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Big Brother Canada Season 7-HOH, Marsha, and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, hidden deep with the dusty archives a ticking time bomb was about to go off, and Adam made the explosive discovery. Relentless in his search, the alpha dog unlocked the mystery of the secret assassin. Armed with a deadly weapon, Adam locked in on Cory and then pulled the trigger and the beast from the east joined Damien and Este on the block.


Reeling from the hit, the mastermind growled, and the underdogs howled. With his ally’s life on the line, Anthony went on the offensive and when the infighting escalated, the mastermind lost all control. Then on eviction night, Anthony was outvoted three to one and his asset took a fatal hit. While Adam was pumped up by his successful mission. Tonight, who will get their ship together and deliver in the HOH? Has the guru’s game finally been exposed? The hits just keep on coming on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up from the live eviction on day 48. Adam is stoked Cory walked out the door. He says she’s the reason Sam was gone and now he’s the one who got her out. Anthony says Cory was 100% loyal to him and she didn’t need to go yet, she wasn’t a threat to any of the Pretty Boys. People are dancing and celebrating, and they don’t need to come near him because he’s not in a good mood.


Kyra says Anthony is clearly upset he lost one of his closest allies and he needs to not be so comfortable because things aren’t always going to go his way. Kyra goes to tell Adam that Anthony is mad, and Adam comes downstairs and says Cory was a compulsive liar. Anthony tells Este he’ll have a conversation with her because he has some things to tell her, and then he’ll have one with Kyra. He says if he wins this next HOH, as God as his witness, he’s flipping the house upside down. Nobody’s safe!


Adam recaps the rules to the HOH competition. They have to grab a box and stack them and if any boxes touch the ground they are out. Adam says he feels comfortable with everyone, and he knows the other PB’s know if they put him up he’ll take himself down, but he wants to win this HOH.


Dane says he wants to do good in this competition, but this is not a good time for him to be in power because he’s working with Este and Damien, and of course he has his pretty boys. Kyra says their little arms are a disadvantage in this comp. OK HG, the next shipment contains a special delivery. The next box contains a letter from home. If they want it, then they have to add it to their stack, and if not they can just let it go. Este wants a letter from home, but she’ll have an extra box and she needs to win this HOH to stay safe another week.


No one takes the letter from home and Damien says sorry Mom and Dad and he tears up. Kyra watches it go by and they get emotional, as does Este. No one takes the letter from home. 30 minutes have passed. The next shipment is have boxes, meaning if they take this box they are guaranteed to be have for the week. Dane says are you kidding me. He stops the box and then lets it go. Este is the only one to take a box and is a have along with Mark and whoever wins HOH and everyone else is a have-not! Dane is upset that he didn’t take it and now he’s a have-not two weeks in a row. ‘


Since there are so many have-not this week, Big Brother has a treat for them. It’s a couple pieces of pizza and Anthony and Kyra didn’t take it. Anthony says pizza is his favorite food besides poutine. He should have went for the pizza! Este has 7 boxes and everyone else has 6. The next shipment is a mystery box. They can take the box and add that box, or let it go and take the risk of either adding 0 boxes or 2 boxes. Kyra decides to play it safe, as does Adam and Damien. Mark opens the envelope and it’s 0 so the others do not have to add a box.


Another delivery is on its way and Este is struggling and she ends up dropping. Dane is starting to shake and he has a box that’s a little crooked. He tries to go fix it and it starts to slip down. He uses his leg to kick it up and another shipment arrives at that time. Anthony and Dane are at 9 boxes, and Adam, Damien, and Kyra have 10 boxes. Dane is still struggling and trying to kick his boxes up and they drop.


1 hour and 20 minutes have elapsed and Kyra has one that’s crooked and they don’t think they can fix it. They say they can’t stay straight, they’ve never been able to. Another shipment arrives and Kyra is struggling to add theirs and they drop. Kyra says this suck, they really wanted to win this competition and they really hope Adam wins at this point.


Damien and Adam have 11 boxes and Anthony has 10 boxes. Damien shows a little movement and another shipment is arriving. Adam makes it happen and says keep it coming Big Brother and another shipment arrives. Damien says his calves are shaking and he just got off the block and he doesn’t want to go back up. Another shipment arrives and Damien says oh man!


A new shipment arrive and Damien is struggling and his boxes are crooked and they eventually fall. It is down to Anthony and Adam. Adam says keep each other safe? Anthony says drop your boxes and your safe and I’ll even take you to Wendy’s. Anthony says drop now and the person of your choice stays safe. Adam says last time he made that deal it bit him in the butt, Anthony’s girl took out his girl. Adam says there has been tension between him and Anthony and he just wants to beat him. Adam tells Anthony if he drops he’s safe. Another shipment arrives and both add to their stack but Anthony’s wobbles and then drops. Adam has won HOH!


Anthony is the first to head inside with everyone else behind and it’s very quiet. Kyra and Este are in the SR and they are both saying thank goodness Adam won. Kyra says Anthony has played a smooth sailing game so far and he’s friends with everyone in the house. Anthony says he’s upset, this was not Adam’s competition to win. Anthony says he’s still aligned with Adam but he’ll never forget the horrible choices he’s made throughout the entire season. Adam goes into the blue BR where Anthony is and he asks if everything is ok and Anthony says yes. Adam says he thought Anthony was solid.


Este and Damien are talking and they say they are still there. They hope Mark goes home. Este is telling Damien that Anthony was upset and everyone was making deals and they are all against him. Este says be careful of him. Anthony wants to talk to Kyra because they’ve been disrespectful to Cory and he needs to bring some of this to light.


Anthony says he’s going to sit on the floor and whisper so he doesn’t intimidate anyone and he’s talking to Kyra and Adam and he repeats things he’s heard Kyra say or that he heard they said. He tells Kyra that he knows they told people that Adam and Dane are a threat and Kyra says they told Adam they didn’t trust him. Kyra says it’s ok, because they figured out Anthony’s game too. Kyra says Anthony aligns with the strong and then mentors the weak and vulnerable. Anthony says you are weak.


Anthony says Kyra was running their mouth about Este all season. Kyra says Este and I have to work together because everyone else is gone and there have been two sides. Kyra says Anthony plants seeds to make people doubt each other. Anthony says he doesn’t like that’s why he hasn’t touched the block Kyra. Anthony says he hasn’t touched the block because he’s been honest with every single person in the house and Kyra can’t say otherwise. Kyra says they’ve been loyal to people this whole game and they’ve fought for the people they’ve been loyal to. Kyra says they’re not a liar and they get emotional and Adam comforts them.


Damien and Kyra are drinking protein shakes and they say cheers. Who wants to see Adam’s HOH room? Adam says he hasn’t had the HOH room since week 1 and he loves it. He has a picture of his sister and his mom and he’s going to look at it all the time. He says he’s going to take Dane to Wendy’s.


His video is from his mom and she says she can’t believe he’s on team. She can’t believe the little boy she had grew up to be a lovely man and he makes her proud and he has this!


Dane heads down to the lounge and the paintings on the wall all turn to Leon’s. The moose in the room starts talking and it’s Marsha. Marsha says they hope Dane isn’t on slop anymore because they can’t stand him farting. Marsha has a mission. He has to drop his tooth in someone’s drink, he has to get someone to put his tooth in their mouth, and he has to make cookies for the whole house and make them think he lost the tooth in the batter. Dane says no problem.


Dane says drop a tooth in someone’s drink? He does that all the time! He’s going to try and drop his tooth in Kyra’s drink and all he’s thinking is don’t get caught. Kyra steps away and Dane drops the tooth in her cup and they take a drink and asks what the metal thing is? Kyra says is that your tooth? Dane says did it fall out? Kyra gives it back.


Dane says this is going to be tricky, like who wants to wear his disgusting teeth. Dane tells Este girls at home put his teeth in their mouth and he thinks it’s funny. Este says do you want me to put it in my mouth, is that why you’re telling me the story?  Dane says I don’t know. Este sticks the tooth in her mouth and Dane tells us that was too easy. Este is bold girl!


Time for the last step and Dane calls everyone in and he starts making cookies. He puts the tooth down on the counter and Anthony sees it. Dane says this is going to be tricky, he has to be super sly. Dane starts asking has anyone seen his tooth and Este says check the garbage. Kyra says did you put it in the coffee again. Dane says maybe it fell in the batter. Kyra says did you use crunchy peanut butter and Dane says no. Dane says did you just eat my tooth?


Dane goes back to see Marsha and says he completed all three tasks and he won a reward for the whole house and he can’t tell anyone about Marsha. Marsha says before you go, give Marsha a big old sloppy kiss. Bye!


Dane calls everyone to the LR and he reads, HG, you maybe have noticed I’ve been acting strange today. But what you don’t know is Big Brother sent me on a mission to trick you with my teeth. And because I succeeded we all get food and drinks for the whole house. We see them eating and they cheers to Dane’s teeth.


Adam says he picked Dane for Wendy’s because he gets grumpy when he’s on slop. Adam and Dane look at the menu and then Adam heads down to get it from Olivia from Season 6. Adam ding-dongs with Olivia and then heads upstairs and ding-dongs with Dane.


Adam says he is working with the Pretty Boys and he thinks he needs to put Damien up on the block because he was supposed to go last week and Damien isn’t doing anything for him. Adam tells the Pretty Boys and Anthony says if he does that with Damien, then he could lose a jury vote. Anthony says he should put up Kyra and Este. Adam asks what he should tell Kyra and Anthony says tell them they have to be a soldier and trust him.


Adam says he doesn’t want to put Kyra on the block. He knows it’s what the boys want, but he doesn’t think it’s a good game move for him. Adam talks to Mark and he says he doesn’t want to put Kyra up. Mark says so what you want to put Damien and me up? Mark says we just talked about this and came up with an amazing plan and Adam says but it wasn’t an amazing plan. Adam tells Mark he doesn’t want Kyra up because he knows they will go and he doesn’t want them to go on his HOH. Adam says he is in an alliance with the guys, but he wants to make the best move for his HOH.


Adam says Mark doesn’t want to go on the block so he has to tell Kyra that he wants to backdoor Mark. Kyra says what if Mark wins and Adam says then Damien goes home. Adam says let me go get Anthony and Kyra says why? Adam says Anthony can explain it and Kyra says Anthony is good with his words and of course he’s going to defend Mark. Adam says the story the guys told him to tell Kyra isn’t making sense so he has to get them all in the room and figure it out.


Adam calls everyone except Mark in the HOH and they are discussing a backdoor plan and he is trying to get volunteers to make his plan easier. Este says and then if Mark wins whoever you put up stays on the block. Adam says Dane has never put him on the block. Damien says he could take himself down, but he hasn’t been close in a POV competition. Dane says he’d use it to take Este or Damien down. Kyra says they’d still put Mark up because if he wins then they are screwed with getting him out. Adam says he still doesn’t want to give him a chance to win POV and take himself down like Adam did.


Time for the nomination ceremony! Adam tells us he wants to make final four with the Pretty Boys even though they’ve had tension this last week. Adam’s first nominee is Este. His second nominee is Damien. Adam says numbers are getting little and he made a deal with Anthony and he’s a man of his word. He told Sam he’d stay close to Kyra and he’s honoring that. He says they aren’t his target and let’s make the plan happen.


Este says being nominated for the third time in a row sucks, but there is a plan in place to backdoor Mark. Damien says four times on the block, it’s like he’s stuck in a time warp. Mark says Este and Damien have no idea the Pretty Boy’s pulled a fast one on them!

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