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Big Brother Australia - News - Week Three

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No Food, No Food...

Since they didn't pass last weeks clown task, they lost their shopping money. Bet they won't put 100% of their shopping money on this weeks task!!

At 1030, John is called in to see BB. He comes out with a letter and gets everyone out of bed and into the dinning room. The letter says that they have failed last weeks task so no money. However, not all HM failed the task. Camilla and Anna were in the Revenge room and did not participate in the clown task. So they did not loose their part of the money. They have $35 to spend. But only they can use the items purchased.

After much discussion, they tell Krystal, the "Shopper/Chef" that they want Chocolate, Green Tea, Coffee and Apples.

Krystal goes into the store and gets the items that they wanted and with the little left over get some juice, some butter and some vegemite.

The rest of the HM are envious of the treats that the 2 girls have but realize that that's the breaks of the BB house. Krystal is really envious of the "Coffee!!"

To make matters worse, at 1856, while Ashley is cooking rissoles (meat twists on the BBQ), he tastes them. BB is quick to point out the violation of the Shopper/Chef rules. "Only the Shopper/Chef may taste items being prepared for meals until it is properly served!" According to this rule, even though he is assisting Krystal in the preparation of the meat, only she may taste it until she deams it ready for serving.

BB has Ashley place all of the meat on a plate and deliver it to the diary room. No meat tonight!!! Ashley's comment is "That's bulls**t!!"

At 2000, it's time for nominations again. BB warns them that they must be consise in their reasons for nominations. Unlike last week, he will not except vague reasons. If they are not clear they will be punished!! Everyone makes it through the process.

After the first run through, Karen, Krystal, Camilla and Dino are up for eviction. Dino exercises his Friday Night Games prize and takes 3 point off of his total and this leaves just the three girls up this week.

Most of the HM agree that Karen should be the one to go since she is only in the house for the money.

Here is another of the photos of Krystal in the new issue of Ralph magazine, no on sale..


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I am watching the AU live feeds for the first time and find this format BY FAR more interesting and entertaining then the US version that has so much boring down time. Get a clue CBS!

Did anyone catch what color level they would reach to fail the water tank challenge?

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Mikey, Mikey, The Lies You tell!!!

Michael has been given the task of getting at least 8 HM to nominate him next Monday. Here is the story he has been telling the HM in an attempt to gain their sympathetic vote/nomination as told by the BB website team

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Intruder Alert, Intruder Alert!!!!

We now know that on Tuesday Night on a special live show 3 Intruders will be entering the house!!

They are:


Danielle: A 18 year old girl from South Australia. Big Brother says: "Danielle is very beautiful and very confident. She has had an interesting but difficult upbringing, and can be judgemental."


Robert (Rob): A 26 year old mate from New South Wales. BB says: "This guy is bitchy, funny, noticeable and competitive. Rob likes to be in control of his emotions. He's a bit flamboyant."


Jade: 19 years old, also from New South Wales. BB says: "Jade is very open and wants to win. She has little tolerance for stupid people. Jade says her best qualities are her looks and intelligence."

We will be learning more about them after they enter the house...


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