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The Amazing Race 31-Leg #2

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We start in Tokyo, Japan for the second leg and Leo and Jamal are the first to depart. They are heading to Luang Prabang in Laos. They feel they have redeemed themselves in Japan and they want to get out fast. They say it only gets tougher and Big Brother and Survivor don’t know what to expect.


Colin and Christie are second to leave and Colin says they’ve grown a lot since they’ve been on. Colin says that attitude he had will not get him anywhere any faster and they talk about their meditation practices. Tyler and Korey are third to depart and they are honored they got to come back. They think Leo and Jamal will use the U-Turn them and Leo and Jamal say they smartest thing would be to get the stronger teams out.


Rachel and Elissa are fourth to depart and Rachel misses her husband, but her and Brendon were kind of intense and her and her sister are more mellow. Becca and Floyd leave in fourth and Nicole and Victor leave in fifth. Victor says they feel a little more comfortable and Nicole says not too much because when you feel comfortable that’s when you get out.


Rachel and Elissa want to work with Becca and Floyd to find where they get their tickets. Nicole and Victor arrive and see Becca and Floyd and they leave with them and Rachel and Elissa are left behind. Rachel says it’s a huge advantage to have people you know you can count on and now they know they won’t work with them.


Teams are arriving at the airport and Corrine says she hasn’t had any fun yet. If she had a funometer, it would be at zero. Eliza says they’ve learned from the mistakes on their first leg and they are ready to go. Rupert and Laura arrive and greet and hug Colin and Christie. Rupert tells Colin and Christie about walking around four hours. Chris and Bret are huge fans of Rupert and they want to advance some Survivors to the end. Rupert says they are not going to give up. They just want to beat one team each leg and knock that newbie out of them.  


It’s 5:00 am and a courier is arriving with the racers next clues. They will make their way to give alms to the monks. Chris and Bret decide to run and Leo and Jamal and Rupert and Laura take a taxi. Corrine and Eliza are running in front of the taxi that Rupert and the Afghanimals are in. Leo and Jamal are going to call Corrine and Eliza Team Snake.


It’s very quiet and a monk taps a bell and then rings it with a log. Monks come walking in a line with a pot and the racers are all sitting in a row. Colin says the monks are blasting out love and compassion to the world. They get their next clue and they have to make their way by foot to the big tree by the Mekong River and search for their next clue.


Elissa says she has a connection with Colin and Christie because they are very Zen and she’s a yogi. Rachel and Elissa work with Colin and Christie and they have found a U-Turn. Rachel asks Elissa who they want to U-Turn and it’s X2. Elissa doesn’t think they should and Rachel says they need to U-Turn someone and Colin says he and Christie weren’t going to U-Turn anyone.


Elissa and Rachel decide to U-Turn Becca and Floyd. Rachel says they showed they didn’t want to work with them so they decided to U-Turn them, it’s a game. We’re at the detour. ABC will force the racers to learn the Lao alphabet. The other choice is BBQ and they must prepare skewers to get their next clue. Leo and Jamal and arrive and are going to U-Turn Korey and Tyler, but Becca and Floyd just showed up so they decide to U-Turn Tyler and Korey. They weren’t surprised because they knew they were threats.


Janelle and Britney are arguing over which way to go. Britney says Big Brother didn’t prepare them for the exhaustion of the race. Tyler and Korey select a teacher and they will learn the ABC’s in Lao. They learned very quickly the language is very tonal. Leo and Jamal have found the market place with Becca and Floyd behind. They watch the demonstration, and then they have to find the ingredients, and then prepare the skewers.


Becca and Floyd and Leo and Jamal struggle to find the fish, but they finally find it. Tyler and Korey are still working on the alphabet and they are ready to try. Corrine and Eliza arrive at ABC. Tyler and Korey go into a classroom with children and say the alphabet in front of the kids and they get it wrong and the children laugh. They go back to practice some more.


Corrine and Eliza are practicing and Corrine says the letters sound like a Boston person saying everything. Rachel and Elissa and Colin and Christie have arrived at the market place. Leo and Jamal and Becca and Floyd are working on the skewer preparation. Corrine and Eliza are ready for their first try at the alphabet. The kids cheer for them and clap when they are correct and laugh when they are wrong. Corrine and Eliza make a mistake and they have to try again.


Chris and Bret have arrived at the market place. Becca and Floyd are calling Rachel and Elissa the evil twins. Nicole and Elissa are struggling with the butchery of the fish. Rupert and Laura have arrived for the alphabet. Tyler and Korey are trying again and they get it correct. Now they have to go do the other detour. Rupert says he saw no similarities between our ABC’s and their ABC’s. Corrine and Eliza are in for another try and they get it correct and they are currently in first.


Tyler and Korey have arrived at the market and Becca tells Floyd they must have crushed the other detour. Nicole says Victor is killing it, she’s so proud of him. Leo and Jamal are getting their skewers checked and they don’t have them tied correctly. Rupert and Laura are going in for their first shot at the ABC’s. The children laugh and they have to practice some more.


Leo and Jamal are back for the check and they are done, with Nicole and Victor right behind in third. Becca and Floyd are ready for their check and they are finished and they now have to go to ABC. Janelle and Britney are done and leave in fourth. Colin and Christie are also done.


Rachel and Elissa have to fix their skewers also and they start bickering. Becca and Floyd are at the other detour and they see Rupert and Laura and they feel better. Tyler and Korey ask Rachel and Elissa why they U-turned team Fun and they says they were behind them. Rachel and Elissa are done and Rupert and Laura have finished the detour. Becca and Floyd are ready for their attempt at the ABC’s and they get it done and are off.


Teams are on their way to an elephant village. Chris and Bret are in 9th place and they pass Rupert and Laura and they get passed by Becca and Floyd. Tyler and Korey are still at the market doing their skewers. Chris and Bret and Rupert and Laura decide to share a taxi.


Tyler and Korey get their skewers checked and they are done and leaving in last place. Leo and Jamal say they are cool with everyone except the Survivor girls. Corrine and Eliza seem to be lost and they see Leo and Jamal pass them and they go to follow them. Leo and Jamal hit the road block. Who likes to be in command? Laos has been called the land of a million elephants. Using only Lao commands, teams must convince a three ton elephant to cross a river and then search for a musician playing music.


Jamal is going to do the road block for his team. Nicole is doing it and she says she’s never travelled outside of the U.S. before and she’s always wanted to see an elephant. Jamal says he’s been a linguist before so he picked up on this pretty quickly. They are given a chart with the commands to lead the elephant. Victor says his dad was in the navy and seeing Nicole go through the experience is so rewarding.


Jamal and Nicole are side by side. Janelle and Britney and Corrine and Eliza arrive at the road block at the same time and they run past the box and Victor helps Janelle and Britney and Corrine and Eliza and Leo tells Victor not to help the Survivor girls. Nicole tells the elephant she’s a push over so she’ll let him lead. Colin and Christie have arrived and Christie is doing the road block.


Corrine and Britney are doing the road block. Britney wants to ride in a saddle, not bare back. Rachel and Elissa have gotten to the road block and Elissa does it for their team. Becca and Floyd arrive and Becca wants to do it. Tyler and Korey passed Rupert and Laura. Chris and Bret are there and Chris is going to do it. Tyler and Korey arrive and with Rupert and Laura right behind and Rupert will do it for their team.


When Tyler gets his elephant he sees Rupert still learning the commands and Becca and Chris. Jamal and Nicole have found the musician and they get their clue. They can’t open it until they get back to their partner. Nicole and Jamal are on their way back and the others are starting to cross the river. Elissa says it doesn’t get better than this. Jamal and Nicole have made their way back.


Victor says this is the slowest foot race to a challenge he’s ever seen. Nicole is back first and thanks the elephant and the trainer. Jamal is right there and it’s a race to their next pit stop Prince Phetsarath’s Palace along the banks of the Mekong river. Nicole and Victor and Leo and Jamal are out and racing for first. Britney says this is the most incredible thing ever.


Becca is struggling to control the elephant. She says the elephant doesn’t care they are in a race. Chris and Rupert are struggling too. Becca, Chris, and Rupert are the last in the water. Britney has found the musician with Corrine, Christie, and Elissa right behind and they get their clue. Tyler is looking for the musician and they tell him which way to go. Nicole and Victor pass Leo and Jamal and they says it’s nerve racking being in first.


Becca and Rupert are still struggling. Rupert says we didn’t come here to lose. Laura says Rupert loves elephants, but maybe not that one. Rupert says elephants have been his spirit guide and he says he can’t end on an elephant…he loves him too much!


Chris says he named his elephant Bret, very frustrating and very loveable. Corrine has made it back and they leave in third. Victor and Nicole are getting directions and Leo and Jamal don’t think it’s the right place. Victor is yelling at Nicole to follow and he says they are in the right spot. Leo and Jamal have caught up and Victor says he knew they were in the right place. Nicole apologizes and Victor says they were lying to you. Janelle and Britney leave in fourth place. Elissa and Rachel and Colin and Christie leave in fifth and sixth. Janelle and Britney pass Corrine and Eliza and Rachel and Elissa do as well.


Chris and Bret leave in 8th place. Leo and Jamal head up the stairs and they are in first place and they have won $2500 each. Nicole and Victor hit the mat in second place. Nicole says next time she won’t believe Leo and Jamal. Rupert has finally gotten his clue. Rachel and Elissa hit the mat in third with Colin and Christie in fourth, Janelle and Britney in fifth, Corrine and Eliza in sixth, Tyler and Korey landed in seventh and they are all on the mat together. Chris and Bret hit the mat in eighth.


Becca is out of the water and Rupert still has to cross the river. Rupert apologizes to Laura and she says maybe it’s a non-elimination. Becca and Floyd hit the mat in ninth place. Rupert and Laura climb the steps and they have finished in last place and they have been eliminated from the race. Rupert says he considers himself one of the toughest Survivors out there and the race kicked his butt.


Next time on The Amazing Race, teams light up the dance floor. While Corrine and Eliza feel a pinch, Leo and Jamal feel the pressure.

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