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Big Brother Canada Season 7-hOH and Nominations 3

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, on eviction night in a hail mary, Kiki made her case to be the Dane slayer. After the house voted, all eyes turned to Kyra who drained the blood veto of it’s power and Kiki got carried away, hobbled and humbled. Tonight, who’s got the pipes to clench the HOH? Will the PB boys get jelly? And is their alliance toast? It’s going to get sloppy tonight, on Big Brother Canada?


We pick up after the live eviction ceremony on Day 34. All is quiet and the HG are somber. Kyra and Sam run to the SR and celebrate together. Sam says Kiki was her target this week and even better, she called out Dane in her speech. Cory and Adam come in and Adam says Dane seems worried right now. Let’s stay calm and see how tonight goes.


Dane says Kiki just called him out in front of the house! What the hell girl! He talks to Anthony and Anthony tells Dane to keep his cool. Dane says now he feels like he’s a target and he doesn’t know what to do. Este says she didn’t agree with Kiki throwing Dane under the bus because it has left her in a very awkward position. Dane vets to Kiki for a moment and after he leaves, she says Yikes! She says she’s going to win HOH. She wants to put it out there, it’s going to happen. She’s going to win it for Kiki.


Arisa explains the HOH comp, they must hold onto a pipe. The last HG hanging on will become the new HOH and the first three to fall will become have-nots. Sam says everyone is looking strong. Dane is adjusting and he says this competition takes incredible strength. Damien adjusts. Este is struggling. Lots of grunting from several HG. Anthony says this competition is extremely hard, the next heaviest person is 100 lbs lighter than himself.


Adam is struggling and Kyra is having a hard time holding on. Este says she can’t and Sam tells them all to hang tight. Cory says she needs to win this HOH more than ever because she heard from Kyra that there was a backdoor and her name. She wants to win so she can get to the bottom of who wanted to backdoor her.


Dane says this is impossible. Kyra is still struggling. They says their arms are on fire, Canada! Anthony hangs upside to gives his arms a rest. Mark’s shoulder is bothering him. Este is chanting to herself. Kyra is the first to fall. Anthony falls right after. Sam says good job, this isn’t easy guys. Este is just waiting for one more to fall so she’s not a have-not.


Mark goes down. Anthony says this suck, not only did he not win the comp but he’s also a have-not. He wants one of the Pretty Boys to win so they can be safe and find out where everyone’s head is at. Damien wants to win because numbers are getting smaller and there are some good competitors in the house that need to be eliminated. Este is struggling and she tries to readjust and she falls.


Adam lets go with one arm and readjusts. He says this is difficult and he really needs to win the comp. He has the PB, but they aren’t seeing eye to eye right now. They all want Sam out and he doesn’t so he has to win. The pipes spring a leak and squirt at them. Damien says now things are really slippery.


Cory readjusts n her pipe. Damien is the next to fall. Adam is hanging down with one arm. Dane says it comes down to Cory, Adam, and himself and he can’t afford to fall. He’s holding on to this pipe for dear life. Sam tells them to keep pushing!


Cory says she’s glad it’s down to her, Dane, and Adam and she’s glad she’s between them and they can look right at her and see she’s solid. They’ve been powerhouses the whole time and she wants them to know she’s right there with them. Adam is promising both Dane and Cory they are good. Dane drops.


Cory tells Adam to give it to her because she wants it. Adam says you want it? Does that mean I’m safe? Cory says yeah. Adam says he feels safe with Cory and if he takes the deal him and Sam are safe for the week. He looks at her and says you promise? Cory says yeah and Adam drops. Cory is the new HOH!


Cory is so excited. The fact she could beat out all the boys in an endurance competition is cool. Dane heard Adam make a deal with Cory. Is he part of the Pretty Boy alliance or not? The HG head inside and Adam asks Sam if that was the right move? She says she’s here for another week, this was perfect. Cory joins Adam and Sam in the WA and she says there’s no way she was putting them up. Sam says you know the master manipulator will do what they do.


Kiki joins Damien and Dane in the blue bedroom and Este says we’re in trouble this week and Dane says because of your friend. Este says don’t blame me. Dane leaves and Este says Cory will try to get Dane out or Sam out, but she doesn’t think it will be her or Damien. Este says she just doesn’t want to lose another person. Este says if Cory puts up Dane and she hopes Cory won’t put her up. Damien says oh Este, we’re in one. Este says we’re in a pick and Damien says we can get out of it though.


Cory and Anthony are talking on the couches. Anthony says he knows Cory has caught on to the plan to backdoor her last week. He’s going to use this situation to get the spotlight off Dane. He whispers to Cory that he doesn’t think Dane had anything to do with the backdoor plan and he knows for a fact that she’s been gunning for him. Anthony says there’s so much more to this story and Cory tells him to keep an eye on Dane.


Anthony says Cory isn’t quite buying it yet so he’s going to need the full help of the Pretty Boys. He talks to Mark and says there has to be a way he can pin the backdoor plan on Sam. He needs help planting, not just seeds, but a tree so they can get the power back to the Pretty Boys.


Who wants to see Cory’s HOH room? Cory has pictures of her husband, her sisters, and her parents. She says seeing her family brought her back and grounded her. The video is from her sister and she says they miss her and mom and dad miss her so much. She loves her more than anything and they can’t wait to see her come home with the prize. Cory says she loves her baby sister so much.


Sam is listening to Cory’s music and dancing. Cory says she doesn’t know if her brain is ready for this. Sam says her HOH is coming off a crazy HOH and trying to decipher who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. Sam asks her how she figures out the lies and the truth. Cory says she goes with her gut most of the time. Cory acknowledges Dane has been acting different this week. Sam says the backdoor plan originated from a conversation between herself, Adam, and Dane and we see it was Adam who first put Cory’s name as a backdoor option if someone came off the block the previous week. Sam says Cory can 100% trust Adam and Dane is going to try and spread the blame and Cory is smarter than that.


Anthony talks to Dane and Kiki told Cory she had nothing to do with a backdoor plan and Cory says she knows and it put into her mind it was Dane and Adam. Anthony says Cory won’t put up Adam, but she might put up Kyra and she might put up Sam. Adam comes in and says what do you figure. Anthony says Cory is unsure about the whole backdoor thing and we’re going to pin it on whoever we have to pin it on.


Dane says Kyra told Cory the backdoor plan was from me and you. Adam says who do you want to pin it on? Dane says Kyra or Sam because Cory knows the girls wouldn’t do that because they aren’t capable of it. Adam walks out and Dane and Anthony try and calm him down and call him back. Dane says we’re done and Anthony says he’s psychotic.


Adam goes into the archives and punches some boxes and throws some papers. He says Sam is good for his game. Anthony tries to talk to Adam and says he doesn’t want to talk right now, he knew they were going to do that. Adam and Anthony are arguing. Adam wants to know why Sam involved when she had no part of it. Adam says he could have easily won that, but he gave it to Cory. Anthony says Adam needs to listen, he’s playing too emotional. Anthony says he knows Adam likes the girl, but they’ve been plotting this and she’s been doing the same thing to him. Anthony says who would you rather stay and Adam says the boys. Anthony says then we have to keep the numbers and we have to keep the guys together.


Cory and Kyra are going into the HOH. Cory says Kyra has been known to take information and share it with the world, so she’s hoping to get some information from them over Wendy’s. Cory goes to pick up their order and it’s Demetres. Cory wants to know what happened last week. Kyra says they were approached by Dane and were talking about a backdoor and Kyra says Dane mentioned Cory might be a good idea. Kyra says Sam said she didn’t think it was a good idea and then Kyra went and told Cory. Kyra says they were never in the group talks. Cory says Dane is saying he didn’t spearhead it. Kyra says they feel like Cory is quizzing them.


Dane joins Mark and Anthony in the hot tub and Dane says it’s so hot. Anthony says they have to work on Cory today because Sam is running her mouth to Cory and she’s working hard. Anthony says we have to keep Cory’s trust. Anthony says Adam is sabotaging Dane to save face with Sam and he’s weak. Where Adam is weak, they have to stay strong. Anthony says he’s a cry baby and he’s weak and he is trying to save Sam over the guys.


Adam comes outside and Dane says they have to keep this solid. Mark says it looks “pretty” to him. Adam says no matter how emotional he gets, he’s not a burden. He says his heart is with them and Dane says this will be the greatest love story at all.


Sam, Kyra, Este, and Damien are in the KT. Sam says she likes talking about gross things. She doesn’t want to see gross things coming out of their bodies, but she wants to smell their arm pits. Sam has Damien smell her armpits and he says fresh. Kyra says girls smell good and Sam says some girl’s armpits smell like tacos. She then grabs some taco seasoning to pass around.


Este goes to talk to Cory and Cory says she feels like she should be putting people on the block who she is questioning who has her best interest at heart. And she’s questioning to Este. She says she gave her word to Adam that she wouldn’t put Sam and Adam up, but she needs to find out more what Sam is doing. Cory says she’s hearing so many different things. Este says she swears on everything that plan didn’t come from her and when she talked to Sam it sounded like it was her plan. Este says the best move for her is to expose Sam’s game. Cory says information is going to help her maneuver this week.


Dane goes in to talk to Cory. Dane says honestly Cory, he respects her on a personal level and he respects the heck out of Anthony and he apologizes for not talking to them about the backdoor plan. Dane says he thought they knew about the plan. Cory says she’s trying to figure who’s lying to him and who’s not. Cory says Dane is super sketchy right now and getting the truth out of these people is like pulling teeth. Cory says if everyone had just been honest with her, this wouldn’t have happened. Cory says she’s a logical, reasonable person.


Anthony goes in to talk to Cory and she says she doesn’t know how to go about this. Anthony says he’s sure it was all Sam. He says after Chelsea left she tried to get close to Cory. Anthony says Sam is using Kyra and Adam and she’s just plotting for Cory until she doesn’t need her anymore. Anthony says she’s a slithering, slimy genius. Anthony says they have to take her out. If they’re going to take out the head of the monster, they have to get Sam out. This isn’t a popularity contest, this is where the lions play.


Sam says Cory is really trying to get to the bottom of the backdoor plan. Cory is very smart and she needs to do what she has to do to deflect any blame from Adam and her. Sam goes in to talk to Cory and she says Dane didn’t deny he knew about the backdoor plan. Sam says Mark was the first person to throw out names, but she doesn’t want to say exactly what he said. She says then Dane did the same. Cory says there was a conversation with Dane. Cory says they were one-on-one conversations? She thought it was said in a group situation. Sam says no. Sam leaves and Cory looks at the camera and says this week is going to be insane. What is she going to do? She needs to figure out how to expose her because she’s feeding her BS.


Cory says she’s been on a mission to find out who viewed her as a target and people who had their mouths shut last week are now singing like birds. This house is riddled with lies. She’s been trying to figure out who targeted her as a backdoor last week. She’s thinking about nominating Dane because she thinks he spearheaded it, Este could have been an accomplice, and even though she made a deal to keep Adam and Sam safe, but she doesn’t trust Sam. She’s also considering Kyra because she’s loyal to Sam and a good foot soldier. She needs these HG to know if her name comes out of their mouth, they are entering her crosshairs.


It’s time for nominations! Cory’s first nominee is Dane and her second nominee is Este. Cory says she has chosen to nominate Dane because it has been brought to her attention that there was a LOT of conversation about her name and a backdoor and he was in a lot of those conversations. Cory says she chose Este because she heard that she too was a part of it.


Dane says this is his first time being on the block and there’s absolutely no way he’s not going out and winning a POV and taking himself down. Este says it sucks being on the block with her number one, but there’s still the POV and she will fight for that.

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