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The Amazing Race 31-Leg #4

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We start in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Becca and Floyd are first to depart at 2:47 am. After making their way through the busy streets, they will have a chance to cool down at Snowtown Saigon. Nicole and Victor start at 3:36 am and they are teeter tottering between a TAR team and a BB team. Nicole says they have to survive a U-Turn or something to be considered a TAR team.


Colin and Christie leave in third at 3:46 and they like being in the top of the pack, but not necessarily number one. Tyler and Korey leave in fourth, with Corrine and Eliza leaving in fifth. They really want to hang in there and show Survivor teams can race too. Janelle and Britney head out in sixth, with Rachel and Elissa right behind.


Becca and Floyd arrive at Snowtown and they don’t open until 6:30 am and it’s only 5:10. The teams race in to find the clue and they all grab sleds and there is a polar bear holding their clue. Becca and Floyd are the first to get their clue. Britney took out the polar bear on her sled ride down.


They must make their way to College Transportation Central. Chris and Bret have a speed bump and they must fill up a cooler with snowballs and transport them to College Transportation Central in Ho Chi Minh City. Eliza and Corrine are upset with Rachel and Elissa because they said Rachel and Elissa pushed them out of the way to get the cab. Rachel and Elissa say Corrine and Eliza tried to steal their cab but their driver said no.


Chris and Bret are making their snowballs and they have to be a certain size and compact. Bret says it wasn’t as easy as real snow because it was very cold and the polar bear was taunting them. Becca and Floyd, Janelle and Britney, and Colin and Christie don’t have a cab. Tyler and Korey don’t have a cab either. Corrine and Eliza’s driver seems to be lost and stops to ask for directions.


Victor is looking at the traffic and says this is remarkable. Eliza says this is insane. Leo and Jamal are currently in first and it’s a road block. The road block is called drive yourself crazy and the teams will have to get certified to get their motorbike license. They have to go through a series of obstacles to get their next clue. That’s what you call a road block.


Jamal is doing it for their team and he’s on his first attempt. Elissa is going to do it for their team. Both Jamal and Elissa fail their first attempt. Jamal is going the wrong way and Elissa can’t stay between the lines. Tyler and Korey and Janelle and Britney are still looking for a cab. Colin and Christie are also looking for a cab. Becca and Floyd call for a taxi and are waiting. Bret and Chris are finished with their snowballs and they are off in last place.


Chris and Bret realize other teams are still looking for a cab and they find one along with Becca and Floyd. Nicole and Victor arrive and Victor is doing the test. Jamal is on his sixth attempt and he has passed the attempt. Jamal and Leo are in first and they will make their way to Binh Quoi Village and search for their next clue. Elissa has completed the test and they are off in second.


Chris and Bret have arrived with their snowballs and they give them to the bear. Eliza and Corrine also arrive and they are in fourth. Chris and Eliza are doing the motorbike test. Victor has completed his and they are out in third. Eliza is terrified of the motorbike. Becca and Floyd have arrived with Colin and Christie. Becca and Colin are doing the challenge. Janelle and Britney have a cab and Tyler and Korey are still looking for one and getting frustrated.


Tyler and Korey have finally found a taxi and they are relieved not to be running through the streets anymore. Chris is on his second attempt but he’s made a mistake. Becca is on her first attempt and she fails. Christie says they have a dirt bike for their son and Colin recently got one for himself. Colin is on his first attempt and he completes it and they leave in fourth place.


Janelle is going to do the test for her team because she’s done ATV’s before. Jamal and Leo have arrived at their next clue and it’s a detour. In irritation, they must paddle and deliver some fish. In irrigation, they must build a water wheel under the watchful eye of a farmer. Leo and Jamal are going to do irrigation. They look at the example and they get started.


Rachel and Elissa have arrived and they are also doing irrigation. Tyler and Korey have arrived at the roadblock and Korey is going to do it for their team. Chris has passed his test on the fourth attempt and Becca also completed hers. They head out in fifth and sixth. Corrine is telling Eliza not to get in her head. Eliza touched a line and she failed again. Korey is out and he fails. Janelle has failed on her third attempt and she falls off the motor bike.


Nicole and Victor think they passed where they are supposed to be. Colin and Christie have arrived and they are doing irritation. They both paddleboard so they knew they were going to do that. Victor and Nicole are going to irritation too. Nicole says people were in their way and they were kind of obnoxious and Victor splashes water back at them.


Leo and Jamal are making sure the angels are correct and trying to tie them correctly. Rachel and Elissa say it’s hard to tell from the clue which option might be harder and they thought since they were moms they could build it. Eliza is on her fifth attempt and she fails. Janelle is stressed and she’s on her fifth attempt and she’s going a bit slower and she has completed the challenge and they are off in seventh place.


Leo and Jamal think they are done with irrigation and they ask for a check. They forgot to fill their bucket with water so they aren’t done. Rachel and Elissa have a couple things wrong and they have to change things. Christie is telling Colin to focus and not play and they have to get out and go over a bridge and they are still moving along fine. Nicole and Victor are a little behind.


Leo and Jamal are still filling their bucket. Rachel and Elissa realize one of their bamboo pieces is wrong and they don’t fix them all yet. Korey realizes Eliza and Corrine are still there and they just have to pass one team. Korey has completed the test and they are off in eighth place. Eliza tells them good job and she’s getting emotional. Eliza is out for her seventh attempt and immediately touches a line. She’s crying because she’s nowhere near passing hers. Corrine tells her to keep trying and she’ll get it.


Eliza is feeling frustrated and Corrine says she rides bicycles and she’s really athletic. Becca and Floyd do irritation. Colin and Christie have reached the traps and they empty the fish into their basket, but don’t take the trap. Victor and Nicole get their fish and their trap. Chris and Bret do irritation as well. Becca and Floyd are at the bridge and struggling to get the boat over.


Christie is re-reading the clue and she thinks they need the trap so they turn around and go back. Leo and Jamal think they are almost there with their wheel and they get a check, but they still need more water. Rachel and Elissa drop something so they have to go back for another tie. Corrine says she’d be worse and she can’t even be mad. Eliza says she finally pulled it together and she knew she had her partner on her side and she completed the test. Corrine and Eliza leave in last place.


Becca and Floyd make it to the traps and get their fish and basket. Victor and Nicole deliver their fish and they get their clue with Colin and Christie are right behind. They have to run to Phil in Tam Vu Park. Nicole and Victor and Colin and Christie work together to find it and are running. Janelle and Britney decide to do irritation. Tyler and Korey decide to do irritation also.


Leo and Jamal get a check again and they are good and they are out in third place. Rachel and Elissa ask for a check and it’s still not good. They don’t understand what they did wrong and they talk about switching. Elissa tells Rachel to try one more time. Chris and Bret are at the traps and they get their fish and trap. Becca and Floyd are making their delivery and they are off in fourth place with Chris and Bret making their delivery behind in fifth place.


Colin and Christie separate from Nicole and Victor and they are starting to look for Phil. Victor is encouraging Nicole. Colin and Christie hit the mat in first place and they win a trip for two to the Dominican Republic. Christie says it’s been 15 years since they won a leg of the race, there’s still room for growth. Nicole and Victor hit the mat in second. Victor says Nicole is an amazing partner and they are learning to work with each other.


Rachel still thinks they should switch detours and it’s still not good because the ramp is not touching the bucket. Elissa wants to try one more time and Rachel wants to switch but Elissa talks her into staying. Janelle and Britney reach the fish and traps. Tyler and Korey reach their fish and traps. Korey sliced his finger and they pass Janelle and Britney. Tyler says Britney is amazing him and those two are killing it and they are the ones not paddling.


Tyler and Korey make their delivery with Janelle and Britney right behind. As they head out, Corrine and Eliza arrive and they do irritation. Leo and Jamal are getting frustrated because they can’t find Phil. Chris and Bret hit the mat in third place. Chris says they needed this and they killed it today. Becca and Floyd arrive in fourth place. Floyd says he’ll take fourth place over elimination any day.


Rachel and Elissa have figured out their wheel and they have to fill their bucket with water. Corrine and Eliza fall in the water. Rachel and Elissa are wondering if they are the last team. Corrine and Eliza reach their fish and trap and they have to go back. Rachel and Elissa are still filling their bucket and they think they are in last place. Corrine and Eliza seen them when they arrived but they don’t know if they are done yet.


Rachel and Elissa are still filling their bucket and Rachel is frustrated. Corrine and Eliza are still struggling with their boat. They are looking for who to deliver their fish to. Tyler and Korey hit the mat in fifth place. Leo and Jamal finally find Phil and they are in sixth place. Rachel is complaining and says she’s covered in blisters. They need a little bit more and ask for a check and they have it and they are off in eighth place. Elissa sees Corrine and Eliza and realize they aren’t done. Corrine and Eliza make their delivery and they are off in last place.


Janelle and Britney finished in seventh place and Phil says Janelle carried the team and Britney says she did. She took out a polar bear and that’s all she did. Rachel and Elissa and Corrine and Eliza are both racing to Phil. Rachel and Elissa hit the mat and they are in eighth place and Rachel says the race isn’t over yet and Corrine and Eliza come up as Rachel is saying they are blessed and Eliza says they are not blessed. Corrine says they gave it everything they have and they feel like what they had wasn’t enough and that’s a low feeling.


Eliza says it’s even worse because they lost to Rachel and Elissa. Rachel says they respect them as racers and women and they are strong. Eliza says she was irritated and she wanted them to get out of there with their fake BS and Eliza never wants to see them or talk to them ever again. Eliza and Corrine go off to the side and Eliza is crying. Eliza says she didn’t want to cry in front of them, she hates them so much. Corrine says this will be the last time they see her because she won’t be attending parties with any of these people.

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