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Spoilers Exhile Island


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So far this is a slow week for spoilers and almost all sights seem a bit confused as to what might happen next week. I will show you what I have and what they say at other sights and will await your comments and help on what you think on this one.

I will start this week with the spoilers from TDT as they are now , I am not sure I agree with them yet.


Filmed: November 24-26, 2005

Airdate: April 20, 2006

Reward challenge: Q&A/ Chop your friends - Danielle wins?

From TV Guide Online: "At the reward challenge, the tribe members are required to answer personal questions that have the potential to alienate some players." Sounds like a good match for the "coconut chop" challenge, one of the future challenges previewed during the recap (from the ads, yes, it is). In theory, this should be one challenge Terry does not win. Maybe even Cirie will have a chance. Since Bruce is taken out at night, and the RC usually takes place on the first day, we're guessing he's a participant in this one still.

Who wins? Several people (such as divatox16 divatox16 at sucks in Spoilers) have pointed to Danielle's cleaned-up appearance in the previews. So it's possible she wins here. (As did one Jenna Morasca).

Exile: Terry?

There's no way he'll win the RC, and he has his bag with him as he says "I expect all bad things." Seems like a reasonable guess he'd be this week's exile. Our only question is: do they bother giving him the map to the hidden idol?

Immunity challenge: Speculation (this means they have nothing)

In a huge departure from the RC, above, this one will likely feature: a race, water, sand, or puzzles. Or if you're really lucky, all four! Oh, right, we already said that.

BOOT: Bruce (removed from game)

The episode title seems to suggest pretty strongly that Bruce's untimely exit for medical reasons will take place here, and not in the previous (Ep9) episode, as we were led to believe.

Wickchix's information had Bruce being removed on Thanksgiving Day, which would be the first day of this episode: "The thing with Bruce is he has a family history with aorta problems, and at the time they were not sure what his problem is, so 'they' take him out. He makes jury, and in RL time he was taken out Thanksgiving day, so whatever timeline that is in the game will tell you were he placed."

From the ads, it's pretty clear that time is here.

This link I am adding will take you to more commercials for next week then is showing at TDT


Episode 10 Website Clues

CBS Website Clues:

When a medical emergency sends one Survivor off for treatment, the others are left wondering what will happen next. Will this Survivor be forced to leave the game for good?

Honesty isn't always the best policy, but in the Reward Challenge it's the key to winning. Can the Survivors get along afterwards, or are some too bitter to forgive and forget?

As the lone La Mina, Terry is without allies at camp. His only hope is that the bickering amongst the remaining Casayas continue. Will the old Casaya tribe self-destruct, or will they set their emotions aside and stay focused on the game?

press release :


"Medical Emergency " -- One survivor suffers a medical emergency, on SURVIVOR: PANAMA -- EXILE ISLAND, Thursday, April 20 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

When a medical emergency sends one survivor off the island for treatment, the others are left wondering whether or not the fallen castaway will recover and be able to return to the competition.

A brutally honest Reward Challenge, leaves one castaway particularly hurt by the outcome and another miffed that they weren't chosen to participate in the reward. Can the castaways get along after the challenge or are some tribe members too bitter to forgive and forget? As the lone member of the former La Mina tribe, Terry finds himself without any allies at camp. His only hope is that the constant bickering between the others will continue, although he still has the opportunity to use the Hidden Immunity Idol he found while on Exile Island (which some tribe members doubt he actually has). Tensions run high around camp when Shane questions the strength of his alliance and threatens to turn the game.

Okay that is all I have here except one thing , I want anyone that has not been there yet to go to the cbs Survivor sight and go to videos, there are a couple of videos that was not aired on the show. One is I think maybe of particular importance entitled Cirie Breaks it down . Please view it and then look at the underlined words of the press release and give me your honest oppions

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Is the Medical Emergency another case of Mark Burnett and the Survivor gang "playing with our heads"? (When a medical emergency sends one survivor off the island for treatment, the others are left wondering whether or not the fallen castaway will recover and be able to return to the competition.) And will they let that person back???? Really!!! And won't the rest of the players be upset?

I can't get the Videos at the CBS site to load so I can't view "Cirie Breaks It Down". If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!!!

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This is the real deal... Bruce is taken out of the game due to aorta problems... It was all brought on by the eating he did last week... One of the girls will be affected too, but not as bad as Bruce...

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Okay all my spoiler sights and place I am looking still not giving up much information. Seems this week is mostly a guess week and so far I see to many of the people thinking way to far ahead of the game to make what I would call true educated guesses for one week.

This is not my final say so don't take it to heart till I do more looking , but this is how I think it might go down.

I believe the show will start out with after scenes from last week with Bruce getting sick , normaly I would say the first interview would be with Terry , and there is a pic in the comercials of him talking alone before the RC , but if Bruce does leave in the beggining I would hazzard a guess that First interviewed might be one of the other tribe , most likely in my book would be Shane or Aras.

I do believe that the cocunut chop is the reward challenge and that it is the trip to the panama canal and also the car this week. I think it will be Danelle that wins it and she takes Courtney. In the comercials both of them look better and cleaner at the end , and Courtneys dreads are actually neater and you see less of the sores she has gotten while being there.

The person mad at not being taken would have to be Cirie , she wants a reward so bad she would be miffed as she is friends with everyone and Courtney is a lunatic. I think the hurt one is not the loser just somebody that did not know how people might of felt about them , could be the winner to but most likly Shane or Courtney.

I do not think there is a IC this week , but I do think will be Terry going to Exhile Island if any does. And for all the people looking ahead and thinking this or that about the immunity idol and when he uses it , this is my thoughts on it. If terry actually wins 7 straight Immunity challenges or almost seven as Chill one says only something like 7. Terry has one 3 already , if they don't have one this week then this week don't count.

That means he still has 3 or 4 to go , that means after bruce leaves you have only 6 people left and that means he wins immunity up to final 3 or 2 , by my figuring. If they do have one this week then it would be final 4 or 3 and the immunity idol is only good through final 4 , not after that. That would suggest to me that Terry never uses it. He may give it away but he him self never uses it.

Okay thats all I got for now , you know I will keep you updated as I find out before Thursday. Yana please answer this and share your thoughts with me and us here , I value your oppinions and insight as well.

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OK So here's what I think... Everyone is talking about there having to be an extra episode... This is what I think... Everyone is thinking that Bruce is leaving due to the medical stuff, but if you are a BB fan you will know that, if Bruce has the same thing that April did, he won't feel bad long... I think he will be back in the game by next week... I think he won't be back before the end of the show this week, but he will be back at the start of the next episode... I think that's why we have been a week ahead... I also think that Courtney and Danielle maybe the ones to go on reward this episode... I think Terry might be the one to go to exile island... Just a hunch... I may change my mind before the show, but this is the way I feel things are going to go this episode...

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Okay Friends I think I am about to shake up this episode 10 , I ran accross and interesting sight that says bruce is not the one that goes evac but Courtney. I will give you the addy and you all can read it for your self . It is very long and a little over half way down the page they give a history of Survivor including 12 and it says this.

Survivor: Panama - Exile Island premiered on 2 February 2006. Filming started on 31 October 2005 in the Pearl Islands of Panama, marking the third time this location has been used for Survivor. This is the second time that someone has been evacuated due to medical emergencies. Courtney Marit got seriously injured and had to leave the game.

History of Survivor and rules from wikipedia

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Wow, excellant spoiler wolf. It will be interesting to see if that site has "the goods." Also, this might explain why everyone thought that Courtney was going to go last week?!?

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I agree... This is good stuff... WC had spoiled that Bruce was leaving due to "bowel" problems, but that there was a girl with the same problems that didn't have to leave the game... Maybe she got it mixed up and the girl is the one to leave instead?

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Sending the info to TDT in an Email I got this in response.

From: "True Dork Times" <truedorktimes@truedorktimes.com> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

Subject: Re: Please look and new info I found about Medical Emergency Episode 10

Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 15:02:01 -0700

To: "Sherri" <wolfrider29073

First, it's not true. Second, since (1) that site is just a cloned copy of the Wikipedia entry on Survivor: Panama, (2) anyone can add anything they want at Wikipedia, and (3) the current Wikipedia entry doesn't say anything of the sort, I'm guessing somebody's just trying to have some by planting false "spoilers."

What do you think about that Email Yana and What is to be believed , I will be doing some investigating that is for sure.

Okay I did a search for Survivor on Wikipedia and this is what I found , I believe TDT's is right I will post the real sight here for all to see; But after this week it could bear close watching anyway. Who ever did that and changed it obviously been reading spoilers and decided which one they believed instead of looking at all the info and making an educated guess.

Wikipedia (Survivor)

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I posed the question over at sucks if anyone had seen it and got thrashed... I don't think anything should be read into that spoiler... I think Bruce is the one leaving Thursday...

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Thanks wolf and Yana. It was exciting while it lasted though... lol I appreciate you both clearing it up, thanks again.

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Okay since that last clue proved to be false , I will stick by what I have so far unless I find more.

But so far will say my Mortys Fantasy team picks this week are Aras , Shane , Terry and Danelle , I have Terry being exhiled and the rest first interviewed. I think that might be shane.

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OK I am posting a link to some pictures that will show you who is on the streacher... It's not hard to tell it's Bruce... These are taken from the previews... Look at the second picture on the second row...


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Okay spoiler fans time for me to shake things up once more and say something against all the spoilers we have seen thus far. I know every sight believes cause of the comercial that it is bruce that goes out on the medical and so did I till tonight. I saw a comercial live on OLN tonight same we did before but this time I saw a face on the stretcher even if for a second did not look like Bruce. As I was roaming around looking for more tips for ya'll I found a place that I could screen capture the commercial one shot at a time.

There has been a spoiler out there in the past that another female ( courtney I believe got sick like bruce did only not as bad and she could stay ) . I now believe that it might of been backwards and will show you all why. I have spent hours going over old videos of the last week and screen capturing everything to prove my point and get everyone that reads this threads thoughts . Please don't hold back we have only one day till survivor so the sooner you post what you think the sooner we all can know for sure.

This is where I got the comercial I could control from

The comercial you can pause

I know my last clue appeared false but is it , there was something about it that kept nagging me anyway and now I think it was changed but maybe as a way for the person to show what they know with out giving out details.

I think Bruce gets sick TC night but I don't think he is taken off the island , I think it is Courtney after the RC and after the return from it , which is why there no IC and why it covers most the show cause most of it happens . Here is why in Pics. Please tell me what ya'll think.











The face so far don't look anything like Bruces , and they much clearer on my puter then what is showing here . Most of all look at the color of skin of the face showing on the stretcher and the chin and lack of hair . I have to do the rest in another post so hang tight spoiler fans

Part two , pray the pics work , lol


The legs do look femine as was hinted a few weeks ago.



The arm looks femine


look at his chin and how many grey whiskers do you see and go back to

the face I posted even blurred , any hair there.

okay one more round , be right back.

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Wolf here's a clear picture of the person being taken out of the game by Medivac... Looks like Bruce to me...

I hope Phoenix doesn't mind me using it...


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Courtneys arm at the IC last week , just as you seen Bruces


A closer up even if blurry view of her arm

Now we seen that Danelle says hope everything is okay.

So here is what I think , the night of the immunity challenge Bruce does get sick he has alot of problems that night but is strictly bowl or aka stopped up with stomache cramps.

I personaly though we don't see Bruce in the camp thanks to editing and we don't see him at the RC , that Danelle wins the challenge takes Courtney , what ever they do they get more food. and when they get home that night Courtney has her problems.

Even though her and Shane not been close , due to editing Shane is not the asshole he portrays is actually a very caring person and it is Courtney he is kissing on the forhead and not Bruce. No matter how he feels about his son I can not seem him kissing Bruce good bye on the forhead.

I still believe that Terry goes to exhile island and that he is not even there when it all happens which is why we don't see him helping with the stretcher. I could be wrong I don't claim to be one of the good spoilers but this is how I feel . I would love all the oppinions of any that have an idea of what they think

This I believe is my final spoiler or stand for Episode 10

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I do agree about Terry going to exile island... I just don't see Courney's nose as being as wide as the person in the picture I posted... I only see two people out there still that have wide noses and they are Bruce and Cirie... I don't know maybe I am wrong... What does everyone else think?

Also if you look at the part where they are inserting the IV you will see that there is a shirt sleeve... Courtney doesn't have sleeves on and when she does they are long sleeves and these are short...

OK So here ya go... Look at the pictures of Courtney, Bruce, and the medivac person and see what you think... Note that Courtney's nose is almost perfect and Bruce's has a bump in it... Notice the person being medivaced also has a bump in their nose...


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Yes yana that does look like his nose but who is to say the edit did not put a half pic up for him since he was the one they showed curling up. How often in reality do they really show us what is on the show and what they edit . Look at the rest of the pics and the sight I gave for the comercial and pause it so you can see the face and see it has no whiskers at all and although the nose is big , is not the size of his and Ceries , the next largest female is Courtney and I looked at that too before I did this.

I am sure as long as you been following spoilers like me you heard there was a female that had same problems to but got to stay. Who is to say that the info was not reversed. I know I could be wrong and If I am will be the first to say it , but it does look possible

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Oh I've no doubt it's possible... That's why I am posting all this so that maybe others can give us their opinions... I'm not at all convinced that it's Bruce not Courtney going by medivac... You also have to look at what that long out there without much food will do to a persons body... This weeks reward is supposed to be a get away from camp for a night and you know they always get to shower and shave, so it maybe that Bruce got to go on reward and shaved... I doubt it, but you never know... This is going to be a good week cause we aren't sure what's going to happen at all...

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Here are two pics of the last TC and both show Courtney had long sleeves at night.



I am not saying I am right and it really is courtney , but look at the chin still no hair showing on those pics grey or orther wise.

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I'm not saying I'm right either, but I don't think the sleeve we see in the shot of the IV is long sleeves... I think they are short... LOL I think this is fun... We don't really have a clue if it's Bruce, Courtney, or someone else...

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Sorry the second pic was not what I intended , this one is , lol.


Look at the pics I sent closer of the dark sceane of the sleeve and notice it is rolled up

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I really don't know what to think... I was the one saying that the spoiler might have gotten the information wrong earlier when the winipikia (sp) stuff came up... Not I just don't know... LOL...

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A post I made seemed to not make it , or I don't see it but I noticed in the IV pic the sleeve is rolled up and I could be wrong and have not looked at each episode but I never seen Bruce with long sleeves yet.

Either way should be an interesting week , the people I chose on my fantasy game will not be affected either way , no one there leaving , lmao , but better to cover all possibiltiys if one of us see's them.

and I agree with you , all of you I seen looking please give us what you think of what we said and shown. We are all on same team and family after all , even the slightest thought is welcome this week.

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