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American Idol - Season 17: The Top 10 - Disney Night


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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's time to sing we know. We have three judges and we have a host, so let's get on with the show. It's Disney Night and this is American Idol!

Please welcome your judges, Lionel Ritchie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry (dressed as Ursula), your host, Ryan Seacrest, and special guests, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse!

Welcome to the only show where you can vote live in every time zone at the same time. Real time voting is back starting now. Real time results will be announced at the end of the show, and the Judges Save is back this season. It must be unanimous and can only be used once for the season.

First up tonight last night is Uche. His sister and mom surprise him at Disneyland Resort where they explore California Adventure and meet with Rebel Wilson for some coaching advice and a Churro (or two). He has chosen I 2 I from A Goofy Movie and Rebel notes he has confidence and energy. 

Rocking out and giving Goofy a modern pop flavor, it's a high energetic performance with a vocal that could easily climb the charts on Disney Radio. The audience is into it, despite the obscurity of the song (Rec this post if you've heard it before!), and demonstrated he knows how to own the stage and leave nothing behind.

Ursula says it was good; she doesn't know the song well but thinks he has more voice to bring. Lionel says you can't do wrong by me, but you are a performer and you can take 3 blind mice and make it something amazing. Uche can't believe they've never seen A Goofy Movie. Luke says bottom line, it's not a problem we don't know the song if you make the song an Uche song, and that's what you did tonight.  

Goofy joins Uche on stage and says that was an amazing performance (in Goofy speak). Remember you get 10 votes per contestant per method and voting is live in real time.

Next is Laci Kay Booth who along with her mom meets Rapunzel in Disneyland where she felt like a kid again. In their practice session, Rebel tells Laci to go for it more and channel any anger she's ever had towards her mom. Disney princess can be sweet, Rebel says, but they can also be powerful. 

Laci is dressed in a white gown, standing in a light stage fog and lanterns are overlayed on the TV broadcast and on background screens. Her vocal is not quite as clear as the movie, but it is sweet and sincere, unique to her stylings, no liberties taken, but maybe a bit lacking in energy.

Luke says you're like becoming a Disney Princess in front of our eyes, you make every song yours with your subtle delivery, felt like a live show. Lionel says that was a perfect song for you, perfect delivery, you're on a roll. Ursula says I agree with Luke, you made this your own, your own scamp and texture, instantly identifiable and you have stolen Cinderella's shoes.

The judges are joined by Mickey, Donald, Pluto and Minnie, as Ursula gnaws on a lobster tail. Jordan's nephew joins Alejandro Aranda with his own arrangement of Remeber Me from Pixar's Coco. He confesses to Rebel he doesn't actually know the song. Wearing Mickey Ears, he plays his own arrangement of the song and she tells him to wish upon a star that he remembers the lines.

Playing the acoustic guitar and singing in his upper octave with a breathy vocal, Alejandro easily captivates the stage with his unique take of Oscar-winning song. The arrangement carries an unearthly feeling, infused with a quick jazz beat, emotional vocal and a starry quality. 

Lionel says you embody true artistry, make any song your style, take us in on your journey. Audience, please vote. Ursula says everything you do is heartfelt and I can feel the emotion and I will remember you. Luke says this show forces you out of your comfort zone, even into your lower notes. You're still learning and your artistry has grown, just a great job.

Carrie Underwood congratulates the Top 10 and to announce her upcoming tour. The sauce is next as Katy's final save Alyssa Raghu is surprised on Main Street USA with her family and all her little sisters together for the first time. She is singing Colours Of The Wind from Pocahontas. She learns how to focus while Rebel dances around her waving cotton candy.

Alyssa's vocal is strong, confident and innocent in her Earth Day appropriate performance, the set decorated with flowers. Like many artists, she has a little trouble handing onto the lowest notes but in her comfort zone, she shines with all the beauty of a Disney heroine. 

Ursula says beauty and grace, such elegance, if only I could have your voice in my little conk shell! I know I'm purple but I'm glad you tried new notes. Luke says way to come out and fight after last week. You're going to be in the music business fighting every day so just make it happen like you did today. Lionel says this is not a beauty contest but you look absolutely beautiful. You are the most gorgeous fighter on the planet. Alyssa praises the band.

She joined us last year for our duet's round, and tonight we're happy to welcome her back. She'll be playing Ariel at the upcoming production of The Little Mermaid at the Hollywood Bowl in May, and right now, here's an exclusive sneak peak with Part Of Your World, here's Leah Michele backed up by the Top 10!

When Wade Cota visited the Happiest Place on Earth, he was greeted with a glowing magic wand from Rebel. She loves his cool, gravely voice. He was feeling homesick so it was great meeting his sister in Disneyland for some homespun support. Singing You've Got A Friend In Me from Toy Story, his vocal is perfect for the song, kind of a cross between Randy Newman and Louis Armstrong. He even gives a leg lift as Rebel suggested. Solid, happy, positive, foot-tapping and hand-clapping, classic Disney.

Luke untangles himself from Ursula's tentacles and says that was a glimpse into the future of what your future could be, right song. Lionel says you're having fun and you're a star, that identifiable voice in less than 5 seconds. Ursula says you're coming out of your shell, fantastic song choice, so approachable and relatable, you even put Andy on your foot. 

Hoping to win your votes tonight is Dimitrius Graham, who says Rebel Wilson smells like strawberries. Singing You'll Be In My Heart from Tarzan, she helps him learn how to use his fact to sell the song. Surprised out in front of Disneyland by his mom, the smile on her face was a dream come true. She pats down his tears with her Minnie hands. Mom became a little girl again and being able to do that for her meant everything to Dimitrius.

On a misty stage in front of a dreamy jungle background, Dimitrius's vocal is soft and supportive, his outfit full of straps and flowing tails, as the arrangement jumps around. But when he is finally able to build up, he crescendos into a powerful vocal that brings the audience to their feet and him to his knees in tears.

Ursula runs onto the stage and wraps her tentacles around Dimitrius as he regains his composure. This was the one song he wanted to truly devote to his mother, he tells Ryan. Lionel says your journey has been amazing and fans need to vote, your heart and soul is in everything you do. Ursula says you have an incredible instrument in your voice, great song choice, you took us on a right that was just enough, really emotional. Luke says I saved him. We've picked your voice apart, little things missed, but you didn't miss one note tonight on a very challenging song.

Walker Burroughsis met by his sister and parents in Disneyland, the first time his parents have seen him famous. He is singing When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2 and tells Rebel he's not going to play the piano because he wants the performance to be about his voice. She helps him with a pitchy note, and tells him to find some inner emotion to connect with in the song.

Behind the piano, Walker opens with a solid, clear and beautiful vocal, accompanied by a bass, it's a terrifically mesmerizing narrative performance that keeps your attention focused on the sweet, sensitive lyrics and melodies. The audience is silent until the final applause.

Ursula says that was so impressive, you transported me into another time and place, the audience was so quiet and respectful of you telling that story, we tuned into every word. Luke says it is so difficult to do what you just did, to play piano, to hit the notes, to twin the notes on the piano to what your singing, you hit chords I don't even know, you're a seasoned veteran at 20. Lionel says we call you in our business a pro, as close to perfect a performance as I can think of.

Disney's #1 couple (Mickey & Minnie, joined by Donald, Goofy and Pluto) are excited for this next performance by Idol's #1 sweetheart, performing A Whole New World from Aladdin, and Runner-Up, Caleb Lee Hutchinson!

Madison VanDenburg meets up with her sister Taylor in Radiator Springs and explore their passion for going fast. After being a kid again, she rehearses How Far I'll Go with Rebel and they share a bathtub moment, They are in the Disneyland Dream Sweet, which gives her a more magical experience. Rebel says she'd cast Madison in a movie musical tomorrow. 

With the stage doubling as a sandy beach with ocean waters nipping at her feet, Madison's vocal is amazing, multi-dimensional, lilting, smiling, hopeful, wistful, powerful. Then she breaks out and glad hands the front row fans, pushing her voice to even further heights, a sense of urgency, destiny.

Luke says can you just try to make it look difficult? Please? You just surpassed any version of that song. Lionel says what was that last note, the stratosphere of notes, your talent is amazing. Ursula says you really stepped into your power, so gorgeous, climbing the mountain of so many notes, when will you stop?

Next in the spotlight is the one and only Laine Hardy, on the Mark Twain in New Orleans Square when he's surprised by his sister. He's singing Oo-De-Lally from Robin Hood, a song his father loves. Rebel gives him a beneits. Rebel tells him he needs to open his mouth a little and has him sing off the balcony to the Disneyland fans below. 

It's an interesting mix with his slicked back hair and Vegas jacket, but the vocal is infused with his southern rolicking vocal, delivering the rapid-paced lyrics with ease and fun. He jams with his fellow guitarist, then parties back into the chorus and basically just has a heck of a lot of fun on stage and maybe sending kids to check out the movie the song comes from on Netflix.

Lionel says you have found your wheelhouse, hometown boy, hand clappin', foot stompin', perfect song. That was straight down the alley. Ursula says I said you could win it this time, don't not believe that. Luke says last year in New Orleans I said you better be careful or you might win American Idol. 

Our final performance tonight comes from Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon. Jeremiah thinks he's getting a photo shoot with Mickey but it's his newlywed sister and brother-in-law of 11 days that surprises him. Mickey might as well not even be there. She says his sexuality has been a journey for the family and an opportunity for them to grow. Singing Candle On The Water from Pete's Dragon (the original), Rebel says he's more interesting than he lets on and tells him to rip off his hoodie like Magic Mike. His range is incredible, she says, and you can't improve on perfection.

Dressed kind of like Michael Jackson (no glove), Jeremiah opens with a strong, romantic vocal, just a bit of roughness around the edge, confident in his upper octave, delivering powerful notes and giving this classic Disney ballad a whole new life as a pop song. 

Ursula says you hit that note at the end with such gorgeous ease, it's a pleasure to watch you sing, you've grown in leaps and bounds. Luke says you're a pro pro pro, never not in complete control. We're relaxed because we know you're going to deliver. Lionel says we are watching one of the greatest shows ever, and you are just owning your talent.

This is your last chance to vote. Voting closes at the end of this commercial break. Two people will be leaving the show tonight unless the judges use their one and only save of the season!

After an amazing show of fantastic Disney performances, the voting is now closed and I have the results. We are going to start building your Top 8 right now. Dim the lights and here we go.

The first person through to the Top 8 after the nationwide vote is...   Laine!

The next person taking a spot in the Top 8 after the nationwide vote is...   Madison!

Also America wants to see more of...   Alejandro!

Up next, singing again for another week, after the nationwide vote, it is...   Jeremiah!

Up next, in the Top 8, after the nationwide vote is...  Walker!

And sealing a spot in the Top 8 is...   Laci!

The nation has totally fallen in love and wants to see you back again...   Wade!

That leaves three left: Uche, Dimitrius and Alyssa.  One spot left in the Top 8. These were last week's Wild Card picks. The person taking the final spot in the Top 8 is...   Alyssa!

Uche tells Alyssa he's so proud of her. Two people on the edge of elimination. Judge, it's down to these two guys. Will you be using your Save for either of them tonight? It must be unanimous and you only get one per season.

The judges talk it over. Judges, you get one per season, It has to be unanimous. Ursula asks how many shows are left? You have 3 weeks to use it, Ryan says, and 25 seconds to decide.

I need results, Ryan says. OK, Lionel says, we're going to hold our vote. That means we say goodbye to Uche and Dimitrius tonight. Monday night is a highlight show with never-before-seen performances and we'll be back next Sunday live with your Top 8!

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