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The Amazing Race 31-Leg #3

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We start in Luang Prabang, Laos and they are flying to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. They book their flights using a mobile device and they will all being flying south to Vietnam. When they land, they must pick up a packet of herbal remedies and that will be their next clue.


Tyler and Korey are talking about starting in seventh and Becca and Floyd talk about how they felt bad for U-Turning them. They want to form an alliance with Tyler and Korey. Chris and Bret say they are the old team in the race and they want to try and run with the pack today. Rachel and Elissa apologize to Becca and Floyd and give a peace offering. Becca and Floyd say they are seeking revenge and it’s more competitive. A Big Brother alliance is formed and Victor says they will only trust them so far. The Afghanimals want to win the race and they don’t care about the others at all.


The teams have all arrived in Vietnam and The Aghanimals are looking for a good taxi. They are all headed to the House of Vietnamese Medicine. Jamal and Leo are arguing with each other. Becca and Floyd say things are fierce on the streets in Vietnam and they remember the last time they were there. Tyler and Korey are the first to arrive with Colin and Christie right behind. Thy have to find the doctor and Becca and Floyd have arrived.


Colin and Christie are the first to find the doctor. We’re at a detour. In Reel It In, teams will have to catch eight prawns. In Light it Up, teams must try and stay in step and light it up in an electrifying performance. Corrinne and Eliza are at the House of Medicine and the Afghanimals are coming out and they play dumb and act like it’s not the right place. Corrine and Eliza say they are liars and they head inside. Chris and Bret are in last place.


Colin and Christie, Becca and Floyd, and Rachel and Elissa all arrive at Light It Up and beginning learning the choreography. Becca went to performing arts camp and did a lot of theater and Floyd was in marching band so they are ready for this. Christie says Colin felt good, but learning choreography is not one of her strong suits. Rachel and Elissa were cheerleaders and Elissa says she teaches different sequences in her yoga class.


Tyler and Korey arrive at Reel It In and start fishing. They have to bait a hook and then cast it and wait to catch eight prawns. Nicole and Victor arrive at Light It Up. Becca and Floyd think they are ready and they are the first to make an attempt. Floyd is excited and says this is his dream. The judge stops them and says no and he says they need more energy and power and they begin their second attempt.


Corrine and Eliza are complaining about their driver. The Afghanimals seem lost. Janelle and Britney arrive somewhere and Britney says they crashed a wedding. The Afghanimals show up and ask if it’s the right place and Britney says no, it’s a freaking wedding.


Janelle and Britney and Jamal and Leo head back out. Tyler and Korey are still fishing and the locals are helping them by telling them when to pull their line. They don’t know how to unhook it and the locals tell him to open the mouth. They have 1 out of 8. Becca and Floyd are on their second attempt and they have completed the challenge and it’s a roadblock.


Who’s read to tune out? They have to learn a few lines of a song in Vietnamese and perform it. Rachel and Elissa make their first attempt and they failed and have to try again. Colin and Christie try and they also failed. Nicole and Victor are up for their first attempt. Tyler and Korey are discussing maybe switching detours just as Korey catches a prawn. Corrine and Eliza have arrived to catch prawns.


Eliza asks if Tyler and Korey have caught anything and they say 2. Tyler and Korey start singing to the shrimp and Eliza feels like she’s doing nothing. She says fishing is a game of patience and she doesn’t have that. Chris and Bret are practicing their choreography. Rachel and Elissa are attempt two and they fail. Leo and Jamal arrive. Victor was off so they have to try again. Victor says it’s a little harder than they thought it would be.


Eliza has caught her first prawn and she’s celebrating. Corrine gets snapped at and the locals laugh. Corrine is yelling at Eliza to get the hook out of the mouth. Corrine is bleeding. Tyler and Korey think Chris and Bret must be lost. They are struggling and talking about the dancing being hard. Colin and Christie are on their fourth attempt and they are done.


Nicole and Victor on their third attempt and they get it. Leo and Jamal make their first attempt and they don’t get it. Janelle and Britney also fail on their first attempt. Tyler and Korey catch another prawn and Corrine gets one too. Tyler and Korey need two more and Corrine and Eliza need 3 more. Corrine and Eliza catch up and pass Tyler and Korey.


Becca and Floyd have arrived at the karaoke place and Floyd is doing the roadblock. Becca says the crowd was filled with people. Floyd says the biggest challenge was having the rhythm of the words down. Leo and Jamal and Janelle and Britney each fail their fourth attempts. Rachel and Elissa are on their 16th attempt. Elissa doesn’t think she can do it and Rachel remembers dancing Bollywood last time she was on the race. Chris and Bret decide they need to make an attempt and Bret is freaking out and Chris is telling him to calm down.  


Chris and Bret are on stage for their first attempt and they are out of sync and they fail. They immediately decide to go fishing. Corrine and Eliza have caught their last prawn and they go get their clue. They are in currently in fourth place. Chris and Bret arrive and Tyler and Korey need two more.


Floyd is ready for his first attempt at karaoke and he gets it. They must go to the pit stop at Ho Thi Ky which is a bustling market. Colin is going to perform the karaoke and Christie goes to dance. Chris catches his first prawn and Korey catches one. Tyler and Korey need one more. Tyler gets one and Tyler and Korey have completed the detour.


Bret says they should have come to the fishing first. Rachel and Elissa have finally completed the detour and they are in sixth place. Janelle and Britney are on their sixth attempt and they get it and are in seventh place. Leo and Jamal are the last team and we see their 17th, 18th, and 19th attempt and they are getting tired.


Victor has arrived at the karaoke and he’s going to perform. Chris and Bret have another prawn and they finally complete and are in eighth place. Eliza is going to do the karaoke for their team. Eliza decides to be loud so Victor decides to go ahead and give it a try. Colin heads out to try after Victor and Eliza says this is insane. Victor gets the clue and they are in second. Tyler is doing the karaoke for their team.


Colin is up for his first attempt and he doesn’t get it right so he has to try again. Leo and Jamal are on their 27th attempt and they have finally completed the task and are out in last place. Rachel is going to perform the karaoke for their team. Rachel and Tyler are helping each other a little. Colin tries again and he gets it. Becca and Floyd are trying to cross the street to find the pit stop and they find Phil and they have arrived in first place. They have won trip for two to the Bahamas.


Janelle and Bret are doing the karaoke for their teams. Janelle and Rachel decide to work together. Eliza is off for her first attempt and Tyler is waiting for his turn. Eliza messes up and she has to practice some more. Tyler attempts his and he completes it. Eliza tries again and she got it this time. Britney says it’s hard to watch other people leave.


Victor and Nicole are at the market and they are team number two. Victor says you really learn a lot about your partner. Colin and Christie arrive and they are team number three. Janelle tells Rachel the Afghanimals are still behind them. Chris says you can’t ever count them out because they could show up and nail it on the first try.


Leo doesn’t even practice when he arrives and he makes his first attempt and fails. Bret tries, followed by Rachel and they both fail. Tyler and Korey hit the mat in fourth place. Janelle has completed and Rachel does right behind. Corrine and Eliza have arrived at the pit stop in fifth place.


Bret tries karaoke again and he fails. Jamal makes his next attempt and they complete. Bret completes it next and all remaining teams are off to the pit stop. Janelle and Britney hit the mat in sixth place. Chris and Bret tell their driver they are in a race and The Afghanimals are on their way too. Rachel and Elissa arrive and Janelle yells at them to help them find the mat and they are in seventh place. Leo and Jamal run up while they’re still on the mat and they are in eighth place.


Chris and Bret run up and hit the mat. Phil says all good things must come to an end, but he’s pleased to tell them this is not an elimination. They will have to complete a speed bump on the next leg of the race.


Next time on the Amazing Race, teams brave a Vietnamese moped school and tension escalates between some teams.

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