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The Amazing Race 31-Leg #1

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 This is LA, a city on the edge of America, where the Pacific Ocean meets the California coastline. And the #1 tourist attraction, these golden sand beaches, including Hermosa Beach, the starting line for the first ever class of contestants featuring some of the most competitive players from three of your favorite shows: Survivor, Big Brother and The Amazing Race.#TAR31 Rupert & Laura: I have played and lost Survivor 4 times. Janelle & Brittney - We've patched things up. Leo & Jamal: We survived 3 U-Turns but took ourselves out.


Phil: This is the first ever showdown between contestants from Survivor, Big Brother and The Amazing Race. This is a reality clash between fierce competitors who all think they have what it takes to race more than 25,000 miles around the world and win $1,000,000. Take a good look at your competition. All of you think you have what it takes to win. But remember, only one team will win it all.


Rupert says the Survivors have the advantage, which brings out howls of laughter from the Amazing Racers. Rachel is the only racer who has done both Big Brother and The Amazing Race. She says the other Big Brother teams don't realize how physically demanding the race is. And forget about eating! Survivors say we literally go a whole month without eating.


Phil says teams have dig into a massive octopus sand figure down the beach for their first clue. Is everyone read? Good, the world is waiting for you. Good luck, travel safe. GO!


Teams race down the beach without bags and climb on top of the massive octopus sand castle and start digging. Nicole voted Victor out three times and he voted against her to win, but they ended up falling in love and got engaged on the show. Rupert has a clue. Victor has a clue. Teams are headed to Tokyo, Japan. Floyd has a clue. Brittney has a clue. Leo finds a clue. Not Tokyo again, they say. Art has a clue.


Colin & Christie have gotten over his previous TAR breakdown and embraced meditation. Christie finds a clue, leaving Tyler & Corey, still on YouTube, and Corinne & Eliza and Art & JJ (they did not find a clue earlier). Corrine finds the clue.


Rupert and Laura are asking for help and they find someone to help them. They say they are the novices of the group that will turn into a veteran. Corrine and Eliza are also looking for the restaurant. Rupert and Laura are in first and they must now travel to the fifth floor Edgeof Shibuya building and search for their next clue. Leo and Jamal have found their clue, but they are playing dumb so other teams don’t suspect.


The teams are starting to find the restaurant. They are looking for the building and Leo and Jamal are now in first and it’s a road block. It’s called Who Wants a Sweet New Pair of Shoes? The road block is based off a Japanese game show. They must find 1 of only 12 shoes made of chocolate. And the only way to find it is to bite it.


Jamal is doing the road block for their team. Colin and Christie are second to arrive and Christie is going to do the road block. Christie says you really cannot tell the difference between the shoe and the chocolate. Rachel and Elissa get to one restaurant and they are out of clues so they have to find the locksmith.


Corrine and Eliza are also looking for the locksmith and they are worried they’ll be out of clues. Rachel and Elissa get there with Tyler and Korey. Rupert and Laura are still looking for the clue and Rupert says this is way harder than survivor. Leo and Jamal have found their chocolate shoe and they now have to eat it. Janelle and Victor are going to do the road block. Janelle found it on her first attempt.


Leo and Jamal are now off to Shiba Koen to find their next clue. Victor says his teeth started to hurt because he was biting too hard. Christie is on her 12th attempt and she has found the chocolate. Victor says why are none of these chocolate? Leo and Jamal are at the next clue and they now have an opportunity to climb Mt. Fuji. It’s also  based off a game show and the “mountain” is slippery. The teammate who did not perform the last road block must do this one.


Victor is on his 22nd attempt, then his 31st, and 40th, and he still can’t find it. He says even with his glasses he can’t tell. Victor finds it on his 43rd attempt. Rachell and Elissa have arrived and Rupert and Laura are walking in circles. Elissa is doing the road block and Tyler is doing it for their team. Tyler finds the chocolate on his first attempt. Floyd is doing it for their team. Elissa has found the chocolate.


Chris and Bret have arrived. Floyd found the chocolate on his 13th attempt. Chris is on his 5th attempt. Leo is still trying to climb the mountain and Colin and Christie have arrived. Colin must do it for their team. Leo says it’s very wet and he finally realized he could use his hands as suction and it made it easier to go up and grab. Leo gets the clue and they are still in first. They have to make their way to the next pit stop Atago Jinja.


Colin makes it up and they are in second. Corrine and Eliza have found the locksmith and they get their clue. Art and JJ are still looking for the locksmith. Chris has finally finds his chocolate and they are in 8th.


Leo and Jamal hit the mat in Tokyo and they are in first. They celebrate their redemption. They have won a 7 day cruise in Tahiti. They’re the Afghanimals and they are back to win! Colin and Christie hit the mat in 2nd place.


Tyler and Korey and Nicole and Victor have arrived at Mt. Fuji. Korey and Nicole must do it for their teams. Korey gets his. Rachel and Elissa have arrived and Rachel must do it. Nicole has her clue and she slides back down. Elissa is cheering Rachel on. Art and JJ have found help to find the locksmith. They make their way to the locksmith and they head out.


Laura is doing the shoe roadblock and Rupert tells her to keep calm. Corinne and Eliza have arrived and Eliza is doing it for their team. Corrine and Rupert say they cannot be the first ones out, they don’t want to embarrass the Survivor franchise. Laura has found her chocolate. Eliza is still looking and she started to panic when Laura and Rupert got theirs. They don’t want to be eliminated first.


Eliza says there is only one shoe left that’s chocolate because everyone else has been there. She says this is horrendous. Rachel has the clue for their team and Becca is doing it for their team. Floyd thinks she’ll do this in 30 seconds and he’d bet half of his share of the million.


Elisa is on her 39th attempt and she has finally found her chocolate and they head out. Eliza is emotional and Corrine says not to freak out and they feel like they are a strong team. Art and JJ have arrived at the road block and JJ is doing this one. Tyler and Korey have arrived as team number three. Rachel and Elissa finish in 4th place.


Chris and Bret have arrived at the mountain and Bret must do it for their team. Britney and Janelle have finally found the mountain and Britney must do it. Bret is at the top of the mountain and he doesn’t realize he has to grab a clue. He yells down what am I supposed to do next and then says he’s coming down. He now has to go back up. Bret is tired and he’s struggling.


Rupert and Laura are looking for the mountain and Laura sees lights across the street but Rupert doesn’t think that’s it. Becca and Floyd have finished in 5th and Victor and Nicole are in 6th. JJ is still looking for his chocolate and Bret is still trying to get to the top again. Britney is now on the mountain trying to climb up. Bret makes it and gets the clue. Britney gets their clue. Rupert and Laura are still looking for their clue and they are in the wrong spot.


Chris and Bret have finished in 7th. Corinne and Eliza are at the mountain and Corrine is doing it. She’s at the top but she can’t reach the clue. She finally gets it and she slides down. Janelle and Britney finished in 8th place. Art and JJ have arrived at the mountain. Art is doing it for their team. JJ is encouraging Art and tells him to figure it out and finish this leg. Art can’t get any grip because it’s slippery. He says he’s going to keep trying but he doesn’t think he can make it up there.


Corinne and Eliza hit the mat in 9th place. Eliza says teams they were calling dumb beat them so it’s very humbling. Art says he has to get up this mountain, everyone else did it. JJ says it’s a puzzle and he needs to figure it out. Art gets almost halfway up but then slides back down. JJ says this is embarrassing. JJ tells Art to take a breather but Art has hurt himself and he has someone looking at his leg. He has a cramp.


Rupert and Laura are standing around and they don’t know what to do. Laura says standing here isn’t getting us nowhere. We see a 2 hour timer pop up to show how long Rupert and Laura have been looking for their next clue.


Art says his calves are a mess but he still can’t. He tries to climb again and slides back down. JJ doesn’t know if Art is going to be able to finish this. JJ says maybe they should just take the four hour penalty because he didn’t think it would happen. We’re at two hours and six minutes and Rupert and Laura are looking at a map. Art and JJ realize there is a team behind them and they have to hope they can’t do it. Rupert says he is ready to climb this mountain. They can’t believe Art and JJ are sitting there.


Art and JJ tell Laura they took a penalty and it’s four hours. Art doesn’t think Rupert will get up that mountain and JJ says we’re about to find out. Rupert says he is not going to let a mountain beat him. Rupert begins to climb and he struggles a bit. He keeps talking to himself and saying come on. Laura looks nervous. JJ says he’s going right up that thing, he smoked it. Rupert makes it to the top, gets the clue, and slides down. Laura says he got it on the first try. Art is in disbelief and he apologizes. Rupert and Laura hit the mat and they are team number ten. They live to fight another day.


Art and JJ come in and they are in last and have been eliminated from the race. JJ says it was very frustrating and it felt a little out of sync for them and they just couldn’t finish the last challenge. Art says he’ll be thinking about that challenge for awhile. But there isn’t anyone else he’d rather do the race with…he loves to let him down.

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