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Episode 13 : Call the Whamulence!


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A final-four celebration turns ugly when one castaway gets upset and divides the camp, and at the reward challenge accusations and insults fly between two players. Jeff Probst is the host.

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A Final Four celebration gets ugly when one Survivor blows up and quickly divides the camp.

Sparks fly between two Survivors and accusations and insults leave everyone on edge in one of the most intense Reward Challenges yet.

To put his new Final Two strategy in place, Terry needs to win one more individual Immunity Challenge. Can he win his sixth straight Immunity?

The Survivors know that the next Tribal Council will be the last time the hidden Immunity Idol can be played. How will this affect their strategy?

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If Terry wins the next immunity challenge, he can use the immunity idol to bargain with, possibly giving it to Danielle to secure her spot in the final three, and possibly getting Aras voted out. I think in the final two he would beat either Cirie or Danielle. I think Aras could beat Terry, though, if it came down to those two.

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I don't think Aras could beat Terry.he hasn't yet.But I do like the whole Terry using the hidden immunity to save someone getting Aras voted off.

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Terry hasn't been in the loop at all. Not even when he promises to use the idol. I can't figure out why they don't believe him!

Eventually they will have to catch onto the fact that Cirie is stirring things up! Terry should approach her again.

Or maybe they know Terry's time is running out for use of the idol!!!

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Cirie leaves this week... She loses in a fire starting challenge tie breaker... It's between her and Danielle... There is a voting stalemate...
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OK Guys... Wolfy and I talked last night and she asked me to post today if she didn't get a chance to last night... So I will post what we talked about... All the work this time was done by her, because I wasn't home in time... She did VERY good this time around, and proved something everyone else was thinking is wrong... I will show this...

OK On the promo from the last episode we saw that there was going to be a pretty physical reward challenge... There was a spoiler out before the show started this season that Aras got hurt and had to have stitches... Both Wolfy and I believe that his getting hurt may happen in this challenge...



Also as you can see Cirie appears to be helping Aras... We believe this challenge will be done in teams... Aras and Cirie vs. Terry and Danielle... The winners will get to take a trip to the Panama Canal, we believe Aras and Cirie wins RC... We believe that the picture of Terry and Danielle talking the one where she says it's now the right time for me to align with Terry, from the promo from the last episode, was taken on exile island... Therefore we believe that BOTH Terry and Danielle are exiled this week...


OK For the IC... the first part looks like it's a race to a sand pit where the Survivors will have to dig up some puzzle pieces... here is a picture of part of the IC...


Here is another picture where you can see that in this one Terry has JUST started digging in the sand, Cirie is just jumping into her pit and Aras appears to be ahead of them in digging, we can't see Danielle...


Here is a picture of Terry getting his bag of puzzle pieces...


That leads us to who wins immunity this week... Well, here's the shocker... IT'S NOT TERRY... Want proof? Here ya go...


So as you can see Aras has the immunity necklace on... There is no way this can be a recylced clip... No-one has had the necklace other than Terry... So we know that Danielle joins with Terry this episode, so what I think will happen is this...

Aras and Cirie now knows that Terry has the hidden immunity idol so don't even try voting for him (they could vote for him and him pull out the idol and they have to revote) So Aras and Cirie vote for Danielle, and Danielle and Terry vote for Cirie and that causes a tie... Because it's a tie they have to have a tie breaker, which will be a fire starting challenge... Cirie loses...

So the F3 are Danielle, Terry, and Aras...

Now for the F3 challenge...

Here you can see that this challenge will be a wall climbing sort of thing...


OK from what we can figure out the Survivors will have to move pegs to make foot and hand holds to move up the wall...

Terry is placing his close so he doesn't have to stretch...


Aras on the other hand is placing his futher apart...


At this point we see that Aras gets his shirt caught on o ne of the pegs, up until this point we see that Aras was ahead of Terry...


Here you can see that Aras is slipping futher down and Terry has caught up with him...


So what does that mean? We believe that Terry wins the F3 immunity and picks Aras to take with him, cause as you can see from these pictures Danielle isn't even seen... We believe that Terry will stick with the plan he talked about with Courtney and Danielle to take the most deserving person to F2...

There you have it folks... This is what Wolfy and I believe will happen from this point on in the show... We aren't saying who we think will win, just that we believe the F2 to be Aras and Terry...

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