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Big Brother Canada Season 7-Double Eviction 2

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This season, it’s been a picture perfect existence for the Pretty Boys. They’ve dominated the game like no other alliance in BB Can history. Anyone who stood in their way was disposed of, but now are they too cocky? Are the cracks becoming too big to cover up? Tonight, it could all fall apart in the panic of the double eviction. Can the Pretty Boys continue their total domination, or will a new contender rise and take control? Tonight, it’s anybody’s game on Big Brother Canada!


Arisa welcomes us to the 200th episode and tonight is a double eviction. Tonight, either Este or Mark will be headed to jury and as we’ve seen in double evictions in the past, anything can happen. Let’s check in to see what happened after another dramatic POV ceremony.


We pick up at the POV ceremony on day 52. Mark says the entire trajectory of this week has been masterminded by The Pretty Boys. This is perfect and it throws suspicion off the alliance and he’s just coasting along in the game. Este says being on the block sucks and she knows for a fact she has Dane and Damien’s vote. Now she just needs to make sure she has Kyra’s vote.


Kyra says they’d been working close with Adam, but they were pulled into a 5 person alliance with Adam, Dane, Anthony, and Mark so it’s good to keep Mark and get rid of Este. Kyra then makes the sign of the Pretty Boys and says they are part of something. Adam says he is in an alliance with the Pretty Boys, but he wants to go to the final 2 with Dane. Dane and Adam talk about getting Damien to vote Este out. Dane says Este is going this week, but he doesn’t want to be one of the votes to get rid of her.


Adam says he’s been in the house for 52 days and they get bored and creative and he’s created a doll out of aluminum foil and her name is Angela. Kyra says Adam has gone a little crazy. Adam says she likes soccer, shopping, and she likes beer. Anthony says Adam has had his highs and lows, but since Sam has been gone he’s completely lost it.


Este is talking to Kyra and Kyra says being a have-not has taken a toll on them. Este says they are struggling. Este asks Kyra if the plan is the same because she hasn’t talked to Adam. Kyra thinks the plan hasn’t changed and Este says for the following weeks she does have Kyra’s back. Este says she knows she has Dane, and Kyra, and she thinks she has Damien. Kyra says they think Este is alright and they go to the WC.


Adam and Dane are talking to Damien and Adam says who do you want out and who are your ride or dies and they laugh. Adam says they need to make sure the boys are safe next week so he wants to get close to Damien. Dane says let’s say we keep Mark how can we make that happen? Damien says he doesn’t trust Mark, he’s lied to his face, and he’s legit tried to get him out of the house. Adam is pitching an all guys final and Damien says it would be cool. Este comes in and says she needs to change and Adam and Dane say bedtime. Este asks if they were talking about her and were they trying to get her out. Dane and Adam say yeah and Damien says you better start campaigning and she says stop. It sucks being on the block three times in a row.


Arisa welcomes us back to double eviction night. Yesterday, we finally seen Damien pull himself off with his first comp win. Damien has a ton of support back home in Nadleh Whut’en, BC. We meet Sue and Johnny, Damien’s mom and dad. Emma is Damien’s girlfriend and she says the prettiest boy is not part of the Pretty Boys. She’s been watching the feeds and she misses him.


Sue says seeing Damien being the first HG voted in was really fun. Johnny says this game is going to learn a little more about honesty from Damien. Sue says when he was first on the block, she was like omg and him being on the block for the fourth time she’s tired of it. Emma says he’s been on the block four times and he hasn’t’ had a single vote against him and that speaks to his social game. Clearly, he’s doing something right.


We see his brother and he says it’s great to see Damien playing with integrity. Tamar and Pamela, Damien’s sisters, are in a huge crowd of people to cheer for Damien. We hear someone drove four hours to be there. Charlie, his niece, thinks it’s awesome to see him on TV. We see the crowd from home watching Damien win the POV competition and they all cheer. A local child says Damien shows him he can do anything. Emma says in her dream scenario is Damien wins HOH and puts up Adam and Dane and one goes home. And that’s what’s happening!


Arisa says let’s head back inside where BB gave the agents a chance to let loose a little. Este says it’s been a stressful day and they all head out to the hot tub. Anthony says BB has put food and drinks in the BY and most of them are on slop and he’s going to eat half his body weight. Dane says they’ve been in the house too long, it’s time to party! All the HG are in the DR and they are chanting party! Damien hears his song by his band, Kedah Clan, and he tells everyone. Damien says watching the HG dance to his music, let’s just say the game was chilled.


Este and Dane are in the DR hugging each other. We then see Este in bed in the HOH room and Dane joins her and they are making out. Adam goes into the HOH bedroom and says be careful what you wish for Dane! I seen that Estefania! They tell him to shut up and nothing happened and Adam leaves.


Mark is outside with Anthony and he motions Anthony over. Mark says Adam and Dane are snakes, does Anthony think he’s still good. Anthony says he doesn’t have to worry. If he catches a whiff that someone is going to be disrespectful or someone will approach him with such a question, he’d flip the house upside down. Mark says honestly, he only trusts Anthony. Anthony says the plan was four to the end, but along the way, two of them did some shady crap. Anthony says no one is going to do dirt, if they do he’s going to flip the house upside down. If they’re going to take Mark out, they might as well take him out.


It’s Day 54 and Dane and Este are talking. Este says if she goes home this week she will be so mad. Dane says you aren’t going home, Mark is. Dane says he knew this day was coming and it’s not easy letting her go and Canada, it’s not easy to see someone you like go. Dane says when Este finds out that he hasn’t been 100% upset with her then she might be upset with him and never want to talk to him again. Este tells Dane it just sucks that people might be lying to your face.


Time to get to the first eviction of the night! Este says the person next to her put up three people last week and didn’t care if any one of them went home  and he’s been playing for himself and hopefully they are sticking to the plan to get him out. Mark loves each of them and he want to know if they really think he’s an impediment in them winning the prize then can they raise their hand. No one raises their hand and he says I didn’t think so, do the right thing.


It’s time to vote!

Anthony votes to evict Este.

Damien unfortunately votes to evict Este.

Kyra votes to evict Este.

Dane votes to evict Mark.

By a vote of 3-1 Este has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Este hugs Mark and Adam and Damien and then hugs Dane as she heads up the stairs. She says she loves them and blows a kiss and heads out.

Arisa asks Este if she was blindsided and she says yes. 100%. She had no idea. She was nervous yesterday and today. When she heard the numbers she thought maybe it was ok. Arisa asks why she didn’t campaign harder and she says she was just worried she was just paranoid. Arisa asks if maybe she depended on Dane too much and she says yeah, but she felt like he had a say in the house.


Damien says he has no idea what’s going on in this house, they can’t stick to a plan. Dane says she has one of the biggest hearts he’s ever seen and he knows their friendship will last. Dane says he was 99% loyal to her and he did keep a secret and he makes the Pretty Boy sign and he says it did mean something. Mark says the backdoor plan was his and Adam says the backdoor Mark plan was never a real plan and he tells her he was in an alliance with The Pretty Boys with Dane, Mark, and Anthony.


Este is on the way to the jury house and it’s time to let everyone know it’s another double eviction. Arisa lets the HG know about the double eviction and instructs them to go to the backyard for the HOH competition!


Time to get to the HOH comp! Each HG will take a shot on a giant pool table and their ball will land on a score. The HG with the highest score will win HOH. Mark is first and it lands in 2. Damien is up next and he scores a 6.


Dane is up and he says a big cue for a small guy. Dane hits 13 and is now in the lead. Kyra is up and they score 3. Anthony is up and he says I love you mom and scores a 9. Dane has won the HOH!


Dane and Kyra talk and Kyra says if he needs to put them up as a pawn, it’s ok but they don’t really want to go up. Damien comes in next and hugs Dane and he says Mark or Kyra. Adam is next and says there is no reason for a PB to go up. Dane says Adam needs to win veto. Dane says if he puts up Damien he will be mad at him. Pretty boys though!


Arisa calls the HG to the LR. Everyone comes in and Arisa says she knows it’s happening quickly but they need to know who he’s putting on the block. Dane nominates Kyra and then says it’s really tough and he nominates Damien. Damien does not look happy. Damien says how did you guys swindle this one? The POV competition will be up next!


So far tonight, Este has been evicted, Dane won HOH and nominated Kyra and Damien. It’s time for the POV competition. This challenge is called Balls Out and on go, they will race to get all of their gumballs out of their gumball machine by pushing them out the door. Once they are all out, run out and hit your button. The first one to empty their machine and hit their button will win POV!


They all seem to be making decent progress. Damien seems to be a little behind. Adam is close. Kyra has the least amount of balls out. Anthony has most of his balls out. It’s between Adam and Anthony. Dane is cheering them all on. Anthony has his last ball and is out and beats Adam by a few seconds. Anthony and Adam and Dane celebrate. When we come back, we will find out what Anthony will do.


We’re back for the POV ceremony. Anthony stands and he has decided NOT to use the POV. Kyra says if they think they’re beneficial in the game help them survive their second double eviction on the block. Damien says the boys have talked about it a lot and they have a chance to make history. Whatever happens, happens…cheers!


It’s time to vote!

Adam votes to evict Damien.

Anthony votes to evict Damien.

Mark says he got lucky last week, not this week. He votes to evict Damien.

By a vote of 3-0, Damien has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house! Damien looks a little shocked. He says he doesn’t know what to say and accepts a hug from the boys and Kyra hugs him and says it’s not a gender thing man. Damien says there’s been a lot of talk. Damien heads up the stairs and exits the house.


Damien is welcomed very warmly by the Big Brother Canada crowd. Arisa says she knows he’s smiling, but there is no way he could be happy. What is he feeling? Damien says he didn’t see that happening. He feels betrayed by the boys and his hockey brother. Arisa says you must know you’re a fan favorite because Canada voted for him to get two advantages. Damien says he’s so flatter and he’d keep on speaking, but he’s a little choked up. He says this is wild. Arisa asks what he’s going to remember from this experience? Damien says he’s a First Nations kid and they can dream big and have them come true. Arisa asks who he thinks will win and Damien says Dane will win.

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