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BBUK: Launch details revealed

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Channel 4 News has revealed the seventh series of Big Brother will begin on Thursday 18 May - a week earlier than expected and a departure from it's traditional Friday night start.

The series is expected to run for 13 weeks with 16 housemates moving in. The start has been bought forward in reaction to increasing competition against Big Brother - most notably from ITV who plan to air a celebrity version of The X Factor and a second series of the awful Celebrity Love Island.

It's Thursday night start should help ratings as in the past viewers tuning into the Friday night premiere have switched off the next day, with Saturdays attracting the lowest ratings of the week throughout the year. Friday night is Big Brother night - and I'm sure Big Brother will have something up his sleeve for day two!

A pregnant Davina McCall will be back to host the series - but if she doesn't last the full 13 weeks BBLB presenter Dermot O'Leary is expected to take over.

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The newly rumoured logo for BB7:


Reports that six housemates have already gone into lockdown (in France), including a music teacher who producers believe is the favourite - due to being the most normal of the housemates.

Other rumours seem to basically based on things that have happened abroad -

  • Fines - like in Australia, money will be deducted from the jackpot for rule breaking
  • Tarantulas - as in Belgium, Big Brother will send in dozens of tarantulas - with HMs having to collect them all
  • This one's original I think - the house will be fitted with infra-red cameras to capture the fear of the HMs when Big Brother randomly cuts the power and plunges the house into darkness
All rumours - all probably won't happen. The article goes on to say that as expected the show will launch at 9pm on Thursday 18 May.
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Rather than watching the entire two hour premiere of Lost for a one-second glimpse of the Big Brother logo (seriously, what's the point in Lost when the producers announced he plans to drag it out for EIGHT years!) I thought I'd share a few things from the BBUK rumour mill.

The only thing confirmed now is the logo (see previous post) and the start date - Thursday 18 May - with the show running for 13 weeks.

So let's take a look at some rumours - and their likely hood!

The latest rumours... Heat magazine, probably the most "official" of all so called "official" Big Brother publications, officially revealed the BB7 logo this morning - and threw a few random rumours into the mix.

They suggest a celebrity will be joining the regular housemates in the house.

Personally, I think this rumour is just based on Big Brother putting a "nobody" like Chantelle into the Celebrity Big Brother house earlier this year - and adding a celeb to the regular series wouldn't really do anything to boost it!

Their other main report is that the Big Brother housemates will be split in to two teams, with BB6 winner Anthony and mother of his child Makosi (who should be due around now!) captaining the rival teams as they compete to survive!

Absolute rubbish is my response - Big Brother never really acknowledges the past contestants and tries to avoid comparisons between current and ex-housemates! I doubt the rumour Chantelle will also be in the house will be true either!

International Rumours A couple more rumours flying round - though there seems little justification other than they've been done abroad!

The first is that like Australia, we will introduce fines for misbehaviour, with money knocked off the jackpot for each offense.

Actually this is probably one of the more likely twists as over recent years there has been a twist to the jackpot each year.

After four years stuck at the strange sum of

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Davina has confirmed a few things about Big Brother 7 this morning in an interview with, well This Morning!

She has confirmed the series will run for 13 weeks, beginning on 18 May and ending on 18 August. Bringing the show forward a week has been pretty last minute - she had to cancel a planned holiday to do it!

Crucially, there is about a month clear between the end of the series and Davina's due date - 14 Sept - but she seems quite willing to have the baby at Elstree studios if required - though not on TV!

She also hinted that Big Mouth may air more than three nights a week this year. When talking about her workload, she said she's lucky as she just does Fridays - it's Dermot and Russell you have to feel sorry for as they are in everyday!

Davina also denied reports that housemates will be able to discuss nominations this year - but said a touch of evil will remain, though they see it as important to balance it with a bit of comedy too!

Also, earlier on Radio 1 she revealed the bathroom would be a "sociable place to chat" with a bath, shower, toilet and two urinals!

P.S. Davina looked gorgeous in blue this morning - so come on, less black on eviction night please!

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Some interviews:

Interview: NARRATOR Marcus Bentley

How did you land the job as the Big Brother narrator?

Going back to June 2000, the producers were putting the final touches to the show, and they

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The first flash of the eye appeared on TV last night - though for just a split second!

Images of the garden have now appeared in the press. The outdoor lounge and spa area has been removed and with a new pool in the centre of the bigger garden, plus an outdoor bar.

The big rumour though is that one housemate will be selected at random through a Golden Ticket competition. 100 golden tickets will be placed in special packs of Kit Kat allowing the holder to enter a special draw to win a place in the house, with the winner revealed in a special show two weeks into the series.

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I found this Brekkie Boy, the big rumour seems to be true.

Britain's "Big Brother" tries Wonka ploy to find contestant

By Jeffrey GoldfarbB

Fri May 5, 6:54 AM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - "Big Brother" is trying to find its very own Charlie Bucket, hiding golden tickets in KitKat bars that will win the finder entry to the hit reality TV show's house.

It is the first time a member of the public will be chosen at random to participate in the UK programme, which generates big TV audiences and tabloid headlines for contestants.

There will be 100 golden tickets placed in KitKat bars distributed to 40,000 British retail outlets starting at 10:30 p.m. on May 18, Britain's Channel 4 said on Friday. The competition ends on June 2 at 10:20 p.m. .

The winners, following thorough background checks, will be invited to a live TV broadcast where one of them will be chosen at random to enter the "Big Brother 7" house. "We are always looking at new ways of trying to find brilliant housemates and the golden ticket feels like a genuinely exciting way to do so," said Angela Jain, Channel 4's commissioning editor for "Big Brother."

Ripping a page from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and its famed chocolatier Willy Wonka is the latest in a long string of stunts tried by the show's producers.

On the last series, a non-celebrity fooled a houseful of C-list stars into believing she was as famous as they were, and ultimately won the competition by surviving eviction.

Originally shown in the Netherlands in 1999, "Big Brother" has become a global sensation despite widespread derision for the program's voyeuristic premise and giving celebrity status to people often lacking any noticeable talent.

The show, created and produced by Endemol, is also credited with spawning the new age of reality TV. Nestle owns the KitKat brand.

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Brekkie... I am here for ya! I have been around here a couple of years but never really post much. Plus I never really got into the countries BB but this year I am really getting into it! Keep posting I am enjoying it!

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Alot more info out today with the official press release:

At last the show will be in widescreen, with the main show airing everynight for an hour at 9pm. Davina will host the live evictions on Friday through to the live final on Friday 18 August - if she doesn't give birth! She's doing a home birth so will take her birthing bag to the studios and give birth in her dressing room if neccessary, but if she doesn't hold out BBLB presenter Dermot O'Leary will step in!

The house this year is going for the "Inside Out" theme - there is wallpaper and carpets outdoors, with grass, concrete and garden furniture inside! All rooms in the house are surrounded by glass - so you can never hide from the HMs. It's also said to be the smallest house so far - yet with the most housemates!

The shows logo also apparantly contains a secret code.

If you look at the logo and keep about an arms length from it

1. Slowly rotate the logo clockwise and stare at it for at least 20 seconds

2. Take the piece of paper the logo's on away and look at a white coloured wall or a white piece of paper

3. The secret message should now be visible on that as a trick of the eye

To see the other message simply tilt the logo counter clockwise.

It's the second time a secret code has been hidden in the show's graphics - in BB5 a message hidden in the titles read "Who said life was fair".

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An interview with host Davina McCall:


The following interview is available free for reproduction in full or in part.

Think of Big Brother and several things might spring to mind: Jade

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