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Big Brother Canada Season 7-POV Comp and Ceremony

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when Cory heard about a failed plan to send her out the backdoor, the alarm bells went off. At a slippery HOH competition, Cory and the alpha dog held on for dear life, then Adam cut a deal to protect his showmance over his bromance and the east coast shredder muscled her first HOH win of the season.


With Cory convinced that Dane was behind the backdoor, the guru started spinning his web to trap Sam, but to pull off his master plan, Anthony had to extinguish Adam’s fire. Then flush with power, Cory tried to smoke out the backdoor culprit. With Cory still struggling to find the truth, the spin doctor prescribed a lethal injection. At the noms ceremony, Cory put Dane and Este up on the block, honoring her deal with Adam…for now. Tonight, can Dane top the charts and record his first blockbuster. Will Anthony produce a big hit for Cory’s HOH? It’s about to get wild…on Big Brother Canada!


# We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 35. Cory says she’s really happy with her nominations because she wants to show people she’s not afraid to make big moves. She still isn’t sure who to believe. Este says being on the block sucks, especially when you’re next to your number one in the house and she doesn’t feel like that target.


Anthony says Cory has no idea he has total control over her game. He’s going to save Dane this week no matter what. Dane says he finally gets to compete in a POV challenge and he will fight his way off the block.


Dane tells Este not to panic and it’s not the end of the world. Dane says he’d rather it be this way instead of getting backdoored. Dane and Este exchange a little kiss.


Anthony says Sam has been distracting Adam for weeks now and The Pretty Boys have wanted her out for a long time. And now it’s time to set up the execution. Anthony is playing pool with Cory and he says when Dane comes off the block, we put up Sam. Cory says Anthony is pitching the backdoor plan with Sam and it’s making sense and it’s a great use of her HOH. Anthony says this is going to be the greatest season ever!


Dane says he was in a tight position last week, but in order to save both of them he had to make a deal to save Kiera and Mark. We see Dane talking about the backdoor plan and he planted those seeds, but he needs to convince Cory was the one behind the backdoor plan.


Dane is talking to Cory and Cory says she’s being fed two different stories and she has to decide which one she will believe. Dane says he wasn’t even in power last week. Cory says everything that Dane is telling her is lining up with what Anthony has told her and as she’s putting it together, she’s realizing it’s Sam she can’t trust.


Sam and Adam are talking and Sam is telling him that Cory doesn’t trust them at all. Adam says she does and Sam says she doesn’t trust me. Sam says Cory has been asking her a ton of questions about the backdoor plan and yes she was in the conversations, but the backdoor plan was not her. Adam tells Sam to stay call and he tells her to say the exact same things she’s been telling Cory because if she changes her story then Cory will know they’ve been lying all along. Sam tells Adam if Dane comes down one of them is getting backdoored. Adam gives her a hug and says trust me, don’t say crap.


Dane is heading back into the HOH room with Cory and Anthony. Cory says it’s going to get heavy. Anthony says The Pretty Boys have wanted Sam out since week 2 and it’s time for the execution. He’s been selling the plan to Cory and she’s going to do the dirty work for them. Cory tells Dane about the plan and he thinks it’s a perfect plan. He says he’s going to win that veto and Anthony tells Dane not to tell anyone else.


Dane says his boy Anthony has Cory in his pocket. He absolutely nailed this on the head, but in order for this to work he has to do his part. Dane is celebrating alone and he says he blows up and he gets rid of Samantha. Dane says they have no idea, they think they are safe. It’s a privilege to be on the block and compete in POV and win and save himself and Samantha…bye-bye.


It’s time to pick players for the POV competition! Cory draws Kyra, Dane draws Samantha, and Este draws Mark. Dane says what the heck?!? I pick Sam. That’s not good for the backdoor plan. Anthony says thank goodness Adam wasn’t drawn because he doesn’t know about the backdoor plan and he doesn’t want him messing up. Damien is selected to host.


In the lounge, Mark is talking to Anthony. Mark wants to check-in with Anthony and see if it’s the best move for him to win veto or let Dane take it. Mark says Anthony is so close to Cory, he’s basically running everything this week. Anthony tells Mark to play for it, but Sam can’t get it. Anthony tells Mark about the backdoor plan and says Adam is too close to Sam. He says Adam is 25% of an alliance and Sam is 0%, she’s nothing. Anthony doesn’t care about Sam.


Dane and Adam are in the SR talking about whether Cory would backdoor Sam and Dane doesn’t think so. Mark comes in. Dane says Kyra is so dumb. Kyra says the best case scenario is for Samantha to win this veto because if Dane comes down, there’s a chance they or Sam could go up. Sam says Mark will throw it so he just needs to win. Sam says Dane is happy right now and she thinks it will be a puzzle. It will be fine. Kyra says Day 36, Kyra wins POV.


Damien is behind a turntable and he’s a DJ host. There are giant records with their names on it and a “song”. Damien reads the directions to the POV. The competition is called Breaking Records. They have to make their new song a number one hit. They will have to roll their ball around the side of the record. But if the ball falls, they have to start over. They have to spin the ball around their record 300 times.


Dane says it’s going to be a good day. It’s a good day to play in his first POV and it comes at the perfect time. Dane says if he wins, then he’s safe and they can pull off the backdoor plan. The HG are off to a good start, but Kyra is the first to drop. Este drops her ball next. Mark used to be a juggler, so this competition is right up his alley. Mark says this is his chance to show the house he’s not a floater.


Dane is not going to drop one ball. He knows he’s got this and he says Cory is going to have to find a replacement. Sam says if she doesn’t win this, then Cory could put her up and she knows she’s on Cory’s radar. Dane drops and he has to start over. Sam is at 46. Este is at 5 and she says this is her first time on the block and she has a chance to save herself and she keeps dropping the ball. She’s getting frustrated. She says she’s expected to get to 300 and she can’t even hit double digits.


Mark is at 70 and Sam drops and is back at 0. Anthony is cheering Sam and Este on. Mark is the first to 100 and Dane is at 69. Mark drops his ball and has to start over. Kyra has a rhythm going and they’re at 60. Kyra takes a minute to take a drink and when they come back they drop the ball. Dane says he’s not dropping another ball. He’s good and solid.


Cory says Dane is crushing the challenge and she knows she can’t celebrate too loudly or people will get suspicious. Dane hits 150 and Cory says she’s celebrating inside. Sam says she’s going slow and she can hear Dane being very confident and somewhat cocky. Sam says shut up Dane, I’m trying to beat you! Dane is at 225. Dane continues to pump himself up and he throws the ball and as it comes down he bobbles it and we go to commercial!


We’re back and Dane is bobbling his ball, but he saves it. Dane is now at 250. Sam is at 56, but she drops. Sam hopes Dane will drop the ball at 299 and it will be anyone’s game. Dane says Adam, kiss your girlfriend good-bye because this Pretty Boy is about to seal the deal. Dane hits 300 and he has won the POV! Adam, Dane, Mark, and Anthony celebrate and he says you ain’t getting rid of me. Dane tells us he’s going nowhere baby!


The HG head inside and Dane and Este go into the have-not room and Dane tells him she’s not going anywhere. He says he couldn’t tell her and she still doesn’t know. Dane says he knows how to play this game. Este wants to know why he didn’t tell her and he says he didn’t tell anyone. Este and Dane look at a camera and say bye Sam and wave. Dane leaves and Este says what?!?


Dane goes into the HOH room and Cory is in there. Dane celebrates and says picture perfect! Anthony comes in and he celebrates with Cory and Dane. Cory says we just have to be cool. Cory says this is going to be the most epic! She’s just reminding herself of everything as said so she could get ahead in the game. Cory says if you cross me, it’s never good. She’s just wondering what Adam will says if he drops the we made a deal. Anthony says tell him to take his deal and get out of her room.


Sam and Dane are in the blue bedroom and Sam is congratulating Dane and she hugs him and says he did great. He heads out and Sam is alone and she’s thinking. She says he’s such a freaking liar. OMG. She says she loves him, but man…she’s not giving up. Not at all. She’s here for the long run!


The HG are outside and they are drinking. Sam says this house if full of lies, scheming, manipulation, but at the end of the day they are a crazy, huge dysfunctional family. They cheers to the final 9.


Este is in the WA with Anthony and Este laughs and says Kiera and Chelsea were dead set about a guys alliance between Anthony, Dane, Mark, and Adam and she tells him about Kyra telling them about the sing and Este made the sign to Dane to see his face and he was like what is she doing. Anthony says Este has no idea how close to the truth she is and it’s not hard to make it sound stupid. Anthony says what was it supposed to be like second grade and boys against girls and Este says she never believed it. Anthony tells us he’s really humble, but something you’re just really good at and he gives us the sign.


Sam goes to check in with Cory to see if she can figure out who the replacement might be. Cory says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do. Sam says I know you’re smart and you know who you can trust. Cory says she’s going to put up someone she knows will be best for her game. Sam says Cory isn’t giving her a lot of information and it’s making her very nervous. Sam reiterates to Cory that she’s one of her soldiers and she always has been. Cory says she wouldn’t be surprised with all the information coming in she’ll have to trust her gut and make the decision at the ceremony sitting on the couch. Sam leaves and Cory says this veto ceremony is going to be insane. It’s going to cut deep.


Adam and Sam are in the blue bedroom and Sam says everything is going to be ok. Sam asks do you think they’ll put Mark up? Adam doesn’t know and Sam thinks Cory will put her up. Adam says Dane seems pretty confident. Adam says the boys are telling him he’s safe and not to worry, but he’s worried about Sam. He wishes he’d held onto that pipe to guarantee Sam’s safety. This sucks!


Sam and Adam are both in the HOH with Cory and Adam wants to know what Cory is going to do? Cory says she doesn’t know and she’s probably not going to tell anyone. But she’s not going to BS them, and Sam is in her mind as an option. Sam says that’s frustrating for her because she feels like they built trust. Adam says if we wanted to backdoor you, we could have because he won POV and they had the chance. Cory says she wants to believe them, but this game says you can’t trust anyone. Sam says it’s upsetting that you believe them over us and Cory says I didn’t say I believe them over you. Cory says there are some discrepancies and the conversations that are more compromising are more about Sam and not Adam.


Sam asks Adam to leave the HOH so she can talk to Cory. Cory says in the end her gut is going to tell her does she believe Sam or does she believe Dane. Sam says she is not going to sit there and take the heat on something that was not her idea. She says everything that is coming towards her is being manipulated by Dane.


Anthony and Kyra are playing pool and Kyra asks what’s wrong. Adam says apparently people are going to Cory and pinning everything on Sam. He says him and Sam tried to build trust with Anthony and Cory and now she’s going to take the fall. Anthony is looking at Adam as Adam continues to talk about how Sam shouldn’t be targeted for something she didn’t do.


Anthony says Adam is so obsessed that he doesn’t see Sam going is best for The Pretty Boys. This is why Sam needs to go so Adam can stop playing so emotional and get his head back in the game. Anthony says Cory has been getting a lot of information and a lot of people are talking. Adam says I don’t know and he heads inside.


Sam wants to have a chat in the HOH with him and Cory. Sam needs to get everyone together and prove she is telling the truth. Este and Anthony are also in there and Sam says they are lying. Sam calls Dane out and Dane denies the plan. Este doesn’t understand why Dane would tell Sam the plan and not her. Why would Dane trust Sam over Este. Sam and Dane argue back and forth and she wants to know why she would bring it up right now. We hear the POV ceremony is about to commence and the HOH room clears out.


We go straight to the veto ceremony and Dane uses the veto on himself. Dane says someone once told him you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and Cory should take this shot and he knows she won’t miss. Cory says with all the information she acquired, and her intuition. She says Sam is the replacement. Sam says not a smart move and Adam says you just got played. Sam says you just sealed your fate. Cory says you can talk me to alone, but don’t come at me in front of people. Adam says just stating the obvious.


Sam says Dane. This is all Dane. Dane gets everyone to do his dirty work and once again it worked. For Cory this is 100% a bad move. If you take me out of this game now, who do you think is next? Anthony is in the DR laughing and he says this is what I do man.

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