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Spoilers Episode 11


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CBS Website clues:

Excitement over winning the Reward Challenge reaches a new level when the winners learn that they can compete for a second Reward. Whick lucky Survivor walks away with this season's biggest Reward so far?

As winner of all three Individual Challenges, Terry knows he must win again to stay in the game. We he be able to win his fourth straight Immunity, or can the former Casayas finally knock him off his throne?

As the finale nears, the Survivors begin to focus on the pros and cons of alliances. Can Terry finally talk any of the Survivors into being his ally?

1. I want to say this one might be the car reward for the second part... I don't know about the first part...

2. I would say Terry continues to win immunity as per spoilers...

3. No I don't think he will...

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From TDT Which I will state upfront I do not completely agree with but I will tell my reasons later on as soon as I am sure of what I think.

Reward challenge: Mucking around in/on water - CBS gives Terry a truck?

From TV Guide Online: "The winners of the reward challenge have the opportunity to advance to a second reward challenge, which yields the season's biggest prize so far." We're not sure what the first reward is, but there are color coded docks (with poles), a ring, floating hexagons to run across, and possibly stuff underwater in trunks (the trunks might be in round 2). Looks fairly complicated.

Presumably the initial challenge will be done in teams (from the overhead shot, two teams of three: Cirie-Shane-Aras vs. Terry-Danielle-Courtney). The winners of that then face off individually for what the CBS wording makes sounds like a second challenge with a second reward: "Excitement over winning the Reward Challenge reaches a new level when the winners learn they can compete for a second Reward."

Aras looks pretty dry in his reaction shot (placed after Probst's "wanna know what you're playing for?"). The other three people shown (Danielle, Terry, Courtney) are all wet. So we think those reaction shots are after the first challenge, and that Probst will spring the second stage on the winners at that time. Since Terry looks quite happy at the news, we'd guess he's one of the people competing in the second stage. That would explain why his teammates, Danielle and Courtney, are also shown. Gee, we wonder which one wins?

We're not sure what the second challenge is (presumably something using the rafts to the right of the puzzle course?). But as several people have pointed out (for example, Quartzeye or Crocophile), it looks like Probst could be pulling keys from his pocket, so we'll go along with the conventional wisdom that what they're (individually) playing for is the vehicle. And as the web promo shows, yes, he is. And in just about any compe

If that is the case, it should be a GMC Yukon, because CBS has added a GMC section to their official (S12 in theory, but actually it's in the parent CBS.com) site, and there's an autoplaying video there that showed clips of a GMC Yukon on a suspiciously Pearl Islands-looking beach. Or at least it was in the video as of Ep8 (it changes each week). Regardless, we don't think we're going out on too much of a limb in predicting that the vehicle reward will be... wait for it... a GMC Yukon.

Exile: Shane?

We had heard a boot story for this week, which had Danielle unable to vote at tribal council, because she was exiled (see also the boot section, below).

There isn't much visual evidence for this, however. Danielle is clearly present for the IC. In fact, if we were going to build such a story using vidcaps, we'd guess it was actually Shane, since he's not visible in the IC shots. And Shane is also on the losing RC team (as is a chuckling Aras, who would probably be Terry's choice, but Terry might be out-voted).

Immunity challenge: Avoid the dunk - Terry wins again?

This one appears to be an endurance challenge, in which contestants have to hold onto two ropes to avoid being dunked. For added amusement, the ropes are attached to a four-pronged hook, upon which Probst appears to hang sand bags at various intervals. As the weight increases, people drop out.

The lineup from left to right is Cirie-Aras-Terry-Danielle-Courtney-... and maybe Shane. Shane is not visible in any of the shots, including the starting one. If he is present, it would have to be to the right of Courtney, but it's not clear there's even space there for another person.

Still, between counting sanbags and empty slots, you can sense some progress in the shots. In the shot of a distant Terry grimacing, it looks like at least Aras and Cirie have dropped out, possibly also Danielle. But at that point, there is still at least one empty prong on the hook that's visible. Courtney appears to drop when the hook has all four hooks filled. Our guess is it could come down to a standoff between Terry and Courtney, and Courtney loses (she looks surprised, whereas Terry seems to just be diving in). Looks like Terry wins again, as ChillOne has said.

BOOT: Courtney?

The next episode should feature the family visit (with five players remaining). And ChillOne's spoilers included a tidbit about a "Another blonde girl (noticible highlights in her hair). Voted off right before the family reward episode." So that should be here. Apparently Courtney turned out to be both the "rasta chick" and the blonde with highlights. As did the woman our sources said was saved by Bruce's departure (mistakenly calling her "Sally").

Presumably Terry wins the traditional immunity necklace yet again to protect himself. The story we've heard here is that Danielle can't vote, having been exiled. Cirie flips to join Terry here, as does Shane (and possibly Aras). And that's at least three votes (out of five) against Courtney, breaking up the Danielle-Courtney pair. And a Cirie bloc involving Shane and Terry of course fits perfectly with the web promo's assertion that Cirie is targeting both Terry and Shane.

Then again, having seen the vidcaps, we're not entirely convinced this story is accurate, since Shane seems to vanish in time for the IC, not Danielle. On the other hand, another, more reliable source assures us that Courtney does not last beyond the final six, so she should get booted one way or another

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On the Early Show this morning Bruce told what had happened to him , and when asked if he would be on the jury he grins real big and says He is not allowed to tell , then says you'll have to wait and see it on Thursdays show. The interviewed called it a vieled hint. So looks like Bruce does make the jury as he was out of pain the very next day . With Medical help it don't take much to unstop a person and Terry talking on the videos on CBS for Week 10 after Bruces evac , says that there is 4 days till the next RC so Bruce has 4 days to recover . He should be able to do that if out of pain the next day.

I believe there were a few slip ups on Survivor Live to , mostly Jenna who is also a major spoiler sone where and knows alot of what is about to happen. At one point in the show she mentions to Bruce that it is bad to leave the show that way but at least on Jury then at end of show they try to correct it by saying tune in Thursday to see if Bruce comes back to jury and no time during the show did they ask him like they did on the early show.

Bruce also makes one slip up that I don't think he caught. Talking about Terry and the Idol he ( I Can't remember the exact words and soon as they let me review it I will post it here ) says something hinting in my oppinion that Terry wins the IN and does not use the idol till final 4.

Okay as promised I fianly got the above conversation written down word for word.

Bruce says In Answer to a phone call from Stacy in Conneticut on if Terry using the Immunity Idol as a barganing tool :

"Well with the immunity idol Terry is going to keep it , and he is in great shape and he keeps winning the Immunity Necklace so he doesn't have to play the idol till final 4.Terry just gots that right mentality , he just gots an incredible mentality to win . One of these times its not all strength and speed though so it might catch up to him."

Also while I am editing this I will add a few more things I found today.

1. From a confessional Terry made after he found out Bruce was gone you can see at the CBS sight :


The ramifications of Bruce's departure is that I don't have a hidden ally. Bruce was a hidden ally for me, all of my schemes included Bruce, and he knew that. Almost all the time, at the last minute, I would go up, tell him, 'The plan didn't work, do what you have to do, vote what you need to vote.' He was a man of his word, so he would vote what he needed to do, but he would have been there. So I kind of feel Bruce is a vote for me on the jury, especially if I go all the way. It dawned on me that it is really imperative A) not to piss any of these people off, and B) try to make inroads somehow.

I'm gonna be nice as pie. I'm gonna try to help people out as much as I can, try to make some allies, and hopefully not intimidate anybody, still try to win, and you know what, those things could be moot if I could tie up 1 or 2 members tonight or tomorrow, before the next immunity challenge. Maybe take 1 or 2 ofthem with me on a reward or something. Who knows. There's a lot of game to be played in the next 12 days.

Looks like Terry is finally looking at end game , we know he gives family reward to Shane and Cirie . Okay thats one good move for him . This week is Car reward and not that I believe this , but what if he gets to give away a car or two , think maybe he will to make brownie points. lol

2. Seem that our main spoiler people wickchix and Chilled one are telling how not who but how they got there info , read what they said closely about the end of the show and terrys immunity run and then use the info to help if it can.


Hey im not claiming to know who the winner is. The only thing i was told was that for whatever reason that aras is favored to win over danielle. By who? The talk of the people who were involved and watched the game being played

Now as I read that it does not say that Danelle and Aras are in final 2 , but only that Aras is favored to win over Danelle but that could be at anytime in the show. Not necessarily but a possibility.


Let me clarify ... my source mentioned that military guy kicks ass in the challenges (I assumed individual immunities since I was given this information late in the game -- around the Final 4 timeframe). Anyway, my source also mentioned that military guy wins something crazy like 7 immunities in a row. So, it could be six or seven. But, my hunch is seven. I guess at this point that would take him pretty much all the way up to the last immunity challenge.

The ChillOne

So his source told him kicks ass and wins something like 7 in a row but not necissarily 7 , He still insist the final 2 are Terry and Aras. We shall see won't we.

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WC didn't say it in that post Wolfy, but she did say it in an earlier one... I will go look for it... She said something like F2 M/F then said it was Aras and Danielle...

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OK found it...

This was posted on December 18th by Wickchix:

Now i heard that the final two where a male and female with the male favored to win by a long shot. I heard the astronaut was final 3.

Keep in mind at this point everyone thought Terry/Dan were one person...

This was posted on December 19th by Wickchix

CHILL - the final 2 is just what was told to me... a YOUNG man and woman, with the astronaut being final 3. The man to win by a long shot because of something the woman does or how she behaves. I guess she is not well liked.

This was posted on January 10th by Wickchix

Ok... for enquiring minds...Said to be a YOUNG man and a YOUNG woman final 3 with the astronaut being 3rd. The young man (mind you, that it depends on whos version of "young" is.) but that is word for word what was said to me. NO i was not there, i wasnt peeking through the bushes while they had thier last tribal council, but my person was ON the island, and knew what was going on.

This was posted on January 12th by Wickchix

Aras is final 2 and favored to win.

- Im still getting a young girl final 2 with aras.(most likely danielle) I know chill says blond girl to make final 3, but this person said her pics dont look like her at the end.

This was posted on January 13th by Wickchix

To answer the question if we belive dannielle is f2... I believe it to be her, or the blond dred girl only because i was told that the final 2 girl is into some kind of professional fitness person...
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Thanks Yana for all of those post , I do how ever have a question. I know Danelle is done alot of sports and things , but it says she is a medical sales rep in job. Not that makes any real difference if she works out all the time and does alot of physical activity . And she could of been a physical fitness person in the past.

Either way both have right and wrong , and both posted something a little different today and that was why I posted it cause they both changed there wording just a bit in there defence of there sources. For all readers read it all and learn the middle road , seeing that both are right to a degree and both are wrong to a degree. But both are dang close and is our job to puzzle it out , all of us fans here.

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I agree Wolfy... I am now not so sure Danielle is F2... I mean with the not liked well stuff and the stuff about a blonde... Makes ya wonder... By the way did you check out my stuff for S13 locations?

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Yeah I did , so although some one changed that sight to what they wanted , seems the place was real and I did find a sight that knew it for a long time since like March something.

and your maps look quite simular to mine , well almost . So now we know where it is . Now we got to try to find out who be there , lmao . Come on C1 we waiting already.

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Wolfy thing is we may not have to wait on C1... He may not have contacts this time around... I will let you know more when I hear from the contacts I have in Cook Islands...

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* Excitement over winning the Reward Challenge reaches a new level when the winners learn that they can compete for a second Reward. Which lucky Survivor walks away with this season's biggest Reward so far?

1. Part 1 might be the car reward. The second part...giving cars away like Survivor 10.

* As winner of all three Individual Challenges, Terry knows he must win again to stay in the game. Will he be able to win his fourth straight Immunity, or can the former Casayas finally knock him off his throne?

2. Terry probably continues to win immunity as per spoilers...

* As the finale nears, the Survivors begin to focus on the pros and cons of alliances. Can Terry finally talk any of the Survivors into being his ally?

3. No, I think Terry must keep his immunities. However, Casaya now has to get rid of one of their own.

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We have heard that too nemille... What we heard was that they were getting too many bets that she won... That combined with the spoiler that she is in the F2 with Aras makes it a pretty sure thing I guess, unless you consider that she's not a blonde, even though the spoiler said the F2 girl was a blonde named Danielle that didn't look like her picture when the show first started... Oh gosh I am so confused now LOL 12.gif

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First in reply to Nemille , only the one sight suspended betting the others are still up with the same odds also being the same as the suspended one as had before that came up. I can't prove it cause I forgot where I seen it but thought I posted it here somewhere and just don't want to go through all my post to find it.

From ChillOne:

4) Blonde girl ... does not get along with Air Force guy. When all are spending time with their families, she is sent to "penalty island". Does not get to see her mom. Possible Final 4 candidate.

5)Another blonde girl (noticible highlights in her hair). Voted off right before the family reward episode. Possible jury member. 7th place?

Yana and I been doing alot of talking just to work a few things out , both of us having read all the spoilers out there.

1 . Girl with blond hightlights , Yes danelle has blondish , orange hightlights , but not sure I would go just there.

2 . Courtney has no obvious blone hightlights , but lets imagine her hair is in dreads. She is blond but with dreads lots of them would look darker giving her a blond highlight look , and keep in mind her dreads are falling out.

3 .So if a female in final two , there no way to know for sure which one of them it is , danelle is not all popular but not feuding with Terry , but yet courtney is obviously not friends with him.

And last of all Nemille , keep in mind even the final two do not yet know what the others really voted for as final winner. Only Jeff and Mark Burnett know. If the hint from the betting sight is real and not one put out as I now believe it might be to throw us spoilers off , then all it says is she is F2 , not winner.

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Okay Guys and Gals and my Mortys friends and Team mates , I was not going to give my predictions so early this week But with what I am seeing out there , I can't see it changing. With that said keep in mind I may change it or my mind before the show on Thursday.

This week I am going to do something different and give a pictoral reason for my thoughts , many of the pics will have words in them so look for the hints and words.

This week I am not fully going with all the other spoiler sights , to me most of them are either ass backwards or blind to the hints this week. So as I go I will explain for everything.

Okay we all seen the comercials and it looks like Shane lost his marbles. And maybe he did but personally I think he is playing everyone in camp after his actions last week to throw them off of either his being dangerous player , or anything to worry about by voting him off. How can a crazy guy win anything , he safer then the people playing the game.

So lets start off with the Rewards Challenge : It is done in two parts , the first part being two teams of three.

1st Team : Shane , Cirie and Aras


2nd Team : Terry , Danelle and Courtney

First Round is won by Danelle , Terry and Courtney and they compete for The GMC Yukon. I believe these pics are after the first challenge.

First Danelle:


Then Courtney:


And Terry :


I believe Terry wins the vehicle , and something else . I am not sure weather he keeps it or gives it away . If he gives it away it could be to Courtney which could explain her look on face and the fact she one of the one's they planing on voting out may win a vote from her if he can give it away. He said last week on an unseen confessional that he knows he has to win the rest over now and will be mister nice and mister helpful to everyone from now on.

Exhile Island

Most other sights started out thinking it was Danelle that goes this week and she would not only be immune from the vote at TC but not allowed to vote. I don't know where that hint came from but is all hogwash, no matter who goes they all compete in Immunity Challenge. Later on after seeing the pics they thought it had to be Shane as one Danelle seen at the IC and Shane seems to be not seen as far as face there , and they thought that was what supposedly drove him to what I think is his fake lunacy . Now I put all this together a few days ago , talked about it with Yana , how I felt so she can back up that I had this all thought out by Saturday but did not want to post it to soon till more possible hints came out. Some then said maybe it was Cirie cause of the weird pic of her catching the fish , and at first I was one of them but after a lot of research I don't think so . So if my winners or reward are right the only person it can be is Aras. And now as of today TDT's is going with that as a possible to , yesterday it was still Shane.

Here is the pictoral proof of what I believe and why , most have words on them . I will show only one's shown in camp and why I think Cirie is fishing just off the Casaya's camp.


Danelle talking about Shane using his hand held puter where he can send emails , messages and talk to people other wise known as Blackberry.


Both Nut cases in camp and Court looks like has not been back from the RC for long.

Now I will give you a detailed reason why I think Cirie is fishing on Casaya's beach and not on Exhile island besides , since when did they let them take the little wood with the fishing line with them , less she snuck it in her bag. Why she decided to fish all of a sudden I think is just to get away from Shane and to talk to the camera's about targetting Shane and Terry.


Note the Circles on the Map and what they say , also note not circled is

exhile island , note no rocks or small islands attached to it. The third circled island laminta

could be where if there is a structure there , where it might be.


Another Picture of all the camps and islands.


Shane and Austin greeting on Casaya Beach , when they Merge.


Cirie and Courtney on Casaya beach closer to the Rock formation.

Continued on Next Post.

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Continued from the First one:


When Cirie catches the fish the view is different at the bend , So the question is it a building

or rock and there no rocks or real islands visible like that at exhile island by the map.

SO I am going out to say is Aras once again on Exhile Island.

For the IC , Many sights saying Shane is not there and that the peson in the blue shorts falling into the water is someone showing them how the challenge is done. I don't believe that , I believe Shane is there and that he is sitting next to Courtney though you can't see him and the slack ropes they see is Cirie first to let go and fall in to the water. The one in the blue shorts is Shane and I will prove they doctored the picture in the comercial to throw us off.


Pick of Shane in blue jean shorts at the beggining of the season.

I blurred it some , but can't do movement and if you look close at

the next pic which I think is him at the IC , you well see the top part

of it at his chest has been edited , has a line through it meaning they

seperated the two parts and blurred out the tats then put them back

together as I see it.


read the writing on the pic to show what I was stating above in last pic.


Cirie first out , looks to me like she let go of the ropes and as the way she is sitting different , looks to me like she getting just ready to go into the water and is first out.


Terry obviously not dropping in but being told you win immunity and diving into the water .

So as a final run down this is what I think will happen , along with a point guide for fantasy league.

Reward Challenge :

1) First Half : Danelle , Courtney and Terry

2) Second Half : Terry ( Wins the Car )



Immunity Challenge :


Voted out at Tribal Council :

I believe it will be Courtney , but with what I posted in the first part with the hair twist it could very well be Danelle to though not likely. I will let ya'll pick.

aka the betting thing was a hoax all other betting sights still open with the same odds.


Catches a Fish

Shane :

I think either Shane or Aras or Terry will be first Interviewed due to Bruces evac. But Shane kissing him good buy and being the most emotional is more likely to talk about it to the camera's first I think.

Fantasy League Choices to Date:

Aras : - First Interviewed

Shane : -First Interviewed

Terry : - First Interviewed ( Plus RC winner and IC winner )

Cirie : - Catches a Fish

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After long hours of viewing the pictures with Wolfy I have to agree 100% with her on this weeks episode... to me it's clear that the man in blue shorts is Shane... I mean why would they use that one picture to show how the game worked when it's clear all the rest of the pictures are of the survivors... They could have used one of them to show how it worked... I also agree with the rest of what she posted...

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I found this link over at sucks... Don't know really how much of a spoiler it is, but it's interesting at any rate... You have to highlight it to get the text to show up... It shows one of the votes for tonight's show...


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Since, from the photo, it doesn't look like Shane is taking part in the IC- could he be at Exile Island with automatic immunity (like Bruce had at the beginning of the season)? He just doesn't look like there is even a space for him because you can see both end poles. What do you think wolf and yana? And if it's not Shane....Danielle like some spoiler sites say? I have a hard time thinking that they would go with Aras again, but I guess it's possible...

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See kayo that's the thing... Wolf and I have spent many hours looking at the videos and to me at least it looks like Shane could be at the end beside Courtney... I know it looks like the end of the platform, but if you look close you will notice all of the spaces have the same look to them... You know what I mean? Like they are the last one... I also think that it's Shane falling into the water in the blue shorts...

Personally I am putting my fantasy league team as follows

Cirie- catches fish (was shown in the previews from last week)

Aras- Exiled

Terry- 1st interviewed

Shane- 1st interviewed

I might be wrong, but this is the way I am going this week... I'm not putting Courtney or Danielle on my team because I'm not sure Courtney is going tonight and not Danielle... I am about 50/50 on this one...

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ok, you're probably right. Thanks for all the info! Decisions, decisions...

who to put down for "gets exiled"....hmmm... B) I'm 50/50 between Shane and Aras, with a total outside chance it's Danielle.

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Okay I am completely with Yana on this one . I to am not sure if it Courtney or Danelle going this week I do know it is one of them . Most likely Courtney even though we do know one male votes Danelle to leave this week.

My Picks are

Aras ------- Exhile Island

Shane-------First Interviewed

Cirie---------Catches a Fish

Terry--------First Interviewed

All the across the board picks are now agreeing with what Yana and I came up with :

1. RC part 1) Terry , Danelle , Courtney win a bar b que

part 2) Terry wins GMC Yukon

2. Exhile Island Aras

3. IC Terry

4. Boot Courtney though with the clues it could be either one of them Courtney/Danelle. Better safe then sorry.

I have an article put out today to share with ya'll , From Reality News Online.Reality News Online

Story below :

Reality News Online

Survivor: Exile Island

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Three people vote for Terry

Two people vote for Courtney (or Danielle)

The last person (Terry) votes for Aras.

Terry uses the idol and Courtney/Danielle goes home.

Awesome idea...

Shane, Courney & Danielle vote Terry

Cirie & Aras (super secret alliance) vote for Danielle/ Courtney...or who ever eins the car :P

Terry votes for Aras or Shane (totally underestimating Cirie-Ownage-Master Player)

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