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It starts next week.

From the Jeopardy website:



Aspiring Quiz Show Host Brad Rutter Joins Writer Jerome Vered in Battle With Game Show Phenomenon Ken Jennings For The Ultimate Title, Fame and Fortune

(Culver City, May 20th, 2005) Are these the three smartest guys in America? Beginning Monday, May 23 rd thru May 25 th , millions of Americans will be on the edge of their seats witnessing legendary champion Ken Jennings play Jeopardy! against tournament finalists Brad Rutter and Jerome Vered for a grand prize of $2 Million dollars. The highly anticipated finale to the 15-week Jeopardy! Ultimate Tournament of Champions will crown one person "The Ultimate Jeopardy! Champion." The three day total point showdown will promise nail-biting competition with lightning-fast dexterity, savvy wagering skills and some of the toughest questions in Jeopardy!'s history.

For the complete article, go to http://www.jeopardy.com/announcement_20050...50520Finals.php

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Guest powder_keg
Does anybody knows who won the Ultimate Tournament of Champions?

Actually, tonight was the last night of the tournament which determined the Ultimate Jeopardy! Champion. The three day tournament ran from May 23-25. Brad Rutter has now been crowned the Ultimate Jeopardy! Tournament Champion after reigning all three days in first place. He wins the $2,000,000 prize and bragging rights as the best Jeopardy! player.

Ken Jennings had to settle for second place with winnings of $500,000. Still not too bad a sum for three days of work. It was evident Ken knew he had lost in his Final Jeopardy! answer. Under Ken's incorrect response, he wrote "Go Brad!"

As expected, Jerome Vered took home a $250,000 check for third place after being outmatched in the game by both Brad and Ken. The winner was determined from a total of all three days of winnings. In the end, all three men seemed to enjoy the competition with a sense of humor and respect for each other.

Here's the final breakdown:

Day One (May 23)

Brad Rutter $18,400

Jerome Vered $16,400

Ken Jennings $16,000

Day Two (May 24)

Brad Rutter $18,400 + $20,000 = $38,400

Ken Jennings $16,000 + $10,000 = $26,000

Jerome Vered $16,400 + $3,200 = $19,600

Day Three (May 25)

Brad Rutter $18,400 + $20,000 + $23,600 = $62,000

Ken Jennings $16,000 + $10,000 + $8,599 = $34,599

Jerome Vered $16,400 + $3,200 + $1,000 = $20,600

Final Winnings

Brad Rutter - First Place - $2,000,000

Ken Jennings - Second Place - $500,000

Jerome Vered - Third Place - $250,000

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Housewives Hunks Land in Jeopardy

When you reach 5,000 episodes, you deserve a celebration, so Jeopardy!, that game show of a certain age, will do it up big with two weeks of Celebrity Jep. TV Guide has learned that among the 30 names hitting the buzzers for charity for November-sweeps broadcasts are hopefully smart-and-nimble Desperate Housewives guys James Denton and Doug Savant, Law & Order franchisees Sam Waterston, Christopher Meloni and Kathryn Erbe (all competing against each other), Anderson Cooper, Rachael Ray, Paul Shaffer, Martin Short and Regis Philbin, who says he wants to make up for the "broken buzzer" he had during his last time on the show.

Additional reporting by Ileane Rudolph

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From Lachey to Mizrahi: The Celebrity Jep List

TVGuide.com first gave you a hint of the list two weeks ago, but here now is the complete roster of stars who will be strainin' their craniums during the sweeps week of Celebrity Jeopardy!, kicking off Nov. 8: Martin Short, Susan Lucci, Nancy Grace, Soledad O'Brien, Regis Philbin, Rachael Ray, James Denton, Doug Savant, Christopher Meloni, Sam Waterston, Drew Lachey, Carson Kressley, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Kaczmarek, Joely Fischer, Dana Delany, Mario Cantone, Steve Schirripa, Bebe Neuwirth, Paul Shaffer and Isaac Mizrahi.

Posted by Matt Mitovich 09/27/06 10:23 AM

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"Celebrity Jeopardy!" Daily Line-Up Announced


The 'Law & Order' Edition of 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' features actors

(L-R) Sam Waterston, Kathryn Erbe and Christopher Meloni

CULVER CITY, California -- To celebrate "Jeopardy!'s" 5,000th episode milestone, America's Favorite Quiz Show rolls out the red carpet to celebrities such as, James Denton, Regis Philbin, Rachael Ray, Martin Short and Curt Schilling. They will join a variety of other TV stars, newsmakers and pop culture icons for the show's most "famous" competition of all - "Celebrity Jeopardy!"

The two-week competition features stars competing for at least $1 million to be donated to their special causes. "Celebrity Jeopardy!" tapes at the historic Radio City Music Hall on October 5, 7 and 8 and is slated for broadcast nationwide Wednesday, November 8 through Tuesday, November 21.

"I'm looking forward to these special weeks of shows, not only because of the fun celebrity element but also because so many good causes will benefit from the stars' participation," said "Jeopardy!" Host Alex Trebek. "These celebrities are not afraid to go out on a limb, take a risk and still have a good time. The audience will love it!"

Celebrity participants are guaranteed $25,000 for their charity, while each show's winner is guaranteed a $50,000 payoff for their charity. With 100 Emmy, Tony and Oscar nominations among them, the celebrities scheduled to compete are:

Wednesday, November 8 -- TV Hosts

1. Regis Philbin -- Host, "Live With Regis and Kelly" (Winner -- $50,000)

2. Carson Kressley -- Host, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" (2nd Place -- $25,000)

3. Nancy Grace -- Host/Anchor, Court TV's "Headline News" (3rd Place -- $25,000)

Thursday, November 9 -- "Celebrity Jeopardy!"

1. Doug Savant -- "Desperate Housewives" (Winner -- $50,000)

2. Jane Kaczmarek -- "Help Me Help You" (2nd Place -- $25,000)

3. Curt Schilling -- Boston Red Sox Pitcher (3rd Place -- $25,000)

Friday, November 10 -- "Law & Order"

1. Christopher Meloni -- "Law & Order: SVU" (Winner -- $50,000)

2. Sam Waterston -- "Law & Order" (2nd Place -- $25,000)

3. Kathryn Erbe -- "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (3rd Place -- $25,000)

Monday, November 13 -- "Celebrity Jeopardy!"

1. Neil Patrick Harris -- "How I Met Your Mother" (Winner -- $50,000)

2. Bebe Neuwirth -- Broadway/TV Star, "Cheers" and "Frasier" (2nd Place -- $25,000)

3. James Denton -- "Desperate Housewives" (3rd Place -- $25,000)

Tuesday, November 14 -- "Celebrity Jeopardy!"

1. Harry Shearer -- Actor/Writer/Producer, "The Simpsons" and "For Your Consideration" (Winner -- $50,000)

2. Soledad O'Brien -- Host, "American Morning" (2nd Place -- $25,000)

3. Isaac Mizrahi -- Fashion Designer (3rd Place -- $25,000)

Wednesday, November 15 -- "Celebrity Jeopardy!"

1. Miguel Ferrer -- "Crossing Jordan" (Winner -- $50,000)

2. Harry Smith -- "CBS News" (2nd Place -- $25,000)

3. Steve Schirripa -- "The Sopranos" (3rd Place -- $25,000)

Thursday, November 16 -- "Celebrity Jeopardy!"

1. Dana Delany -- "Kidnapped" (Winner -- $50,000)

2. Brian Stokes Mitchell -- Tony Award-Winning Broadway Star (2nd Place Tie -- $25,000)

2. Drew Lachey -- 2006 "Dancing With The Stars" Champion (2nd Place Tie -- $25,000)

Friday, November 17 -- "Celebrity Jeopardy!"

1. Mario Cantone -- Broadway/TV Actor/Comedian, "Sex & The City" (Winner -- $50,000)

2. Joely Fisher -- "'Til Death" (2nd Place -- $25,000)

3. Martin Short -- Broadway/Film Actor/Comedian, "Fame Becomes Me" (3rd Place -- $25,000)

Monday, November 20 -- "Celebrity Jeopardy!"

1. Scott Turow -- Best-Selling Author (Winner -- $50,000)

2. Paul Shaeffer -- "The Late Show with David Letterman" (2nd Place -- $25,000)

3. Susan Lucci -- "All My Children" (3rd Place -- $25,000)

Tuesday, November 21 -- "Celebrity Jeopardy!"

1. Michael McKean -- Actor/Writer, "This is Spinal Tap" and "For your Consideration" (Winner -- $50,000)

2. The Honorable Margaret Spellings -- U.S. Secretary of Education (2nd Place -- $25,000)

3. Hill Harper -- "CSI: NY" (3rd Place -- $25,000)

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I HATE celebrity versions of game shows. Jeopardy is especially painful. The questions are so easy, as not to embarass the almighty celebs. The back-to-school children's version was more difficult. Plus the show is so slow-moving that that only get through about half the questions before time runs out. But my main problem is this -- celebrities have enough money. Even though they play for charity, they're taking opportunity away from regular folks whose only chance to make some cash (other than winning the lottery) is to win a game show. These rich stars can donate $50,000 to a charity without batting an eye. It's like pocket change to them. We can't come in and host Live With Regis & Kelly, star in Desperate Housewives or pitch for the Boston Red Sox for a day, so leave us our game shows for Pete's sake.

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BIG surprise . . . jersey hates something I post about! I would do a cartwheel if I ever found a post about something you DID like! LOL! Hey, the upside is . . . if you don't like it, you only have to sit through two weeks of "Celebrity Jeopardy!"

On the other hand, I appreciate celebrities donating their time to the causes and perhaps shedding light on charities that need a helping hand. In fact, the last "Celebrity Jeopardy!" show, had two of the celebrities donating to lesser known charities that would truly benefit from $25,000-$50,000. I prefer to see the glass as half full. I find life is a nicer place and a lot less negative when I do.

Although don't be shocked, I must agree with a couple of your points of contention . . . the questions DO seem to be dumbed down and the time it takes to get through a board is agonizing at times. I don't mind the time if humor is involved and I'm entertained but often it's just the celebrity taking their sweet time to choose a category and amount to play for.

Although I adore Bebe Neuwirth, she got a "Double Jeopardy!" and only bet $800 which is what the category was worth to begin with! She needed to take a chance to catch up to the others but never had the confidence in any of her answers. Even the studio audience let out an audible groan when she only bet the meager amount.

As you can tell, I'm going to continue watching and for those who DO appreciate "Celebrity Jeopardy!," I'll continue to post the results . . . stay tuned!

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Can't say I remember any particular posts of yours. I do recognize the name, of course, but I rarely know who I'm replying to, so don't take it personally. I'm just a miserable old bitch.
See? I KNEW we had something in common!!! I tease our jersey721. It's apparent too that you possess a good sense of humor so it's all good. It's the balance that serves us well in life and makes it interesting, right?

You totally took the previous post in the true spirit it was meant . . . to poke a little fun, agree with certain points and give a slightly difference of opinion on one point. Actually, if we all agreed on everything, what a boring board to read and a world to live in. Vive le difference!

Hey, jersey721, I did think of you yesterday though. Are you sitting down? I know I was glad I was! Harry Shearer was actually quite good at answering the categories along with Soledad O'Brien so they actually got through the entire "Double Jeopardy!" answers! You could have knocked me over! And, THAT ain't easy to do! LOL!

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I was pleasantly surprised that the level of game play was raised by Harry Shearer & Soledad O'Brien. The questions are still too easy, but at least they were focused and got through most of the game. Although I love Mario Cantone and Martin Short, Friday's show will probably leave many unused answers on the board. I imagine these 2 will be outdoing each other for laughs.

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Man, jersey . . . did you call that one perfectly!!!! The was the worst game of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" I've seen in a long time! So much wasted time and not a lot of laughs in its place. The scores were pitifully low and I didn't find a lot of entertainment value out of watching. I'm hoping the remaining rounds play better than tonight's game.

The remaining six celebrities seem better suited to an interesting competition. We have a politician, author, band leader, soap opera queen, actor and an amazing mind in the form of Michael McKean, actor/comedian/writer/director, etc. Only two more days of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" left!

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Got Game? Well, You're About To!

Starting Friday, Jeopardy! fans can log on to jeopardy.com (duh) to answer an extra question from one of that day's categories and be entered in a sweepstakes with a $100 daily prize and a $25,000 grand prize. Of course, unlike on the real show, here contestants are encouraged to google their answers.... Blind Date host Roger Lodge has been chosen to ringlead GSN's upcoming hidden-word game show Camouflage.... CBS has picked up a new game show called Do You Trust Me? from the producers of The Weakest Link. The Eye has also OK'd Drew Carey's Power of 10 quiz show.

Posted by Matt Webb Mitovich 05/29/07 8:56 AM

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