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American Idol Season 17- Top 5: Mother's Day and Elton John


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Who  will fight for the dramatic finale next Sunday? Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. Voting closes in the last commercial break of the night. Say hello to Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry. Last week they used the only save of the season on Laci Kaye Booth. Your Top 5 are Laine Hardy, Wade Cota, Madison Vandenburg, Alejandro Aranda and Laci Kaye Booth. The top 5 have 3 songs each to win your votes. 

 The first songs of the night are picked from our in house mentor Bobby Bones. The song Bobby picked for Wade is You are the best thing by Ray LaMontagne. Bobby tells Wade you are soul machine so show us some soul. Wade puts his soul into it as he sings. Katy says she is so happy that sometimes we get pushed past our comfort zone, Bobby took you there and you met the challenge. Luke says he likes the way he didnt try to over do the song, very easy to listen to. Watching you grow week to week is great. Lional says when they first met they didnt know if he could do it, now he is on his way to something huge. Ryan asks Wade how he felt when he first found out about his song. Wade says he was upset. 


 Next up is Laci, the song Bobby picked for her is The House that Built  Me by Marissa Lambert. Bobby says Laci has been doubting herself, this is her sound and her story. Laci takes the stage, the audience is waving their phone lights. (it looks like twinkle lights). Luke says he is glad they saved her. Its hard to come back knowing America didnt save her. You give us style and grace. Lionel says that every once in while you find a song that fits your style. that fit you perfectly. Keep focussing on what you are about. Katy says the stakes are at fever pitch, the only way to win this show is to take chances, you just took a huge chance, keep taking chances. Ryan asks her how she felt about being saved, she says she was shocked. 


 Alejandro is up next, the song Bobby has picked for him is No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley. Bobby is curious to see how Alejandro does  with popular songs. Alejandro takes the stage, the audience cheers and waves their hands over their head.  Lionel says there are words to describe you, I like to use the word diamond. You understand what it means to take a song and make it you. Katy says she just saw you in real time step into power. This is going to be a real interesting last two shows. Luke says you commanded that vocal, as long as you don't change you are going to change music. Ryan asks if he was surprised that was his song. Alejandro says not really, its Bob Marley.


 Next up is Laine, the song Bobby picks for his Can't You See by Marshall Tucker Band. Bobby says the challenge is every one knows this song, is excited to see Laines spin on the song. Laine takes the stage with the audience clapping over their heads. Katy says lets pretend that you dont win this show, she wants to see that fight even more, that guitar is your girlfriend....treat her GOOD. Luke says the shoes and pants are his girlfriends too Way to make it funky. Lionel says the shoes are kickin it. What you have to do now is give us attitude. Ryan asks Laine how long he has had this new girlfriend (guitar) Laine says 2 days. 


Next is Madison, Bobby chose the song What About Us by Pink. Bobby says he picked this song because sometimes Madison holds back and you cant hold back with Pink. Madison takes the stage and the audience is waving their hands and clapping. Luke says those notes and movements, she almost levitated, we are noticing you interacting with the audience more, keep digging. Lionel says with a voice like that at 17 and ready for show time, I can't image where your going after finale, those last 2 notes you hit were amazing. Katy says its happening right now before our very eyes, the end of the song was like some crazy musical talent, if you put that out in the first 30 seconds you're going to win. Ryan asks if she has a connection to the song and Madison says yes. Bobby says they all did what he hopes they would do. 


We are switching gears to round 2 with Elton John. Elton John says we all appreciate what it takes to make music, he is honored to have his music on the show.  Wade starts us off with Rocketman.  Lionel asks who he is? He has gone from the guy who is not quite sure to ,kickin Rocketman. He took a song that was difficult for him and he played with it, thats who you win on this show. Katy asks if he has 2 pairs of glasses, Wade says he has 5. Katy says she likes how he plays with us. Luke says he should have kept the sunglasses on all the time, he had goosebumps, even his whisper was a thousand years old. Ryan says get your votes in. 


 Laci is next up with Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting. Katy says you are not just one thing you are every woman thats all inside you, you keep bringing every girl out  and we like it. Keep doing it. Luke says way to come out here and liven up the crowd and show us the new thing. Lionel says never in his wildest imagination did ever think that song could sultry and sexy. Just do you. 


 Alejandro is next with Sorry Seems to  be the Hardest Word. Luke asks if he has been holding back, he is owning the night. Rap your head around being a ginormous star please, there is no other way around it. Lionel says Elton would say he killed it. We are learning something about you we didn't know before. The skies the limit, love it. Katy says when she was growing up music spoke the language of feelings, I am so sad right now but that's ok you decided to play in this competition and it shows. 


Madison is up and sings Your Song. Lionel says he got into the song writing business because he wanted to be like Elton John. You came into this competition with a bat to knock every body out. Katy asks if you ever had a cheeseburger with ketchup and mustard? it was nice but you just gave us the ketchup and mustard!! Luke says we have to focus on your vocal and range. Lionel asks ketchup and mustard? Katy says and maybe some Thousand island! 


Last up in our second round is Laine singing Something About the Way You Look Tonight. Katy asks if he went to a voice coach. He says yes ma'am. Katy says it shows, you pushed yourself and its paying off. Luke says yeah, we heard you singing tonight, you look like Frankie Valli Lionel asks if he has been in his closet. You have that look, that style, that sound and that's called a winner. Ryan say the shoes are 4K and we have to give them back, there is a diamond on the heel. Lionel says those arent from my closet.


Time for round 3. Wades mom reads a letter Wade wrote to her and his step-dad. They are his heros. He sings Hard Luck Woman to them. Luke says if this journey got him to this point so he can show them this love it was worth it. Great performance, one of the better ones. Lionel days you were born enough now you have to recognize that power inside you and go for it. Katy says she is so proud of him, he has come so far and its just the beginning. 


Lace's hero is her mom Debbie, she sings Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. Lionel says its so refreshing to see that the decision we made, you are coming along great. That was fabulous. Katy says that was a great song choice, I am not a mom yet but I feel like everyone's mom. We love every single one of these contestants like they are our own children. Luke says you have so many lives to touch. That was a beautiful rendition of that song from top to bottom.


 Madison's hero is her mom Denine. Madison sings Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan. Katy says that must have been so difficult, you're singing it to your mom, I would have been crying. Luke says 3 words...power house. oh that's 2 words. Lionel says he is going to use 3 words. Vote, Vote, Vote. 


Laine chose his older brother Kyle as his hero. Laine sings Hey Jude by The Beatles. Luke says party with the harty. Great job Laine. Lionel says I think that is my jacket and vote America vote. Katy says that was super cool, you got this, thank you for coming back and agreeing to do this all over again. Ryan says the power is in your hands America, get out there and vote. 


Alejandro's hero is homie George Lewis Jr aka Twin Shadow. His song is an original titled Blesser. Lionel says what America is watching is a phenomenon, this guys is unbelievable. Katy says stays humble man. Luke says I am not liable to be a judge judging you, I'm just your champion.  


All of the contestants are on stage. Who will compete in the finale? Ryan asks them what they will do if they go home. Lionel says none of them are going home, you are all going to work, this is the best group ever. The first person in no particular order is Laine. Also competing in the finale next week is Madison. The finale person to get a home town celebration and compete in the finale is Alejandro. We say good bye to Wade and Laci. This is your finale right here--Laine, Laci and Alejandro!! Good luck to all of them.

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