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Big Brother Canada Season 7-POV and Ceremony

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when Adam’s squeeze got sent to jury, the Pretty Boys were on top of the world. And the boys were ready for their next move. The party hit stride at the HOH competition and when the others got wasted, Mark threw back a perfect score, served up his alliance’s fifth win of the HOH season. Mad with power, Mark was tickled by the idea of sabotage, and the rogue agent floated putting up one of his own.


With the dual purpose of covering up his alliance while keeping Adam in his crosshairs. When the alpha dog heard the plan, he didn’t bite. On the hunt for the second nominee, Mark went to school with Cory, then Mark’s sights locked onto the silent but deadly Damien. With the pressure building on the Pretty Boys, Mark and Adam went at it again. Despite the tension, the boys decided to stick together and put on a show for the rest of the house. Then Adam joined Damien on the block. Tonight, who can handle the spiciest POV of the season? Will the cracks in the pretty boy foundation collapse into a chasm? Hold the door! It’s time for Big Brother Canada!


We pick up with Adam’s speech during the nomination ceremony on Day 42. Mark says when he won HOH, his first thought was to take a shot at the Pretty Boys, but the timing just isn’t right. He put Adam up so it throws everyone off the alliance and it’s for his own sadistic pleasure. Adam doesn’t agree with the plan, but if he thinks that’s what is best then he’ll have to play along. He used the anger to make it seem like he was actually mad at him. IT was just to throw everyone off so no one ever thinks he and Mark would be working together. At the end of the day, The Pretty Boys are good.


Adam goes to talk to Mark in the HOH and he says they are good and he’s with them 100%. Mark says Adam did tell him he had a speech plan. He says he and Adam have had their differences but at the end, they came together to fool the house. He is talking to himself in the HOH room and he says he thinks he has to focus on the Pretty Boys all the way. This is nuts.


Damien is a little aggravated. He says this is his third time on the block and he is sick of this. He says this is so annoying. He needs to take himself off the damn block and force Mark to show them what he’s made of or he might be going home this week. Este says that ceremony was a bit ridiculous and there is too much testosterone in the house and Adam’s speech just came across as him coming across at intimidating. She says there is more than one way to play Big Brother. You don’t have to be a comp beast to win. Este talks to herself outside and she says she’s not afraid of Adam and she’s not a delicate little flower. Dane comes out and says he’s here to save her. Este says she’s so tired of being the damsel in distress in this house.


Anthony and Cory are talking and Anthony says if Adam wins, then Damien goes home. Cory says say Dane wins POV, that would be their chance to take out Adam because everyone would be behind that. Cory says if Adam stays on the block they can just send him home this week. Anthony says Cory is his homegirl, she’s been loyal to him, but he’s been riding with the Pretty Boys since day one. It’s been more and more difficult to play both sides and some decisions are going to have to be made soon.


Kyra, Adam, and Dane are in the have-not room and Kyra says they will win POV and take Adam down. Kyra says they have to get Cory out now because she’s obsessed with Anthony. Dane says they do hang out a lot and Adam says it’s starting to bug him. Kyra says they seen Cory staring at Anthony smiling and she’s worse than Kyra was with Chelsea. Dane says she’s driving him insane. Cory and Anthony are playing Rochambeau and Cory screams when she loses and Dane says shut up!


Dane is talking to Mark and Mark says Adam isn’t a comp beast, he’s a comp destroyer. He has a great chance of winning POV and pulling himself down and he has to consider a replacement nominee. Dane says this is it, backdoor Cory 2.0. They can finally make this happen and get her out the door. But they have to figure out how to bring it up to Anthony because he might not take it well. Mark says this is a really good plan.


Kyra and Anthony go into the SR and they have groceries. They put them away together. Dane is in the HOH room playing with bubbles. It’s time to pick players for the POV competition! Dane says they want to backdoor Cory. She’s a beast at comps so she better not get picked. Mark draws Kyra’s chip. Damien draws Este. Adam draws Cory. Adam and Dane don’t look happy. Adam says he had a 3 out of 4 chance to pick Dane, Anthony, or HG choice and he draws Cory. Now he just has to beat her and he can get some satisfaction for Sam walking out the door.


Adam is talking to Damien about who Damien is close with. Adam says he’s just working on both of them staying in there. Adam says now that he doesn’t have Sam, it would be nice to have someone outside the Pretty Boys. Adam says either you come off or I do and whoever goes up can go home. Damien says they should get their selves to top five and Dane and Adam and himself can be something good.


Anthony and Mark are talking. Anthony says what’s the next move? Cory? Mark says yes. Mark says he’ll explain everything and if he doesn’t like it…Mark says Cory hasn’t spoken to her once today. Anthony says she feels good. Mark leaves the HOH for a moment and Anthony leaves too. Anthony wants to talk to Dane for a second and he heads back to the HOH room. Adam is in the WA and he says Anthony feels closer with Dane just like he does too.


Dane is telling Anthony they discussed who was better to get out right now. Dane says there have only been four winners left in the house, Cory, Adam, Dane, and Mark. Dane says it might be better to get Cory out before Damien. Anthony gets aggravated that Dane and Adam think he’s like Adam because he might cry if Cory goes on the block and he wouldn’t be like that. Anthony says his only issue is , they all agreed they’d make decisions together, but when they started making 2 person alliances things started to crumble. Anthony says he likes Cory and Damien comes in. Anthony says he’s ok with whoever Mark wants to put up, he just wants everyone to talk about it so it’s fair.


Anthony says he just found out the guys have been talking about putting Cory on the block. He doesn’t know what gave those guys the impression they are running the game, but nothing happens in this house without him knowing about it. Anthony talks to Cory and tells her that Mark is considering nominating her as a replacement. He can’t tell Cory everything, but he needs her to gun for the veto because he can’t let her go out like that. He tells her not to say anything. Cory leaves and Anthony says snakes…dumb move man. Dumb move.


The HG head outside for the POV competition and it’s a Wendy’s themed competition. Dane is dressed as a pepper. On go, the spice will spill out of their container and they’ll slide down a fire pole to their sandwich. They will then run down and search for puzzle pieces and put it together. But beware! They will have to watch their spice and make sure it doesn’t run out. If their spice runs out, then they will be eliminated. They will have to run down and scoop spice to give themselves more time. They will also have an opportunity to earn a larger scoop if they hear the phone ring and are the first to answer the phone. After their puzzle is together, they’ll have to maneuver the game board to roll some balls onto 6 red spots on the board. The winner will win POV AND $5000 from Wendy’s.


The HG start going running back and forth getting their pieces. Este says this challenge is so difficult. Not only do you have to run back and forth, but you have to pay attention to your spice. She is definitely gunning for this so she’s not a replacement nominee. Kyra would like to win because they want to win the money. It’s not a lot, but it covers some debt.


Damien says he’s tired of losing all the time and he needs to show people he’s a competitor and can win. Adam and Damien are on their puzzles. Cory says Anthony was acting weird before the comp and she’s not sure what was going on so she needs to win this veto. Cory runs back to refill her spice. Everyone is working on their puzzle and Anthony tells them all to focus. Kyra is refilling their spice. Este is almost out of spice and she runs back. The phone rings and Damien won the larger scoop from the phone call. He says hopefully this can help him dig his way off the block.


Kyra tells Adam he’s almost out of spice. Adam says Kyra is getting on his nerves. They keep telling him his spice is almost out and it’s still half full. He knows Kyra is looking out for him but it’s still annoying. Cory says this puzzle is hard and Dane says no one said this would be easy Cory. Este and Cory run back to refill their spice. Kyra makes a dash back as well. Kyra yells for Adam. Dane is watching Adam’s spice too. Adam sprints back because his spice is running out.


Dane yells remember everyone, if you run out of spice you’re out of the competition. Adam is sprinting back and he makes it just in time. Adam is the first to finish his puzzle and he’s on to his first ball. Adam sees Cory is catching up and that adds fuel to his fire. The ball falls off the edge. Kyra is done with their puzzle. Kyra’s ball falls off the edge too. Cory’s puzzle is done and she runs back to fill her spice. Adam gets his first ball in and he heads back to fill his spice. Este is done with her puzzle and Damien is still working on his puzzle. Dane says Damien is giving hockey players all around the country a bad name.


Adam has ball number two and Cory has her first ball. Adam has his third ball. Adam gets his fourth ball and he has two balls to go. Cory looks a little frustrated. Adam lands his fifth ball and he’s on his last ball. Dane says the man that found new land. Adam lands his final ball and has won the POV and $5000! Adam says 3 for 3 and five grand in the bank. They have a plan for Adam to come down and Cory go up and out. He needs to push hard for this to happen because he won’t be satisfied until Cory walks out the door.


Dane says his boy Adam is a machine! Now they can do what they want and finally backdoor Cory. Dane goes to celebrate with Adam. Adam says this has to happen. She has to go and Dane agrees. Dane says did we just witness what we witnessed? Damien is no threat at all. He never even finished his puzzle. Adam says Cory could have easily won that. Dane says Este is coming and he congratulates Adam and leaves with Este.


Anthony and Cory are talking and she asks who Mark is going to put up. Anthony says he doesn’t know but he knows people have been talking. Cory says to put me up? Anthony says Mark is too smart and at the end of the day He is going to decide. He tells Cory to stay calm and play it smooth. She has to trust him. Cory says I trust you.


Anthony is talking to Mark in the HOH. Anthony says Adam is dumb as nails and Dane is just trying to stay safe with Este and Damien. Anthony says he loves Cory, but he wants to keep her because she believes everything he says because everything he says is true. Anthony says Dane lies to the boys to protect Este. Anthony says he’s from Toronto and he’s loyal to the boys and Adam and Dane need to stop acting like little b*tches. Mark says Anthony has made some good points about Cory going only furthers Dane and Adam’s game. Anthony fought tooth and nail to keep him safe a couple of weeks ago and he’s standing with Anthony.


Arisa tells us Canada has been wondering all season long about secret of The Archive room. All will be revealed Thursday!


Mark is talking to Este and she realizes she could be the one going up. Este says Mark could put up Cory because she’s a big competitor. Este says if she goes up then there trust will be broken and she’ll be mad. Este says she thinks the whole house wants bigger targets out. Este says right now there are three big competitors in the house. One has their backs, one just took himself off, and the other she doesn’t know. Este says come on Mark, make a big move. Do something with your HOH!


Adam says Mark told him he talked to Anthony and he’s getting cold feet about the backdoor plan and it’s making him mad. He goes to HOH and he’s talking with Dane and Mark comes in and Adam says what are you thinking for tomorrow? Do you want to make a big move or send home a weak player? Adam says Anthony had one conversation with you and Mark says I’ll get Anthony right now.


The Pretty Boys head to the HOH room and Damien says they are a bunch of dummies. Adam says the other morning they were discussing what they thought and now it seems like things have changed. Adam thinks Cory is a bigger threat. Mark says if you wanted Cory out so much, why didn’t you take me off the block and put Cory on the block? Adam says he wanted to, but did you want to expose us? Kyra pokes their head in and they get quiet until they leave.


Adam says so you’re going to take a weak player out on your HOH? Mark says Damien could be a strong player. Dane says jury won’t respect taking out a weak player. Mark says taking out Cory doesn’t help his game and he thinks Damien could still be strong. Adam says so you’re going to trust Cory and think she’ll do what we want? He doesn’t think so. Anthony says I do. I say one word and she will do it.


It’s time for the POV ceremony! Damien congratulates Adam on winning POV, he’s the biggest baddest player in the game. That being said, let’s see who the biggest, baddest player joining him is. Adam has decided…to use the power of veto on himself. Since he just vetoed one of Mark’s nominations, he has to choose a replacement nominee. Here’s his chance to put up another big player.


Mark says he didn’t know Adam was going to use it, but he lives to fight another day. Mark says his goal for the week was to further his game strategically. Este…you’re my replacement nominee. This POV ceremony is complete! Este says she is on the block again thanks to weak Mark. He could have gotten a strong player, but he’s a coward and this is the most pathetic HOH of the season. Adam says he took himself down so they could put up Cory. He doesn’t know what Anthony and Mark are thinking but she’s the biggest threat to the Pretty Boys.

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