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The Hanso Foundation


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You guys DEFINITELY have to check out the new site! It's filled with lots of interesting and mysterious bits of information to keep us entertained...and guessing...all summer!

Some things to look for:

Newsletter sign-up: Freaky, freaky! And just who is Persephone, besides being a goddess who was abducted from her mother, that is?

Oh, and if you want to know the secret password to sign up for the newletter it's

breaking strain . Shhh! Don't tell anyone... B)

Joop's page: watch Joop for quite awhile....you WILL see someone or ones...just keep watching :blink: . And then go to the "mental health" page- doesn't the first guy look like the Dr.?

Also, you must leave Joop a message and see what happens....this must be why the password is

breaking strain :huh: .

Alvar Hanso Bio: Was this guy a personal guinea pig for the life extension project? He was an adult in WWII...that would make him HOW OLD now??

Girl on the opening page: What is the Asian connection anyway? Is she any relation to Candle? Her mouth isn't in sync with her talking, just like his wasn't in the hatch video....hmmm...

Additional Observations: I thought it is very interesting that Africa seems to be mentioned quite a bit on their web pages...Rwanda, Zambia....health station...it makes me wonder even more about the guy Bernard took Rose to see in Africa :unsure: and if he is linked to Hanso/Dharma/Widmore/?

Anyway, have fun and make sure to post under this thread (thanks, Jem!) if you discover anything else, ok? :)

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Has anyone called the phone number from the Hanso commercial yet? I didn't write it down in enough time so I've been waiting for someone to post it on one of the LOST boards. I'm wondering if it was just for people to get the password or if there was something else...

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I'm on the phone with them now,

It's an strange little voicemessage/ auto attendant.

press 1 for General Information (press and you get a French message that's hard to hear, then a fake Sprite commercial and a "This is Verizon mailbox..." message"

Press 2 for Alvar Hanso

Press 3 for Thomas(?) Middleberg

Press 4 for High Macintyr

Press 5 for Peter Thomas

I haven't pressed 2-5, yet

After everything they say, they finish with what sounds like "MSB" or "Namaste", I couldn't understand.

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Thanks for the phone number! I called it a few times and it's pretty interesting. For a great site that is compiling all the significant clues for "The LOST Experience" go to:


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Here are the letters from the Hanso Letter that you see on some parts of the site. I got these from cubit.net when I could actually get online there.



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More 'Lost' than ever

The hit ABC series rolls out a game to enhance the viewer experience. If you can find it, that is.

By Maria Elena Fernandez, Times Staff Writer

May 5, 2006


The important numbers on "Lost" may be 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42, but 44 was the key on Wednesday's episode: That was how many commercials aired before the Clue finally came in the form of an ad for the show's dubious Hanso Foundation:

"Since the dawn of time, man has been curious, imagining all that is possible," intoned a smooth male voice. "The Hanso Foundation, reaching out to a better tomorrow. Discover the experience for yourself. Call 877-HANSORG."

And thus the launch of the new "Lost Experience," an alternative-reality game based on the show that provides fans with a network of leads and clues to further explore the mysteries of the "Lost" island. But just try reaching that Hanso man.

If you weren't already confounded by Jack and the gang, and that vexing island, trying to get through on the phone certainly could send you over the edge. ABC and 19 other networks across five continents launched the "Experience" Wednesday (it will run through early fall), but it hit Europe first, and when the web postings went up, desperate Americans started dialing international phone numbers in a race to be the first to discover the game's first location. Some got through; others were saddled with disappointing busy-busy-busy signals.

"We were blown away," said Steve McPherson, ABC's president of prime-time entertainment. "It opened in Europe first and the lines just absolutely exploded, shut down several times, with a huge portion of the callers calling from the United States. In hindsight, you would want more and more and more [lines]. But we had a lot. We anticipated a good response, but this response has been overwhelming."

About as overwhelming as the clues themselves. We claim no expertise here, but we're in the business of sharing, so here's where the "Lost Experience" has taken us, so far:

  1. hf.jpg

Call 877-HANSORG and you will hear a recording offering five options:

GeneralAlvar HansoDr. Thomas MittelwerkHugh McIntyrePeter Thompson.Who are they and what did they have to say when you called them? For us, nothing, because it's been busy ever since. But that's what the web is for.

The devoted folks at thelostexperienceclues.blogspot.com have provided transcripts of all the Hanso phone messages, while followers from thetailsection.com have posted audio versions of the same. There is a Hanso Foundation news release and other confusing clues that involve using "breaking strain" as a password, a woman named Persephone, an address for the Hanso Foundation that appears to be in Denmark, and a job posting on Monster.com, which a British fan has deciphered on the-lost-experience.blogspot.com. The job involves making new software for test subjects and product testing.

From thelostexperienceclues.blogspot.com, we also glean that thehansofoundation.org is where we need to go next. There are executive bios, a mission statement, a link about a life-extension project involving a 105-year-old orangutan named Joop, and hypnotizing music. If you sign up for a newsletter, the foundation writes back letter by letter, much like Walt's computer chat with Michael earlier this season.

A posting Thursday on thelostexperienceclues.blogspot.com reveals a new tidbit about thehansofoundation.org and shows how seriously fans are taking this experience:

"In Active Projects / Electromagnetic Research Initiative there is a picture with the caption 'Early Morning Hours of October 28, 2001.' The photo is of the northern lights. A Google search of October 28, 2001, will get you a first result of a NASA page with photos of the northern lights acting up on that day. The photo of Alvar Hanso is captioned as being taken on October 28, 2003, at a humanitarian or diplomatic venture. A Google search of that date brings up a presidential press conference and then a NASA page on a Solar Storm."

What does this mean, and more important, what does this have to do with ABC's top-rated series?

We expressed our confusion to ABC's McPherson. He laughed. He also sympathized and shared that he himself is feeling a little lost.

"I'm going to get a tutorial this weekend," McPherson said. "I'm in the middle of [pilot] screenings. My plate is full right now. Luckily, I've got a tutor, so it will be a private lesson."

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Another thing to watch, with regards to the LOST Experience game, is the website:


It supposedly will offer clues as well. For the last week it has been slowly adding dots and yesterday it said it had a bar that said "ready". Today the words are gone and the bar has moving stripes. You can't click on it yet, but when you scroll over it you get a dot...

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Heres another mystery clue...Has anyone seen Mission Impossible 3? I found this by accident while looking for clues to the oceanicarlines mystery.....

This picture is from the Mission Impossible 3 credits. After the credits in the "Special Thanks" section one of the companies is Hanso Foundation.

If anyone goes to see Mission Impossible: 3 wait till the end of the movie. Special Thanks are given to The Hanso Foundation.

:blink: OMG Jem...That is totally spooky! I just posted the very same thing seconds behind you!

Are you in my computer?? :unsure: LOL

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I'll have to go check that out, nemille!

There also is a new update at oceanicairlines.com...

Comes up:


Incorrect time




and then screen goes white...

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Heh, heh...yeah, it was time for a change. Out with the BIG baby feet-in with the smiling frog who looks like he is thinking about the next LOST episode B)

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I found you another froggy Kayo. It has a big ole toothy grin. Animated...but I'm not too good at getting them to animate! Ask Jem...lol...Maybe you can try to.

Anyone checked the Hanso Foundation Site today? I couldn't get it to come up for me.

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The site works for me. It's the gremlin again. :blink:

Cherokee, you'll have to email the frog to me. Animation stops when you upload it to the board :lol:

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SO COOL, Cherokee- Thank you! :D Thanks to you too, Jem :D
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