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Exile Island: Week 10


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CBS Website:

When a Medical Emergency sends one Survivor off for treatment, the others are left wondering what will happen next. Will this Survivor be forced to leave the game for good?

Honesty isnt always the best policy, but in the Reward Challenge, its the key to winning. can the Survivors get along afterwards, or are some too bitter to forgive and forget?

As the lone La Mina, Terry is without allies at camp. His only hope is that the busckering amongthe Casayas continues. Will the old Casaya tribe self-detruct? Or will they set their emotions aside and stay focused on the game?


Finally, the medical emergency, not that i want amything to happen to anyone, and i hope they were OK, but we were supposed to have this 3 weeks ago. No clue who it could be.

Is the Reward challenge one of those pecking order deals?? i always like them

This whole game, Casaya has been bickering mad infighting, and they have kept strong, and not swayed any voted, so im gona guess no, but you never know .. .. ...

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I always LOVE these pecking order challenges. Then you get to see who is actually playing the game versus people who have no clue whats going on. I really like Aras, and how he knows what this challenge is designed to do, and how he tried to prevent people from letting the challenge mentally beat them. The challenge beat Courtney and Shane though.

I have a feeling Terry will be in the final 4, perhaps 3. The girls (Courtney and Danielle) are the next to go in my opinion.

Sucks what happened to Bruce, but, honestly if i were out there, as bad as i would have felt, and concerned as i would have been, i would have been jumping for joy inside. Free Ticket to the Final 6. You know they were all smilin inside, especially Terry........grrrrr Terry.

Cirie is the only Woman left from her original Tribe of four, and she is the only person to be on the same beach the entire show. Maybe that has given her a little more strength somehow.

I would really liked to have seen what the immunity challenge would have been and what would have gone down at tribal council. Oh Well, next week. I wonder if Bruce will make it back to the Jury.

When are these people gonna realize that Cirie is not someone you want to take to the final 2?? I hope she makes it that far. I want to see her on every episode, the whole episode for the rest of the season. I dont know if i can handle her not saying anything sitting on the jury.

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