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Big Brother Canada Season 7-Blood veto, Live eviction, and HOH beginning

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, a new power emerged in the house, the elusive blood veto. With HOH Sam locked away, the other HG all had to agree who would claim it, and like a pitbull with a bone, Kyra fended off all challengers. Eventually, the house surrendered and Kyra went from underdog to overlord. With the house still in shock, it came time for nominations. Sam plucked out two thorns from her side and tossed them on the block. Then at a ballsy competition, Mark dropped the ball big time while Kiki held her own. But it was Adam who grabbed the veto by the balls.


With power in his pocket, Adam was stuck between his girl, a rock, and a hard sell. Ultimately, Adam kept his head down and kept his ally on the block. But just when the dust was about to settle, the blood veto returned to wreak havoc. Tonight, the power of Big Brother’s deadly veto will finally be revealed. Can Mark or Kiki escape their death sentence? Is anyone ready for the carnage, right now on Big Brother Canada? There will be blood!


Arisa welcomes us and says can you believe tonight is the final night before jury begins? The HG are buzzing about that, but we’re buzzing about the blood veto. Kyra says she won’t use the blood veto, but that house of lies with spies…you never know.


We pick up after the POV ceremony on day 31 with Kyra getting called to the DR. Kyra says what is happening?!? Congratulations, the house has awarded you with the blood veto. The blood veto holds a power never seen before on Big Brother. It will allow you the option to veto the vote on Thursday. This means if you aren’t happy with house the voted, you can veto the eviction and send the other HG packing. Kyra says omg, I love you! As well, it is only valid for this week’s vote. It will be Kyra’s to use or not and they cannot reveal the power to any of the HG until it is time to use it. Este and Adam are speculating Kyra can put someone else up on the block.


Kyra says this is insane. They essentially get to choose who goes home. Kiki is praying that Kyra will use the blood veto on her. Este is telling Dane she’s worried if Kyra gets to choose it will be Dane or Adam and Dane hopes it’s Adam. Sam is talking to Adam downstairs and saying the same thing and she’s worried if Adam goes up, then he’ll go home. Este and Sam are both nervous.


Kyra says even though they told everyone they wouldn’t use the power, they did what they had to do to get the power. They said they need to use it to benefit their game and if they have to use it they will. Kyra comes out and Mark says are we all good? Kyra says we’re all good. Kyra says they can’t talk about it but it’s all good. Mark says speculation is running really high in this house and people are freaking out.


Sam says Kyra having the blood veto is the best case scenario for her because her and Kyra are tight. Sam says she’s at a point where Kiki is her target, but if she decides she wants to get a big target out, then they can do that. Adam isn’t sure if his POV win will keep him safe this week. Adam says if he goes home on Sam’s HOH, he’ll be heart broken.


Sam is in the SR and Kyra comes in and Sam tells Kyra not to give Kiki anything and Kyra says she can’t talk about it. Dane and Adam are still worried. Kiki goes to lay in her bed. She doesn’t know if her chances to stay are any better or worse. Right now, everything is just speculation. Mark says the probability staying is about 80-20, everyone likes him. But with the blood veto thrown into the mix, anything can happen. Kiki and Mark are talking and Kiki says she has to be careful how she campaigns because they don’t know what the veto does. She says she has no idea what is going to happen.


Kyra is sitting outside and they say this is crazy. Kyra says the house is super paranoid right now and they can’t even talk about the power. They can’t decide whether to use the veto until they know where the votes false. Do they risk using it and getting blood on their hands? Or do they not use the biggest power in Big Brother history to keep the peace?


Arisa says this week the surprises were bigger than ever before. Let’s see what the HG are thinking about tonight’s eviction vote. Kyra says they hold the most power in this game. Kyra is in the shower and they forgot to grab a towel. Kyra says right now, they are the most helpless person in the house. Where is everyone! We see everyone outside chatting. Kyra puts on a shirt and goes to grab their towel.


Cory is sitting on Anthony’s back and he says it feels good. It feels like a back massage. She wiggles around and Mark says they are weird. Anthony says he hates Cory and she hates him. She’s like a sister. Anthony could see himself going deep in the game with Cory. He says she’s very loyal in the game and they are going to see how far they can take it. Cory says he annoys her, but he amuses her at the same time. He’s like a big bear, an annoying bear. But a bear that she trusts.


Kiki is sitting outside and Damien joins her. He asks how her talks are going and Kiki says she feels like they are going ok. They are discussing the votes. Kiki knows she has Dane and Este, plus him, and maybe Adam and Cory and Anthony. Kiki says f she stays everyone knows what her game plans are. Obviously when she talks to Sam she says she’s not going after them and she rolls her eyes and Damien says she has to say that. Kiki says she can’t have both of them here, gotta go. Damien says he will work to try and figure out the votes too.


Cory, Adam, and Mark are working. Mark says he knows he has three votes this week, Dane, Anthony, and Adam. So his goal for today is hang out with Cory and do that east coast workout she does and see if he can’t secure her vote. Sam is with them too and Mark, Cory, and Sam are working together. Cory says Mark tries and that’s what counts.


Dane talks to Kyra and he says he has a mutual respect with them as an individual. Dane doesn’t feel safe because he’s nominated Kyra twice and he could find himself on the block, tit for tat. Sam and Adam come out and Dane thinks Kyra can save someone and they also get to replace the nominee or Canada does. Kyra says Dane is worried and they love the fact he’s shaking in his boots right now, because finally he doesn’t run the house.


Arisa says the vote is coming up and either Mark or Kiera will be evicted and the blood veto is in play. Arisa says let’s head inside where some of the girls are talking about their favorite things. Este and Kiki agree that Damien is the cutest in the house and Anthony is the hottest. Nice smile is Dane. Best butt is also Dane. Best kisser? Kiki has no idea and Este tells her to imagine kissing every guy in the house and they think about it and giggle.


Mark is talking to Damien and he says he needs Damien’s vote. Mark says he feels good with Cory, now he has to get Damien. Mark says he can be loyal and if he wins HOH, he HAS to put two people up and Damien would not be one. Damien thinks Mark is good and that he has the four votes he needs. Mark says Damien is a nice guy so he’s appealing to that side and laying it on thick. Damien says if Mark has his back, then he will return the favor.


Kiki goes for her talk to Cory. Kiki says every single vote is going to count this week. Kiki says it’s one thing for someone to say they’re loyalty to you but if they can’t win anything how can they prove their loyalty? Cory says competitions are the only thing that matters to her. She wants to know what Kiki’s game plan is? Cory needs to make sure the people who stay are people she can be 100% confident in. She says if Kiki can show her that she can be trusted, then they have a ball game. Kiki says Cory is really hard to talk to because she’s perceptive. She doesn’t think she has Cory’s vote so she has to look elsewhere.


Kiki goes to talk to Kyra. Kiki tells us she might have to go to Kyra so they can maybe save her. Kiki says Kyra has never been her target and she doesn’t have anyone but Este. Kyra says what about Dane? Kiki says Dane is closer to Mark. Kyra says they do think Kiki is better for their game than Mark. Kyra says Kiki is coming at her hard but she has to see how the votes go first. They say the idea of standing up on eviction night excites her in no other way. The game is exciting, but this is a whole other level.


Time to check-in with the HG. Arisa asks how they are all doing? They’re all good. Kiki had a fall in the backyard yesterday and she has her foot wrapped. Arisa says she knows it was another stressful week and they are all still able to have a little fun. We see the clips of various antics by the different HG. They are laughing. Arisa hopes they enjoyed that moment of levity as much as the audience did.


It’s time to head inside for the vote! Kiera says this has been a dream come true and she couldn’t have asked for better HG to be there with and she loves Este forever and always. Kiki says Sam and Adam are incredible players, Dane stabbed her in the back and she’s surprised this is how it played out and she knows she’s up there because of him. She says Sam was never her target.


Mark says he gets no joy from being up next to her. Mark says he knows he wouldn’t be much of a physical threat because of his shoulder injuries, but he can compete mentally. He has shown the last few weeks that he can’t even do that and all he has is his integrity and character and if they keep him, then he can give them that.


It’s time to vote!

Adam votes to evict…Kiki.

Este votes to evict Mark.

Dane sadly votes to evict Kiki.

Damien votes to evict Kiki.

Cory votes to evict Kiki.

Anthony votes to evict Kiki.

At this point, the house has voted to evict Kiera, but there is still the matter of the blood veto. But the other Kyra can change that and we’ll find out if they do after this…


Just before the break, 6 HG voted, 5 of them to send Kiera home. Arisa calls Kyra to the DR. Arisa says Kyra has the ultimate authority to veto the entire vote. Arisa instructs Kyra to take the blood veto and head back to the LR.


Arisa says HG, I have the results. By a vote of 5-1, Kiera the HG have voted to evict you. But tonight is very different. Tonight, the blood veto is in play. HG, Big Brother left it up to them to decide who would receive this special veto so they need to remember they ALL agreed to give this power to Kyra. It’s called the blood veto because it’s the bloodiest power in the history of Big Brother Canada. While the house voted to evict Kiera, the other Kyra now has the power to veto the vote and overturn that decision and they can decide to send Mark home instead.


Arisa gives each nominee 15 seconds to campaign directly to Kyra. Mark says he and Kyra had a great conversation last night and he thinks the same points he said in his previous speech are the same points he’d present to her. Kiera says this could chance the trajectory of the game and she doesn’t trust Dane because he has pitted people against each other. Keep her here and she will gun for Dane. Kyra wishes they could believe anything this person has to say, but the only thing they can trust is when Kiki said they were a good liar. Kyra will respect the house’s decision and it’s time for Kiki to go.


Kiki says goodbye to Este and she congratulates everyone for making it to jury. Anthony picks Kiki up and carries her up the stairs to someone waiting to help her out.


Arisa says the first burning question she had was she knew she was in danger why didn’t she fight to death for that blood veto? Kiki says she was afraid if she would fight Mark wouldn’t give it up and she didn’t want to put a bigger target on her back.


Arisa says Kiki lit Dane up in that speech, why? Kiera says from the moment she met Dane, she knew he was more intelligent he gave off. She realized he was running everything and he’s super strategic. Arisa says her instincts were on point.


Este says she loves Kiki so much, she’s so happy to have met her. She has so much work to do and she’s going to be all alone. Damien says it sucks she’s gone. Sam says Kiki has been gunning hard for her and Adam and she couldn’t keep her in the house. Kyra says they are really sorry and they just didn’t want to keep her because she’s been lying since day one. Dane says it’s been an absolute pleasure to meet her and he’s happy they became friend. Dane just wants to let her know that Mark, Anthony, Adam, and himself made an alliance five minutes into the game. Kiki says she’s so shocked.


Up next, the HOH comp begins and it’s a real “pipe dream”.


Just moments ago, Kiera was the latest HG to be evicted and the next person to go will be the first member of our jury. It’s time to find a new HOH. This competition is called pipe dream. Another delivery of slop is on it’s way to the BB house. Their mission is to hand on to their pipe for as long as they can. Fall off, and they will be eliminated and the first three to fall will be have-nots for the week. The last HG hanging on will be the new HOH.


The HG all climb up on the pipe and everyone is in place and the competition starts now! That does it for tonight. You can find out the new HOH is on Sunday and Wednesday is all about the POV.

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