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My Name Is Slackers


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There are four teams remaining, and the Amazing Race is getting tense. The Oldsters are gone, leaving two pair of guys and two couples. Who will be eliminated next on The Amazing Race!

Berth, Austrailia on the edge of the Indian Ocean. This was the site of the last pit stop. Slackers were the first to arrive, and depart at 11:47pm, to the Swan Bells tower. Everyone is on edge, MoJo and the Hippies, they say. They are focused on the Final 3. MoJo leave a minute later, no holds barred, a lot at stake. MoJo borrow a cell phone to call a taxi. Dudes leave at 11:56pm, discussing how they are just playing the race and not deceiving anyone. They said MoJo would be yielded if they did not leave them any money and they will.

Slackers and Dudes wait for a bus as MoJo's taxi arrives. MoJo called 2 taxies, and Dudes are left out. They borrow a cell and call a taxi. Raylanda leaves at 12:23pm. Yolanda thinks they are growing and learning about each other. They quickly get a taxi. MoJo arrives and the the Swan Bells are closed until 8am. They ask if there is a cheap place to stay and the taxi driver offers his place for free. They are not amused as the taxi driver laughs. The other teams arrive. MoJo are on a tight leach, and Eric does not let Jeremy out of the house.

Dudes hope to point out to Joseph that Eric has been flirting with Monica to try and drive a wedge. The teams all request taxis, planning on needing to go somewhere. Slackers call to cancel the Dudes and Raylanda's taxis, and give their own reservation under a fake name. Dudes are the first up the tower followed by Raylanda. They have to fly to Darwin, Austrailia. Then they drive to a crocodile farm, and wade into a pool of crocs for their next clue. Dudes and Raylanda look for a taxi.

Dudes get into a taxi, but it is MoJo's. They and Raylanda are looking for their taxis. Slackers taxi hasn't arrived either. Raylanda calls again, and finds out it was cancelled. Raylanda blames it on MoJo because Slackers are still there. It is personal now. Dudes find a taxi. Raylanda get their taxi. Slackers still looking for transportation. It is Karma biting them in the arse.

They finally find one at a hotel, but laugh that Dudes and Raylanda think it is MoJo. MoJo unaware both Dudes and Raylanda plan to get even. MoJo arrives at the airport and tries to get a flight. The agent asks what is it worth. They say a million dollars. The agent asks what is in it for him. They say a kiss. Dudes arrive followed by Raylanda and tell MoJo that Slackers said MoJo cancelled their cabs. Dudes talk about how Monica and Eric are buddy buddy. Everyone is nervously laughing.

All teams get onto the same flight, arriving at the same time. MoJo first into their car, followed by Slackers, Dudes and Raylanda. MoJo arrives first, but it is closed until 9am. The other teams arrive. There are a lot of bugs. Dudes say they are attracted to Monica just like Eric. Joseph can't stand the Dudes. Morning arrives and the teams rush into the crocodile park. The sign says Crocs will bight. The clue is hanging over the middle of the pool as the teams strip into waiders and receive instructions not to step on the crocodiles, no sudden moves, and do not put their hands down to the water.

Each team has their own pool. They are actually pretty small crocs. Dudes first to grab their clue. They have to drive to Batchelor and search for an airfield. A yield is ahead, the 2nd of two. MoJo second to get their clue. Slackers 3rd to get their clue. Raylanda in last place. Dudes agree to yield MoJo. MoJo expects they will, so they are passing them. They are going over 120 so Dudes decide not to try and pass back. They arrive at the same time and Dudes are first out of the car, arriving at the Yield first. In front of MoJo, they yield them. Roadblock. One team member flies to 12,000ft and tandem sky dives down.

Monica is upset that the Dudes beat them. Slackers arrive, and say they will get the Dudes for MoJo. Raylanda arrives in 3rd place. MoJo still whining (but not crying). Dudes say if they were yielded they would feel awful. That doesn't stop them from rubbing it in. Dudes and Slackers take off, followed by Raylanda. Joseph tries to cheer up Monica, but she doesn't want him to talk to her. Dudes first out of the plain, screaming tattow. The chute opens and BJ comes down. They must now drive to Litchfield National park and find the Magnetic Termite Mounds. The clue will be somewhere among the mounds.

Dudes make sure they stayed at arms length as they passed MoJo. Jeremy tells Yolanda that if she wasn't with Ray she would be in trouble with him. The Yield ends and Monica heads up into the sky. Eric is the second to jump. He lands and Slackers head for the next clue. Raylanda completes the Road Block in 3rd place. Dudes find the park and the termite mounds and begin searching. They find the clue box and worry about the termites eating their peg legs.

Detour. In Wet, teams drive to a road side park and hike/swim 1 mile down a jungle river with spiders and poisonous plants. In Dry, teams drive to an intersection and then go off-road to the Lost City rock formation. They choose a Didgeridoo and following the sound locate a nearby Aborigine. If their Didgeridoo matches the Aborigine's, they get a quick lesson and then their next clue.

Dudes choose Wet. Monica jumps from the plane, in much better spirits for the experience. She lands and they head for the magnetic termites. Slackers arrive and get the clue. They choose Wet. Raylanda arrives and gets the clue. They choose Dry since Yolanda can not swim. Dudes arrive at the river, change into their hiking gear (life vests) and are warned to stay in the river bed at all times. Slackers arrive and change. MoJo arrives at Litchfield Park and stop for directions. MoJo fret that they are 40 minutes behind and hope to recover on the detour. They call the Dudes sleezy.

Slackers chase Dudes along the river as MoJo arrives at the termite mounds. They choose Dry and head for the Lost City. Raylanda arrives at the Lost City and pick their Didgeridoo. They follow the music looking for an Aborigine. Their Didgeridoo does not match. Dudes getting tired swiming, looking at the giant spiders. Slackers come up on the giant spiders. Raylanda finds their second Aborigine and match their Didgeridoo. They stop for Ray to learn how to play his Didgeridoo; Ray makes rasberry noises but starts to get it. Yolanda catches on quick. They get their next clue to the pitstop, trhough the Austrailian Outback to Lake Bennett. Yolanda says Ray does not need a Didgeridoo to make those noises.

On their way out, Raylanda, in first place, pass MoJo on the way in. Dudes continue swimming, followed by Slackers who are worried at their time. They spot the Dudes ahead. MoJo arrives and selects their Didgeridoo. They match on the first attempt and get their Didgeridoo lessons. They get their clue in 2nd place. They think they picked a good detour. Dudes arrive at the end of the trail and get their next clue, in 3rd place. Slackers are right behind in last place. Dudes changeand are off in the car first. Slackers are right behind. The resort is not on the map.

Raylanda arrive, tumbling down the lawn. They are the first to arrive and win each a 1 year lease on a Mercedes M-Class like they drove during the leg. Ray asks if it will be on the right side, or left like in Austrailia. Both are happy. MoJo have a map with Lake Bennet which they got when they stopped earlier. Dudes are keeping an eye on the Slackers behind them. Slackers top for directions. MoJo thinks everyone is in front of them. MoJo are right behind Dudes, Slackers ahead of Dudes. All three teams right together. Slackers flip off Dudes. They find Stuart Highway. Dudes stay behind Slackers. Slackers and Dudes realize Raylanda is ahead of them.

All three teams turn into the resort. Bumper to bumper, it is going to be a food race. MoJo says she can't beat the Dudes. Phil waits at the pit stop. The teams park. They get out and start running. Slackers are the 2nd team to arrive, followed by MoJo and Dudes in last place. Phil has to sort it all out. Slackers 2nd, MoJo in 3rd, and Dudes in last place. They are not eliminated, however, and are both still in the race. They lose their money and posessions. BJ is without shoes (which is probably why MoJo beat them).

MoJo said that Dudes were starting rumors and playing ugly. Dudes promise losing their clothes is like shedding their cocoons and metamorphasizing into new racers.


Who thinks BJ losing his shoes will be a real hardship, and wonders if MoJo will find out that they were actually set up by the Slackers...

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It looked to me like BJ would have beaten Mo, if he hadn't tried to take that short cut. Probably due to the fact that he had no shoes, it was a little tough and slower than he thought. It looked like the was well ahead, but he probably wasn't able to run as fast as he usually does, since he had no shoes.

But at least I didn't have to go through the happiness of thinking Mojo was gone, only to find out it's a non-elimination leg. And, of course, it's fun because it has to tick off the other teams!

Sheeesh -- for a pretty girl, Mo can sure pull some UGLY faces!!! :P

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