova. I love breaking the rules."


Returning Rocker Suzie McNeil

There will be a few minor tweaks to the format this season, including expanding the number of contestants from 15 to 16, and--as Burnett told Toronto's London Free Press--inviting back some of the first season's finalists to compete a second time around (word has it, Toronto native and fourth-place finisher, Suzie McNeil, has already been asked to return).

"This is a new thing. It's never been done before," said Newsted, who cut his teeth with Metallica before quitting the band in 2001. "We're going to break new ground musically and on television. The anticipation is building in me every day. This is a supergroup in the truest sense."


Hosts Dave Navarro and Brooke Burke

Dave Navarro, former axe man for Jane's Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Brooke Burke will be back as cohosts. They will be joined each week by various celebrity guest musicians, or as Navarro put it, "friends of mine like Slash, Macy Gray, Moby and Rob Zombie" who will "throw in their two cents about who should stay and who should go."

Of course, the big difference between this season and last is that Supernova doesn't have any recording history, meaning the winning singer will have the chance to help launch a band. "The winner of CBS' Rock Star will not only play in huge stadiums before sold-out crowds, they will do it alongside legendary musicians from three of America's biggest, all-time rock bands," Burnett said.

After putting out his third solo album, "Tommyland" and starring in his own reality series for NBC, "Tommy Lee Goes to College," Lee most recently rejoined the original members of Motley Crue for a successful reunion tour.


Metallica Bassist Jason Newsted

Newsted replaced original bassist Cliff Burton in Metallica in 1986 and went on to record six albums with the legendary headbangers. He then bolted and lent his bass to the underground thrasher outfit Voivod and also formed his own band, Echobrain.

As for Clarke, the former Kills for Thrills fret man is best known for replacing original rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin during Guns N' Roses' troubled "Use Your Illusion" world tour in 1991. He was fired by Axl Rose in 1994 and subsequently released three solo albums and became a member of Slash's Snakepit.

The new season of "Rock Star" debuts this summer--CBS hasn't announced a specific premiere date. The newly formed Supernova will record an album after the show's run followed by a world tour in early 2007.

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I still think next season is going to be a Van Hagar frontman search.

Instead of finding a replacement frontman for Van Halen, they should find someone to replace David Lee Roth on his new radio talk show host gig. The show is unlistenable. Just because someone can talk non-stop doesn't mean they can host a talk show. The guy talks in circles and contradicts himself by the end of the sentence. He makes up analogies that make no sense. Laughs at his own stupid unfunny comments. He thinks he knows everything and most of the time sounds like an idiot. I can't stand him.

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I cannot wait for the new season to begin, this is a real talent search show!!!!!!!!! But if they are going to bring back a former contestant they need to just bring them all back lol I loved them all and I just don't think another batch will do as well, lets hope they pleasantly surprise me :)

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When they do the elim shows, what are the contestants going to sing if this is a "new band"? Will they have their picks of Motley Crue, Guns & Roses and Metallica songs? It will be like Rock'N'Roll Kareoke. Awesome. Maybe if Chris from AI gets the boot, he can be on this show. A true reality show cross-over.

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When they do the elim shows, what are the contestants going to sing if this is a "new band"? Will they have their picks of Motley Crue, Guns & Roses and Metallica songs? It will be like Rock'N'Roll Kareoke. Awesome. Maybe if Chris from AI gets the boot, he can be on this show. A true reality show cross-over.

I always thought Bo would've been better on this show and now that you've mentioned Chris I'm seeing it. I can't wait, was there a start date???

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Courtesy of: MTV, NEWS

Tommy Lee Hopes 'Rock Star' Finds Dangerous, Scary Singer

04.20.2006 6:00 AM EDT

'Why is it that hot chicks never can sing?' drummer wonders on search for Supernova vocalist.


Tommy Lee

Photo: Patrick Riviere/ Getty Images

Wanted: someone who can sing, scream and scare Tommy Lee.

That's what it takes to be the lead singer of Supernova, the drummer's new all-star band with Gilby Clarke and Jason Newsted

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Supernova calls Rock Star 2

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Courtesy of: FOX REALITY

Rock Star Supernova Premieres July 5

May 8, 2006

by Joe Reality

Rock Star: Supernova returns for its second edition with two weekly broadcasts, beginning with a special premiere on Wednesday, July 5 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), followed by another special broadcast on Thursday, July 6 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) before moving to its regularly scheduled Tuesday (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) and Wednesday (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) time periods the following week.

This year's edition will feature an all-star line-up of rock musicians who will join forces to form the new rock super group, Supernova. The new super group will use this summer's Rock Star: Supernova as the competition to determine their new lead singer. Members of Supernova, featuring drummer Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Jason Newsted (Metallica) and Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses) will take over couch duty with returning co-host Dave Navarro to judge the rock singers. Co-host Brooke Burke returns for stage introductions when the hopeful vocalists begin the quest to become Supernova's new lead singer.

The winner will record an original CD with Supernova, to be co-written and produced by Butch

Wagner (hit songwriter/producer for Avril Lavigne and Pink), that will be released in the fall before the band embarks on a world tour in early 2007.

ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA is produced by Mark Burnett Productions. Mark Burnett, David Goffin, Lisa Hennessy, Dave Navarro, Tommy Lee and Carl Stubner are executive producers. Conrad Riggs and Eden Gaha are co-executive producers.

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I'm not sure if this will be able to top the original.

However, I will probably watch .. since I liked the first season.

And cause I like rock music more than pop ..

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Courtesy of :

'Rock Star: Supernova' Finalists Are Ready to Roll

Winner will become the new frontman for Supernova

June 23 2006


Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke and Jason Newsted, 'Rock Star: Supernova'

On Friday (June 23), CBS unveiled the 15 finalists who will compete in the latest season of the reality series "Rock Star."

Titled "Rock Star: Supernova," this season's contenders will be competing for the chance to join drummer Tommy Lee (Motley Crue, random sex tapes), bassist Jason Newsted (Metallica) and guitarist Gilby Clark (Guns N' Roses) in the newly formed Supernova.

Following the September finale, Supernova will record an album with the winner. A fall release and worldwide tour will ensue.

Last season's winner was 31-year-old Canadian J.D. Fortune, whose first single with INXS, "Pretty Vegas," helped push the band to its highest-charting debut ever.

Here are this season's "Rock Star: Supernova" finalists:

  • Zayra Alvarez, Dallas
  • Dana Andrews, Augusta, GA
  • Magni Asgeirsson, Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Jenny Galt, Vancouver, BC
  • Jill Gioia, New York
  • Matt Hoffer, Chicago
  • Storm Large, Portland, OR
  • Josh Logan, Manchester, NH
  • Chris Pierson, Atlanta
  • Patrice Pike, Austin, TX
  • Toby Rand, Melbourne, Australia
  • Phil Ritchie, Ocean City, MD
  • Dilana Robichaux, Houston
  • Lukas Rossi, Toronto, ON
  • Ryan Star, New York
The special 90-minute premiere episode of "Rock Star: Supernova" will air on Wednesday, July 5, followed by a second special the next night. The following week, the show will move into its regular Tuesday and Wednesday slots. Last season's performance episodes averaged about 6.3 million viewers (the finale drew close to 8 million), while the results shows drew about 5.4 million.
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Loved the show tonight... I have a lot of favs, haven't memorized their names yet. So, I'll have to get back to you on that. But, the tall blonde girl, that strummed her guitar at the knees... yuck! Hope she's the first to go.

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Rock Star: Supernova

by David Steed

July 5, 2006: Rock On!

Rock on friends, Rock Star: Supernova has arrived! No one knew what to expect from the first season, which I guess is why it started off so poorly. This year we know the format, we know that Dave Navarro has the verbal skills of a fourth grader, and we are very aware that Brooke Burke is sizzling hot. So it's down to a different band and different faces to sing along.

I was completely planning on starting a section each week called "The Dave Navarro Cheese Factor" for all the lame things he says on the show. Ninety minutes later, though, I realized he has nothing to say anymore other than, "Dude, you rocked" or "Nice curves, sweetie."

Dave certainly has passed the lame torch on over to Tommy Lee, though. Between his constant vain looks into the camera and his calculated slam of the microphone on the table, he's certainly hamming it up for the show. I don't even have enough time to wonder when Jason Newsted of Metallica fame lost his cojones and became a corporate-rock pansy. Gilby and Butch seemed like the only real people up there (we'll get to the awesome Gilby quote soon). But you know what, shut the camera down and I'm sure it will be all about the music.... So let's get to that.

The Best of Week 1:

Storm Large rocked to start off the show. Her version of The Who's "Pinball Wizard" was "super dope" according to Dave Navarro, and for once I agree with him.

Toby Rand has the looks of a rock star, and the chops as well. His sit-down rendition of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" was just plain cool. I can't wait to hear what he does with a true rocker.

Josh Rogan, who has one of the best voices of all the males competing, took a great Black Crowes song and turned it loose. He reminds me a lot of Adam Levine, the frontman for Maroon 5. I can't see him standing eye-to-eye with Gilby Clarke, though.

Dilana scares me. Those eyes! Those crazy, demented eyes! I felt as if the devil was staring at me right through my TV screen. Maybe I was possessed at the time, but what I heard from her was easily the most unique voice and presence this show has seen, and far and away the best performance of the night. Kurt Cobain would be very proud.

As an '80s fan, I still to this day think Billy Idol is a god, and Lukas Rossi took my love for "Rebel Yell" to new heights. Let me take a minute to give a big "hell, yeah" to the House Band on this one, too. Man, that rocked.

The worst of Week 1:

Magni is a pop star in Iceland. Looking like a grown-up Moby, this guy walked around stage like he was singing an Ashlee Simpson song. This is a rock group, dude.

Zayra Alvarez's voice is either unique or terrible. I lean toward terrible, but others will inevitably disagree. Her Puerto Rican accent might work for some bands but has no place in Supernova.

Phil Ritchie not only doesn't look the part but took one of my all-time favorites, "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour, and oversung most of it. Phil just had no energy up there.

Then we come to Chris Pierson. If you watched the webisode on Monday, you would have seen Chris complain about how hard the classic "Roxanne" was to sing. So instead of challenging himself, he reworks the song because it didn't sound modern enough. What? Dude, it's one of the best songs ever written. Not a dang thing needed to be changed. He butchered it so bad it was unrecognizable. Gilby Clarke summed it up best when he stated to Chris, "Unfortunately, that one sucked." Rock on, Gilby. That was easily the most honest moment of any in the short history of this fine television show.

And here's what's upcoming:

1. Chris goes home tomorrow. He has to, as there was no excuse for him tonight.

2. My very early prediction for the overall winner is... Toby. I think Lukas will be on his tail and the smokin' hot Storm will finish in the top three. Of course this could change immediately should I go back and watch Dilana again.

3. One of those bigwigs at CBS is sure to tell Tommy Lee to not give the middle finger to a contestant on live TV

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Rock Star: Supernova

by David Steed

July 6, 2006: Her Name is Rio and She Dances on the Sand

On the way home from work tonight I decided to pop in M

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