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Big Brother Canada Season 7-veto competition and ceremony 2

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when the secret assassin’s cold-blooded handy work put Anthony’s ride or die on ice, the grieving guru was ready to lash out! But at the HOH competition, it was a bare knuckles boxing blow out and when Anthony tried to cut a deal in the final round Adam stung like a bee. Then Anthony collapsed and Adam delivered his third HOH win of the season.


Reeling from the knockout, the raging bull called out Kyra to reassert his power, but Kyra kept the heavyweight at bay and Adam was torn between opposing forces. Then the alpha dog checked in with the boys about targeting Damien, but the guru had an entirely different idea all based around a phone plan to backdoor mark but Adam struggled to sell the story to Kyra, so he called for Pretty Boy back up. Then the bros worked their magic and at the nomination ceremony Damien and Este hit the block and the Pretty Boys had struck again. Tonight, who’s got the nuggets to haul in the game’s most precious medal. Will anyone see through the PB BS before it’s too late? It’s going to ha get “hairy” tonight.


We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 49. Damien says here we go again, that couch is still warm from last week. Damien says they had a house meeting where everyone wants to backdoor Mark and hopefully, he can space for Mark on the couch and win that veto. Adam says backdooring mark isn’t going to happen. Ideally, Mark wins the veto and nominations stay the same. But if Damien or Este win veto he doesn’t know what he’ll do.


Damien is talking to Este and Dane and he says he’s been on the block four times and three of them he was also a have-not. Mark is talking to Adam and they are talking about Dane hopefully not getting drawn. Mark says for this plan to work they really need the plan to go their way. As long as Damien or Este don’t win the POV, they can do what they want because they control the house.


In the have-not room, Damien is alone talking to the camera. He says he’s in a pickle and he loves and misses her a lot. He has a girl back home, her name is Em, not being able to hear her voice or see her face, it’s tough. He says it’s a tough day, but he’s playing this for her. He says he’s sorry he hasn’t won anything, he’s trying. He’s been away before playing hockey and it gets harder every time. Damien says when it gets hard he thinks of her and he loves her.


Adam, Anthony, Mark, and Dane are in the blue bedroom and Mark says if Adam gets HG choice he should pick him. Adam asks Dane if he wins POV will he use it. Dane says he kind of has to use it on Este. Dane says he has to think about jury votes and he might have to save Este if he wins.


Kyra says they’ve been in the house for 49 days and it’s the most mentally and physically exhausting than they imagined. Kyra goes to sit alone in the SR and they say the game is more difficult than they predicted. They thought they’d just find their people and stick with them. They didn’t think what would happen if they lost their people. Kyra says they know they are annoying and they get emotional. Kyra says they’re just human, it doesn’t change whether they are in a game or real life. They are proud they made top 7. Kyra says they are not a quitter, they get right back up and keep on fighting.


Damien is drumming against a table and chair and entertaining himself. It’s time to pick players for the POV competition! Adam says this player pick could derail the boys plan. Mark needs to get picked, win the POV, and keep noms the same so the plan doesn’t get exposed. Adam gets HG choice and he chooses…Dane. Dane says thanks Adam, now he’s stuck in the middle of all this. Damien draws Kyra and Este draws Mark. Este says OMG, I pulled out Mark’s name. Are you kidding me? She could have easily pulled out Anthony’s name. Anthony will host.


Anthony wants to know if he is in the woods and a black bear was chasing him, would Damien save him? Anthony wants to know if Damien thinks he can take a bear and he says no. Anthony thinks he could. Mark is talking to Kyra and he says he likes to play ahead in the game and he wants to get Kyra on his side. Mark says they both know Adam can’t play next week and he’ll be looking to Kyra to win. Mark is trying to explain to Kyra that he’s a loyal guy and he can help Adam and Kyra. Mark says they can take someone with them who can win HOH’s or go with someone who hasn’t won and can flip-flop. Kyra says they know the plan is to backdoor Mark, but Mark is making some great points. Kyra tells Mark he’s a smart guy.


Anthony and Mark are talking. Anthony says Adam and Dane are sneaky and he found out Adam promised not to put up Este and Dane promised not to put up Sam and they are snakes. Mark says what if I win veto and take Damien down and Dane goes up. Anthony says he wants to win Big Brother and he wants to take people who have been loyal to him and who have been appreciative of the things he’s done.


Adam and Dane are talking about the veto comp. Dane tells Adam he shouldn’t have won this HOH. Adam says if he Dane, Este, or Damien win veto and he doesn’t put up Mark, then Este, Kyra, and Damien will all be mad. Dane says what if one of them wins? Adam says I should just put up Mark and send him home.


There are mine carts, train tracks, and gold nuggets and they are back in the wild, wild west. Anthony says the only thing finer than a stack of gold is him. On go, the HG will start fixing their track by replacing the broken planks, then they can jump in the cart and go mining. They will then send the cart for gold and then stack them on a scale, but they’ll only fit one way. If it doesn’t fit, then they send their nugget back and get a new one. First to finish wins HOH!


Este says she’s on the block for the third time and she needs to win this to keep her and Damien safe and prove to herself and others she deserves to be there. Mark says he doesn’t want to win this…he NEEDS to win this. The house is living in two realities where one half thinks he’s a backdoor target and the other half knows there isn’t. Mark says the best way to continue fooling the house is for him to win.


Anthony tells Este to hurry, that track won’t build itself! Anthony says Damien is looking confused. Damien says they all know how great he is at puzzles…but he has to keep moving. Dane says he loves to compete but winning this would not be smart. Anthony tells them they can’t go mining until their track is done! Dane says he hates puzzles and Anthony says Dane is struggling.


Adam is telling Kyra they can do this. Damien has finished his track and he says holy crap, he actually completed a puzzle. Mark says Damien of all people has just finished his track and he cannot win or he’s going up! Mark finishes his track. Mark says he needs to get mining for this POV!


Mark, Damien, and Kyra are now on the second part of their puzzle. Mark has his second nugget in. Dane and Este have finished their tracks. Kyra falls out of their cart. Kyra says the second part of this challenge is way more physical and they are competing against a couple of jacked dudes and Mark, but they are strong and smart and great with puzzles. Kyra has taken the lead and Mark says what?!?


Este is struggling and Mark is a little. Kyra gets another piece and now has 5. Damien says they are giving it a go and he cannot lose this competition. His goal is to stay calm and not panic. Kyra brings a wrong piece and has to go back. Damien now has 5. Mark has 2 and Adam says what is he doing?!? Adam says they had so much hope for him, but watching him perform it’s not pretty. Kyra has 8 pieces and Damien also has 8. Kyra and Damien are neck and neck and on the track Damien takes a slight lead. Kyra is right behind and they have brought back the wrong piece and Damien now has the lead. Damien says he’s been in the house for 50 days and he doesn’t have a single win. He wants to win this for his friends and family, his girl Em, and mostly he wants to win this for himself to prove he’s not just a blockstar and he deserves to be there. Damien is on his last piece and he completes the puzzle and has won the POV!


Damien says holy crap! He mixed in a win! He says it feels amazing, he’s finally going to pull himself off the block. Mark says losing is never fun, but what’s worse he may have to go on the block and the possibility of going home becomes very real. Kyra is telling Este how they fell out of the cart as the HG head inside. Kyra tells Damien good job. Damien, Dane, and Este are talking, and Este says they are here for another week! Este says they are three, that’s half the house.


Anthony heads to the HOH to talk to Adam and Adam asks if Mark even tried? Anthony says I’m not sure he understood. Adam says he has to put up Mark and take out Este and make sure the Pretty Boys are solid. Adam says how stupid will he look if he doesn’t follow through with the plan. Anthony says they have to find a way to bring it to him because he will lose his mind.


Kyra goes to the HOH with Anthony and Adam and Adam says he has to put Mark up but they have to convince Kyra Mark is worth saving. Adam tells Kyra that Este told him if she won HOH she wouldn’t nominate Adam and Dane. Anthony says Este has been running to power. Kyra says Mark talked to her in the pantry and he got through to them. Kyra says they tried to win veto so maybe they can keep Mark safe. Kyra says they want to be seen as a valuable player and Anthony says we need you right now. Kyra leaves and Anthony smiles and he fist bumps Adam and says that couldn’t have gone more perfect.


Este is standing over Dane with her hair as his and everyone is laughing. Este then stands over Damien. Este moves around to Anthony and he says he looks like a black Jesus. Everyone is laughing.


Mark heads to the HOH with Anthony, Dane, and Adam. Anthony says he had a conversation with Kyra and they said they wanted to win to keep Mark safe. Mark says so you want me to go on the block? Adam says after the story and the plan, he’d look silly not going through with hit. Mark suggests Dane going on the block and then he doesn’t have to vote Este out and he still gets her jury vote. Dane says Mark is making sense and Dane says ok, put me up. Adam says are you serious? Adam wants to know if they should tell Kyra this is the plan and Dane says pull them in and say they want to talk about it.


Kyra comes in and Adam pulls them in to the WA with the rest of the Pretty Boys. Anthony tells Kyra they look incredible and asks them what they think about top five. Kyra says deal. Kyra says that has to stay very quiet to make sure Dane doesn’t lose a jury vote. Dane says they might be going up instead and Kyra is on board. Damien comes into the HOH room and Mark and Dane run to hide in the BR and shut the door. Kyra and Adam head into the bedroom area and Damien says he just wants to make sure everything is the same. Adam says the plan is still a go and Damien sits on the couch. Mark comes out of the BR and heads out of the HOH and Damien says that was awkward. Dane stays in the BR.


Dane is outside alone and says Morning Dad. He says got to get there, final two. He really, really doesn’t want to go on the block. It’s a stupid plan. He says Mark, be a frickin’ man about it. He says he’ll probably get fed a lot of crap from Anthony and Mark. Kyra heads outside. Dane asks how they slept and Kyra says not that bad. Dane says feeling pretty good. Kyra says when they walked in they felt like they had a final four, but they feel good with a final five. Dane says Mark has to stop being a baby and Kyra says it would just stir up chaos if Mark didn’t go up. Kyra says when Este feels comfortable she doesn’t campaign. Dane says Este wants to hang out with Kyra a lot.


Este and Damien are talking about Mark. Damien says they have to win from now on and control their own destiny. Kyra is talking to Dane in the WA and Kyra says when it comes to putting Dane up instead of Mark, what’s the explanation? Dane says it has to be Mark. Kyra says Adam will look ridiculous if he doesn’t put Mark up. Dane says if Este goes out mad at him, then he’ll lose her vote and he can’t have three jury members mad at him this close to the end.


Adam comes to talk to Dane and Kyra in the WA and Dane says he doesn’t feel good with going up and it needs to be Mark. Dane says he feels good with Kyra and maybe it should be them three against Anthony and Mark. Kyra leaves and Adam goes to the WC and Dane does a little dance. Arisa comes on and tells us the HG don’t know it yet, but tomorrow is a double eviction!


It’s time for the veto ceremony and Damien says today is the POV ceremony. Damien says after being on the block four times he’s won the POV. Don’t worry Canada! This is the only beginning. He says it’s good he won something, but it feels better that he has control over his own destiny. Damien says he feels good with the backdoor plan of Mark. He’s good friends with Este, but he’s going to use the veto on himself. He hopes Adam sticks to his word and puts Mark up in his place.


Damien heads to the LR and he decides to use the power of veto on himself. He says he’s been on the block four times and he hasn’t been able to pull himself down until now. Damien says Adam, we were on the block together last week and the person who put us there didn’t care if either of us went home. I hope you do the right thing. Adam says there was a plan in motion and he thanks Damien for making it happen and he chooses Mark as the replacement nominee.


Mark says he tried his best to get Dane on the block, but it didn’t work out in the end. He feels like he’s taking one for the Pretty Boys and they better keep him safe. Adam says he didn’t feel good putting his boy Dane on the block. Este says she is still on the block, but the person with the fewest allies is on the block with her and hopefully she’s there for another week.

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