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American Idol - Season 17: The Top 14 Results


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Last night, America voted. Tonight, who did you love? The Top 10 are revealed. The buzz is that this is the most talented group in Idol history. We have your Top 10 results. This is American Idol!

Ladies & gentlemen, your host, Ryan Seacrest! Please show some love to your judges, Luke Bryan, Lionel Ritchie and Katy Perry! Last night, our Top 14 fought for their place in the Top 10. Seven will be selected by your votes, the remaining three by your judges. 

Everyone will sing tonight, either a new song or reprising a song they have already performed. 14 tense faces in the lounge. First up, Madison VanDenburg takes the stage. She sang Fallin (Alicia keys) and after the nationwide vote, America wants more Madison! You are through to the Top 10! She reprises her performance.

The next person to join Ryan on stage is Evelyn Cormier. She sang The Middle (Jimmy Eat World). After the nationwide vote, America unfortunately did not put you in the Top 10. She now sings Dust In The Wind (Kansas) for one of the three judges votes. Her vocal is low and breathless, an affected accent in a 3 dimensional performance that has an air of mystery and spiritualness to it. 

Lionel says he's in shock, he's a fan, but this is not the end, this is the beginning of a long career. Katy says she's a super pro, graceful, beautiful, will be a spectacular artist. Luke says watching her grow into your style, some like it and some don't but that has never stopped a good artist. Don't let America's vote change who you are.

More results. Next in the spotlight is, Walker Burroughs. You sang Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Sound of Music). After the nationwide vote, America is happy to put you in the Top 10! Walker chooses to sing Lovebug (The Jonas Brothers) with no pressure, delivering a light and airy performance with a vocal of innocence and joy, then kicking into an excited rockish beat of celebration.

During Walker's performance, Ryan found a gallon of the ice cream flavor that Brewsters named for Walker. Katy runs up on stage (in high heels), grabs the tub from Ryan and retreats to the judges table.

The air is intense in the lounge, and 100 degrees with no AC. Riley Thompson, your results are next. You sang Suds In The Bucket (Sara Evans). After the nationwide vote, America unfortunately did not put you in the Top 10 but you can sing for your life right now for the judges picks.

Singing It Must Be Love (Don Williams), Riley is pretty in pink singing an upbeat country love song, full of the innocence and joy of a young girl's first love. The vocal is solid and the performance expressive, professional. Luke says great song choice and loved her growth. Katy says she needs to brush this off and keep focused, everyone loved her on Twitter last night. Lionel says you can't teach being ready to go on stage at just 16. Forget the point, it's all about the game.

The next person to join Ryan is Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, who sang We All Fall In Love Sometimes (Elton John). Elton John posted on Instagram that Jeremiah's performance took his breath away. But is America a fan as well? After the nationwide vote, America is also a fan. He's in the Top 10!

Jeremiah sings an original song, Almost Heaven. Sitting at the piano, the song starts out quiet, somber, sensitive, with a string quartet coming in to complement the narrative vocal as his voice reaches for the sky. 

Three spots in the Top 10 are filled. Next to find out their fate is Alyssa Raghu, who sang She Used To Be Mine (Sara Bareilles ). After the nationwide vote, America has not voted you into the Top 10. For the judges' vote, she sings The One That Got Away (Katy Perry). A little wistful, her voice is sweet, confident, powerful and entertaining but there's an air of recognition this could be her last time on the Idol stage.

She has tears in her eyes at the finish. Luke says Raghu, our sauce, I applaud you for coming back with your voice and a new shining light. If you commit that much to music, it will pay you back. Katy says how dare you! How dare you sing that song 100x better than me. That was so beautiful and you're a gorgeous young woman, the second semester of a master class and you have time. It will happen. Lionel says It's your heart and drive and for 17yrs old, you've done all we could ask with a smile.

Keeping things rolling with Wade Cota, who sang Trouble (Ray LaMontagne ) last night. After the nationwide vote, I'm surprised, no I'm not. You're in the Top 10! That was so mean, Katy says. Wade performs Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd), his characteristically rough vocal giving the southern rock song a bit of a blues vibe. With the pressure off, his pacing is on point and his power fearless.

Returning next week will be real time voting with the show live in all time zones. Will Dimitrius Graham be there? He sang Perfect by Ed Sheeran. After the nationwide vote, America did not feel like putting you in the Top 10. Singing for his life, he performs When The Party's Over (Bille Eilish). The vocal starts off quiet and hesitant, living in his upper range showcasing the range of his voice, his power, his dynamics, his understated talent.

Luke says great choice of song and maybe the most he's been emotionally connected. Way to fight. Katy says you can sing any note in the world and you really brought your heart through, always remain an emotional singer, it's all about connection. Lionel says we felt you go inside, take that breath, and let us know who you really are. Tonight we saw there's more to you. I know how you feel, you were born enough, stand on top of your emotions and go forward.

Next up is Laci Kaye Booth, who sang I Miss You (Blink-182). You took a risk with that song and after the nationwide vote, that risk paid off. You're in the Top 10! She performs As Long As You Follow (Fleetwood Mac) as her moving-on song, struggling with her ear piece but not with her performance as she delivers a delightful even-tempo, somewhat sleepy vocal.

Five of America's Top 7 have been selected, and it's Eddie Island's turn in the hot seat, having sung Bennie And The Jets (Elton John) last night. After the nationwide vote, you have not made it into the Top 10 but will sing Use Somebody (Kings of Leon) to fight for the judges' choice. Rockin' with the electric guitar, he returns to a grunge approach, working the front row fans, dancing around the stage, and releasing all the emotion and artistry he can muster.

Luke says they love Eddie's personality, but vocally, it may be song choices, I was crossing my fingers. It's so important to partner your voice with the perfect song. Katy says it's not just a singing competition but an Idol competition and he has room for growth, to overcome nervousness. Lionel says look how far you've gotten on a dare. It's not that you're not good or gifted but that the competition is fierce. Celebrate being in the Class of 14.

Ashley Hess is next to learn the results of last night's performance of Fix You (Coldplay). After the nationwide vote, America voted and, you need to play some more to fight your way into the Top 10. Singing Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder), she goes up tempo to celebrate music and have a little fun, getting down with her brass section with a fun, dynamic vocal, strong and confident, a bit of attitude, an effortless key change and a smile never leaving her face.

Luke says we've told you to stay behind the piano and you just gave your most comfortable, natural performance without it. Katy says you had nothing left to lose and you just did you, the best performance you've had. Lionel says life begins at the end of your comfort zone and you were out of your comfort zone, great job.

Next to face the music is Laine Hardy, who last night sang That's All Right (Elvis). He never planned to audition, and after the nationwide vote, America is glad you did. You're in the Top 10! He sings Hurricane (The Band Of Heathens) with his electric guitar twanging, clouds over head, steam rising from the ground. His voice returns to his bayou roots in his hometown tribute. The vocal was swampy, dripping with quiet swagger and the confidence of a man who has found his home on stage and ain't never movin' out.

Luke says way to deliver it with style. Katy says smokin' hot. You touched the sky and brought the color back, you look good, sound good and I'm shy. Lionel says a lot of people have leave home to make it, but you brought us back home to make it. Ryan points out that Laine is wearing the shirt that Luke gave him.

One spot remains and both Alejandro Aranda and Uche are hoping America gave it to them. Alejandro sang One Dance (Drake) while Uche sang Finesse (Bruno Mars). One will earn America's pass into the Top 10 and the other will have to sing for his chance to move forward. 

Gentlemen, good luck to both of you, here we go. After the nationwide vote, the person to make it into the Top 10 is...   Alejandro! Congratulations! He heads out to the stage to sing his original song, Cholo Love. Playing the piano and singing in his falsetto, the band kicks in with a Latin jazz beat, the artist clearly enjoying this opportunity for performance art. 

Last to perform, after receiving some last minute advice from Bobby Bones, Uche leaves it all on the stage with Diamonds (Rihanna). From the very first strobe-lit note, Uche served notice that he will not conform to any expectation just for votes. Complete with a voice delay and echo effect, he delivers an emotional, passionate and moving performance that brought everyone to their feet.

Ryan asks how he's feeling and he says he's kind of side that people didn't like who he was in his Sunday night performance. Luke says I don't know how America missed the electricity this young man puts out. Never change that. Katy says last night was a lot of movement and choreography, you can do so much, and you are learning the art of entertaining. Lionel gets up on stage to hug Uche as the young man struggles to maintain his composure.

We are not in the singing business, Lionel tells Uche, we're in the entertaining business and you will never touch as many as you've touched. A lot of people can sing but few can perform. And you can perform. Follow me, young man. He's taking him to the Top 10, Ryan excitedly shouts as Uche takes his place on the proper side of the stage. 

Katy and Luke are shocked. Lionel has made his pick for the Top 10, leaving only two spots left, one chosen by Katy and the other chosen by Luke.

The remaining six artists from the Bottom 7 take the stage. There are two spots, two coaches, and just two minutes remaining. Bobby Bones picks Dimitrius and Riley as his choices. But it's up to Katy and Luke. 

Ryan tells them they are all remarkably talented. Luke, it's time for your decision. Dim the lights and here we go. Luke says he's changed his mind 3 times tonight. He leans on the shear emotion he felt with Dimitrius. You are in the Top 10!

And it all comes down to Katy. There's one spot and 5 contestants remaining. Katy says everyone is fantastic, everyone has grown so much. You better fight for your life the next time you sing, Alyssa Raghu. You are in the Top 10!

That means we say goodbye tonight to Evelyn Cormier, Eddie Island, Riley Thompson and Ashley Hess.  

And say hello to your Top 10: Laine Hardy, Wade Cota, Madison VanDenburg, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Uché, Alejandro Aranda, Laci Kaye Booth and Walker Burroughs! Who is your favorite to win it all?


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