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'Make it Happen'


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'Make it Happen' with eBay and ABC

by Josef Adalian

EBay is finally ready for primetime. After years of trying to break into television, the Internet auction giant is working with ABC on a feel-good reality show dubbed "Make It Happen." ABC wouldn't confirm anything, but casting has already begun and the show could be on the air as early as this summer.

According to information on ABC's Web site, "Make it Happen" will help families fulfill their wildest dreams by having them put their so-called hidden treasures up for auction on eBay. Monies raised from auction will be used to translate the dreams into reality.

"No dream is too quirky, exciting or outrageous and we are focused on finding families that have . . . attainable goals and wishes," the Web site says. The series is avoiding people who are looking for physical makeovers and miracle surgeries, according to the site.

While eBay will be involved in the production and is central to the show's core concept, the company is not believed to have an official production capacity on the show. Nothing's locked in yet, but it's possible the show could air twice a week, with audiences bidding on items seen in one show and the results of the auction revealed in a later episode.

EBay worked with Sony Pictures Television for several years to develop a syndicated show tied to the auction site. Local stations would have shared in the revenue from auction sales. The series was brought to NATPE in 2004 but ultimately didn't move forward.

Overseeing production include "Family Business" executive producers Jay Blumenfield and Tony Marsh along with "8 Simple Rules" executive producer Flody Suarez. Blumenfield and Marsh, represented by CAA, also are producing the upcoming CBS reality soap opera, "Tuesday Night Book Club" and Dane Cook's upcoming HBO series.

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